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VINE VOICEon August 7, 2012
Before the U2711 fans start flinging their darts, I do agree that image-wise the 2711 is a stunning monitor, and for the 6 months I owned it, I was ecstatic with the image quality and I know the new owner will be also. But here's a few thoughts for those trying to decide between U2711, U3011 and the HP ZR30W. Those are the three I researched starting 6 months ago, and now have a happy answer and ending. But first let me mention where I'm coming from because when I searched for reviews, they mostly covered gaming attributes. If you're a gamer, continue your search elsewhere, I can't help you there. For the photo and video editor who also does printing and works with a calibrated display (I use the Spyder3Elite), this review is for you. I use the Adobe Production Premium Suite mainly with this monitor, so my review will be weighted on that experience. Let's quickly cover the big questions:

The HP uses S-IPS panels versus the Dell's older H-IPS panels. The newer S-IPS is arguably more accurate on paper, but I don't see it. The Lamborghini Aventador is arguably faster than the Aston-Martin V12 DBS Coupe, but at that level of precision, does it matter? The big push for monitors is for LED, but if you do image editing, I dare say the CCFL Dells will calibrate better and more accurately. Also, the HP has only two inputs, and a few years down the road I may get a new monitor and have plans for the U3011, and I'll certainly want the AMAZING array of inputs on the Dell. So, the HP is out at least for me.
(UPDATE, 10-22-2012: I got a reply on this review from RAN today that said the Dell's H-IPS panel is actually the newer technology. I checked it out and they were right! One more plus for the Dell. Thanks for pointing that out!)
(UPDATE, 3-6-2013: good reply from Tracy Bolte who pointed out that latency specs are better on the HP if you do gaming, and that the HP might use a CCFL backlamp after all. I researched HP's site and they don't actually specify the type of back lamp. Will research further. If anyone knows for sure, please reply. Retailers' specs are NOT always accurate!)

White Sparkle/Anti-Glare Matte Finish
This subject is as controversial as global warming, but there is a fairly easy answer. Yes, the matte finish does introduce a sort of grainy filter that's noticable where whites show. Obviously whites would be gorgeous white without that, but to survive with a glossy monitor you really need a scenario where there is NO bright light source behind you. Great scenario if you have that! Anyway, some people say they don't see it, others say it's gross. I discovered that as you make the monitor brighter, the dirty goes away. For photo and video editors in a darkened studio (how I work), lowering your brightness is a given, but there's a threshold where if it gets too low your whites will get a bit yucky. My U2711 was that way: it came set at a brightness of 50 out of the box, but my calibration unit wanted it set at 17 based on ambient light. After calibration my colors on that U2711 were spot on, but whites were not so great. I pushed brightness up to 27 and then it looked very good, to the point where you don't really notice, and other than snow scenes and B&W high-key portraits, how much pure white do we have in an image? As for my new U3011, this was a big advantage over the U2711, the whites are cleaner and brighter. After calibration the software wanted my brightness down to 12, and leaving it there it looks great, like the U2711 after pushing it up to 27 to achieve the same clean whites. Don't get me wrong, the U2711 is equally great once adjusted and for most that's no problem. But if you do large format printing at home like me, a monitor set brighter than the suggested level at calibration will give you darker prints, so you have to compensate (not difficult, just another step to perform). So the U3011 wins here, looks great without boosting brightness. Side note: if you like a really bright monitor, the "sparkly dirty whites" are a moot point, you probably won't see it.

Image vs Text
I got the U3011 and sold the U2711 for two reasons: I do like a 16:10 ratio of the 3011 over the 16:9 ratio of the 2711. Photoshop and Premiere Pro need all the real estate they can get (and RAM!), so 16:10 on the U3011 is a clear winner. But also, the U2711 has a 109 pixels per inch where the U3011 has 101 pixels per inch. That means that images on the U2711 will be the most incredible because of having the most pixels per inch, but that makes text incredibly small. Squinting and leaning forward to read text on a web page gets a little old. Younger eyes will probably be fine, plus you can always boost Text Size in Windows and Mac, but if you do graphics with text and web layouts that can cause some issues. The U3011 with its 101 pixels per inch makes the text just right. I was concerned if that would make images look any less great, but it's only an 8% decrease in resolution, and you do NOT see any less quality on screen. The U3011 wins there again.

