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on September 30, 2011
This tv is replacing a 16 year old Magnavox so it isn't taking much to dazzle me. People wrote about the glare but I didn't have a problem with it. The picture is fantastic and it was easy to set up. The sound was actually a little better in the old set. The major down side is the fact that the wireless isn't built into the set. You have to purchase the wireless adaptor separately if you want to stream Netflix or pandora and the part is another $90.00. I ended up getting a used one for $35 that works perfectly fine but seriously, if panasonic couldn't build it in then they should have included it in the box. Speaking of the box. Apparently there were complaints the TVs were showing up busted because of rough handling and there were no refunds for sets larger than 32 inches and this one was 42 inches.. Read the refund policy BEFORE you buy because I didn't. I stayed home from work ready to refuse the deliveryif it sounded like broken glass. Imagine my horror when I looked out the window to see the lone UPS guy flipping my set end over end up my sidewalk letting it crash with each rotation. The sender packed the set in yet another larger box and stuffed it with foam pillows and that's the only thing that prevented damage from such ape-like handling. All that aside, it's a good buy.
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on March 19, 2011
I just got a new X3 for a great price, and here's my experience.

As a TV the X3 is excellent. I have it connected to a roof antenna, and the reception is excellent. It has a very good picture on hd broadcasts, and good also on sd broadcasts. The sound is good for a TV. The remote is a good size and easy to use. I could wish for a dedicated sleep-timer button, I suppose, but it's still a well-designed remote. Given that the current price on the 42" X3 is comparable to a non-network TV, just for these virtues this set represents a great buy.

If you want a wifi connection, you'll need a usb network adapter and there are apparently only two choices--the panasonic model DY-WL10 (~$90) or the cheaper Netgear WNDA3100 v2. There is some confusion about the Netgear, since it has to be the v2 and the serial number has to start with 2D4 or 20A (actually, it's really hard to tell the difference between these two sequences when the print is that small--maybe they're actually the same). These are sometimes identified on the package as being compatible with panasonic TVs. There is no particular reason to think the panasonic adapter is better than the netgear. I got both accidentally: the panasonic adapter can be easier to find, but I also found a used netgear on amazon without much difficulty for ~$20.

But my experience trying to get a wifi connection has been frustrating, mainly because of a problem with my dsl modem/router. The setup procedure is simple and straightforward. But I had difficulties and worked through the procedure with a cs rep on the phone with no success. I am glad to report that the cs rep was patient and helpful, even though he couldn't solve my problem.

Subsequently it became clear that my old modem/router was causing the trouble. It used the older "G" wifi protocol, but it was also prone to dropping the internet connection. So I needed to replace it in any event. Anyway, I got the latest "N" protocol modem/router compatible with my ISP. As soon as I set it up, the tv recognised the router's wifi signal with either the netgear or the panasonic wireless usb adapter. The reception of streaming videos is flawless--excellent picture and sound quality.

Another option not quite as elegant as the tiny usb adapter is to configure a second wifi router to serve as a bridge. That would give you an ethernet connection you can place next to the TV, and as a bonus extend the range of your wifi throughout your house. There are lots of guides for how to do this online.

Anyway, the result of all of this is that I've changed my rating to 5 stars for a truly excellent tv. Second, I'm returning the panasonic wireless adapter. The netgear works perfectly for less than a quarter of the price.

I couldn't be happier with this tv now. But I would recommend making sure your router uses the "N" protocol. I'm not certain that this matters, but I haven't had any problems since I switched my router.

Updated 3/26/2011
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on May 20, 2011
The Panasonic Plasma TC-P46X3 is a great entry level Plasma HDTV. You will be extremely hard pressed to find anything close to the picture quality of this set for the money (the only real contender is the Samsung D450 series). Coming from LCD's, I was a bit nervous about moving to Plasma due to stories of burn-in. Overall, I am very happy with my decision to go with the Panasonic TC-P46X3.


1. Great contrast ratio, nice deep blacks and rich colors. The screen is never too dark or too bright or washed out.
2. Great panel response time, little to no ghosting.
3. Price!


