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on December 14, 2013
I love this printer. I have 2 inkjet printers for art project and, prior to getting the CP1025nw, was my sole means of printing color prints. I now use the CP1025nw for most color document printing and my inkjets for my photo/art prints. Having the laser printer be my default printer for everyday prints, saves me tons on ink for the inkjet. I have only had to replace toner on the laser once, and that was for the black cartridge.

The printer was very easy to setup I connect mine to my network via the wired Ethernet connection, so I can't comment on its wireless abilities. My wife and I share this printer flawlessly from any of our Windows PCs wheterh they are wired to the network or WiFi.

If you're looking for an affordable, reliable, color laser printer, this is one you should consider.

PROS: easy setup, Ethernet or WiFi network connectable, color, individual replicable toner cartridges, reliable

CONS: adequate printing speed - wish it was faster, but not bad.
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on March 2, 2011
I'm a seminary student at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. We write many many papers for our classes. I needed a laser printer as my old HP LaserJet 1100, which in "computer years" was 100 years old, was about to give up the ghost.

But I really wanted color because I'm a visual learner and utilize charts and other colorful tools for my Greek and Hebrew and other classes. And, note that from a "cost-per-page" standpoint, lasers just about always beat inkjets, sometimes significantly.

Enter the HP LaserJet Pro CP1025nw. I first spotted it at an Office supply store. It has a relatively small footprint compared to the other models. I looked at reviews here on Amazon and found that the only real problem with this printer is speed. And for me, that is not a problem at all. Also, some folks suggest this unit is not a great photo printer, and I would agree with that as far as it goes. But please note that generally speaking, Laser Printers are not interested in being the best at photo printing. **This is a document printer.** That means photos in docs are going to look great. If you want to print photos and then frame them, get an inkjet.

Print quality is excellent, on par with the higher dollar color lasers. Wireless setup is okay, although I really wish these manufacturers would ditch the intrusive software installs. There are workarounds for this and once you get the printer's IP address set, you can run the whole thing via the built in Web server, just create a TCP/IP port on your PC or Mac, and just use the barebones driver. The built in Web server is great for checking toner status, etc., and won't slow down your computer with a bunch of software overhead.

I agree that speed was clearly not an objective of the designers of this printer. If you need fast, you are going to need to spend more.

However, it seems HP's objective was to bring a color laser printer to market that is less than $200 and still prints great...and in that regard they have succeeded very well! If you are someone who wants to print great looking documents that will cost much less than printing them on an inkjet (and look much better than those printed on an inkjet), then this printer is for you.

I'm quite blessed (and very thankful) to own mine.
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on October 13, 2015
I have owned printers for over 20 years. This has to be by far the worst printer ever. In fact it is so bad that I will never buy another HP printer. Whatever happened to the high-quality standards that HP printers were known for? This printer does not jam much. But the main reason for that is that it does not print. It cannot connect to the network, even when it is hooked up directly to the router. When it does connect, you can send a print job and it may take over 15 minutes before the first page shows up. It is a shame that this product even exists. It is very noisy and clunky. I think I will just donate this away. Trust me, I am a computer savvy person with many years of hands-on tech experience .... this is a BAD product. Shame on HP.
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on July 9, 2015
If you're going to plop it next to your PC It's probably a fair choice, but if I didn't already have a new set of toner carts that fit it I'd have gone with a different brand. There is a lot about HP that I don't like. They make decent hardware but their software bites & they often don't support products once a new line is out. I have a really nice HP all in one that's just about useless because they never updated the scanner to support windows 7.
What I found here was that I had to temporarily set it up next to a pc & connect the usb to configure it's wifi. Then when I moved it to it's actual station, no workstation could find it. finally after powercycling it several times I could get printouts to it. Don't know if this is going to be the rule or the exception. I did goto the router & assign it's MAC a static IP, in case it likes to loose the DHCP.

.. color print looks nice
.. fairly inexpensive
.. toner carts a bit cheaper than PRO 200 SERIES

