Customer Reviews: T-Mobile myTouch by HTC, Black (T-Mobile)
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2011
I have had this phone for three months now- It works great but if you install applications from the Android Market that can cause chaos with the way the phone operations ( as the apps are 3rd party and not tested for all devices ). Also make sure you clear out your text message's every couple days and clear the cache in the browers and any apps you use a lot. If you do all of these ( and turn the phone off and on every other day ) the phone will work well for you.. Took a month to figure this out, and since I started doing this haven't had any issues :)

Also to preserve battery turn wifi off and for your email if you manually sync your email your battery will last much better! :)

<3 my Mytouch!
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on January 29, 2011
This is certainly T-mobiles best, fastest Android device and has more than adequate RAM. The 8 gig micro SD card that comes with it writes slow at Class 2 and wont be enough storage for most people, but it is upgradeable should you need more. The two major drawbacks of this device are the stock software and fragility.

T-mobile LOADS this phone with too much stock software that you won't need or want, including Yahoo! mail and messaging (on a Google device, really?), games that are not fun and have short demos (Rock Band, Asphalt), and a video chat program called Qik that is difficult to use and prone to failure. And these battery and memory-hogging programs cannot be removed without rooting the device, thereby voiding your warranty.

Not that the warranty will do you any good after you drop your phone. Many people have reported major screen cracks from short falls, setting the phone on the desk face down, or even just carrying it in a pocket. Mine fell a foot onto soft ground WITH a case bought from T-mobile and the screen looked like a spider-web. Most people are used to at least some durability in a cell phone, but with a $130 deductible for the phone (IF you have the insurance coverage), you'll want to be extremely careful with this one.
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on June 8, 2011
my last phone was a samsung galaxy s mesmerize. compared to that phone, the mytouch 4g is heavier, a bit bulkier, better built quality, speedier (IMO), better experience. the samsung galaxy crashed on me more often than this mytouch too.

for the 4g, i usually get 1-4mbps.

minor problems:
-the phone sometimes loses the signal (both phone and data) when I browse the web. i would just be sitting there, and all of a sudden i won't have any reception.
-it started squeaking when i squeeze it a bit.
-until skype for android gets video chat, front facing camera is kind of useless. right now, only Qik and Tango allow the mytouch 4g for video chat, and both of them are not famous.

other than that, i enjoyed my mytouch 4g greatly. i bought mine used for $240 on 5/20/11.
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on July 24, 2011
You won't be disappointed with the amount of features and functions this phone offers. HD camcorder, front and rear cameras, fast processor, 8GB SD storage and the list goes on. I have owned this phone for 9-10 months now and love it.
Giving 4 out of 5 stars because it needs to improve on 3 things -- 1. Battery life (I know 4G use drains battery on most phones, but we want more capacity from newer phones to hold battery power for long) 2. In-built Volume level -- this can be made louder in newer versions for playing music on speakerphone 3. Front Design --- can be made a bit more elegant on top and bottom. Rear side looks very nice -- thin and classy.

By the way, I'm still on Android 2.2 OS and waiting for the official 2.3 upgrade (expected in next few days) to be installed on my phone over the air.

Overall, best value for your money! Install some cool android apps (quite a few of them are free), and you'll spend major part of your next couple of years in the company of this cute little beast until some new tech gadget knocks on your door!
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on May 11, 2011
I was blown away by how high-quality and expensive this phone felt. From the soft-touch metal frame and glass screen to the optical track-pad everything except the power button feels incredible. The power button is too mushy and unreliable, but everything else feels great!

Then, I turned it on. This phone runs Android, but with T-Mobile/HTC's custom version of sense on top. Functionally, it's a pretty good addition to stock Android, but between the foul-looking accents and inconsistent UI the skin ends up taking away from the experience of using the device. Plus, it adds long delays to software updates.

Thankfully, the phone can be easily rooted and runs Cyanogenmod and other custom software installs just fine.

But the bottom line is that this is amazing hardware held back by underwhelming software.
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on January 22, 2013
I ordered this phone in December 2012, and received it 3 days later. That was great! Phone worked great until recently when my battery was at 30% and I was on the way to put it on the charger and noticed the phone had already turned off. I charged it over night, and still nothing. I then tried to reset it and switched batteries. I also tried another charger, still NOTHING. Hopefully I can get a replacement. Until I figure out what the problem is I don't know if I would recommend.
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on November 11, 2011
I got the MyTouch 4g after my MyTouch 3g was lost in a car accident (somewhere out on Interstate 71 my poor 3g sits in pieces after being flung from my car). Originally I was a little disappointed; my 4g does not have a keyboard (although now they do make a MT 4g with a keyboard) and I did not like the battery cover design. HOWEVER I love this phone.

Battery life: A lot of people complain about the battery life however I have noticed I get 30+ hours with light usage (meaning checking mail four or five times a day, a few dozen texts, and roughly sixty minutes of talking), 15+ hours with medium usage, and 8+ hours with heavy usage.

Camera: I love the camera on this thing. I also had to buy a new camera to replace mine lost in the crash but I use the camera on my phone more. The quality of the pictures is surprisingly nice, it's really easy to use and super simple to upload to facebook/twitter or add on to a text.

Texting: Uh, I text all the time. A couple hundred texts a day at least. The only times my phone has trouble sending or receiving texts is when I'm suffering from spotty coverage, which usually only happens when I'm out in the mountains of North Carolina or West Virginia. Type touch keyboard is pretty easy to use once you get used to it. I love the amount of texts you can store as well. When I had the sidekick I could only store 100 texts and that just sucked.

