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  • Customer Reviews

on June 7, 2012
I must tell you, I was a little skeptical about purchasing this after I read some of the negative reviews. I was concerned that the price was too cheap so the product must be too. I got my headphones yesterday and put them to use today and I was truely blown away. I was initially gonna use them with my iPod but I need a new battery so I used these with my cell phone (which has a built in media player). Usually the volume sucks on it even when I have it on high. When I plugged these in I instantly had to turn the volume down. The sound was amazing. There was bass, real bass playing with my music. These headphones are super cute, great for working out in. They are simply the best and the price is great! I can't speak on longevity because I just got them, but if anything happens I will surely come back and update. If you are doubting this purchase, DON'T. You will not be disappointed with these. I searched and searched reviews and decided to take a chance. I'm so glad I did!
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on January 30, 2014
this product rocks. the cord is LONG; which if you work out and don't like your music clipped to your arm is a MUST. a long cord allows me to move around without dropping my music player. I had the black COBY ones just like these for like a year before they completely blew out and when I went back to ross they had other brands that i tried and just didn't like. the sound was just not there. And I'm not ready to drop 200-300 on beats; so the coby will have to do. the sound is GREAT. deep bass; and blocks out everything around me. love the color. i can't wear these every day though, they hurt. not the sound, but the fit. there is no way to make these completely comfortable. after a day or two, the ear cups start to irratate and i have to go back to ear plugs (which constantly pop out during workouts... urgh!)

Ok. so it's 03/18/2014 and after grabbing these headphones off my treadmill the ear cup broke from the headband. so the sound is great, love them; but these cobys breaks pretty easily. after a bit of research on the 'net i find that now coby is discontinued. so i guess i will have to pay the big bucks for the big name. yeah, the one with the rappers name on it. i tried sony and they were CRAP. sorry sony but yours are NOT noise cancelling. sigh....
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on March 6, 2013
I bought these for a temporary replacement until I could get some better headphones. They're okay, but eh.

The ear-buds are actually pretty comfortable but the sound really sucks. :/ I'm a huge music fan among other things, and the sound that these give off does not cut it. They give WAY too much treble and barely any bass. So much treble that it drastically effects both the sound of the instruments and the sound of vocalists. Very disappointing. Needless to say, these would be horrible temp replacements for anyone that needed them for serious reasons. However, the price is excellent. Two for less then 10 bucks? Not bad.
If you need cheap ear-bud replacements, skullcandy is both more comfortable and sounds way better.

The headphones are slightly better with sound but lacks in the comfort department. Overall design is very rigid. There is no cushion for the top of the head and the ear pieces are more hard then soft. Not good for long-time wear at all.

Both of them are very loud compared to others but the sound is way worse. The cords are very flimsy too and not designed to be very durable. I can see them breaking after a month or two unless you're very very careful with them.

Overall, amazing price. Not so amazing product. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but I would suggest it to any non-picky person looking to buy a cheap temporary pair.

EDIT: After 1 month one of the ears off of the headset came off. And after 3 months, the earbuds stopped working. And this is after casual use. They're decent for a very temporary, or even "throw away" set, but not something I would buy again.
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on January 21, 2012
The headphones are nice enough for their price, but not the most durable. I wore them for maybe...two hours? and left them on the table for a few days (and they weren't touched in the meantime). When I picked them up, the padding on the inside of the headband part came off. Twice. I used some superglue and reattached the pieces. Hopefully they stick together. o_e
Headphones: The speakers themselves are designed move within the socket, and the headband is made of plastic. I always feel like I'm about to break it, as it's slightly smaller and more fragile than expected. The sound quality, however, is decent enough to me, but if sound quality is extremely important to you, I wouldn't particularly recommend getting these headphones. If the price is important, then these are definitely a good option. They look nice, and the quality overall is excellent for the price.
Earbuds: The earbuds are a bonus, and have pretty good sound quality. They aren't very comfortable, though. They serve their purpose.
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on August 9, 2012
I bought 2 pairs of these phones, one silver, and one pink for my wife.
The silver ones appeared to be working normally.
The pink ones where from a bad batch.
The small headphones had only one driver working.
The big headphones had 2 different sound quality drivers in them.

The small headphones are sounding very sharp, painful to the ears. The big headphones kind of sound like a cheap ripoff of the Senheiser phones. They sound pretty ok, have some bass, and sharpness to it, maybe a bit harsher than sennheisers (a sound bump around 2-4kHz, which is in the harsh high frequencies, not the nice crispy brights).
This would be good for low quality voice recordings but less good for music (although they sound really great, they're not really meant to be used as mastering and recording phones).

They're good enough for those that enjoy normal headphones quality for a cheap price!

The large phones are ok comfy, not the best, but not painful at least!
The small phones are pretty much crap; probably only good for low quality audio books, not really for music.

*Edit: After purchasing these following phones: Sony MDR-ZX100 ZX Series Headphones (White) and Coby CV215BLU Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones (Blue) (blue, pink, red, or silver), and Coby CV215BLK Deep Bass Stereo Headphones and Earphones (Black) here's my conclusion:

The Sony's are overall the best,
Better cord, better sound quality (more linear), but twice the price of the coby's.
But they're softer in volume, and made for very wide/fat heads.

