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on April 24, 2011
Surely you have read all reviews about this phone (GsmArena, PhoneArena, etc).
I want to emphatize just a few aspects that could help you decide:
1- I was looking for a state-of-the-art cell (touch), but size is very important to me: I don't like iPhone or Galaxy-S size. I need to put my cell in my pocket, and operate it with just one hand; that's the first reason to buy Nokia C6-01;
2- Quality: there is no people that could give you an opinion against the very good quality of this phone;
3- Symbian is TOTALLY customizable: I understand Android could give you a very "update able" impression, but Symbian is too.
4- I am a middle-age professional (44). Big hands, lot of work, very internet-dependent (for work), and travelling a lot by airplane. I need a cell phone to get email mainly through wifi networks, but I really do not have too much social-related activity (Tweeter, Facebook, and so), so I doubted when reading a lot of reviews referring to this aspects. I can tell you that customization is total: you can decide to put every icon related to screens as you want. I've cleaned my screens and setup the icons I needed.
5- Connectivity in this cell is absolutly easy and user-controlable.
6- Installing Ovi Apps is an easy and error-free process. I've installed Opera Mobile (it works like a rock!), Skype, a better calculator, QR barcode reader, etc.
7- I've setting up my Hotmail account and a Gmail-corporate account without any problem: they are living in my cell exactly in the way they should be: each inbox separated from the other, and syncronizing just when I want (over wify or data operator link).
8- Camera is VERY good. Of course it is not a full Nikon with a telex, but the photos are great for such a device;
9-Windows application to manage the phone is great. It works like a charm, easy installation, and very high quality presentation. I can control every aspect of the cellphone (You can even type and read sms in real-time using this app, provided your C6-01 is connected through usb cable !), do backups of your data, contacts, messages, and so.
10- It is beautiful and very stylish. I've bought the silver one (it's very metallic: not "plastic-metallic"). Screen is REAL black, and touch operation is perfect.
So, I'm very happy with this purchase.
I hope this help you.
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on October 30, 2011
I have a soft spot for Nokia phones - they have beautiful hardware and work wonderfully as phones (great call quality and reception) but unless you are used to Symbian and Nokia's lack of support run - don't walk - away from Nokia. I also own a Nexus One and iPad, so I am familiar with the other systms out there. Even with the Anna update, Symbian is a mess. After setting this phone up, I wanted to update the version of QuickOffice that comes with it (the included version is read only - it can not edit). Even though the upgrade was purchased through the Ovi Store, it would not install. I finally got it to install by a time consuming restoring of the phone to it's original state after backing it up, restoring the changes I had made, and updating it again. This took over two hours to simply install one of the most popular programs for Symbian! Anna has been available outside the US for months, but between the ineptitude of Nokia and Quickoffice what is a simple task in any modern operating system is a nightmare - and this is the norm in the world of Nokia which explains why they are quickly becoming a relic. Forget about getting support from Nokia if you have a question - it's not going to happen. Maybe things will be better with their Windows phones, but it's hard to teach an old Finnish Dog new tricks.

So why did I give the phone a four star rating? Well, the build quality is great, the screen is fantastic and once you get to understand it Symbian is a very flexible operating system that lets you do things that you can't do with Android or iOS. It is the complete opposite of modern phones with tons of apps (forget getting even popular ones like Netflix or Pandora on this guy) - it is a small high quality phones that has a few good apps and can be easily carried in your pockets. If I wanted to use a tablet I would. It is also inexpensive, and if you are a TMobile user who has tzones this will work with it in both edge and 3g unlike most newer phones that will require you to get an expensive data plan.

