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on August 3, 2017
I purchased this camera three years ago and i surpasses most cameras today (2017). The video is fantastic and the photos are equally amazing. The camera is simple to use. The onnly thing I would change is the location of the movie button. This is a minor point and newer Sony cameras have the movie button on top for easy use. The Zeiss lense is without equal and a 5 powerr true optical zoom is adequate for most situations. The digital zoom is okay, but pixelation can become a factor. I rarely use the 16 megapixel setting except for very unique photos. 5 megapixels is fine for almost everything I shoot.
Would definitely buy again and recommend to my friends.
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VINE VOICEon December 16, 2011
This camera has some good features - maybe too many if you are looking for something very simple. If you want to take pictures of fast-moving children I don't think you'd miss a shot...I've owned over 20 digital cameras the last 8 years, and this Sony has the fastest shutter response time of them all. I was amazed. The battery lasts a long time. The HD video quality is awesome, too.

Why I returned it:
I wanted this camera solely for the background defocus feature; I believe Sony is the only manufacturer that offers this on some of its higher-end point & shoot cameras. It's a wonderful idea, but rarely worked. For best results, it could only be used outdoors as the flash is automatically disabled when this is chosen, and then the subject that is being focused has to be 30 cm (almost 1 foot) from the camera for the camera's software to apply the defocus to the background. 75% of the time it did not work, at least it tells you on the screen after you take the picture, so you can try again.

My other objective was to take decent pet photos. I first tried the Scene Mode specifically for Pets. When those turned out bad, I tried the other settings such as Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto. Nothing was sharp enough, and my post-processing software couldn't do enough to combat the softness of the photo either. Superior Auto had the best shots of all, but still not as good as I currently get from my 3 year old Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8.

One feature I don't like is the Mode Dial. I'm not sure if all Sony cameras have this but if you aren't careful while dialing it up or down and your finger puts too much pressure on any north/south/east/west point on the dial, you can easily change the flash settings by accident, as well as other things.

On the plus side, this camera is made in China, but has a good build quality, and even the battery/memory card door is substantial, the zoom motor sounds robust, and the over 900,000+ pixels on the LCD screen - phenomenal!
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on October 16, 2011
I have only had this camera for three days,but as soon as i turned it on,i was impressed with the picture quality! The screen is beautiful,the camera is a nice size,fits right in my pocket.I messed around with this camera for about three hours altogether at first,and i love it so much! I had a fujifilm camera which i really liked most of the time,but this sony is soo much nicer. Great construction,beautiful pics,and amazing videos.I have tried all the features and mesed around with almost all the settings and what not,and no matter what i get a great picture! Now for you people who complain about graininess in some pics,try switching between the two auto settings,if it doesnt turn out how you like in one,try it with the other and i guarantee one of the two pics will turn out great! The low light pics are amazing.i cant get over how good they turn out! Now to be clear,it is a low light sensor meaning there has to be some sort of light in the room in order for u to get a pic to turn out,not many cameras will take good pics with no light at all,unless they have a really strong flash. I read that some people were disappointed with how slow this camera is at processing,but i have no problem with this. Most of the time,the bigger the sd card or memory stick capacity,the faster a camera will process,if u only have a 1 g or 256 mb card or mem stick,it will be slower at processing because there is less room.I would highly reccomend this camera to anyone who wants good photos,amazing video,the added manual controls,great low light pics,and some fun features such as the background defocus,i love this camera,and its very easy to use as well,hope this was helpful.
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on December 3, 2011
Nice little gadget with enough features. But in my opinion a clear picture is most important.

Closeup images in macro mode are good, so unless you are doing object photography for your web site this camera does not take portrait and group pictures of humans very sharp, and that's what counts. I tried it on a flower, a pen and many tiny thing. While they all turned out good, the indoor pictures of people all have a blur and over saturated colors, despite using a tripod or keeping the unit on a table. Tried most settings, and each does what it is designed to do, but does not improve the picture quality.

Small enough to take with you
Easy to use
Some People still like Sony
HD movie is nice

Slow processing
Slugish to turn on or off
Takes long to delete an image
Poor battery life (this is due to large screen tiny battery)
Sometime stops in the middle of a movie shoot, must reshoot
Did I mention poor image quality for people/group/portrait

This is my 5th point and shoot, I also own a Nikon SLR with a few lenses.
I shoot pics on a regular basis, no pro but willing to learn and take advantage of camera features.

Good luck
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on June 12, 2012
I purchased this camera after my Sony Cyber-Shot DSC T100 decided to die on me. After extensive research, I finally selected this camera and I am happy with my decision. The picture quality is incredible and there are a lot of features, that even after owning this for a year, I have yet to really utilize. One really cool setting is the panoramic setting - the outcome is incredible! Another one is the available scene selections - there are 14 to choose from and they really do aid in taking fantastic pictures. The menu is easy to navigate through and the screen is large and bright. Definitely worth the money!
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on September 17, 2011
I am no photographer but I love taking lots of pictures of our vacations and capturing special moments all the time! I wanted a good camera that would also do video that would suffice for us.This is it! I am obsessive and read hundreds and hundreds of reviews like this before I bought this camera. I read articles in photography magazines too. I took months to decide on a new camera before making the choice to buy another Sony! But this camera had what I wanted and needed at a price that I could live with.I have owned it for a month and taken it on two long trips.I am still learning how to use all the features on it and there are plenty!! Right now I am shooting videos with ease and most or all of my photos have been taken on Intelligent Mode,where the camera choses all the settings.I am amazed at how the icons flash on which setting it has chosen for certain times of day and modes of light. I am thrilled with it so far!!It is light and compact and easy to handle.I have only one complaint about it and that is the controls are so small that at times it is difficult to use properly? I would still buy this same camera again though! All of the tiny digital cameras have this same issue. I did purchase an accessories kit on Amazon that included an extra battery,another charger that also works in the car,a case,a tiny tripod,a USB unit for downloading on all computers and a 18G memory card! Got all of that for what just the extra battery was going to cost me in our local store!! I can pretty much shoot video and photos for as long as I want where ever I want now!!Short of being a professional photographer I think that this is a perfect camera for pretty much anyone!! You will love it and the red color makes it fun too!
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on October 25, 2011
I've read the negative reviews and the 3 key reasons to negative reviews were: small buttons, bad photo quality, short battery life.

