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on January 8, 2013
I've had so-so experiences with BT headsets before, so I was skeptical about this one. But I shouldn't have been.

1 - It is smaller than I expected, and lighter. It's like the length of two dice stacked on each other.
2 - It feels nice and looks nice. I have a full beard, and my wife says it almost blends in. Now I don't have a blue beard, but I guess in lower light it is all just dark. :)
3 - Their Web site and software works flawlessly. It was easy to just plug in and update. I am on a Mac, and it installed smoothly and just works. I was happy to see that you can change the press and hold to launch Siri. I did that, and it works great.
4 - Wife called while I was in the car, and she said she could hear me quite well, certainly better than my stereo's built-in mic.
5 - That brings me to the delight. I was worried about how this would do in my car, because I have a BT radio (Sony MEX-BT3900U). I want to stream my music/books to my stereo, but use the earpiece to handle calls. So as I mentioned, I was in the car listening to my Audible audiobook, and my wife called. It paused the book (as usual), showed caller info on my radio (as usual) and also told me about the call in my ear. I pressed the button on the headset to answer, it answered it on my earpiece. I got done with the call, and pressed play to resume on my radio, and it started streaming back over it. Seamless! Also, on the way home, I got out of the car, and it paused the book (as usual), but I pressed play, and it resumed on my earpiece.
6 - I am able to pair it both with my iPad mini and my iPhone; it works great with both to stream audio.
7 - No problems with my beard obscuring my voice, it seems. Still, the real test will be when I have the top down; too cold for that right now..
8 - I got it at least partly so I could have an easy and convenient way to listen to audio on my devices while, e.g., watching a show on TV or lying in bed, without disturbing those around me. It works well for that.
9 - Stays on decently even without ear loop, probably not for jogging, though.

Some drawbacks:
1 - As far as I can tell, it doesn't support pause/play for media; inconvenient when your phone is in your pocket.
2 - Volume control is a bit odd--press and hold and wait while it cycles. There is enough room they could have made it a rocker and click, similar to the Apple earbud controllers.
3 - Sound quality isn't awesome, but it is sufficient.
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on November 26, 2011
I've had my Jawbone for a few weeks now, and I love it. I mostly use it for listening to podcasts or music, but I have used it for calls on occasion, with no complaints from the people I was talking to. People report that I sound different, but I'm still perfectly understandable.

The range is great, at least for listening to podcasts and music (I haven't taken a call and walked very far from the phone). I can leave my phone at my desk and go into the next room of the apartment and it still works fine. Sometimes this is a bad thing, because I can get a little ways away from my car before the sound quality starts to degrade and I realize I left my phone in the car.

It took me a while to find a fit that I liked, but there are lots of options with this headset. I ended up settling for one of the earpieces with the extra loop and using it with the hook. It would probably stay in my ear without the hook, but it feels like it'll fall off easily. I have walked around my office without the hook and the headset stayed in, but it felt like it was going to fall the whole time, and having the hook just makes it feel more secure. Strangely enough, the headset won't stay in my right ear at all without the hook, but it'll stay in my left ear just fine - that's another reason I use the hook, so that I can switch ears if I need to. So I recommend that people who have trouble finding a good fit to make sure they try both ears - it may fit better in one than the other. (Your body is not perfectly symmetrical.)

I will admit that initially the earpieces hurt after a few minutes of wear when I first had it, but after using it for some time I got used to it, and now I can wear it for hours without even realizing it's there. So another suggestion for people who have trouble finding a good fit is to give it some time. Find something that feels okay, and if it hurts after some time take it off and try again later. Eventually your ear may get used to pressure in those places and you'll stop feeling it. Though if it hurts as soon as you put it in then you probably don't have a good fit and should try a different type of earpiece.

For the record, I have slightly petite ears and wear glasses, so I am evidence that it is possible to find a good fit with this headset for people who have small ears and/or wear glasses.

Some reviewers have complained that the headset is not bright blue like the picture. They're right. It's a dark midnight blue that looks black in most light. Under bright sunlight or good office lights you can see that it's actually blue. It didn't bother me - I like the midnight blue color, but don't buy this if you want a bright cobalt blue like the pictures. I don't think they did that to the picture to be misleading. If they just took a normal photo without brightening it up then it would look black, which is not right either. They wanted you to be able to tell from the photo that it's blue, even though they may have gone too far with the brightening.