Uneven Screen Colors/Hues
I see complaints from time to time on that, but both my former U2711 and my new U3011 are even and gorgeous to my eye. I imagine that this technology is difficult to master but it seems by 2012 we've gotten it down pretty good. Therefore it's best if you get a U3011 that's the latest Rev A07 because it's the older units that many seem to have issues with. I ordered my straight from Amazon and the sticker on the back says A07, MFG date, July 2012. Doesn't get much newer than that and it helps that Amazon moves a lot of stock, therefore always getting new units in.

Wide Gamut and Calibration
If you do a lot of post production work, no doubt you use a colorimeter and will want to calibrate the U3011. There are factory presets that will set the monitor up quite nicely for those who don't calibrate, this thing looks amazing right out of the box. But for post production where we need to ensure Pantone 2747 blue really is that hue, calibration is necessary. I made the mistake initially with the U2711 of cal'ing it after Resetting All Settings in the OSD like we normally do. The calibration looked horrendous afterwards, and I've seen several people complain about that in reviews. That's because resetting to Factory Defaults installs the "Standard" profile, it does NOT remove it! Therefore, after the global reset, then go to Presets and set it to Custom Color. A Type Choice box pops up after you do that, just close and ignore it. But now you'll be in custom mode which allows calibrating to work properly.

3-Year Warranty
I started a Chat with Dell Customer Service and asked them about the 3-year warranty, because I'm buying it here, not Dell directly. Turns out the warranties are in Amazon's name when they are shipped to Amazon's warehouse. The Dell CS rep then transferred the warranty into my Dell account, done! So, make sure you head to Dell's site and start a Chat and request the transfer of Warranty after you get the monitor delivered and are sure all is well. Another reviewer claimed it's only 12 months but that isn't the case, just start a Chat and Dell will transfer it. Right after the transfer, my account showed the monitor right away, but it did say the warranty remaining was 365 days, so while still on the Chat I asked about that, and she said to let the system update, it should show within 24-48 hours. Well, I just looked even though it's only been 12 hours, and sure enough, the full warranty is there. In fact, they gave me an extra 100 days, it expires in November 2015. BTW, while on the chat, I asked if I could transfer my original U2711 warranty to the person who bought it, and they took care of that too, all they needed was address and phone number. SO, make sure you hop on and get your transfer going if you get this monitor.

Bottom Line
After working with the Dell 2405, U2711 and now the U3011, I'm totally pleased with Dells' image quality for post production work (and overall gorgeous imagery!). The HP models are surprisingly limited with input options which is no small thing these days. If you do all image editing or you do that and other work and have great vision, the U2711 is a superb choice. But if your budget allows and you hit the right sale (got mine for 1078), the U3011 is the clear winner, no contest IMO. It has it all, and the only con that actually matters to me is sticker shock, but once you pull the trigger and actually see this drive-in movie screen on your desk and experience the image quality, you'll heal quickly, lol.
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on June 17, 2011
I am extremely satisfied with this monitor. I considered the U2711 like most, but unlike most, I went for the U3011. You get what you pay for and this is worth every penny. Not to mention it's much cheaper then DELL who also charges tax and shipping.

I am a photographer, web designer, and gamer and this monitor is AMAZING! I have had no issues with glare and colors are spot on. I was using a Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD and now that I see what true color I wish I had bought this monitor sooner.

What I did not know is that the button on the right side of the panel are really just tiny clear plastic squares with blue leds inside. They are touch sensitive so just tap them and you can navigate the menu. No pushing needed, just tap them lightly to navigate the menu. The power button is the only push button.

While the response time is on the slower side it's still a beast for gaming, however, gaming at 2560x1600 requires some serious power. I have played Crysis 2, DiRT 3, Black Ops, Metro 2033, and NFS Shift 2 at 2560x1600 with maxed graphics options. I experienced a bit of lag with Metro 2033 in some levels but taking the resolution down a step fixed it right away. You'll only experience the slow response time with an FPS. My PC specs are i7 980X (4.1GHz O.C.) nVidia GTX 480, 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD. Connected via Dual-Link DVI.

Color is absolutely amazing. With such a high resolution I am able to see most of my photo in Lightroom. I work with 21MP photos and this resolution definitely helps with editing.