In summary, if you want a relatively inexpensive phone with good call quality and the ability to use it world wide on any GSM system this is the way to go. Just understand that dealing with Symbian and the truely wretched support and software that is Nokia and Symbian has been known to drive people insane!
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on June 10, 2011
I have to add my two-cents worth to the other glowing reviews for this phone. I just received it yesterday and I am very happy with it. Very solid and expensive looking with a great (AMOLED I think) display. I am particularly impressed that the steel back cover is so rigid - yet the phone isn't too heavy. Call quality is good and it was a cinch to import the contacts from my Nokia E71. The screen is (finally!) glass - I had an N97-Mini for a couple of months and I did not care for the resistive-touch and plastic screen. To me, it is a little small for comfortable e-mail reading - and I would say that it is too small for surfing the internet. I have to say, though, that it's Symbian OS is a little bit of a pain to navigate - perfect example is checking remaining space on your micro-SD card - who would think that you would find that under Applications / Office / File Manager? But I can live with Symbian's annoyances to in order to get a great little phone with a beautiful display - for half the price of a plastic device from one of the other makers.

*********************** Added on June 21, 2011 **************************

I've had this phone for another week+ and I just want to reiterate what a great little device it is!! Battery life is great and it recharges quickly. I've carried it on many evening walks and it shows zero wear and tear - thanks to it's metal construction and glass display. It's my primary phone for calls between Germany and the US and I've had zero dropped calls or other call-related problems. And, much to my surpise, once I downloaded the new Ovi Store - I found there are quite a few good free games on Ovi - Angry Birds Seasons, Rio, Monopoly, car racing, you name it - I was really pleasantly surprised!! This continues to be a compact and very well-built smartphone - I highly recommend it.

*********************** Added on November 6, 2011 ************************

The Nokia C6-01 continues to be a superb phone. Still runs like a top and looks like new - despite another four+ months of carrying around and using. Another advantage I really like is it supports both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands in the States - and works here in Germany with Telekom. Last but not least - I like it so much that I've ordered a second one for my wife to use. Keep in mind though - this phone isn't for you if you want a large screen to surf the internet or check FB. It's a great phone with super battery life and a very clear screen.
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on November 3, 2012
I really liked having this phone but after having this phone for a year I left it in my jeans, put them in the laundry and the phone didn't survive.

I tried out a couple of different currently fashionable Android phones and have to say that after having my c6-01 I was left disappointed.

After 3 months of trying out different phones I finally have come back and bought a second c6-01 and I am so happy with it all over again. (and the second that I have now was an Amazon refurbished model)

It's a small phone so I can take it with me out when I run and the camera takes stunning pictures. Really beautiful pictures!!

The Nokia brand is not fashionable these days but it's a shame... they make the best phones.
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on October 1, 2011
The phone took a while to show up, I have noticed anything that ships via free shipping from an Amazon warehouse is always slow to ship and to arrive, versus other Amazon suppliers. The phone is solid and decent. It shipped with a 4Meg micro-sim (I expected a 2M) and some apps were alreadt added. I have probably used most every feature on the phone. I connect wirelessly to my router at home and it took a little bit to actually get that working. For whatever reason I couldn't initially get it to work. I went to McDonalds and it connected immediately to the wireless there. I thought my router was broken, but after McDs I went home and it connected immediately. Go figure.

I installed the MySimple Mobile Sim and now for $40 I have unlimited talk text and 3G web. After the Mysimple OTA programming via SMS the settings I had tried to install were fixed and my phone works very well. Sometimes the phone takes a moment to respond, but usually a touch triggers a vibration so you know the phone received input.

I gave the phone a 4 star because the display dims occasionally very quickly and is slow to recover. When you hold it to your ear the display goes black from the sensor input, but the power saving display is different and I haven't yet figured out an adjustment for that.

The phone is running Symbian3 so it is different than most US phones. There is a store with some apps. Some apps work and some don't even if they are supposed to work on your phone it might be hit or miss. I also note that when you remove an app all traces might not be removed, and I haven't figured this out either.

The phone connects via USB (WinXP) with no issues and even recharges via the USB port. The battery life may be limited if you use the GPS or play a display intensive game.

It is doubtful that Symbian Anna will ever be put on any US phone although most non-US phones are being upgraded/ or have already been upgraded.

I do like the OVI maps, but the GPS is very slow if you are not near a network. Out in the wild, no network, it took 10 minutes to find the position and kept losing it, the internal accelerometers didn't seem to correct the position at all. And because it is display intensive the battery dies quickly. I estimate about 3 hours on GPS and you will need to recharge.

