Customer Reviews: Nokia C1-01 Unlocked GSM Phone--US Version with Warranty (Blue)
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on April 4, 2011
I picked this guy up after my beloved Samsung T-509 (it won't let me product link it) started to die after five years of trusty service. My last few phones had been Samsungs, but I didn't find one that was cheap enough for what I wanted.

I just needed a simple phone I could use for my T-Mobile service. I don't web browse on my phone. I don't really use my phone that much to begin with actually, so while I had a normally billed plan, I was planning on switching to prepaid as I discovered it was $10/mo cheaper, and didn't lock me into a contract. My first ever cell phone(s) were Nokias, so I figured I'd go back to my roots and pick this one up.

Long story short, it does exactly what I hoped it'd do. All I needed it for is calling and occasional texting. While I don't find the texting to be quite as intuitive as it was on my previous Samsung phones, in all fairness I have to concede that that might be due to the fact that I'd had Samsung phones for several years, and my first forays into texting were on them - they were all I ever knew.

The only gripe I have with this phone, besides the aforementioned texting learning curve, is that there's just a tiny bit of lag time for it to execute a command. It's not terrible, but it is noticeable. Oh, and the camera isn't much. I daresay my old T-509 had a better camera, and it was five years old! But then again, I wanted a basic phone, that is what I paid for, and that his what I got.

What I like about the phone:

Battery life - I'm not sure if the claimed 10.6 hrs of talk time is accurate, but it is a solid battery

MicroSD - I can put pictures and music and whatnot on there, and use them as my background, or ring tones (free, simple, and unlimited possibilities), or play them through headphones (standard head phone jack!)

Radio - A feature I'll probably never use, but is kinda cool. You HAVE to have the headphones plugged in for the radio to work as they are the antenna, but reception was surprisingly solid when I was testing it. However, you can't play songs from the radio on speakerphone for all to enjoy the way you can with songs off the MicroSD card.

Small - Fits in my jacket pockets well, the keys autolock to avoid too many pocket dials.

I had no trouble getting it to work with my T-Mobile service. I just popped in my SIM card and it worked. I did have to call T-Mobile tech support to have them help me with SMS messages, which weren't going through or coming in. They had to send me some text that wrote some settings to the phone's memory, but it was quick and painless. It also survived the conversion to prepay and is working just fine on that plan now. For $50 I'm fairly satisfied.
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on July 18, 2011
Great little basic Cellular Phone. Allows one to do embarassing things, like talking to another person. Sound quality is good, Loudspeaker on-board and a simple camera too. Dialing digits are big and there are many features available. If you prefer a Dumb Phone instead of a Smart Phone...........this is the one for you. =:)
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on March 15, 2011
This is a great little phone if you like the candy bar format (as I do). While it's great to have a camera, radio, mp3 player, qwerty keyboard nearby, to me the most important feature of phone is how is functions as a phone. This one is perfect for making and taking phone calls on. As silly as that may sound, I cannot say enough how much I abhor trying to hold an I-phone up to my ear for any length of time. It just doesn't feel right. This one has a great feel to it. Very sleek and discreet. Big clean display relative to overall size. Nice audio quality and still slips into your shirt pocket without you even knowing it's there. ATT has informed that I will have to get a different phone as they will be shutting down their 2G network in May. Hopefully this one still works.
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on January 12, 2011
This phone is your basic phone for your basic needs. my only problem is it doesn't recognize that i have a data plan from t-mobile so i cant use the browser. all in all the phones is awesome for the money.
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on January 29, 2011
I was looking for a phone to replace my Nokia 3100 which has been a diehard. After reading the first and only review i took a chance and could not be happier. What made it even better was my wife's excitement about the phone. She is not very exciteable. So it was a real plus when she told me that she really like the phone. I was just looking for a good basic reliable phone, and got many more features than expected. I knew that it had a music player, but the 5 mp camera was icing on the cake. If you're willing to spend more, I'm sure there are better phones. But thus far me and my wife are very satisfied!
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on January 16, 2012
The Nokia C1-01 Unlocked GSM Phone does exactly what it was made to do and it does it well.

The phone was purchased several months ago and continues to operate, while taking it's share of beatings in our hot, humid climate, while continuously moving back and forth between the cold of IT Server Rooms and the outside heat. From being left in the car all day in the sun, from time-to-time, the Phone has also survived countless drops, from desk to floor, bed to floor, pocket to road drops. Yes, it does look beat-up, but...all the buttons are still in place and they all work. The only issue I am now seeing is the response time, going from home screen to whatever your choice, be it application or checking your address book. Not a big problem.

There are no dropped calls issue or problems with the signal.

The upper part of the phone heats up during long conversations, but this is to be expected and conversations were either transferred to speaker or ended to avoid too much RF exposure.

Multimedia was not used.

The phone is very good and you will not be disappointed in using this phone as your first or as a backup.

There were no problems with Amazon or with the shipping of this product.
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on December 31, 2011
I was looking for an unlocked cell phone for my son for Christmas. I searched several sites and spent at least two weeks reading product reviews. Not all unlocked phones are compatible with my cell phone service, so it was important that I get this right. I liked the appearance and options this phone offered and because I trust Amazon, I decided to buy it.

My son loved the phone the minute he opened it and it worked perfectly. Two days later, however, it became unregistered. I contacted our service provider and the customer service representative thought it might be the phone. That made no sense to me since it had worked for two days. She brought a supervisor into it, and after a couple of downloads to the sim card, the phone turned on and has been working beautifully ever since.

The phone has a one year manufacturer's warranty. I hope that we never have to take advantage of it, and at this point in time I would have to say that this phone was an excellent deal for the price.
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on April 26, 2011
Hey, you get what you pay for. In this case a fully functional, feature-loaded, little phone. The interface is Nokia so I, being from the U.S., find it more than a little clumsy but my wife, who is Israeli and used to Nokia products, loves it. She travels internationally and this phone is unlocked so she can switch the SIM card with reckless abandon! And if it gets lost it's not as traumatizing as losing a high-end smart phone.
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on March 2, 2012
I needed a basic and reliable phone in a hurry and after much research, I took a shot on this Nokia C1-01. I'm happy with my choice and I can recommend this device to those seeking a similar solution for a cell phone. I don't need a smart phone, just something dependable that handles the basics well. By comparison, this phone is vastly superior to the Samsung Gravity it replaced, especially in terms of user experience.

My phone arrived quickly and was in fact unlocked; it worked immediately with my T-mobile sim card. It's easy to use, easy to program, and the call quality is fine. Battery life is more than acceptable: I leave the phone on 24/7 and charge it twice a week at most. A nice bonus is the ability to use Micro SD cards for storage and the inclusion of a standard mini-plug input for headphones.

This phone is well-made and serves its purpose more than adequately. I recommend it.
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on April 10, 2011
If you are looking for just a good cheap phone then you will be very pleased with this one. Sound quality is good, reception is typical and battery life good. One review that complained about the speaker being used for the ringer has not been a problem for me. You really can't hear the caller unless you have the phone to your ear, at least no more so than any other phone. The little slot cut on the outside for the ringer sound is easily covered with your finger while you are on the phone if it really concerns you, not a deal breaker for me.

It has a few extra hidden gems that will surely please. One for me is the FM radio sounds great with a good pair of ear buds or headphones. You auto scan for stations and then select previous or next station to switch. Note that the USB connector is a micro type B port connection, not the mini type B that you find on most cameras and hard drives. Just search for a USB micro cable and buy one if you plan to connect the phone to your computer.
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