1. Reflective screen (if you have a lot of light in the room while you're watching, it can be distracting as it reflects off of the darker areas of the picture).
2. Image retention (NOT burn-in) does occur, but disappears when you use the screen wipe white bar feature. I'm also still in the first few hundred hours of pixel life, so this may become less and less of an issue as the phosphors age.
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on September 26, 2011
According to the picture used to advertise this TV, I thought this supported Youtube channel, but only has preinstalled "apps" that have nothing to do with Youtube, but other than that, great look, good picture (after I complete a burn in) and the features are all I need to make this a great front room TV. I also didn't like the digital-only audio output to use with external sound, but I did buy the Fiio D3 (from Amazon) Optical-to-Analog converter and it's good to go....minus the inability to control the volume through the TV. I can mention I hated the idea of buying that Panasonic-specific WiFi dongle so I opted for a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless ethernet adapter that I can use on other devices to tie into my network. I like using the DLNA feature so I can tie it to my network, but for some reason, I can't sense all my shared folders, but hey, I'm a guy and haven't fully (meaning not even looked at) read the handbook which may explain more about this feature.

I am glad I got the confidence to not subscribe to the 1080p and LED hype and settled on a much more wallet friendly comparable TV with features other TV's don't offer, yet are double the price. I would recommend this TV as I don't do many reviews, aside from the minor incoveniences I listed. $499.00 is a no brainer.
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on January 9, 2012
I purchased the 42" Panasonic Plasma used from "Amazon Warehouse Deals", and it arrived on the promised day (although I did have to call the delivery company to secure this after they initially said it would not be until the following week). The delivery service dropped it off, and I could tell the item had been repackaged (which I expected). Once set up however, the item looked brand new. I found no scuffs, scratches, or even finger prints on the television. I would have assumed it to be brand new. The set itself was very easy to set up, and even though it comes with a fairly thick manual, I found that it was easy enough to find the items of interest to us (e.g. we could skip sections on how to view photos through a usb drive, etc, and get right to things that mattered to us like adjusting the picture and using the remote). We had it hooked up to a DVD, Wii, and external sound system in about 10 minutes. The onscreen controls are very easy to understand, and the remote is intuitive. I found it easier to understand than our 10 year old TV with inscrutable on screen menu's and symbols.

Three things I really liked:
1. The inputs can be renamed. So if you hook your DVD up to the RCA Video input, you can label it as "DVD" so that in your onscreen menu it says what it is. Same for the Wii, etc. So when you change inputs there is no more trying to figure out what "Line 1" and "Line 2" etc point to.

2. If you either purchase a wi-fi adapter that hooks into the TV, or (as we did) run an ethernet cable to your router, you can access the built in apps for pandora, facebook, netflix, etc. One important note, although the product description does not say so, Amazon Instant Video is an included app, so you can watch streaming movies from netflix or amazon from your tv, once you have the TV hooked up to your network.

3. Adjusting the picture is very straightforward, and you can name multiple presets. So you can configure the brightness and contrast etc for gaming, and save that as "gaming" and another for movies, or black and white, etc. Then is is very easy to flip back and forth between them. The TV comes preset with a couple of these, and the ability to add more. You can reset to factory default too, if you feel like you screwed it all up. I found the picture to be perfect out of the box, but we did us the presets for gaming (brighter) and cinema.

Overall, I am very happy with the picture. It looks perfect to my eye. I cant say much about the technical specifications, as I judged it the old fashioned way. I just looked at the picture with some fast action stuff (sports), animation, and black and white film. Looked great to me. I have seen other larger screens that look pixelated or just sort of hurt to look at. No issue here. Overall, very happy with the purchase.
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on November 13, 2011
My review after owning this Panasonic VIERA TC-P50X3 50-Inch 720p Plasma HDTV for two months.

After researching for my first HDTV, I knew I wanted at least a 50" screen, with vibrate colors, at an affordable price and from an industry-leading company. I looked at both LCD/LED and plasmas.
In my case, the 720P/1080P resolution didn't play a factor because I knew I couldn't tell the difference for my viewing distance. Also, since glare from windows/lights would not be an issue for me, the decision came down to buy the best plasma TV with the qualities mentioned above.

This plasma delivers outstanding vibrate colors, as good as or better than any LCD/LED I viewed in the stores. I set the saturation, brightness, etc. to 75(out of 100) and the color is brillant! While there is no professional calibration menu, the standard color management menu is definitely fine for most everyone.

When choosing a plasma, the thing I was most worried about(image retention/burn) turned out to be a non-issue.
I've watched 100s of hours of television(with black bars) and played hours of video games, all with no hint of image burn, ghosting, or image memory of any kind. This TV does have an auto screen saver, but the current plasma technology make image retention a thing of the past.

The picture resolution is sharp and the HD is great for football games. From about a 10ft viewing distance, bluray movies and OTA HD broadcasts are absolutely crisp!

I love using the SD card slot for viewing photos and movies.

In my opinion, I believe the sound is very good. I only have to set the sound at 40-50(out of 100) and it has plenty of power from 10ft away.

