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on April 20, 2013
I use the mouse on a daily basis, and use the buttons to record macros to do repetitive tasks. The size of the mouse took a bit of getting used to, but it's comfortable enough to use, even with my carpal tunnel syndrome. I've yet to use it for its actual purpose (gaming), but it works for a daily work mouse. The only problem I had was with the installation software that requires you to put a program on the machine - but that was less for my issues and more because I had a workplace whose software installation rules looked like a throwback to Orwell's 1984, with an incompetent IT sysadmin whose idea of a hard day was to provide an ergonomic keyboard to someone without filing forms in triplicate. That said, it still worked great for my daily usage.

I also use this with a Logitech G13 keypad when I'm working on graphic-intensive and click-through intensive projects or documents. Spending four hours messing about with the software really helps. The one thing I'll note is that making sure you have an application like AutoHotKey to act as a secondary addon for the mouse and/or G13 keypad helps immensely, especially if you have a series of commands or scripts you want to use with this. Just make sure that you have a clean mapping of what item goes where on the keypad and the mouse, and make sure it's something you can remember easily.

One other note: the thumb buttons (keypad on the left side) of the mouse come with "training" stick-on plastic bumps. They're intended to help train your muscle memory to use the 1-12 buttons, but they do fall off. If you don't want them to do this and don't care overmuch about the appearance of the mouse over the long term, it might be a good idea to use a permanent adhesive, especially if you have only a few buttons that you choose to use routinely. I tend to use the top row (1, 2, 3) and bottom row (10, 11, 12) more than anything else, so my most common keybinds are set to those buttons, with the rarer ones set in the 4-6 and 7-9 range.

I do like the ability to turn off the logo and buttons via the Razer Naga's utility program itself, and the ability to customize a profile loaded when the program I'm running is in the front is helpful as well. It takes a couple of seconds for the mouse to register the settings once you make them, so don't get too impatient just yet if it doesn't automatically dance for you when you make the settings final.

I plan on buying another of these soon, and saving the profiles through Skydrive or Dropbox to keep them available on my work laptop, just to make sure that what I'm used to on one machine flows through on all my machines - so I have an uninterrupted workflow.
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on August 2, 2012
Customizable customizable customizable
Extremely responsive
Well made
Quiet clicking (compared to, say, an Apple wireless mouse)
That 12-number keypad

A wee bit expensive
Styling can be a miss for some people, especially when a muted presence is needed
The forward and back buttons are not in the best place. I rarely use them.

Let me preface by saying I am a gamer which made purchasing this mouse a whole lot easier. The looks, description, reviews, everything about this product scream "Plug me in and let me wreak havoc in an online game". I'm not one to hold back in this regard and don't mind letting people know that I game, but there's a whole other set of reasons why I bought this mouse.

I am a fanatic keyboard shortcut user. I hate having to break my train of thought by clicking through menus to highlight text in a PDF, bookmark a website, or pull up the equation editor in Word. I customize everything around my specific workflows so I can minimize the time it takes me to do redundant, trivial, but necessary tasks so I can get on with the big priority stuff. The Naga, in concert with Razer's Synapse 2.0 software, is a great way to streamline workflows.

I've set up macros and profiles for all of the applications that I sink my time into. The software auto recognizes what program you're in and loads up the appropriate profile and puts all of your macros and most used keyboard shortcuts right in hand. Very nice. This is more due to the Synapse 2.0 software, but the mouse with its full 12-number keypad is an integral part. The Synapse 2.0 software is still a bit clunky. I run it on Mac OS 10.7.4 for the most part and it fails to load a good number of times, forcing me to logout and log back in again. A recent update, however, seems to have eliminated this problem but it's still a little too early for me to be absolutely certain. When the software does run, the experience is flawless.

The mouse itself is very nice. Extremely responsive. I'd been running an old Logitech mouse (which I still love), but didn't realize how much lag it was putting in. The Naga goes exactly when I tell it to go, which seems an obvious thing for a mouse to do but doesn't always happen. Ergonomically it is very comfortable. It can be a little hard to reach some of the higher numbers on the 12-number keypad, but my muscle memory is getting better and I'm able to hit all the buttons I need relatively quickly.

I've turned off the glowing logo in the palmrest as it gets warm and makes my hand sweat more than needed. That and I don't need to be flashing off the molten decals to everyone around me when I'm nerding out on biology in the library.