Web Design:
Sooo many lines of code can be seen at once. It's beautiful! You also get to see what your site looks like at even the most extreme resolutions available.

Web Browsing:
Fonts are often a bit small so it takes a Ctrl + to make it easier to read, not a big deal.

Buy this monitor. It's worth it.
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on April 6, 2013
This monitor has been the king of the professional IPS hill for years and for good reason. The backlight distribution is best in class, the color is factory calibrated and nearly flawless, and the bells and whistles of the unit make working with it a joy.

The backlight takes about a minute to warm up and 30 minutes to hit perfect color. This is a little slow but it's fine. Once warmed up, the backlight is bright but never too much for the panel. Contrast looks good even at 100%. The panel has great resolution and viewing angles, so sitting close is perfectly fine. Even from about 12 inches away, the image looks rich, uniform, and detailed all the way to the corners. This is normally a major irritation of mine with large displays used on a desktop.

The color accuracy is outstanding. Since getting the U3011, I've not once sat up after working in photoshop while slouching, only to spew out a string of expletives as the colors I selected shifted around wildly. What you see is what you get, and that means every angle too.

The adjustable stand is solid, the USB hub works well (though it disconnects when the monitor turns off, watch out if you're copying stuff to a USB drive). The card reader reads cards, and the inputs are plentiful. The monitor comes with DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort cables. I didn't even know that funky port on my graphics card was DisplayPort, but that's what I use now, as the cable was the nicest.

Why did I knock off a star? With the U3013 just around the corner, this monitor has been discounted about $500 but it's still more expensive than the computer I've attached it to. The display also has a major video latency problem. With a large, high res IPS panel with a such a diverse set of inputs, there is bound to be some latency, but 27-30ms is kind of silly. I'm no pro gamer and it doesn't stop me from playing, but I can actually feel nearly two frames of lag. That's a first for any monitor I've owned. Even just tooling around the desktop, I can see my mouse dragging behind ever so slightly. In time I'm sure I'll get used to it. I absolutely don't want to oversell this point, most people won't notice, but it's there. If you play rhythm video games, it's enough that calibration is required. Some way to feed in DVI at the correct resolution and disable all the extra circuitry would have been extremely welcome.

The U3011 has plenty of things its successor doesn't. Namely a wealth of of inputs for all your equipment. When you're not working, hook up your Wii, your XBox, a BluRay player, a cable box... it doubles as the worlds greatest television. Once the U3013 becomes more widely available, I hope the price on this monitor drops even more. At $800, it would be an absolute steal.
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on August 30, 2012
This information is for the Dell 30inch monitor Part# u3011

First off, this is an amazing monitor that helps increase productivity. The colors are full and rich with deep blacks. The anti glare screen is a necessity at this size and the coating is not bothersome.
Full Resolution:

With an Alienware m14x r2 laptop:

+ Currently I am using an Accell B119B-007J UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable to receive 2560 x 1600 at 60Hertz (full resolution). This is by far the preferred method.

+ I have also used the much more expensive Apple adapter (Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter MB571Z/A) to receive 2560 x 1600 at 60Hertz. To get full resolution, use the included (with the monitor) DVI cable, to the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. Please note, this adapter is powered by the included USB cable and must be plugged in, requiring an extra port to be used.

-You CANNOT get full resolution using an HDMI cable as the monitor (u3011) only has HDMI 1.3 ports. (I have tested this so don't waste your time.)

Screen Size:

Here are some measurements that you might find useful as I needed them but could not find the information anywhere.

Actual viewable screen size:
* Width: 25 and 3/8 inch
* Height: 15 and 7/8 inch
* Bezel thickness: 1 inch
* Aspect Ratio: 16:10 ( I feel this is much better for productivity than 16:9 monitors.)
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on March 21, 2013
I was looking for a monitor to use with my MS Surface Pro 128GB when I am not on the road; look no further, folks, I found it! I connected the tablet via the mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort and the screen powered on in the native resolution of 2560x1600. As an added bonus, I did not realize this monitor provide outputs for 5.1 pass-through for my 5.1 Creative Labs setup. This was a pleasant surprise as I was prepared to buy a 2.1 setup to plug directly into my tablet. The DisplayPort passes the audio and it sounds crisp!

