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After 25 years of international business travel, I only recently discovered packing cubes. Honestly, I thought they were a gimmick until I tried them. If you take trips where you're moving to a different city/hotel every couple of days, packing cubes are terrific, as they let you "unpack without unpacking" -- i.e., you can remove the cubes to get at your stuff, but still repack your suitcase in under a minute the next morning just by popping all the cubes back in place. They also keep items (especially business shirts) neater, and they're very handy when a security screener needs to go through your bag. My packing cubes paid for themselves the first time I had to go through a secondary security screening at the airport.

In terms of specific brands and models of packing cubes, I prefer the eBags medium-sized cubes over the Rick Steves cubes. Two of the eBags medium cubes fit perfectly side-by-side in a typical 21" carry-on roller-style suitcase (e.g., the eBags TLS mini or the Rick Steves 21" carry-on roller, both of which I use), whereas the Rick Steves smaller cubes leave a lot of extra space on the sides. Also, the eBags cubes are shorter (about 3" vs. 5" for the Rick Steves cubes). Personally, I prefer to use more of the shorter cubes, with different types of items in each cube (e.g., shirts in one cube, underwear in another, etc.), rather than stuffing a lot of different stuff into a larger cube.

Having said that, packing style is a matter of personal preference, and others may prefer the deeper and smaller Rick Steves cubes, so the real question is quality and durability. Both the eBags and the Rick Steves cubes are well made, and the zippers on both work well. I think the eBags cubes will be more durable over time, though. The Rick Steves cubes are mesh on all sides. The eBags cubes use a very light, solid fabric (like parachute clothe) on the sides and bottom, with mesh on the top so you can see what's in the cube. I think the parachute cloth (which is reinforced with mesh) will last much better than pure mesh, and it doesn't get snagged on things as easily. The fabric doesn't add any discernible weight relative to all mesh, as far as I can tell. I also like the handles on the eBags cubes -- nice feature.

Whichever brand you get, it's worth the investment. Packing cubes really do make travel easier. My only wish is that they weren't so expensive.

UPDATE 4 July 2012: When I wrote the above review, I speculated that the eBags cubes would be more durable. Sure enough, the mesh of the Rick Steves packing cube has torn around one of the seams, but the eBags cubes (which I've used more heavily) are still going strong with no signs of wear.
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on May 4, 2013
"Fabulous!!! I used these packing cubes (in addition to other sizes) to pack my 13 y/o son for a 9 day international school trip. I was able to pack the following into a 24" hardside suitcase in just 6 cubes! (1 large, 2 med, 2 small, 1 slim) -7 pairs of jeans, 1 pr khakis, 3 sweatpants, 8 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve t's, 1 button down oxford, 3 pairs gym shorts, 3 undershirts, 8 boxers, 8 pr socks, 2 hoodies, 1 windbreaker and 1 pr shoes! My son said it was great not having to dig through the suitcase to find stuff! With the exception of one dress outfit (I used one cube for it), I had them organized by like items so he knew exactly which cube to go to for what. I also packed 1 small cube with a complete outfit and toiletries to go in his carry on so even if his bag was lost he'd have everything he needed to get through the next day. The small 3x11x7 cube held a a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, boxers, socks and toiletries and fit neatly in the bottom of his backpack. Fyi, he wears a men's med shirt, 27" x 32" pants and a sz 9.5 shoe so we're not talking kid size clothes either! And these cubes make it so much easier if TSA searches your bag-He said they just lifted the cubes up/out and put them back, so there was no "handling" of his stuff, nor was it on display for the world to see! My husband saw his packed suitcase and said "looks good but you know he's not going to be able to re-pack it like that to come home don't you?" Of course I knew he was prob right! I solved that by also sending (and recommend!) compression bags for his dirty clothes. Yes, we did compression bag "drills" before he left;) and he had no problem using them! Lastly, a hint for others that might have a child traveling without them. I typed up an "inventory list" and placed it in a ziploc bag in the bottom of his suitcase so when it was time to change hotels or repack for home he could check the list to make sure he had everything! Im happy to report he didn't leave a single item behind!!"
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on September 14, 2016
A well-traveled friend recommended these packing cubes, but I thought: won't they just take up more space in my bag and add weight? Well the truth is they are so thin they won't decrease your suitcase's capacity, and using NINE (9) of them on my last trip only added 1.3 pounds. SO what makes them so great?
1. They organize your clothing, shoes, underwear, socks, outerwear, toiletries, you name it!
2. They simplify packing, and keep your clothes neat and prevent a lot of wrinkles/creases you often get from other packed items.
3. They make it MUCH easier to unpack and repack your suitcase, especially if your trip involves packing and unpacking more than once, like hotel to ship, ship to hotel, etc.
4. Instead of transferring all of your clothing to hangers and drawers which is time consuming, you simply move these cubes from your bag to available drawers, shelves, or wherever. Instead of twenty minutes it will take you less than two!
5. When empty (like at the end of your trip) they flatten out completely, leaving room in your suitcase for your laundry bag.
6. They come in lots of great colors.
7. The picture shows the combination of cubes I used to fill my large (28") suitcase
review image
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on December 20, 2014
Great for packing clothes. In terms of size, Medium is about the right size to stuff your shirts, berms and underwear. I would seriously recommend getting a large packing cube for bigger items like jackets, sweaters, jeans or long trousers.