A downer is the placement of the "Forward" and "Backward" buttons. These are not easy for me to reach. As such, I rarely use them which is nuts because I always used to use them on my old mouse. I have to stretch to reach the upper button and curl and pull back to reach lower button. Neither situation is ideal. People with longer fingers (or people who are very good at maintaing a "claw" grip on their mice) may be able to win here.

In the end, I am supremely happy with this purchase. It is definitely a mouse for the power user, whether that power usage comes in the form of domination in an online game, crushing Photoshop, or flushing out the capabilities of Acrobat Pro. I won't make a blanket recommendation for everyone. However, I think most power users know they're power users. For those people, I highly recommend you check out this mouse (for gaming or whatever else you may put it towards).
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on December 28, 2011
I got this mouse once star wars the old republic came out. I've been playing mmo's for years and I wanted something to make combat a bit more smoother for me. I got this last week and so far its really nice. I was formerly using a logitech G9 which still works and I've had for about two years. This mouse does not have any weights to increase the weight but it has a decent feel to it. Coming from someone who had the G9 at the max weight, I like it. The DPI is really nice because I also had my G9 set on the highest setting. So I feel like its about the same. I installed this on my win7 gaming laptop and so far, it has made things much better for me. I'll admit its hard adjusting but it does come with some raised plastic mounts that you can place to help you better define certain buttons. As of right now, I love this mouse. I love the colors and how it works in multiple games and just general use. With that said, as of right now, I'd recommend this if you are a gamer looking for a nice but fun edge.

I'll update this in a few weeks.
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on June 17, 2015
I never, ever write bad reviews on things....this is probably the first time I've ever given something 1 star be it a product, book or movie. I bought this mouse as my first Razer product, and I'm so glad I got a good deal on it with Amazon rewards points or else I'd be even more upset.
The woven cord cover got messed up within my first week of using it, which I'm assuming pinched the wires or something. And I take really good care of my products, they're investments after all! It stops working if the cord moves a certain way, and I have to rest it on my desk in a very particular way for it to even stay connected to the usb. I've had my computer taken to a shop to make sure it wasn't the USB ports and it's not.
Do you know how infuriating it gets hearing the usb connect and disconnect noise over and over when I'm barely moving the mouse?
I eventually cut the cord cover to give the wire some relief and it has improved mouse useage...but when an improvement means it only disconnects a few times, I wouldn't call that good - especially for the price tag on this mouse. I have not contacted Razer, mostly because I read some other issues people had with the cord so I cut the cover (it serves no purpose other than covering the cord I believe, it didn't actually hurt the wiring) and figured I couldn't send it back in after I altered it.

I would absolutely not buy another mouse from them again and probably not any products. I am not exaggerating when I say I have a mouse I paid $1 for on sale and it may not have fancy buttons for keybinds but at least it doesn't take 10 minutes for it to connect only to disconnect again.
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on May 29, 2012
Do not buy Razor brand electronics. Their customer support is just horrible. I bought this mouse and actually enjoyed it until after 13 months, it started shorting out and the only fix was to unplug it and plug it back in.

As a gamer, this is a serious issue when it happens while playing. It has wiped my raids a few times as I was trying to do everything on the keyboard while I fixed my issue.

I contacted customer support and they assured me that I would get the same mouse back for my RMA. They ended up downgrading me to their lowest Naga and I'm still arguing with them over it.

I cannot use the crap one they sent me nor will I ever accept less than what I paid for.

I hope that by reading this 1 star review, it will send you towards a more reputable company such as Logitech or any other company who stands behind what they sell.
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on February 12, 2016
This mouse was awesome. When I purchased it, it ran for around $60-$90 but I think I found it on sale for even cheaper.

It lasted me several years and the features were all very nice, including being able to program every button with the free Razor Synapse software you can download from their website.

Unfortunately, I plugged and unplugged this mouse too many times, as well as wound and unwound the cord too many times - so much so, that my cord developed a loose connection near the USB plug. (This was over the course of 2-3 years of daily use on a laptop that I carried everywhere with me, so I'd say this mouse had a great life)

I still have the mouse actually (if that says anything about how much I liked this mouse).
Someday I plan to cut the cord and splice a new USB adapter onto the end which should fix the problem. (apparently it's very easy to do and there are step-by-step tutorials)
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on April 14, 2013
My husband and I bought two Naga Moltens in Dec 2011 and haven't had any problems with them.

