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on October 8, 2011
Prior reviewers on this site have slammed short battery life on the Optimus S. It's my understanding that battery life is an issue for all Android smartphones, so I think the criticism here is a bit unfair. I have had my Optimus for nearly a year now, and as long as I remember to charge it overnight, it lasts me just fine through the day, even using battery-hungry apps like facebook and Google Maps. I find the phone to be fast, solid, responsive - it's a great little phone. Only minor complaint is that the limited memory, and my desire for lots o' apps, requires me to be fairly active in application management to avoid lack of space on the phone - still, the free Watchdog Lite app helps me do that easily. I recommend this phone without hesitation.
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on October 14, 2012
I purchased this from Ting.com which runs off of the Sprint network (very cheap cellphone service btw!). I had an HTC Inspire 4G from AT&T but it got to be too expensive to keep it with 3 kids and one paycheck, so I sold that and bought a refurbished LG Optimus S in purple for $13 ($50 discount from ting for signing up!). The phone is functional, but man, I am SO spoiled! This phone is slow in response time and stops working frequently. I am used to touching an app and it opening, this does not do that. It takes a minute to process. Also, I barely have any apps on the phone but alot of them require phone memory and this phone doesn't have any to spare. I have a 2gb SD card which is almost empty because 80% of my apps need to be on the phone memory. The wifi goes off when the screen goes off so I don't get my notifications unless I have my data on. I am on a pay for what you use plan so I don't WANT to have data on 24-7, but there is no option to fix this issue. The speaker is usable, but not good.

The one positive I give this is battery life. It lasts pretty well and for calls, it works well. I don't like the keyboard it came with and I haven't found one I am comfortable with yet.

Overall, it is a great phone for $13, if you pay more than that and are NOT an android newbie, consider something else.
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on January 17, 2012
I know there are many poor reviews for this phone, but I was very happy with the LG Optimus S for my first Android phone. I had this phone for 1 year and only upgraded to get more internal memory and a bigger screen.

No problems with call quality or signal.

Did have some annoying problems following Gingerbread update, but then it was back to good battery life and no major glitches. (consistently 20+ hours with several hours moderate use, rest light to standby mode) Processor did not feel slow for checking emails, texting, surfing, downloading & using/playing apps. Didn't view videos much. Didn't wish I had 4G. Camera is ok with good lighting, but not great. Speaker is decent.

If you're a light user (mostly standby mode with several brief calls, occasional email checks, and light texting) the battery might even last a couple days. Heavy user (surfing, gaming, streaming video) maybe 8 hours max, but that's just a guess.

Small things I like about this phone that my current phone doesn't have: dedicated camera button, external voice search/command button, silence mode from power switch, quick access to manage apps, simpler access to different phone/contact features from phone key (phone pad/call log separate, favorites, contacts) compared to HTC.

Some cons are:
-You do have to manage your apps or internal memory will run low.
-Small screen makes it tough to view some web pages.
-3.2 mp camera just ok. If you need a nice camera/video on your phone, look elsewhere. It does record audio well, even singing at a Christmas concert.

Depending on your needs, this might be worth checking out for a first Android phone, if you don't need 4G and cost is <$50. Or maybe try the LG Marquee/Optimus Black (3G only) or Samsung Conquer (4G).
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on June 15, 2012
I have had this phone a little over a year and luckily can upgrade one more time in a year being a "premier" Sprint user (they are discontinuing that program). As a heavy user, I have found that this phone is not adequate. My husband's old original Droid (Verizon) that I use at home with WIFI is faster, has more memory to hold apps, and takes better pictures!

Read the review about the lack of room for apps. Again, the old droid has way more memory for apps and doesn't complain about "low memory" all the time like the Optimus S. It's a real issue!

If I use it heavily, it will need charging in the middle of the day, otherwise an overnight charge lasts until early evening.

I got lured to buy this a year ago, by a salesman that extolled the fact that not only was it free, but I got $45 in credit as I was trading in my HTC Hero. Well, it wasn't that great of a bargain.

