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on November 10, 2013
I had to order new sneakers and while I still find most sneakers to be the ugliest of things, comfort is the most important function of shoes in my opinion (how or why ladies wear high heels is beyond me). I tend to wear my shoes until I have holes in them, but after heavy foot pain, my internist suggested new shoes. I contemplated going to a specialized running shoe store, as my wife did, but I am cheap and I no longer run, thanks to youthful destruction of my knees. So I did the next best thing my tightwad mind could come up with, and looked up shoe reviews online, going to the big running magazine's website. I pored over the reviews using what I know about my feet, and found these shoes as recommended for those that needed lots of padding underfoot (meaning big guys too busy or lazy to be as active as they were when single so many years ago...). I figured at worst, these would not help my foot pain and I would then resort to the running shoe store. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find these comfortable and reduced my foot pain substantially. I liked them enough to order another pair, since I now use these at work, and I do not need to wear dress shoes. Having two pairs lets me alternate shoes, allowing the other pair to air out. Still a bit ugly as most sneakers go, but they are not too bad to look at (and I don't look at them, anyway!). Only negative is that the laces are a bit short (size 13), and I was unable to double tie the shoes. Solved this by getting some of the adult (honest) elastic loop laces Lock Laces Elastic Shoelace and Fastening System on Amazon, which had the added benefit of reducing pressure on the tops of my feet. Turns out the pressure on the top of my feet was causing a significant portion of the pain. And I get to be lazy and no longer have to tie my shoes (Velcro shoes are next!). If you have high arches and need some padding, these are recommended.
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on November 9, 2011
These shoes were a little bit of a blind shot for me. I like the way they looked and I am comfortable with the Asics brand. I was so excited to receive them in the mail, that I went on a 10K run. Not only did I get a lot of natural movement from my foot, but I felt like my ankles and knees had the cushion from the shoe that was needed to be able to comfortably run better for longer distances. Don't even question if they are good for running or if they are a stylish shoe with the name brand. Get them.
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on February 3, 2013
I typically wear 9.5 shoes but knew these ran a little small. I ordered both a 10.5 and an 11.5 and only the latter ended up fitting lengthwise. However, they were so narrow that it was impossible to walk for more than a few blocks without feeling pain. Although I was extremely hesitant to get Nike shoes, I ordered the Nike Free Run V2s in a size 11.5 and they fit perfectly. Unless your feet are two inches wide, stay away from these ASICS. To be fair, other styles of the ASICS did fit "better" as far as width goes but they were aesthetically unpleasant.
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on December 29, 2012
The Blur33 were on sale for $55. I run and I have run in Asics for decades. The few times I've strayed from Asics I've gotten injuries. I like these shoes a lot for the price I paid. They do run a bit narrow, so if you have wide feet, I'd steer elsewhere. These shoes are light and breathe really well.

I will say that the quality is almost at a level of giving these shoes only 3 stars. One of the two pair that I bought started making a squeak noise when I stepped like I popped an air pocket in the shoe or something. And I'm not a huge guy. But... flip side... no injuries training for the 3rd marathon. And that's a lot of logged miles.

UPDATE 3/1/13
So I bought two pair to rotate for running. I maintained distances for half marathons (22-30 miles per week). The second pair started squeaking like the first pair. It's the little clear gel bubble thing on the sole. If you pop that on a stone or something, you have an annoying squeak when you walk. I paid around $50 per pair on sale. They are good enough as long as you don't picture the bubble too early. I had no injuries in my calves or knees which I had been struggling with a few years back. These do run a little narrow, but stretch over time. I've run in shoes that range up to $120, and think these were pretty good. The quality is not true Asics quality, but there are brands that know running. Asics, Mizuno, & New Balance. Not Nike, not Reebok, not Adidas, and definitely not Sketchers! (Don't be that Sketcher runner at a 5K unless you enjoy looking green.)

These shoes are 3 stars for Asics, and 3 stars for Asics beats 5 for Nike. Get it?
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on July 1, 2012

These shoe were packaged with the upmost care there was no way that they could be dammaged packed in two boxes covered in a waterproof liner I was really impressed. In addition unlike going to a shoe store the shoes had never been worn at all and had all the tags and the stuffing.

This is one of the coolest looking shoes which i have ever bought.
Shoe has great ventelation and that stricking blue color realy stands out

Only problem i have with this shoe is that ifound it incredibly tight. I have a wide foot and normally wear size 12 2e. This shoe only comes in 12 and 12.5. I bought the 12.5 slightly wider but longer.
Having said this if you have a normal to narrow foot i highly recommend this shoe.
It has plenty of flex yet supportive

It has great cushioning which rivals much more expensive shoes.

One thing i found different is part of the sole has exposed foam with no rubber not sure how this will effect long term durability and weather this may effect tthe composure of the foam as i have found if used in the wet foam tends to deteriorate.

Overall I rate the shoe highly and recomend it to anyone wanting a stylish running shoe with comfort and flexibility.