I bought another genuine battery the same time as I purchased the camera because of the reviews. I can say that the battery life is NOT short. (that is to say, it's not very very good either). You can go on a day trip, take a good share of photos (~200), and there will be some battery left. I took a total of 220 photos out on a trip to a university, and I still had battery life. I also took a 20 minute 1080i, 24m video in my house, and the battery wasn't close to draining out.

Small buttons? Come on, these buttons are fine. Some people complain about the scroll wheel, it just takes time getting used to.

Photo quality is excellent. You can't compare to a nice dslr people, that's not the selling point of this type of camera. The photo quality is very similar to that of the Sony hx7v (which I also have owned), just not as many options as the ladder.

The build is very nice, and the silver color looks excellent (not that cheap silver, but brushed, darker silver)

All in all, for the price point, this camera is very nice.
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on June 11, 2011
I'm gonna make it short:

- amazing daytime photos with vibrant colors.
- nice slow syncro flash mode.
- video quality is awesome.
- the price is unbeatable.
- Nice panoramic photos

- slow and lagged user interface.
- microphone sucks. any simple breeze will cause distortion in sound. if you want a camera to use at clubs, bars or other loud places, this one in not for you.
- backlit sensor almost makes no difference. still very grainy photos in Twilight Handheld mode.
- does not come with a case
- you can hear the lens motor in videos when zooming in/out
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on February 11, 2012
I had recently purchased the Sony DSCWX9/BBDL 16.2 MP CMOS Sensor with 5 x Optical Zoom Digital Camera for my parents who are very bad with technology. However my parents were quick learners and I though this Camera would be the best option.

-One of the reasons was that the Sleek Black look of the Sony Cyber Shot gave the camera a very professional look which got my parents excited.

-The camera was smaller than I had imagined, was able to fit into most pockets.

-5X Digital Zoom was nothing to brag about but the distance sure is nice to have.

-16.2 Mega Pixels!! I haven't found any camera with a resolution so precise, my parents were amazed by the clarity.

-1080 high definition video was overkill when I took a 5 minute video of my parents, They were astounded by the clarity of the video and were fixated on the video capability.

-My parents have always been fans of Sony, however this time the price was too arguably the best for a camera of this high quality resolution.


-There were some cons such as the half metallic/plastic covering of the Cyber shot camera which I though would easily break, since my friend broke his on the 4Th day of trying it and ~tak tak~ the lens stopped working (good thing he has a 1 year warranty).

-The battery is really low capacity and needs charging constantly after use. ( I repeatedly had to remind my parents on the phone). Until i Bought them a spare battery in which they could keep switching in case they forgot. (extra battery is $12 at amazon, I had purchased it for 30 at Best buy).

*The second con is that the screen is susceptible/prone to smudges w/o a screen protector say goodbye to that high resolution screen. My parents told me the 3rd day that the screen went black and I didn't know the reason ( I am very computer Savvy). In which i found that I had received a defective Sony Cyber shot. Which had lost some trust with Sony and their quality, and so we returned/re-ordered it. No problems as of yet.
+There are many options on this camera for those who love to options such as

-1080i movie


-3D picture

- and plenty of Smarty Pic designs such as auto adjust for any type of images such as scenery, close of head shots, or even food which makes you hungry for more.

All in All I would recommend this product who are good with tech savvy or able to learn quickly, And make sure its not defective or it will dishearten you from purchasing another camera.
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on December 13, 2011
Video quality and pics are excellent. One issue you may run into is if you are running Windows 7, you need to install a separate audio codec when playing avchd videos using WMP or else the audio just does this very loud stutter. It plays fine using some player that comes with the camera but I prefer WMP. Installed the codec from here: ac3filterdotnet and now it works fine. That being said there's a couple other audio issues. 1. The zoom motor is quite loud and is caught on video. I guess I can live with it but could definitely do w/o seeing that other cameras and camcorders find a way to mute it or minimize the noise. 2. For some reason there is this stupid electronic chirping sound when taking video in quiet surroundings. Here is an example: [...]- Listen from about 5 seconds into the video and on. This is not my video so seems to affect this model, not sure if it's present in all but at least there are a few out there. I've seen a few samples on youtube from different owners and same weird sound. I don't see any firmware updates to address this and I called Sony and they are not aware of this issue and were not able to fix it. Only way is by sending it in which I hate to do because means I have to be w/o it for maybe a month. If it didn't have this issue, definitely higher rating, just seems like a firmware update could fix it, if so, hopefully soon. Based on this I can't recommend this camera. I checked samples of the next level up the WX10, this issues doesn't seem to be present. Very disappointed that Sony allowed this to slip, I've never seen anything like this even on a lesser brand. I haven't used it long enough to judge battery life but I always carry 2 for any digital imaging device I have anyways. I may have to send it in, I convinced Sony to send me a pre-paid label to send it in. I told them I shouldn't have to pay for their mistake so we'll see.
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