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on April 21, 2011
I bought this camera because I wanted a low profile, a slim and sleek camera, while having good picture quality.

My first opinion when holding this camera is that it is light-weight. I thought it would have a nice weight to it, like an iPhone. I can't complain, because this is probably better especially when you want to carry it in your shirt pocket and you won't look like a fool.

The sliding mechanism that covers the lens is actually a thin sheet of metal coated with your favorite camera color. I think this gives it a cheap feel, but probably contributes to its lightweight.

The OLED display is respectable. The pixel density is not like the latest DSLR camera display, the pixels are identifiable but still a good display.

I use a Transcend 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC10E with this camera. Under maximum picture quality and size settings, it estimates about nearly 2800 possible pictures that can be taken (from when it was formatted). This is an estimate, usually it's more based on my experience with other cameras (the estimate adjusts as the card fills up). Picture sizes vary between 2MB to 6MB (16MP size; 4608x3456), excluding some outliers.

HD video is very good. the files are AVCHD videos, in *.m2ts files, the frame rate is smooth, and you can zoom in and out (4x optical, I disable digital zoom) while recording. One quirk about the video recording feature is that when I switch it to video mode, it automatically starts recording. And to stop recording and record again, I need touch the record-button on the screen rather than the dedicated capture button. It is possible to record in MPEG file format for compatibility, but it won't be in the highest-quality than what this camera was designed for. With this camera, you can take pictures while recording a movie, except in the highest video-quality (60p?) mode.

Taking the pictures in ideal conditions (daylight, minimal clouds), the pictures are good, but it has hardware limitations. The CMOS sensor may be "EXMOR R" (whatever advertised connotation that may be), but 16.2 megapixels on such a small sensor leaves blurry image details when viewing at 1:1 ratio. But 16MP gives you more freedom to re-size and crop your images.

The camera uses the Sony NPBN1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Type N Battery Pack. But having such a large display (3.5 inch) and capturing HD videos and large images takes a toll on the battery life.

This camera is compatible with SD card (SDHC, SDXC) in addition to Memory Stick. 5+ years ago, I used to own 2 Sony cameras, but I switched to Canon. I did it solely because Sony only prefers Memory Stick (little competition on speed, pricing, compatibility). I'm giving Sony a chance to redeem themselves.

The 3D images are a gimmick. The image quality is reduced (and jagged) and it requires special software to view it. The included software can view it and you can connect it to a Playstation 3 to view it as well. The file format is in *.modd, and currently has limited usage outside of Sony.

The panoramic image feature is OK. It takes images in a long burst (10 images) and compiles them into a single large image, but it is jagged (like the 3D images) where the images are combined.

I picked this camera mainly because of its physical design, as well as the specs (large display, SD compatibility, HD video recording, and good auto-mode). I knew the camera has hardware limitations (Comes with all point-and-shoot. I'm spoiled by the DSLR image-quality), but I don't intend to carry a large camera (like DSLR) to parties or clubs. I want something that fits in my pocket.

This camera is targeted at non-professionals who want to take good pictures that ultimately end up on their social-networking sites. This camera is intended for people who use the auto-mode that instantaneously detects and adjusts to the most appropriate settings to take great pictures. This camera does a great job, especially in low-light conditions, such as night events.

Turn off GPS geotagging for privacy.