If you have a wider foot i would sugest trying shoes which come in 2 or 4e as the half size option didnt work for me as it was slightly too long and still very tight.I STILL CHOSE TO KEEP THEM AS THEY LOOK FANTASTIC

Hope this helps
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on April 4, 2013
If you have not already, I would recommend watching the video review on this page. It's currently ranked as the most helpful and it definitely steered me towards buying these shoes. Anyways, my experience with these shoes agrees with the consensus. The day after they arrived in the mail, I took them out for a 5 mile run and they performed splendidly. I mostly run on the balls of my feet and I felt that these shoes complemented my form very well. Some reviewers say that running with these shoes is like running on air (or clouds) - I wouldn't go that far. The soles do absorb some amount of shock but you still feel a hard impact when you land on pavement. I think this is a good thing. My worst running experiences have been with shoes that provide too much cushion; they make you land "softer", but they can sometimes encourage an unnatural running form which may lead to injuries. Anyways, after my first run with these shoes, I was able to shave 30 secs/mile off my usual pace; I'm not sure if that's entirely due to the shoes, but they definitely helped.

Other comments:
-I bought a pair of size 11 M and they fit as expected.
-If you lace your shoes in criss-cross fashion through every hole, you may not have enough lace left over to tie a neat bow. The video reviewer showed a neat trick to get around this. I just skipped a couple holes.

We'll have to see how these shoes hold up, but so far so good.
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on November 15, 2012
I started running a couple years ago, I had to start from scratch since I haven't run for most of my life. I began training three times a week to prepare for my first 15K race so I bought some Adidas shoes which were good at the time but nevertheless they caused me some knee pain at times which was frustrating.

After running a couple 10K races I saw a great deal on Amazon on these Gel-Blur33. I had an eye on ASICS shoes since I began training, I had read many reviews on their shoes and I really liked how this Japanese company designed them and made their shoes so appealing to runners. I gave them a try, bought a pair for me and another for my girlfriend. Let me tell you, these are the best running shoes I've worn to date.

First, they are so comfortable, I wear a size 9 and the Adidas were too tight on my feet. These ASICS fit perfectly and are so comfortable to wear that you don't even feel they're there. Second, the cushioning is awesome, much better than any other shoe I've ever worn, the Gel inside the shoes' sole is so good that I haven't had any knee pain since I started using them. Third, the shoes have huge ventilation holes along most of them but specially on the front, you can even see your socks moving inside the shoe, and that is great since it keeps my feet dry on a long run.

On the downside these holes let water in easily if it's raining. Also the laces are a bit short, but that could be useful since you don't have excesive lace hanging from the shoes.

In the end this was a great purchase. My girlfriend and I enjoy running together and these shoes make it so easy for us to go out and just enjoy the run.

If you are looking for a great pair of shoes to run, choose ASICS, you won't regret it.
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on February 7, 2013
I bought these for general gym use as they appeared to have a flatter profile, which is true.

They are far more cushioned on the interior than I guessed they would be, which is great for everything except weightlifting where you need to feel the floor (squats, deadlifts, etc). Nice looking, too -- I've gotten compliments on them.

Fit is pretty true-to-size, maybe a little compressed in the midfoot. Overall, great shoe, especially for the price I just paid.
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on March 7, 2013
I picked these shoes up as an alternative pair of sneaks for marathon training. So far I've put about 50 miles on them, and they are pretty darn good. My primary sneakers are ASICS Gel Nimbus, which are awesome for long distance running because of the excellent fit and fluffy cushioning. The Gel Blur 33 feel much lighter, which is very noticeable when getting into the double-digit miles on a run. The cushioning is good, but curious on how it will feel after a few hundred miles.

There is one thing you MUST do with these shoes to have a good run... Replace the shoe laces. The laces that come with them are a little too short to be laced up correctly. You can skip an eyelet to make them work ok, but your foot can slide a bit. I made the mistake of trying to use the laces as-is, which caused the shoe to be too tight and started to hurt after a 2 miles. With new laces these shoes are great, the way I believe they were intended to fit.
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on July 9, 2012
First off, if you're used to other Asics shoes (the Nimbus, cumulus, GT series) like myself, these shoes have a much different fit to them along the laces. If trying them on, or buying them online from Amazon without ever wearing them before, I highly recommend immediately loosening the top laces a substantial amount before putting them on. They are very tight compared with other asics, and other running shoes for that matter. At first I just put them on and it was a big turn off; I almost immediately returned them. However, after loosening the laces...

1. The shoes were still slightly tight in the top but not enough to effect my running or put me in pain after a couple of 4-5 mile jogs. That being said, they do provide a slight discomfort with the added pressure in the tops of my feet.
2. The shoes had the same support in the heel that I've come to know and love with asics shoes.
3. These shoes provide a lot of cushion, excellent for medium to high arched runners. The cushion felt on par with my Gel-Nimbus 13s for those medium-mileage jogs (something that made me slightly regret buying the more expensive shoes).
4. The shoes are considerably lighter than most asics running shoes I've tried on. The first thing I did with them was ran up a few flights of stairs cause they just felt good.
5. The heel on these is lower than most asics shoes, providing a much more natural running feel. Albeit this is slightly less structured -- if you need a structured shoe I do not recommend these.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase. It feels good to run in these and makes me happier given their price relative to the higher end asics (which I think feel about the same to run in). If you can get over the tight laces, they're well worth it. I would definitely try them on first before purchasing on an online retailer due to the slight hassle of returning them if you can't get over the fit. Again, these fit much different than every pair of asics I've tried on before.
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