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on November 5, 2010
Just got this phone in the mail via tmobile~
its a grreatt phone with tons of free apps available. also, comes with tmobile tv, which has some free channels and other channels available via subscription.
you can have up to 7 pages of "homescreens" where you can store widgets and other frequently used apps.
it comes with an 8gig sd card.
FROYO is very fast! looks beautiful!
comes preloaded with 2 games :a car game and rock band
can "Swipe" instead of texting, for faster and accurate texting
EASY set-up with your emails and social networks.
can call for free using an app called nettalk.
can vid chat with tango.
any other questions, just comment and ill try to get back to you.

one problem though is the volume isnt as loud as i would like...i mean its sufficient, and with a headset its perfect,
but while viewing tv on speakerphone setting, its a bit low.
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on November 23, 2010
I bought this phone to replace a Cliq XT, so that is my frame of reference. Here are my thoughts after using the phone for a few days:

-super fast processor (1900 on Quadrant), everything runs very smooth with no lagging or force closes; opening apps and browsing is very fast
-call quality seems good; most people have said I sound fine, although every now and then I get a slight echo (could be network related)
-the screen is plenty large, and the phone is surprisingly pocketable and very thin (albeit a bit heavy, which feels secure in hand)
-2.2 has so many great additional features compared to 1.5 (google maps and earth, flash, apps2SD, goggles, chrome2phone, etc.)
-HSPA+ is faster than 3G, although I only get about 1mbit downlink (4G coverage is spotty in my area)
-The camera is surprisingly decent indoors, and the flash is very bright
-the media room is much nicer than the stock Android player; I also love that you can still control media volume if the screen is off and when you wake the phone up with music playing, the unlock screen has media controls to pause or skip
-fast boot is great, you can shut down the phone and reboot in 5 seconds (similar to hibernating a PC)

-speakerphone isn't great (volume is too low and sounds tinny)
-I don't really like the look of the T-Mobile Espresso/HTC Sense UI (I installed LauncherPro, though, which I like better)
-battery life is OK, but it isn't spectacular; I can get through 12-14 hours of medium use, but sometimes the battery drains faster than I'd like
-I prefer the standard search button over the genius button (can be remapped but it takes some hacking); it also has to scan the contact list when you first use it after a reboot

Overall, I like this phone quite a bit. After waiting 6+ months to get 2.1 on my XT, I got tired of waiting. I'll reevaluate the battery life, performance, and other features (wi-fi calling and tethering) if/when I use them.

Update 12/4: Battery life seems to be decent, although some days I'll be down to 40% by 5pm, and others I'll still have 70% remaining. I've had a little trouble with the "suspend" linux process eating up cpu time, but I've downloaded SetCPU to lower the clock speed when necessary. Performance has been snappy, but there are occasional hang ups and freezes. Reboot usually takes care of any problems.
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on November 6, 2010
A sturdy phone, packed with a lot of options. It seems that T-Mobile might be trying to measure up to Sprint and ATT in terms of the variety of service on offer with this model. This phone sure seems to do it. When purchasing a phone I was very much interested in having fast internet access on the go, as well as watching some nice shows in the mobile format. I appreciate being able to watch The Daily Show, as well as watch a bit of ABC and CNBC. I've been a T-Mobile subscriber for about 10 years now, and the last thing that I wanted to do was to switch to another carrier. This is also my 'gateway' device into the the world of smartphone technology, since until now I relied on basic Nokia phones. the HTC My Touch 4G seems pretty intuitive to use, so I didn't really need to look at the instruction packet just yet. The volume of the phone, however, is not as loud as it could be for watching TV. Connecting a pair of external speakers/headphones does the trick though.
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on December 3, 2010
I got the white version but they're all the same phone. First I would like to recommend some apps you should get for the phone.

chomp sms
Dolphin browser hd
Task killer
Juice defender( Saves battery)

I would say the phone is a great phone. The processor is extremely fast, 4g and 2.2 android OS is great. The battery is average at best mainly because of 4g consuming a lot of battery life. The good thing about this phone is the ability to watch flash videos in browser and video chat over 4g is solid.

How to save battery:

Download Juicedefender and turn your brightness down all the way or close to it. turn gps when not in use.
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on December 1, 2010
Great phone, I rate 8.5 out of 10. I would use 4.5 out of 5 on amazon but I cannot, so I rounded...
(For a full review search elsewhere, below are some of my like and dislikes)

Love the screen size.

Speaker is awful; if you're alone in a quiet place then it will be fine... In a car, while driving, it is extremely frustrating, crackles too on highest setting. But oddly the ringer can be very loud, alarm too, so why does the speaker have such a low maximum? (Solution Bluetooth car speaker, but still...)