When sliding the lens-cover open and during normal operation, it's easy to touch the lens with your finger. Cloth, including microfiber, does little to remove oil and usually smears more oil onto the lens. I actually use a "lens pen" to clean it. One end has a soft brush (lens safe) and the other end has a carbon powdered-tip. Carbon is good at removing oil and you can brush off any dust after. The cap that covers the carbon-tipped end has more carbon, so you can put the cap back on, and twist it a few times to get more.
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on May 2, 2011
I anticipated the release and ordered the TX100v to upgrade from the TX7. I mainly use these cameras for videography projects so I will be focusing this review on the HD video. The TX100v has slightly better video quality and better white balance than the TX7. The TX100v image stabilization is not so good and constantly changes focus causing the subjects to appear a little blurry in situations where you have to constantly move the camera to follow your subject. The image stabilization on the TX7 is much better and doesn't constantly go out of focus. The TX100v has slightly better low light performance. The TX100v doesn't wash out the subjects in bright sunlight and handles back light situations well. The TX7 washes out certain subjects in bright sunlight and handles the back light well in some situations and not so well in others but still ok. The TX100v takes a few seconds to start up from the time you turn on the camera and takes a few seconds for the video to start recording after touching the record icon. The TX7 takes 1 second to turn on and video recording starts instantly when the shutter is pressed or when the record icon is touched. You can only start recording by touching the record icon on the TX100v and stop recording by touching the record icon again or by closing the cover. On the TX7 you can start recording by pressing the shutter and touching the record icon and stop recording by pressing the shutter, touching the record icon again or by closing the cover. The TX100v zooms slightly slower than the TX7. Both cameras can record continuously for up to 29 minutes but splits the video files if it exceeds 2gb. The TX100v has better audio quality since is has a Dolby stereo microphone. The TX7 has a simple stereo mic which is not bad but doesn't handle loud noise well at concerts. The touch screen on the TX100v can be bit unresponsive at times causing you to touch the icon a few times before it actually responds. The TX7's touch screen is very responsive. Both cameras use the same NP-BN1 battery and the battery life (45-50 minutes)is about the same in both cameras when fully charged. The TX7 includes a wall charger but takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery. The TX100v includes an USB charger for in camera charging and fully charges an hour faster. You can find a used or refurbished Sony charger on Amazon for around $10-20 bucks that fully charges the battery in 2 hours and 25 minutes.

The still picture quality and scene setting features are better on the TX100v. The TX100v a good choice if it's your first Cyber-shot for casual use. If you already own the TX7 or TX9 then it's not worth the upgrade. I decided to stick with the TX7 and returned the TX100v. Hopefully the next gen is worth the upgrade.

Update 8/30/2013
I ended up buying it again a few months later because it has the best video quality out of the cyber-shot TX series to date. The picture and video quality is better the the TX200v which is supposed to be an updated model to the TX100v.
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on April 23, 2011
This is the best of the current batch of cameras using the Exmor R CMOS. The shutter delay is negligible. A previous reviewer mentioned the movie mode button. There is a movie button but this just starts recording a movie according to the current movie settings (incredibly flexible up to 1080 P 60 fps). This lets you skip a step and just begin shooting video. during video shooting you can grab a still photo without interupting the video by pressing the normal exposure button. If you use maximum settings and all the bells and whistles you will create gorgeous still photos even in backlight conditions and video files that are remarkable especially if you use a small tripod to hold the camera by a stem. The macro feature is amazing with the Carl Zies lens. If you're interested in 3D get your own apartment first and move out of your mothers basement. The files created with 16 mp are huge and eat battery so you'll need lots of storage and batteries for a trip and perhaps one of the new USB3 card readers (5GB/sec) to download. Remember that HF video files cannot be stored or played from DVD's, you need a blu ray writer, they are cheap now. When I don't want to lag my Cannon SLR and lenses around, I still get remarkable images and video and the ability to shoot stills in 16:9 makes adding photos to my videos a pleasure.
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on June 13, 2012
I wanted a camera that would fit easily in my pocket and also take good pictures. This one has fit the bill so far. The biggest selling point for me was the sliding door that protects the lens while the camera is off. All you have to do to start taking pictures is slide the door down off the lens and it's ready to shoot pictures. The touch screen wasn't a big deal for me, but the resolution on it is very good. I purchased the screen protectors for the touch screen because this camera is going to spend a lot of time in my pocket in a bag. I feel that the responsiveness of the touch screen actually improved when I put the screen protector on. The included software is easy to use and I like how the power cord also doubles as the USB cord when removed from the powerblock. I think you get a good bang for your buck with this camera.
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on August 14, 2013
This expensive and fully featured camera is made for people who have no idea about photography and don't care. In some ways it is remarkably capable and in other ways it is so dumbed down that the needs of precision are removed and the result is unsatisfactory.

Some shots are breathtakingly beautiful. Colors seem to pop and the images seem to be larger than life and richer than the actual scene. At the same time I found focus to be very soft, some distortion on the sides and lots of time taken to store photos. But what I had the most difficult time was trying to get take indoor pictures without motion blur. Even the slightest motion caused images to appear out of focus. No matter what I did, even fast shutter settings, those objects not directly in front of the camera were badly out of focus due to motion blur.

The real problem is nothing can be adjusted with this expensive camera. Need a higher ISO than the automatic is giving you? Can't do it. Need a faster shutter speed? No can do. If the camera decides it's not appropriate, you're out of luck.