I do like this little phone. It has some minor quirks, but all phones do. It isn't an i-phone but it isn't huge, I can carry it in my shirt pocket, make phone calls, text and surf the web. I put Opera on it but the default web browser is ok, but not very intuitive.

I like the address book. It can accept voice commands but I haven't tried doing this much. You can set an SMS to erase the phone and info in case you lose it, send an SMS with your secret message and supposedly it locks your sim and phone. Haven't tried but I did set a message. The camera takes pictures. I loaded a panorama app and shutter-pro. The camera can be set for small pictures and sends MMS messages. It has a front facing cam, but very low res I think. I loaded an app called camera mirror, but haven't tried a video phone call to anyone.

I have sent emails from the phone which also works for larger pictures, connected to my yahoo email account, and emails to flickr post as expected.

The morning alarms are easy to set as well as world times. I also have downloaded other country maps in ovi maps. You can explore another country and even see what the weather is like there. Although, it takes a bit for the weather sometimes.

If you have a question about the phone I'll try to answer it from a user perspective.
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on April 8, 2012
I've had this phone for about a month now, and it serves as the replacement for my old Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The 5800 was a great phone for it being my first touchscreen experience and I grew used to the resistive touchscreen. Had the unit not start malfunctioning more frequently, it would probably still be my primary phone. But, the screen apparently was losing power, as it would go fuzzy and virtually inoperable in cold climate, the slidelock seemed to be shorting out, and placing calls started to become a chore. It was a good 3 year run. The C6-01 is proving to be just as competent as the 5800...very clean, very responsive, loaded with features. It shares similarities with the iPhone and the Windows Phone. The AMOLED capacitive touchscreen took some getting used to but I'm starting to really get the hang of it. Texting is slightly different; not as quick but it's just as responsive. Has a great camera. Great sound clarity when taking calls. Pretty much does the same thing the 5800 did, with slightly quicker response and lots more memory. Here's the downside. First, the battery life is not great. I have to charge this phone daily, where with the 5800 I could charge every other day. The loudspeaker does not have the same quality as the 5800, for a phone that records and plays back video in 720p HD. Also, in some instances, the phone has a tendency to freeze on some applications and on a couple calls. Then, when texting, some buttons get pressed even when not pressing anything, which lets you know how responsive the touchscreen is. Some of the button placement could have been different to avoid mistakes in sending a text message. I also am not too pleased with the notification light, which is not very bright. And there is no way to disable camera sounds altogether, but the 5800 had the same issues. I'm still trying to determine the response time when sending multimedia messages. The slidelock, when first using this phone, was very hard to slide, but has become much easier. Overall, this phone is great so far. Will see how long it lasts.
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on September 24, 2011
Background: I bought the Nokia C6-01 that was manufactured in Mexico for, I believe, the US market. It was used for travel in the UK with 02.

Size: Great size and a good heft. The metal and glass outside casing made for a very nice look and feel.

Construction Quality: Construction quality is excellent. Very good fit and finish.

Battery: Long battery life and fast charge to full. I got two days with 4-5 calls a day (~30mins a piece), and a full day with heavy data usage and calls. It charged up over USB in a couple of hours.

Screen: Amazing screen, great colors. I believe it is a Samsung AMOLED. Very easy to read.

Bands: The phone I received was a true world phone. It had all the bands I needed for travel (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS 850/900/1700/2100). Call quality (sound and connection) was really good but wish the speaker could have been a little louder.

Software: Symbian takes some getting used too (iPhone and Android user here). But overall everything was there and their app market is pretty good, was able to get Angry birds for free. Huge plus was the Ovi Map market. All the maps, for pretty much most of the world, are available for free from the Ovi portal. Also, with JokuSoft you are able to make the C6-01 into a mobile hotspot.
Mechanical: Three hard keys and on screen keyboard. The hard keys have a good click feel to them. The only trouble was the on screen keyboard, or maybe it was my stubby fingers. I have to be careful to make sure I was pressing the correct letters on the screen. Of issue though is that the phone gets very hot if you use it continuously for more than 15-20mins. This occurs whether the phone is being used for data or for regular calls. I would recommend using a blue tooth headset.

