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on May 5, 2012
I bought this camera specifically for the trip I'm on right now...in Maui. I received it back in mid March and never thought to test it's waterproof capabilities because friends of mine have similar models and rave about their cameras. Well I'm here on vacation now, the sole purpose of buying the camera, and on it's maiden voyage into the ocean it didn't stay waterproofed and never worked. My friends here with me also have a similar model and pointed out the battery/memory card compartment on mine closes very easily while theirs takes some extra effort to close. So their theory is the gasket on mine was never good enough. The salt water got into it so badly that it won't do anything now. I don't know yet if it ruined the memory card I also bought through Amazon but that's going to upset me more if it doesn't work. So here I am...on my biggest vacation of the year...with no camera, let alone a waterproof one that was supposed to capture all my most unique adventures. My heart is breaking. Not one underwater shot.

How to return this? Well I bought this on 3/15/12 and the first Amazon message I run into when clicking the button to return it is that my return window expired on 4/17/12. Wow...thanks for the second low blow since today is 5/5/12. I'm going to keep the faith that when I get home I will find a way to return or exchange this item to make an attempt at reversing the damage done. This is the second electronics item I have bought through Amazon that has failed me. If I cannot get my money back, or receive a camera that is waterproof, I will never buy another electronic item through Amazon again.

So the lesson learned here is to test the waterproofing as soon as you get this, if you choose to buy this camera for water-resistant adventures. Maybe even test it a few times within your 30 day return window.
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on March 19, 2012
I love this camera!! And others do too it would seem, seeing as my first one got stolen :(

I used it all day at a water park, got great video of water slides and with the neoprene case that comes with it it was so handy to keep on your person all day. I clipped it onto my swim suit, and it got dragged through water, went on water slides, and all was good, until it got snatched :(

However towards the end of the day I did realize that the battery was running low after only a couple videos (30 seconds max) and about 40 or so photos. But I am not sure if that is because I forgot to turn it off or something.

As for the comments saying it is not water proof, I think the water proof technology is rather new for digital cameras, and I believe that we are not completely aware as consumers of how to make sure that the case is locked and ready to go. Read all instructions is my best advice. I had no issues at all.

I loved this camera so much, I bought another as soon as I got home from my vacation! This time I went with Orange instead of Green, but I think I prefer the green to the orange.

It is a great snap and shoot camera. Nothing extravagant, just nice, compact, and ready for fun :)
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on June 12, 2012
I bought this camera for my daughter to use because it was supposed to be a sturdy waterproof camera. Well, the first thing I noticed when we got it was that the door on the side where you insert the battery and SD card doesn't close well at all. You close it and it pops open about 4 or 5 times before you can get it to stay closed. We decided to keep the camera anyway, even though the photos were average at best. We have 2 older models of this camera and have never had them leak or take bad photos. Finally the warm weather came and I took it into the pool to take pictures of the kids underwater. I held it in my hands about 4 inches below the water level and was taking pictures when it just started turning on and off. I looked at the camera and noticed a bit of water under the screen on the back. Within minutes the camera shut off for the final time and the entire back screen, flash, and lens were wet inside. That was the end of the camera. Now I have to pay to send this back to Fuji in hopes that the next one won't leak. Not a happy customer!
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on September 3, 2011
As far as being waterproof and having an integrated GPS (two of the main reasons I purchased this camera), it is excellent. Additionally, the picture quality is acceptable. However, it has two major short-comings. First, the camera can be turned on accidentally far too easily (when in a pocket). When I'm on a long mountain climbing trip and battery life is carefully planned, I can't have the camera randomly turning on because it got jostled slightly. Second, it can't be charged via USB. In other words, you either have to have an AC outlet or spare batteries. You can't rely on bring a larger battery to charge the electrical devices; and you can't rely on a solar panel (again, without an AC converter).

In summary: for an every-day camera, it's perfectly fine. If the rugged and waterproof nature of the camera is important, consider the shortcomings before making the purchase.
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on June 30, 2012
I bought this to film under water for our whirlpool bath product line for a promotion film I was working on. It worked the first two times and then leaked on the third day of use. We were only filming at 19 inches deep and the quality of the video was excellent until the camera flooded. I would not recommend this if you really want water proof unless this was just a fluke or bad camera. My previous experience with Fugi digitals has been excellent. In fact I prefer them over Canon and Nikon for inexpensive cameras. I am including some of the video we shot
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on December 3, 2012
Good quality photos and good battery life; easy to use, packs well and is durable. However, there are some significant liabilities.
The GPS feature takes forever to find the signal and sucks up battery power. The GPS feature was one of the main reasons for purchasing the camera, but its performance has been disappointing.

The lens is unprotected and located such that it's easy to get your finger in a number of shots.

The side battery door needs to be carefully closed, since the locking slide doesn't always catch as it should.
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on May 27, 2014
OK, this WAS a great camera. But when you pull the camera out of your swim suit pocket after swimming to see that the battery compartment is wide open, it costs 116$ to repair. The latch that keeps water out of the battery/SD card compartment is a silly little sliding latch that opens if it is bumped. It just popped open inside my pocket. Truly a design flaw on an otherwise good quality camera.
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on April 11, 2011
The camera feels great and easy to use. As all Fuji cameras (and I had few) it is very user friendly. The quality of photos and movies is second to none and you can take clips of HD and great photos especially with the automatic mode set.
There were however 3 very disappointing points which we did not expected and are important to highlight:
1. Most important - batteries. The camera has a unique battery that runs empty in minutes (even when GPS location search is permanently off. It would be easier if the camera simply was using AA batteries.
2. GPS location - when on the result is just a sheet with latitudes and longitudes and we are still trying to figure out how to tag the photos with real places names.
3. Clips - while zooming in/out while recording a clip/movie there are two problems: loosing focus and hearing the zoom action in the movie.
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on July 15, 2012
Bought this camera through Amazon Wharehouse and it lasted about 2 1/2 months before leaking. The camera is worthless and Amazon only had a return time period of one month. Fuji does not cover warranties from non-authorized sellers.The pics I got to take when it was working were mostly decent, although not consistently so. If you decide to buy a waterproof camera, do not do it through Amazon as their return policy is way too short.
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on April 16, 2012
I ordered this simply because it has the GPS along with the water proof features. I kayak the lagoons and Everglades of Florida and it's easy to not have a clue which way is back to the camp or boat launch. I will take a picture of where I launch and use it to find my way back.

When the camera arrives and if it works, I'll update my review. But, all of this for $135 dollars, you got to be kidding. I have a Fuji camera for above water it is awesome.

Tight lines!
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