Other frustrations - no raw image results. Everything is a JPEG. And if that isn't frustrating enough, the choices of image sizes is limited both with pictures and movies. You can only shoot in 60p - you cannot shoot in 30p or 24p and make the most of your camera's small lens. If you want to shoot in other variations other than 60i, you can only shoot in non-full HD (14400 and less) and shoot MP4 movies. Why on earth did Sony limit the variations of what we can shoot?

Photos are equally frustrating. You either get 16MP (which is maybe too much for this tiny lens) and only 10MP or less. There is no choice for 12MP or 14MP, common on many other cameras. With 16:9 photos you only get 12MP and then you go down to 2MP. Nothing is in between and it's frustrating.

The full motion movies are very good for a camera this small. Still I don't think it captures scenes as crisply and clearly as a regular HD camera that has a larger lens and even just 30p. I think it does a much better job. Still, this camera's movies seem to be its strong suit - although you should know that the record/stop mode is stupidly on the touch screen -- not a hard button! There is noticeable time lag before the camera begins to record and after you press stop.

The 3D can only be taken under certain circumstances. It's mostly gimmicky although it can be quite cool when it works properly.

Bright sides are that the panorama mode does a very nice job. The movie mode (less than 60p recording) will also allow for lower but acceptable MP picture taking - which is very impressive.

Summary: This is a very expensive camera that I couldn't get to take many good photos, except of still, non-moving objects. If you know how to use a camera to a small degree, this point and shoot will frustrate you because it is only point and shoot. You may need to shoot a LOT of pictures to make sure you don't get home to find blurring or the spots that appear as compensating for indoor lightning/darkness. If you want an OK camera with excellent movies capabilities, this might suit the bill.

MESSAGE TO SONY: You desperately need to have a firmware update for this camera. Such a shame you've stupidly had the movie record button as a soft button (use the playback button) and stripped out all the meaningful controls even lower end cameras should have.
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on February 13, 2013
i am was somewhat excited to purchase this product because i know sony makes the best of electronics even though in recent years they have had misses . however, after owning a DSCN2 for four years without any complaint and offering the best point and shoot quality in the market when i bought it five years ago, i decided to purchase this camera without a second thought

the camera is very elegant and portable, the camera looks exceptionally beautiful and nicely design . the aluminum casing offer a great fine polished looking finishing.
It has touch screen which makes navigating on the camera very easy and quite easy

the camera was very complicated to use , especially without a well explanatory manual. i spent hours trying to figure out the simplest of the functions on the camera. it was very stressful trying to figure basic features on the camera and for a novice who doesn't know much about electronic functionality, it could offer a profound nightmare
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on August 24, 2013
I recently broke my previous cyber-shot after 4 years of regular use by dropping it once too often. I ordered this as a replacement. I've used it at 5 or 8 weekend events as well as in my work (photographing my leatherworks) and it works every bit as well as it's predecessor. I do think the controls and adjustments are a bit too complex to use on the fly, especially outdoors, but since I use it with the same settings 98% of the time, that's a minor problem for me. Pictures are clear and high res enough for post adjustments as wanted. Low light sensitivity is excellent, which I like as I dislike using flash.
Pleased I got such a good price on the replacement.
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on February 18, 2013
I've enjoyed these small easy to use Sony cameras for several years, had several of them, they take amazingly good pictures!
This camera has two new features I like, allowing for excessive back lighting & background defocus.
Taking videos has always been simple until this camera, the start & stop control is a touch icon on the screen which is awkward to reach & doesn't always react when it's touched, sometimes takes several taps which means the video is still on while the camera is being bounced around. The other touch icons seem to work with one touch.
I'm thinking Sony will do away with this feature soon!
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on June 28, 2012
Needed a new touchscreen camera and based on reviews this is the best of the bunch. As a 2011 model, it was only $199 (down from original price of $380) yet has a larger screen and all the meaningful features of the 2012 models costing more than double the price. This is my second Sony touchscreen (first was the DSN-N1) and they've really nailed it. The screen on the TX100v is vibrant and clear and the menu is straightforward and simple even while providing more features. Haven't tried all the feature modes, but the backlit correction and superior auto mode have really enhanced my everyday shots.
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on September 28, 2013
The frame rate can go as high as 60p but then you can't play it on anything. not even a bluray. Oh and it does look good when you do. its is probably just make all 3 frames next to each other the same because its not any smoother then other cameras I use. Plus with how nice smart phone cameras are getting I would think that its worth the small improvent in picture quality to keep in in my pocket.
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