Camera: I used the camera and video options when I was on holiday. I used it outside during the day and found both the camera and video/audio to be quite good.

Conclusion: So why four stars. After many hours at different O2 stores, and their in-store techs, I found out that my map feature would not work. Its A-GPS and so needs a data connection to work apparently, and though I was getting a solid data connection for everything else,the map software would not connect. So no maps and a lot of wasted time. They mentioned that I was not the first person to come in with this issue for Nokia phones. So I am left with three possibilities, 1. a dud phone, 2. problematic OS software and 3. something amiss with O2.

Given a working map tool I would have rated this phone five stars, and the failed tool makes me want to rate it as one star. Giving Nokia the benefit of the doubt, and with excellent call quality, etc, I went with four stars. If possible, make sure you phone works before going abroad.
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on February 1, 2012
The product came to me better than advertised, and with a front facing camera that not even Nokia advertised for the phone. However I would have liked to have known that the included 4gb sd card has almost no space on it thanks to Ovi maps being installed on it. The screen on it is a little small for my hands, but you get used to it, also have get to find a way to turn off the stupid adaptive search that sometimes tries to change my words on me. However having said all that bad stuff about the phone, it is a great phone overall, it has great reception, and a good browser in fact I have months review on the phone itself. The homescreens are easily customizable, and last the metal back gives this phone a good solid weight and feel, unfortunately some peoples hands may get tired during long conversations. However I personally love this phone and recommend this phone to anyone without large hands.

Update-May 2015

Having used this phone for the better part of 4 years I can say without a doubt that this is indeed the best phone I have ever used, the same phone has been used by two other owners, Belle update, countless drops, software hacking, used as an mp3 player, software crash, external speaker blowout, and most recently a new battery. It has its flaws, such as freezing and reboots, but then again it is an abandoned OS from a defunct manufacturer. I STILL recommend this phone as it seems nearly indestructible. Yes, I am aware that it is not 4G, and many websites take 1min+ to load, no auto focus, etc. However as a basic smartphone it is more than capable, and FYI very important call quality is GREAT. This is still a PHONE.
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on June 16, 2011
If you a looking for a mini smartphone with every feature you may ever need, I recommend this one.

Positive: small, fantastic touch screen, very responsive and reasonably fast, easy to operate and customize, works flawlessly, battery life is not bad for a smartphone, it is very well made with quality materials, works anywhere in the GSM and 3G world, I couldn't find another one that covers all 3G bands at the same time!!!, free navigation, very good call quality, nice ringtones, feels like any other modern smartphone....and many other

Negative: a bit heavier, but for a small phone with stainless steel back and front glass, it is actually not a bad feeling when you hold it, feels solid; not very convenient to type long messages, but typing is fast if you used to it, the phone is very responsive and fast at typing; remember the screen is small, but so the phone, therefore if you like the size, shouldn't complain.

Another great feature is that you can use it as a hotspot / wifi with joikuspot even with an AT&T iPhone card without tethering plan, meaning saving some dollars for that feature. Also the phone has the necessary office features, opens most files, easy to sync with corporate Exchange server, the mail client is much improved compare to the S60 versions... It looks like any other smartphone.

Overall, certainly Nokia knows how to make conveniently featured and well designed phone. It is sold at great price for the quality you get. Highly recommended.
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on February 19, 2012
I had a basic samsung A137 flip-style for Go Phone account; switched the card to this, and it works.
The Ovi account set up with a quick data transfer over 3G. After that, I set it to only access the internet over Wi-Fi, and always ask me first when connecting for data.
The maps with GPS are the best. I travelled to San Antonio. The map would auto-mark where I was and give direction to where I wanted to go it was very quick.
Web browsing is quick enough, but not something I would use much.
I still mainly just use texting and voice, but I enjoy the versatility of this. It does seem to have better reception than my old phone.
I bought it on special December 2011.
It seems to be a europe model, when I looked for accessories (unsure).

Aug. 24, 2012.....
This phone is listed as eligible for a SIM-only value package through T-Mobile. They have a "bring your own phone" all you can use data package which is less expensive than the other carriers.
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