The video quality is superb. The text is crisp and sharp even w/o my glasses. I positioned the monitor so that it is an arm length away from me with my keyboard drawer fully extended and this is the perfect distance for me. Blu-ray video quality is mind blowing on this display. I used XBMC to stream Blu-ray full HD 1080p backups. Again, the 5.1 setup works nicely with the HD Audio. There is no light bleed whatsoever that I've noticed and ZERO dead pixels, which is awesome. There is plenty of screen real estate and with the high resolution I have more than enough space for my daily work and personal tasks.

The Verdict:
This is a pretty expensive monitor; however, you definitely get what you pay for with the ultra sharp quality you'd expect from a Dell monitor. The plethora of video inputs and the 5.1 PC speaker pass-thru add to an already feature rich display. Even without tuning the display settings, this monitor offer great "out-of-box" display quality with settings at their defaults. Overall I am extremely happy with the purchase with no buyers remorse at all. I can only imagine what the quality will look like when I tune the display. If you can afford to dish out the extra cash, I highly recommend this monitor.
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on April 16, 2013
I rarely write reviews on Amazon because I buy a few hundred products each year and most are great. There's rarely a time when something is so bad that I take the time to write a review. This is one of those times.

I was looking for a monitor for my Macbook Pro Retina and decided to go with this Dell monitor seeing as it had pretty good reviews and was also the largest size display I could get. As an app designer/developer this monitor is terrible for both coding and visual design. The anti reflective coating makes the pixels' light refract and all the colors come out so sparkly that it seems like you are looking at 20 different colors when its just one solid color. Gradients are even worse. Since most phones have very good displays, I need to work with a display that is similar to how the finished product will be. This display will throw off your ability to tell apart colors correctly and even gives me a headache after 30 minutes of looking at it (I can spend 12 hours on my macbook with no problem).

I purchased a Thunderbolt display after getting this one to compare it side by side and the difference is incredible. The Apple display displays colors without any sparkles and text looks so much cleaner. If you are shopping for a new display, I would highly recommend the Thunderbolt display over this.
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on July 22, 2013
Purchased both the U3011 and the U3014, the U3014 had a super sales price at the time. I received the U3011 first so I had a good amount of time to spend with it. The U3011's older technology was a bit of a turn off but after using it for a while I got used to it really fast. The U3011 is a beautiful monitor with great color (once it warms up). 4K content looks absolutely fantastic, as does 1080p movies and high resolution photos. Played Bio Shock Infinite at 2560x1600 and the colors were breath taking. Short comings are the delay when the CCFL tubes warm up, the slightest lag in very fast moving games if not using display port. If you're use to glossy screens forget it, this looks a little dull in comparison, the higher quality screen makes up for it though. No UBS 3.0 and none of the latest tech you'll find in the U3014. Now for the U3014. That display was a horrible disaster! had the U3011 and the U3014 side by side and the U3014 stuttered when running Valve's Lost Cost fly over and it didn't have the U3011's color saturation, both were set on the Game setting. The U3014's settings constantly shifted by itself. Before the weekend was over the U3014 developed horizontal lines. The U3014 was brighter and cooler, had USB 3.0 and a host of fancy feature that some may like. I personally would not touch it with a ten foot pole, what a piece of junk. It might have been from an earlier production run with immature firmware, some have not experienced what I did with the U3014 and some have experienced worse. Needless to say, I decided to keep the U3011. I haven't tried to register it with Dell yet but I've heard mixed reviews about that. All in all, the U3011 has been a joy to own and I say if you can afford it you'll love it as well. Cheers!
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on September 7, 2012
I bought this monitor because it supports 2560x1600 and accepts DisplayPort input.

+ Outstanding picture! Clear, crisp, and sharp.
+ Lots of input ports: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGA-DSUB. Also includes a built-in USB hub
+ Includes a video cable for each connector type. I really appreciated this as it let me use the monitor right away.
+ Includes a print-out of the factor analysis and color calibration for the monitor. They pre-configure it for beautiful color
+ Stable stand includes ability to adjust height

- When turned on, takes a few minutes to reach full brightness. Still very useable, but this is noticable next to another monitor already powered on.

I had the 2007 model of this monitor, and I also have a Samsung SyncMaster 305T 30-inch LCD Monitor. The 305T is cheaper, but lacks the variety of inputs this monitor supports. Both have superb picture. I feel this monitor's picture is better than the 2007 model, but can't really tell the difference from my 305T.