It responsively moves through all the apps, and widgets I use (I love widgets!). This will be an incredible thing if you're upgrading from a G1, MyTouch 3g, or older android phone. I don't bother comparing the tiny speed difference between this and a Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 4, or Google Nexus One because they are all great on a practical level. So why bother looking at numerical test numbers?

I am not happy with bloatware, but seriously what phone doesn't add it? Most people will not root their phone so you have to live with what's on it, as you will not be able to uninstall apps you do not like. I don't use Rockband (demo), Asphalt 5 (demo), Monopoly (demo), Yahoo, Amazon MP3, and other apps. I do not mind adding all these extras, but it becomes a problem when they do not want you to remove them, makes me angry.

Nice to have a front facing camera, but I don't use video chat and only did to test so I cannot access the overall level if used frequently.

Has HSPA+ capability on it so internet is faster when compared with 3g only phones like Samsung Galaxy S or iPhone 4. But that's because were in a transition period to "4G" speeds, T-Mobile is the fastest for now, but not for long, and new phones will simple have to add the necessary hardware to make whatever phone capable of using whatever "4G" internet is out there.

Anyone familiar with modern smart phones will already know that this phone's battery will last you for a day with more than average usage. It will last you possibly 2 days, if you tweak the settings and use the phone sparingly. For days with heavy usage you will find yourself charging the phone in the middle of the day. Point being, keep your charger handy.
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on February 13, 2011
This phone could be a great phone, but when the tmobile insurance company sends it out for replacement they leave out the SD card that comes with a new phone. Ok, lets say "oh well it is only $20", but they have a lot of stuff pre-loaded on the card that helps the phone function up to it total potential. So, if you get it without the card, send it back and let them know you want the card with the phone. Then I think you can give it a 5 star rating. Tmobile or HTC is no help in resolving this issue.
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on September 10, 2011
i purchased 2 new mytouch 4g's in december 2010..fell in love with my new mytouch phone!!...unfortunately, i lost it at the end of February 2011...purchased a refurbished replacement from Asurion $130..(no sd card as a previous review states)..called tmobile..they are no help and neither is asurion. i received the 2nd refurb and could not txt, call, or get voicemail...called tmobile again and after a month of ppl telling me someone would call i finally spoke with someone who said the manufacturer agreement states if i got 3 replacement phones in 6 months ...they would have to give me a new phone...I received the 3rd refurb phone 8/2011...i drop calls all day, have to call people 5-6 times. when i called tmobile 9/6/11 i was told that the info about a new phone with the manufacturuer was incorrect and that they would review my account (3 lines on it $198 a month) to see if i qualified..what??/ then he said that he could offer me a $10 credit..what?? I am now switching to Verizon. So actually, in my opinion the mytouch 4g was a good phone but if you need a replacement out...there has to be something wrong that they have so many defective replacements....
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on February 10, 2013
Stay clear of this phone! The battery life is horrible! The play store app use to work now it doesn't and I've tried everything to get it to work.. I can browse the store, but as soon as I go to dl a app it states no connection. It randomly reboots during calls, the 4g constantly stalls. Just an overall bad phone!
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on April 4, 2011
I got this phone at Costco as an upgrade. First, I am not a techno geek. I do love this phone though. I bought it because I lost my very old flip phone that had wireless calling and couldn't get wireless calling without getting a smart phone. That worked fine but I was going to take it back because I'm cheap until I discovered the e-reader app. Having an e-reader that fits comfortably in one hand but is still legible is great. Then I went to Italy, got the phone unlocked but didn't know enough Italian to set it up for wireless though I could use it as a phone,and a flashlight and a camera and a camcorder. One of the things I love about the camera is that you can change the focus point by tapping the screen this does wonders for getting the right lighting for a shot. Right now I'm using the phone as a wireless router while typing and uploading this review. Last night I watched a movie on netflix on my computer using the phone as a router. Then there's swype. For the text challenged this is more like cursive typing. The battery does run down pretty fast if you use all the bells and whistles. Video recording and leaving the wireless and or network on all the time seem to be the worst culprits. When I dim the screen way down, and turn off the wireless and network settings the battery lasts about a day and a half - this works for me.
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on March 21, 2013
the sd card slot was broken and erased 16g of memory and wasted 170 bucks on this phone. it wasnt worth the money and it was broken wtf. beware phone sellers do this all the time and try to make it seem like it was there personal phone knowing it wasnt. knowing its probaly a refurbished phone fixed by them. anyways it been months now and still no refund. thanx amazon for wasting my life and trying to keep my money!
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