The coby's headphones with earbuds are better than the black coby's which come without extra earbuds.
Though both headpones are nearly identical (come with the same drivers, same looks), they only differ in the foam ring around the phone. I find the wide ring that both Sony uses, and in the black Coby headphones I posted, does not seal the sound as well as the larger foam ring you get on the colored versions of the Coby headphones (the ones with earbuds included).

The only con I can find, is that the drivers are connected to the plastic spring/strap with a single plastic pin. The pin allows the headphones to rotate, but is also very weak.
Already my first pin has broken. Lucky these phones can easily be glued back into place with crazy glue!
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on March 26, 2013
Last time I ordered a low priced set of ear pieces (different maker then this one )the volume control guide for one was already nonactive, the sound was ok, had plenty of the ear covers for the speaker pieces but not even a month and one ear piece went completely dead, took the bass, and tone completely out sounded so phonic. But these?, holy Toledo, not only is it a great deal for 2 of em but the sound is amazing, And I am sure they will last a bit if listened with care, but so far so good. The headphone set is comfortable, nice fit, the earpiece plug set is also great no extra cover pieces if these get ruined but the only draw back is the chin space between the split and your chin, a bit short, dont want to pull them apart to risk damage so I am pretty careful while I wear them but other then that, they are fantastic, nice sound, great bass tuned in, perfect! and no one can hear them on the outside which makes watching videos, listening to music a breeze, you don't disrupt anyone whom may be watching TV or working on a laptop, just remember when your wearing them as great as the sound is, don't begin screaming and singing, cause then the outside ears WILL definitely hear you, lol. Thanks Coby for a reasonable product and price! Thumps up! The items I get here I have always been pleased with, never a problem as of yet.
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on October 30, 2012
In this package, you get a pair of headhphones and earphones. For the price, of under $10, it is a pretty good deal, considering they could sell the headphones, at the same quality, for the same price alone. However, I do have a few gripes about the thing as a whole...

First, is the earbuds. They are horrible. Coby makes a similar model for $4, which are much superior in just about every way. These are much too quiet, the sound quality is horrible, and they just feel too cheap. They do however, come in a nice case that would hold the alternative earbuds, as well as an extra pair of rubber thingies. I wouldn't buy these earbuds over the other Coby model if they were $1.

Now, the Headphones. The sound is superb, except for the fact that when I put the volume on full blast, the left ear had an annoying buzz that was impossible to block out. With the sound on lower volume, these headphones are more than decent sound quality. The build quality however, is a different story. They are flimsy as can be. The folding technique would break them if you tried to fold them, then unfold them, and it eventually did break without me ever doing so. They are merely cheap plastic, and break with the slightest stretch, which is sometimes necessary to even put them on.

If you plan on buying one of these bundles every few weeks to few months, then these are for you. If not, go with a higher quality Headphone, and Coby's alternative earphones.
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on January 25, 2014
I got two headphones with my order. One which only makes noises, and the ones that I wanted. I will talk about the one that I wanted because I gaved the smaller ones to my younger sister, she may not be so concerned about sound quality at these stage in her life which they lacked. The Larger headphones that I ordered sounded great, they have the best sound of all the headphones I have ordered and they can play music loud too and with good bass, I don't know if you can have better bass on a headphone because I normally order headphones for US$25 or less. The problems I had with them is that hinge for one of the side broke after usage and I had to stick it with tape and I eventually rendered this headphone useless- I don't know if they can still be repaired- because I pulled the cord to one of the sides too hard while taking out of my backpack and it shorted in the headphone and stop playing. So these headphones basically are strong and must be used with care.
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on June 24, 2012
I often have issues with the cords on my headphones shorting out and so I have been very relectant about spending an outrageous amount of $ for another pair. I came across this set and decides to give them a try after reading some pretty good reviews but ultimately decided to give them a try because based on my experience, I assumed they would short out and at least this time, i'd have a backup pair! At the same time I also purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7-Inch, Wi-Fi) and I'll tell ya, the combination of the two.... AWESUMMmmMMMmMMmmmMM!!! These are by Far the BEST sounding headphones that I've EVER purchased in my LIFE (over Sony and a few others) and the company is practically giving them away when it comes to the quality in conjunction with the price! The treble is clear, the bass is immaculate and I am too in love with this product! Of course my common sense is telling me, "dont get too excited, they still might short out!' But to be honest, I don't even care. The sound is so great that I'm actually considering purchasing another 3 sets for "just in case!" I dont know wut the heck BeatsbyDre is offering for $200+ bucks a pair but when considering the quality of these Coby headphones (also the earplugs), you would obviously only be paying for the name if you choose those over these amazing headphones!
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on July 7, 2012
The headphones, though cheap feeling, actually present themselves well in terms of the audio quality. Though the base and mids get muddy, it doesn't really bother me considering the entire set was less than ten bucks. Haven't tried the earphones but I heard they weren't too hot so I'll give them away or sell them off.

As of yesterday, (I've had these for about a week now) the left ear piece continues to detach. It's no big deal -- the simple remedy to that is by popping back into it's socket, but it does get bothersome.

Another issue I've come across is the jack. I bumped into it while it was plugged into my PC and it became a little bent and distorted. I thought that was it, but the sound came through nice and clear still afterwards. It does look awkward in it's bent sort of way.

These are cheap headphones in terms of aesthetics and looks, but they won't disappoint! I half expected the sound quality to sound muted and bassless, but trust me, this wasn't the case of this pair.

If you're looking for budget headphones get these, otherwise save for something else a little more expensive like JVCs or Sony headphones.
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