If you have the money, I think this is the best of the three monitors I mention above. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.
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on June 29, 2011
I was a little skeptical about this monitor simply because of price. Reading previous reviews made me feel confident enough that I'd get my monies worth. When it arrived I thought it was going to be way too big. Even after setting it up it looked like a monster. I've been working from a 15" laptop for about 3 years now with no external monitor so the amount of real estate this monitor has is awesome. Now, when I go mobile and have to stare at my 15" laptop screen, I really miss being at my desk.

I'm using the monitor with a Dell XPS M1530 and connecting via an HDMI cable. I'm also running a MacBook Pro 13" and connecting it via the display port. It's easy to switch between the 2. Even though this monitor supports 2560, that's simply too small for me to read. I prefer the 1900 setting. I have watched movies on this monitor and didn't notice any lags, drags, shadows, or anything else that would take away from the movie experience. I'm not a gamer so I can't speak in regard to that topic.

I would recommend this for anyone with desk space who works in front of a computer for lengthy periods of time.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 12, 2012
Pros: Display is huge, and looks great. Bought it on the 17th of Sep 2012, arrivied on the 18th of Sep.

Cons: On the 22nd of Sep, the screen would go blank after comining out of power save. Notified Amazon on the 23, got a new one on the 24th. Worked great until 12 Dec 2012. Now, no display out of DisplayPort. I do get a display out of the DVI, however it looks smashed together, like it can't display everything. I have tried everything, from unplugging all cables and reseating the video card. So I pulled out my old monitor. The old one work great. Now I'm dealing with Dell to get a replacement. The warrenty dosen't expire till 2015.

To sumup, it is an awsome monitor, when it works. For the price, I would think that they could manufacture a well buit, enduring product. The hassle of having to send it in for repair again, makes me wish I never bought it.

Update: I got the replacement on 13 Dec, so good on Dell for next day replacement. But the base of the monitor was scratched up, not too big of a deal. But the monitor was filthy with dust. Come on Dell, I expected your to send me a refurbished monitor but at least clean the thing off before you send it to a customer. Cleaning the monitor myself only took a minute, but it cost you a lot of your reputation in my eyes.

Update 2: The display port die again. One week after receiving the replacement. I replace hardware for as part of my job, I thought to myself, it has got to be the video card or the cable. Switched out the graphics card right away, didn't help. Went at least 5 Electronic stores to buy a new display port cable, no luck. So I order one on Amazon and wait the few day for it to get here. Plug it in, still nothing. So I went to DVI The Dual DVI resolution is suppose to be 2560 x 1600, just like the display port. That what it defaults to, but the sceen is messed up. So I do what any good troubleshooter does, I start at the lowest resolution and work my way up. 1600 x 1200 is as high as it goes with me being able to still read what on the sceen. So I call Dell on the 28 Dec. I go to thier website to get the phone number. I click on the link for telephone, and it prompts me for the service tag. I type it in, and get a message that the service tag I entered in register in anouther region. It still doesn't give me the phone number (DELL, just a hint, you should fix this). I couple of google search later, I find the International number. So I give it a callThe customer care guy yells at me when it try to read him off what I think is the order number. The dell packing list is a printed mess and nothing is in the indicated blocks (2nd Hint, Dell fix this too). The yelling customer care guy send me to hardware(30 min hold time). The hardware guys was much more enjoyable to speak with and put in every number on the invoice till we found both my customer number and the order number. But unfortunatly he told me the was a hold on my account and I need to be sent back to customer care. Customer care look and said there was no hold and sent me back to hardware. This went on for 2 hours. I am please to say during this whole ordeal, I never yell or lost my temper, but I wanted to. Finally they figured out that the new monitor was not register to me, but the deparment that took care of it would not be in till Monday, they had just left for the weekend less that 30min ago. Guy say he put it all in the ticket and the issue will be fixed by the time I get home from work on Monday. Call Monday 31 Dec, still not done. Between the 1 of Jan to the 8 of Jan, they keep telling me they fix the issue and my new monitor is on the way. Of couser the issue is not fixed and my replacement order keep getting canceled. Today is the 9th of Jan, I was plesently surprised that the monitor was at my house. It was clean this time. I have hooked it up and it is working great. I realy like this monitor, but if it fails again, I'm asking Dell for a refund.
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