If you have a luggage bag about the size of 29 inches, you will be able to put a medium packing cube next to a shoe bag. Also, in terms of depth, you will be able to put two medium packing cubes one on top of the other. Look at the photo I have attached for reference.
review image
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on April 24, 2017
These cubes make travel so much more organized and easier. I use them all the time. The medium size is great for shirts and shorts. The large ones are great for pants, bigger shirts and long dresses. I can roll approx. 5 t-shirts and 3 shorts in one cube. I could probably fit more. It all depends on how you pack. I will use one cube in my carry-on and the rest in my luggage. It's amazing how much more room my luggage has when using packing cubes. These cubes are made very well. The zipper and material is sturdy. I'm very happy with these!!! I plan on ordering more sizes. The cubes arrive flat in packaging, but once you pack them they shape up nicely.
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on November 29, 2015
When I first heard of packing cubes a few years ago, I could not I,aging why one would want to pack ones clothes before actually packing ones clothes. I now travel with my 3 and 5 year old children so when I came across these again, Imthought hmmmm, maybe. So I bought a set of small, a set of medium for my kids and a set of small, medium, large for me. I LOVE them! The three of us just got back from a 4-day trip and packing has never been easier. I packed one cube per day with all of our clothes for that day in one cube. Then another cube just for pajamas and what we need to sleep. Another cube for shoes. I love that packing these cubes made me think through what I actually needed to pack and so I didn't overpack like I usually do. I loved pulling out a cube and having only what I needed for that day. I loved that our hotel room stayed much neater because pajamas went back in the pajama cube until they were needed the next night. I loved that the few extra pieces of clothing we didn't use were all pa led into one cube at trip's end and stayed clean instead of getting mingled with dirty laundry. I will say the large was too large for one day's clothes and I am not a small woman. Small was a bit small, had to finagle to make it work for the way I used them. Medium was just right. If you like to be organized, these are worth every cent. The only thing I wish they would add is a small sleeve somewhere on the outside to write contents on a small slip of paper, then put in the sleeve. I like all mine to match my luggage, so didn't get different colors. Plus, who cam remember a week later if Thursday's clothes were in the green one or the blue one. Overall, a great buy that I am thrilled with!
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on May 30, 2016
I can't say enough about these cubes! [But I'll try.]

I fly at least once a month -- and take extended (longer than one week) trips at least four times a year. These packing cubes have made it possible to pack only carry-on baggage for all but the longest of trips. Two weeks overseas? No problem!

Not only do these cubes -- and their smaller counterparts eBags Small Packing Cubes - 3pc Set (Eggplant) -- organize my things, but they do a great job of compressing them neatly to maximize my packable space. For example, I can fit multiple pairs of jeans into one of these medium-sized cubes.

The small-sized ones are roughly half the size of these (turned sideways), so my Travelpro Maxlite® 4 - 22" Expandable Rollaboard Luggage Purple One Size fits either four medium-sized cubes or eight small-sized cubes -- or any equivalent combination. I usually pack two mediums and four small. I have various colors to make it easy to find everything I need.

Not only do these cubes 1) keep things organized and 2) maximize packable space, but they also 3) make unpacking a breeze, whether it's a security search at the airport or my ritual of getting "settled" in a hotel room.

They are well-made, easily washed, and nearly indestructible. Can't recommend them enough!
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on May 10, 2015
These cubes are so convenient. We bought the set with the small, medium, and large in green, and although they are all very useful, we liked the medium bag the most. The small was really too small to fit any clothes, so we actually use it for all our chargers or toiletry items. The large is great but really too big for the carry on luggages to be efficient. We bought a 3 piece set of the medium cubes in orange and they fit side by side in a carry on, so you can stack 4 in the luggage (2 on top of each other) with maybe some room for a jacket or two on top. We just bought ANOTHER 3 in the medium size in denim and it's perfect. Now the kids have a couple, I have a couple, and the hubby has a couple. I swear by these now when we keeps everything organized and we can all travel with only a couple carry ons.
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on May 31, 2017
I was such a skeptic, but OMG these packing cubes are AMAZING!!! I bought them for a week long hiking trip for my teenage son to Big Bend. Not only did they save a ton of space but they also helped keep him organized (No small feat)!! If you are on the fence, you cannot go wrong with these packing cubes! I am ordering another set for our summer vacations so I too can pack better!
Only wish I had purchased these while I was traveling so much for work a few years ago!
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on May 27, 2017
These are fabulous packing cubes! There are really two separate points here. 1) I found packing cubes were a great way to organize while traveling. We went on an int'l trip, took only a carry on sized suitcase and moved from one hotel to another every few days. The cubes really helped simplify. I put all tops in one cube, shorts/pants in another, warm clothes in another, etc. I knew where to find what I was looking for and could get ready quicker and with less stress.2) these eBag cubes are well made with strong yet flexible material and sturdy, easy moving zippers.
There are so many different brands of packing cubes. I hate to admit how much time I spent comparing the different options. I'm really glad I went with these cubes. I bought a 3 pack of smalls, 3 pack of mediums and a variety pack. Bought all black, although I think colors would also be helpful in finding a particular cube even quicker. I read a lot of reviews- it seemed to me that many were made up by the sellers of the cubes. Not the case here. Excellent, high quality cubes indeed. No need to look further, the only decision is what size to get.
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