Internet: I spend a lot of my time travelling to rural areas so I don't always get the reception needed for internet, however in my home town I get fantastic internet on this thing. Pages load fast and look great on the screen. I usually don't bother using mobile friendly pages because it's not needed. Admittedly if you have two bars or less your internet might be slower and videos will be a pain to load, but with decent reception I haven't had a problem. I've noticed a lot of people blaming the phone for what I truly think are just reception issues, some areas just don't get coverage as well as others. I've also noticed that moving at high speeds (like on the interstate or on a train) can slow down your loading times.

Mobile WiFi: I love, love, love this feature. I spend a lot of time travelling, like I said, so I'm not always in a place with reliable wifi. Also I don't always like using public wifi when working on more delicate things. With the Hotspot I can make my own password protected wifi network. I can even share it with a couple friends when I need to.

Music: My iPod touch also got destroyed in the crash so I decided to try loading music on my phone until I could afford a new one. The sound quality is great and the interface for the media lab is really easy to use. The only problem is that listening to music on your phone will burn through the battery pretty quickly. Expect 7 maybe 8 hours if you are listening to music the entire time. However the phone does really well with playing music and then using the internet or other apps.

Maps: I use my phone for a gps too, and it's actually pretty crappy for that. It's just not very accurate about where you are. The directions you get street by street are fine but if you're looking at the map it will tell you you are anywhere within like 500 meters of where you are, and on city streets that's annoyingly inaccurate. I mostly use it when I know my starting point and ending point.

Apps: All my apps run great. Some of the bigger ones are slow to download or update but they run fine. I use apps for banking, gaming, reviews, organization, etc. I love the wide selection available, especially of free apps.

SD Card: It comes with an 8 gb microsd card. I upgraded to 16 so I could store more music.

Tips to extend battery life: Turn off automatic updating. This means you'll have to manually choose to Dl your emails and facebook updates and weather, etc. but it really helps to extend battery life.

If anyone has anymore questions about the phone feel free to leave a comment and I will reply!
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on December 8, 2011
I got this phone as an upgrade to the Sprint HTC Hero. At the time the Hero was nice, because I had come from Blackberry. I loved the Android operating system (the set up and all) because I'm a PC guy, and it makes sense to me... I can't figure out Macs at all, but I can build a PC. So I wanted a phone that had a familiar operating system, but much higher performance... and that's what I got! It's not the fastest phone on the market anymore, but it's just below the top. The screen is big and nice. My phone looks way better than the Iphone (imo). I don't even carry my digital camera anymore b/c the camera takes GREAT, clear pics. Has auto focus and is extremely easy to share on FB, twitter, txt, etc. It feels good in your hand, and the Swype feature for the keyboard is real nice! You're going to send out some crazy texts if you don't watch out, but you get the hang of it after awhile. It's stable, rarely locks up or hangs up. The genius button is nice as well. It hangs up if you're in a lower reception area, but still real nice when it works right. I would definitely highly recommend it in the $100 or below purchase price range.
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on April 19, 2011
I was a longtime blackberry user for years. I had some sad thoughts on ditching my beloved blackberry but it was just time. After doing a lot of research I was going to switch over to the Galaxy S 4g. I went to the t-mobile store to play with it and on a whim I tried this one. I was blown away by the speed of it. The 4g (or hspa) is so fast I can't even describe it. The phone just feels great in the hand and feels very heavy and well built. I was a little hesitant about the keyboard but you have three options. Swype which is awesome, you just swipe the letters, Dragon Diction where you just talk and you would be amazed how well it works, and the normal keyboard. I use the normal keyboard. It figures out the words you use most and predicts them and you can get very fast. I was very skeptical about typing long e-mails on a touch screen and I was super fast on my BB but I think I might be even quicker on this one. Plus it has an old type writer sound which is fun.

If you are already a gmail user you will love it even more since it syncs your contacts and calendar directly from google. Overall I would say this is an awesome phone. The one big con is the battery. Wow. The battery life is terrible. As long as you have a car charger near by or a separate charger at work you will be fine. Also the mobile tethering is amazing. I guess you can pay t-mobile 15 dollars extra for this service (but I haven't shhhhhhhhh) and your phone turns into a wi-fi hotspot and it works flawlessly! I was watching movies online on my ipad so fast. I even cancelled my AT&T 3G plan because you can surf the web through the phone so much faster than on AT&Ts network.

I can't really say enough good things about this phone. I could spend 3 pages telling you about everything this can do. To think this came out almost 6 months ago is even more amazing.

Blazing Fast Speed
Very customizable
Wi-Fi Hot Spot
720P Video Recording

Battery is terrible
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on May 9, 2012
I have already owned this for over 16 mo. now. I bought 2 MyTouch 4G for my 17 yr. old daughter and myself and the only big, big headache is the battery life. I use wifi all day long and that is the only one I keep on all the time. It will barely give you 5-6 hours on one charge, so I bought 3 more batteries and 4 more chargers, cars, home and office, and if you want it to last all day you have to have it hooked as much as you can, so it is very inconvenient because when is plug charging you have to leave it unattended or away from you and lose phone calls. Not a good phone if you use it normally. Battery live is bad, bad, bad.
HTC, please fix that problem and you made a good phone otherwise.
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