I also bought a bluetooth receiver for my PC so that I can use my Jawbone as a PC headset. The sound coming from the computer works fine, but people listening to me talking into it complained that I sounded a bit tinny, so it's not as good as a regular PC headset, which is probably to be expected. This was made to be a phone headset, not a PC headset.

The only thing I really wish they'd have on this headset is a way to play or pause streaming audio (like podcasts or music). In theory they could add this one day, since Jawbone can release software updates for the headset, but it's not here yet and no word from Jawbone as to whether they're planning on adding it. I am not the only one asking for it, according to their forums, so hopefully they'll listen to their customers and add it soon.
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on May 14, 2013
My husband is an over the road trucker. I have been searching for a bluetooth for him with noise reduction. His last bluetooth you could hear background noise over his voice and it wasn't very pleasant talking with him. I read the reviews on the Jawbone ICON series and read that someone tried it with running water, the coffee grinder ect... he's LYING! You can hear background noise - even water running but... I would buy again if something happened to this one, it is a good bluetooth, even with background noise it's not too bad. My husbands voice way outweighs the noise. I have talked with him driving down the road which with the other bluetooth I didn't even wanna talk to him, and it sounds good, he's been chaining down his loads in the wind and it's pretty quiet. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because some of the reviews on here are bs. It does have minimal background noise which it shouldn't according to other reviews. But in my opinion... it's a very good product and I would recommend it to my friends! OH and my husband said it falls off once in a while but with the attachments in the packaging it worked pretty good.
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on April 6, 2013
Update (June 2015) - I went to update this device on the Jawbone website and it turns out that Jawbone no longer supports the ICON line of headsets. Very disappointing that this would happen after only three years. I talked with the service rep and he noted that Jawbone may or may not bring back support for this. I'm guessing not. Without the support, I can't change the number to be dialed from the earpiece, can't change the voice, and can't adjust the max volume level; right now the max volume I can get is very low, making it difficult to hear in a moving car. Poor service for customers of this otherwise good and reliable device.

Original Review - This is the second ICON headset I've purchased, this time for my wife. My own ICON is over a year old and has performed very well. The ICON comes with 1/2 dozen different ear buds in order to customize the fit; we both use different ones for our ears. Battery life has been excellent with mine, providing 4 hours or more of talk time, and many more hours of standby. The noise cancellation also is very good, with problems only when more than one car window is open. A programmable button at the rear of the ICON allows you to program in your favorite phone number and other features; this is done via your computer. The ICON also talks to you with a voice of your choice, providing info such as who's calling, talk time left, etc. Voice actuated controls also allow outbound calling. Charging is via a USB/mini-USB cable and charger; both are a small format perfect for traveling. A car charger is available but I haven't needed it yet. The USB/mini-USB cable is short (about 6 inches) and also is used to connect to your computer. The ICON cost about 1/2 of what it sells for in several local electronic stores, so it's a very good but at Amazon.
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on November 19, 2012
I cannot speak to the quality of this product because I have not used it yet, but if you are like I was, you are wondering what exactly comes in the box.

The pricing seemed to indicate this would arrive in "bulk" (few accessories included) packaging, but the reviews all suggested it was "universal" packaging.

I am happy to report that you get everything with this: seven earbuds (three with "hook"), earloop, micro usb charger and wall charger. (The micro usb cable is a bit short, but in this day and age, I think most of us have several longer versions of these cables laying around, anyway.)

As mentioned in other reviews, this thing is bluish-black rather than the light blue you see in the picture, but it is very cool looking.

I'll report back on quality, but wanted to address the packaging now, because I can't be the only one who was curious about that.
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on June 20, 2013
I'm an audiobook addict and this was my first bluetooth that allowed me to listen to the audio content on my iPhone. I'm pretty sure there are many that allow that now, but at the time I first got my Jawbone this was a rare feature. This is lightweight and does just what I want it to. Of course I use it for talking on the phone as well, but I have a long commute and Jawbone and audiobooks have seriously changed the quality of my life.