I think a newbie to smart phones who doesn't already surf the net on a computer, and will probably not surf on their smart phone that much will be happy with it.
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on November 10, 2012
I have had this phone for 2 years now and have been pretty happy with it. There are numerous downfalls and I am ready to upgrade, but for the price it has been a good phone.

If you like apps, the internal storage is just not enough. Many apps will move to the SD card, but not all apps move. I have had to uninstall apps, clear data, delete text messages, and many other things on a regular basis just to be able to use basic functions (text, browse the web, etc).

The phone has shut off randomly, but never at an inconvenient time. There have been hang-ups, but usually a reboot fixes it. My screen has gone x-ray like a few times, but still works well and goes back to normal after a short time.

Overall this is a good phone, but it is what it is.... cheap. If you like lots of apps, then this is not the phone for you. I enjoyed it and now I am ready to move on to a Samsung Galaxy S2 (which I am purchasing today).
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on June 12, 2012
For some reason when I got this phone, the provider forgot to mention that it only has 256MB of main memory.

About half of this is eaten by the Android OS. Another perhaps 1/4 is eaten by the various necessary apps and stuff - even if you strip out the extra crud - so that at the end, I have room for maybe ten useful apps of my own.

Oh, but you can move them onto the SD card, right? No. Google's major apps won't move. Key apps like, oh, voicemail and contacts? Won't move, not even their data moves.

So, while the phone itself is pretty good, I have no problems with the battery, the signal quality, etc...

It just can't hold enough.

NO phone should have less than a gig of internal memory if you want to put anything on it.
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on July 10, 2012
I have had my phone for about 9 months. Initially, I really loved the phone. I gave it 4 stars because I am now having intermittent problems with the touch screen not responding and I wish there was a bit more storage space and less preinstalled programs, as I don't know which ones I can delete. Overall, I have loved the functions of my phone and as my first smartphone it is great. For the most part I have been happy with the battery life of the phone. The only time is when I am using the navigation app it sucks all the battery life within about 2 hours. As long as I plug it in during the ride there is no problem.

Although, I should note that my husband and mother-in-law also got the Optimus S at the same time and have had continual problems with their phones. Both are counting down the days until we can purchase new phones.

With this said it seems that there is a quality issue with the production of the phones and if you get a low quality phone you will have continual problems with it.
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on July 8, 2013
Prone to glitching, random bugs, slowness, and an unbelievable lack of internal storage that makes downloading apps a pain in the rear, and apps that don't have an option to be moved to the SD a no go. This was my first smart phone, I didn't have huge issues w/ the battery as others have but I have had issues w/ the space, and constant bugs including unexpected phone restarts that happened on multiple phones (I owned at least 4 of these, different new or reconditioned depending on what insurance provided when I lost/dunked the previous one). My rec- even if you're getting it for free, it's not worth it. Spend a couple bucks and get another phone.
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on June 12, 2012
Long lasting battery life that surpassed my expectations. I never have a problem with overheating because my phone always shuts its self-off when every it wants for no reason. Best of all, my phone never wants to take pictures or lets me play my downloaded apps. When I try using the sd card to store stuff is always says that the sd card is un-mounted even tho it has not been touched. If you don't use your phone to check the time this is the phone for you. Every time I reboot the phone or it does it for me it comes back on with an incorrect time and date. The touch screen have a cheap toy like feeling to it. This is my 3rd LG Optimus S. Overall the phone doesn't do what I need it to and I can't wait for a phone that does work.
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on May 18, 2012
I've had this phone for two years. It even went through the wash machine and still works excellent! The battery all day and sometimes even two days even when using multiple things all day like facebook, navigation and playing games. My one year old son is constantly pounding it on the floor and throwing it and it still works amazing. My husband has had 3 different smart phones and has complained about the battery life of all of them and is jealous of the battery life I get with my phone. when my upgrade come I will be getting the same phone. mine is a little scratched up because I do not have a case on it or a screen protector.
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