.. HP bloatware.. (Why in the nog does a printer need to install a bing bar on your browser!)
.. though networked, you have to set it next to your printer & use USB to set it up
.. power up is long & noisy
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on August 20, 2012
I am not new to the computerworld. I have a degree in networking. I have installed several HP printers, some of them had troubles, others were easy. THIS printer, however, beat me. I spent about 11 hrs in all, trying to install this product with very minimal success. The installation was wireless on two laptops running Windows 7.
The main problem that occurred was this: the printer would install ok and print wirelessly. When either the printer or the computer was shut down and restarted, the printspooler would rev up and brick the laptop.
In those 11 hrs I used every troubleshooting step in the book.
-) checked the print queue for remaining documents
-) installed latest drivers
-) installed minimal configuration
-) purged and reinstalled every print driver from laptops
-) did a firmware update
-) used every suggestion from HP to fix the problem ( and this is a known problem)
-) used complete manual settings installation (only the most necessary drivers)
I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer drivers 15 times in this process. Sometimes the laptops were so bricked that I had to use a system restore point.
The only feature that worked flawlessly the entire time, was eprint. Stay away from this printer if you don't know anything about networking. Stay away from this printer if you are an ace in networking. Stay away from this printer if you want to use it wirelessly at all (except for eprint).
It might be that this machine works better in a wired setting.
The only good thing was the great customer service by Better Choice Online, who let me return this piece of garbage without trouble.
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on June 11, 2014
This is about the only thing that i can say about this printer. The first week it was great but then it started to act up. At first it would print everything but the last page of the document. I could only take a few days of this. I called HP for help and was on the phone to India for 3 hours trying the same troubleshooting steps over and over again. 3 hours of the same 5 steps. off/on, test print, check settings, test print, check/update firmware, test print, master reset, test print, un/reinstall software, test print. After HP tried to tell me that my warranty had expired, (it was not even a month old) a "supervisor" sent me a replacement device. Same issue. I have tried this from a windows xp machine, widows 7, and windows 8.1 (not to blow my own horn but i have some idea of what i am doing, I'm A+ certified, and have been working in a tech field for 8 years.
Look people, when, if it prints it is wonderful but it's getting it to print that is the problem. lesson learned, no more HP.
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on September 29, 2012
My usage:
-my at-home printer (decided to spend a little extra money to buy a laserjet printer after a bad experience with my old cheap inkjet printer)
-promarily used to print emails, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, web pages; on occasion, photos
-have had it for over a year
-use with a Mac, iPhone, and Windows laptop

-Happy because it is fairly reliable; produces good quality prints
-I chose this printer for the variety of different printing functionalities -- and it delivered!!!
--> Wireless - YES: no ugly cables running from printer to computer. Bonus: can print from anywhere in the house! As long as I'm on the house wifi network, I can print. My favorite feature. It works!!!
--> AirPrint - YES: printing for iPhone an iPad
--> ePrint - YES: HP's proprietary printing system. Your printer gets assigned an email address. You can then send your printer an email, and it prints that email plus the attachments to the email. So you can print even if you aren't at home, and your documents will be waiting for you when you return. (assuming you leave the printer powered on and connected to the wifi).

-no "ink saving" mode -- I'd like to be able to lower the quality of the print in order to conserve ink
-no display panel, just a few indicator lights. If you have a problem, have to open the manual to interpret the lights
-sometimes a little slow to get started
-for a novice, it may be hard to setup all the different printing capabilities (wireless, AirPrint, eprint). Though once setup, they are easy to use
-changing the toner cartridges isn't as easy as it should be: you can only access one cartridge at a time. Must press a button to get the cartridges to rotate, allowing you to access the next one. Could be daunting for some folks
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on October 13, 2011
Pros: Inexpensive initial cost for a color laser with wireless/wired networking, web printing (HP ePrint) and support for Windows, Mac, and iPhone; Good color quality for home needs.

Cons: Bad Installation Guide, unfriendly software interfaces; Potential cost of replacement catridges.

I had to struggle to setup and install the printer. It came with a CD and one page instructions that simply said to pop in the CD and rest will be guided by the menu. Make sure you connect the USB to your computer and start installing the software. Once configured for wireless printing, it printed without any problems from both Mac and Windows 7 computers.

However, there was a glitch. The printer goes to sleep after about 10 minutes and does not wake up by an incoming print job. You had to power cycle the printer to bring it online. Called the HP guys and they could not figure out the reason. Ultimately, I found that the firmware was a year old and tried by upgrading the firmware to the latest one. That fixed the sleep problem. Even the instructions for firmware upgrade were very misleading. It does not tell you to connect the printer with USB cable. If you try to upgrade the FW w/o USB, it gives you a very weird error like file not found and quits.

One cool feature is the ePrint. Means you can create a unique email address ( for your printer and print by simply sending emails to this address! This is enabled in the latest firmware and may not be present in the older versions. I also heard that printing from iPhone works well also.

I recommend this is or home use where you/your kids need color prints for projects and short Black and white documents. It is not a fast printer and emits higher than average noise.
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on December 14, 2012
Good printer thus far.

Bought this printer "refurbished" and missed the fine print that toner carts "not-included", so the $100 printer turned into a $150 printer. Still a good deal I think. Be prepared for a l-o-n-g first time startup time (say 5 minutes or so). I thought the printer was broken, but apparently when you change toner(s), it cycles through a long list of checks etc. After that first startup however, power-on/power-off cycles are normal - just long enough to warm up the fuser drum (10 sec maybe).

First 10 prints I did were full-page, full-color photo prints on glossy thick stock - very impressed. I bought a laser to print these color photos. The previous set of ink-jet based prints I have mounted in my hall are between 5-7 years old and most are faded to the point of being worthless. I'm curious to see how the toner based prints compare over the years.
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on March 14, 2011
Not many bells and whistles on this baby, but it works, and works well. The other reviewers that state that photos print dark are correct and there is no control of lightness/darkness in the software. That's my only gripe.

Documents are beautiful, color is excellent, and it's MUCH quieter that my old, awful Konica/Minolta machine.

If you want a printer to print photos, there are better options, but for color printing of documents, it's a great printer!
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