-BUTTTONS!!! As a used-to-be avid gamer, you can never have enough buttons! Now as a mom with not enough time, I'll probably never make full use of them, but I can dream about some day having epic button pressing kung fu. Early on I tried using the thumb grip trainer stickers, but when I realized that 4-5-6 and 10-11-12 have a little raised bar on them I stopped using the stickers as that was enough to help me find my place.
-Long cord
-Mostly comfortable grip (I'll get into that more below)
-Still looks great over a year later - no sign of wearing that mice usually get with long use.

-As a girl with smaller hands I find my pinky finger starts to hurt after awhile - maybe I'm holding the mouse wrong - but the mouse feels just a little bit too wide for my hand. I think newer models have interchangeable side grips that probably would have fixed this problem for me and otherwise it feels great on the rest of my hand. (Must come up with excuse to upgrade..)
-The top two buttons by your index finger can be awkward - early on I had a thumb grip trainer sticker on one of them which made it easier to reach (although that did eventually wear off).
-The 10-11-12 buttons can also be a little awkward to reach, but this isn't a real complaint, because really.. 12 buttons! :D
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on November 12, 2013
I have had issues with this mouse for a long time. The buttons on the left side of the mouse don't work at all. If I press any one of the 12 buttons, they all get interred as if though they were all pressed. This is not a software issue, it is a hardware issue (After days of testing, I feel 100% confident with my assessment). Now, almost a year later, I finally decided to open up the damn thing and see if I can fix it myself (it's out of warranty, I may as well try to fix it). But what do I find as soon as I peel off the Teflon strip underneath hiding the screws to open it? The freaking screws are stripped! This is a used mouse! I thought maybe it had just been damaged by me or something, or maybe it was a software issue (as everything I read online seemed to suggest). But to think that this "new" mouse I bought was actually a refurbished mouse? This is just freaking incredible. I'm now stuck with this broken mouse until I buy a new one because the seller was dishonest.
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on March 4, 2015
This review is being written after using this since July of 2013. So saying that... I loved this mouse. It made raiding in the MMO I play way more enjoyable than trying to use the number pads. It worked flawlessly until about 6 months ago, at which point I think the switches on the left click as well as the thumb pad started wearing out. The left click started registering a single click as 2 or sometimes 3. and the thumbpad just wore out. That being said, this mouse took a lot of abuse over the year and a half that I used it actively. The game I play (Rift) uses macros so the buttons were being mashed constantly for hours. To be fully honest I am surprised that it lasted as long as it did. and to that i give it 5 stars. I believe that for a more casual player it would last a lot longer, but i am not that player.

As far as comfort, this particular mouse took a little getting used to for me. it has a higher profile than most of the standard PC mice. once I was used to it though it was wonderful. Like anything your hands just have to get used to it. I have since retired this little guy and am now using a keypad and regular mouse since that is that I had on hand. I would purchase from Razer again, however the price is a drawback, even on the newer models.
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on November 11, 2014
Sigh, the Razer Naga, oh how I miss you and don't miss you. The design is beautiful and I loved the software. I loved this mouse the buttons on the side were great for gaming and it was easy to get used to. After using this mouse it was hard to use a regular one that didn't have those buttons on the side so efficiently. They just becomes a normal extension to your hand that it feels weird going back to not using them.

Over the years I've had 3 razer naga's and wouldn't hesitate to buy more IF not for the fact that the rubber part of the cord at the edge where it meets the mouse tends to come apart with heavy use within 6 months. When that part starts coming apart the mouse becomes less effective and it becomes a struggle to get it to work. I did get a replacement from the company pretty easily the first time but I didn't even bother the second time. I ended up using a regular mouse for a while but had to go back. I hoped that the cord issue was fixed but it wasn't, and ended up having the same problem. In the end I relented and just went back to a regular mouse. I ended up using that for over a year before I had to take a 7 or 8 month gaming break because of circumstances. I'm looking for a new mouse and definitely won't be purchasing this one. I've seen other mouses that have the same rubber tip and am weary of buying them. I guess I still have to look around. The only reason I took away just the one star was because I've seen that if you have the ability you can replace it pretty cheap. I just didn't want to go there.
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