Caveat: It can be difficult to get the right fit, even though they send a multitude of different tips to help you get a comfortable connection to your ear canal. However if you need a hook to help keep it secure you will find the Jawbone hook is delicate and falls off easily. I remedied that by buying GadgetBrat ear hooks here on Amazon.
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on April 26, 2011
My husband and I bought two different headsets - the Icon for him, and the Plantronics Voyager Pro for me. While the Voyager pro is more comfortable and secure, in my opinion, the Icon is much more discrete, more fashionable (something I didn't think I would care about initially), and pairs better with my phone (I have a Samsung Sunburst - SGH-A697). It also pairs excellent with my husband's Galaxy S (AT&T Captivate).

The noise cancellation is outstanding, and I was able to hear my husband loud and clear while he was driving down the interstate with the windows down, while our home audio system was cranked up playing music, and while a video game was playing in the background (this is one of the problems with the Voyager Pro, which has a different noise cancellation system. Video games voices are picked up loud and clear for some reason). The only problem we found was when my husband was in front of his computer's speaker with the speakers' volume turned up loud.

The volume control on the headset is automatic, but unlike other reviews I read, there IS a way to go through volume presets to turn it up or down. It explains how to change it in the manual (something my husband likes to read as soon as he receives any new toy) using the multi-function key.

As for the color, it is so dark, it appears black. You can tell is it blue in sunlight. The ridge detail is so fine, it is also hard to notice unless you look at it in the light.

Interestingly, I have had trouble fitting this in my ear. I suppose I have strange ears, but I have to use the largest earbud cover, and I cannot use the hook. If I try to use the largest earbud plus hook, it doesn't fit in my ear correctly and falls out. Even with the largest earbud only, I have to literally squish the thing as hard as I can into my ear canal so it doesn't fall out (the middle one just falls out, so it isn't a size issue). I know some people think the hook provides a more secure fit, but it wasn't the case for me. My husband uses the medium size (without hook), and although he has to squish it into his ear as well, he doesn't have as much of an issue as I do.

Regardless of the fit, the sound quality was better with the Icon than with the Voyager Pro, which had a general fuzzy quality, though not for people on the other end. My husband didn't experience exactly the same fuzzy quality when the Voyager Pro was paired with his Galaxy S, so I am chalking it up to the pairing with my phone. Because of that and because of the problems I found with noise cancellation, I'm going to get an Icon myself and have returned the Voyager Pro.
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on May 6, 2013
I am a busy mum and I really needed a good bluetooth for the car and just to get around hands free. This one is the ticket!! My husband has the Era and loves it, but I didn't want to spend $79-$100 on a bluetooth. I was wary of the 'bulk' and 'universal' packaged items. I had heard sketchy reviews, so I wanted to stay away from those. I was still skeptical with the price tag this item had at $39. But I thought I'd give it a go. It came in retail packaging and was perfect! Just what I wanted! Call clarity is great and noise reduction is wonderful. In addition, it comes with great options for customizing your fit. I can hardly feel it in my ear and yet it feels very secure. Just a great buy all round!! Very happy :D
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on May 5, 2011
Delivery was very speedy thank you.
AS for the Bluetooth quality, I think there is lots of room for improvement. I still hear an echo when I am listening to my caller speak and everyone I call always knows when I m talking with the Bluetooth in my ear because they know the difference in clarity.I will say it is very comfortable in my ear and I almost always forget that it is still in my ear. It is convenient when I m driving or busy with my hands and don't want to hold the phone to my ear. I also like the caller ID feature , although I would have preferred the caller name ID rather than the caller phone number ID.
For the price I paid , I think there should have been a better quality of sound.
I m OK with it but would have preferred a better reception.
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on May 2, 2013
I gave this as a gift and have had lots of trouble with it from the first try. Linking them was fairly easy, that went smoothly. The first time it was used the person on the other end had trouble hearing due to the microphone position, it doesn't fit well on a person with small ears even with the hook. There are times the ear piece will stop working for no apparent reason, turning it off then back on tends to make it work again. There are times when only one person can hear the other. I went to Jawbone's website and found others had the same problems. Their recommendations for fixing it didn't work. However, customer service did tell me I can send it to them for repairs or replacement.
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