The only slight negative is that the NetFlix Application that comes with the Viera online content doesn't have a very user friendly interface.
As far as price goes, I paid 5 C-notes for a 50" plasma, so I believe I got a great deal.

- Picture quality is crisp and vibrant.
- Excellent price
- Great sound
- Lots of inputs including SD card slot
- Can attach an ethernet cable for online content
- Industry-leading manufacturer
- Sturdy stand

- Internet Apps are few, NetFlix UI good be better
- Glare could be a problem, but wasn't for me(don't have the tv facing a large picture window)

All in all, Panasonic makes an excellent plasma TV. I am very happy with the quality and would highly recommend it.
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on December 24, 2011
All I can say is that I love my purchase. The price was a big deal for me but I wanted quality and something to watch sports and action movies. I have it in a bright room so it does have some glare issues as my wife likes the great outdoors and the windows and slider don't have window coverings. The picture is bright enough for daytime viewing. At night the picture is stunning. Even though it is only 720p I have no complaints. The only problem is going from my new TV and new Panasonic blue-ray to my old sound system. I get a low frequency annoying buzz now that drives me nuts. They have RCA analog out on the blue-ray but not the TV. I am going to try a digital link and see if that helps. My old receiver does not have a hdmi and I am not really ready to upgrade my once top of the line Denon.... I'm pretty sure the sound issue is just a problem with my setup, the tv actually sounds pretty decent after playing with the sound settings. I will update once I figure it out. Overall for the price and bang for the buck, you can't beat the plasma. If money was no object I would spend the extra 2k for a high end led/lcd for a real bright room. Then again even if money was no object I don't generally stay inside watching TV when the sun is shining.

Update!!! The audio buzz was eliminated by the optical digital audio link added from my Panasonic Blue -ray to the old Denon. Luckily the blue-ray player I bought had this output, not all of them do. So if you have a quality old reciever like I do with the optical audio hookup, get a blue-ray with the output. The old High-end 5.1 Denon sounds great.
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on December 11, 2011
My journey in buying a new TV started on black friday when I bought the Samsung PN43D450 43-Inch 720p 600 Hz Plasma HDTV at Target for $350. After tax it cost me $422. After getting it all set up, I was so disgusted with the AWFUL picture. I took it back to Target the same day for a refund... and started my search. I had been researching plasma TV's (I just like the look of the picture better than LCD tv's) and found that Panasonic was the most respected plasma brand.

That same Black Friday, Amazon had this TV deeply discounted for $402.00. No one came CLOSE to that price. I ordered it in the Best Buy parking lot.

We waited far too long. The shipping company CEVA had left our TV (accidentally) in the warehouse, and was 2 days late. Amazon gave me $35 back for my hassle! I couldn't believe the AWESOME customer service. I was SERIOUSLY impressed! This TV now cost me UNDER $400.

We got the TV all set up, and it was unusually EASY to set up! We couldn't believe it!!!! The Samsung had been a NIGHTMARE to set up.

IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!!!! The picture is *beautiful!!! We were SO very happy with our purchase!
Purchase this: AmazonBasics 3RCA Component Video Cable (6 Feet) ahead of time to properly attach your components like a DVR box.
We also purchased a digital audio cord.
GET a 600Hz HDMI CABLE!!!! He have this one: Acoustic Research PRO3 Series PR385 HDMI Cable (6 feet)

Don't hesitate! I would have gladly paid $600+ for this TV. I am a very happy customer, and Amazon is a GREAT retailer. THANK YOU!!!
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on March 28, 2011
Bought this TV for our Grandparents which was replacing an older 32" Tube Style. This has a Very Nice picture. They have it set up in their family room which has a good amount of natural sunlight shining in. Not Directly on the TV. I'd have to say this TV has a mirror like look to it which can be kinda hard to see the picture in the daytime. At night it doesn't have much reflection but if you turn on a light , you can def see the reflection of the light depending on what angle you look at it and where the light is. Just don't have any light or sunlight directly on or near the screen and you shouldn't have any issues. Overall great TV esp. for $490. Shipped to our house. Grandparents love it.
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on May 5, 2011
One of the first to receive this new model Panasonic TV ordered from Wanted a 46-50 inch plasma TV to be able to view at all angles; with HD capability; no movement shadowing; and able to connect to various media. Also chosen since our home viewing area was not subject to window or other bright light effects.
Am very satisfied with this product. The VIERA Menu makes it very easy to setup for viewing and for connecting to various media. Bright light areas would probably not be suitable for good viewing; however, it does have a "vivid" image control which helps brighten the screen. It looks great and seems to be smudge-proof so far.
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