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on April 22, 2013
Update 4:23:13 - I just took a ride on my motorcycle and I had to add a star to my review because of the headphones. Going 75+ mph (that's Cat 1 hurricane wind speed)with the volume on 20 (max 31) and could hear the music just fine. All my other ear-buds turn into glorified ear plugs at this speed.

Great Sound!
errr, that's about it for the pros...but again I will say that it does have amazing sound! Even the sound of the built in speaker is more than you'd expect.

Songbird - Very Buggy, crashes all the time and error reports throughout.
- Don't even install it if you get this player. Just drag and drop with windows
- When it is working it still is not communicating with the device properly (needs firmware update see below)
- Tried using WMP with this device and was not able to create or add to existing playlist

Firmware Update - Installation crashes about 95% through, Then device crashes, then windows crashes when you disconnect. The funny thing is that I bet Songbird would possibly work better if I were able to update the firmware.

The price and great sound make this worthy of a 5 star review. I started to put a 5 but the reality is that Philips is a HUGE company with some major $$$ resources so there is NO EXCUSE for sending out a device with this junk software on it that is going to make a lot of people aggravated with their purchase and waste a lot of their time figuring it out.

If you buy it don't let songbird install on your system. You can drag and drop from windows but there will be some error messages from time to time that would most likely be fixed with a good old fashioned Firmware update.
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on August 29, 2012
A few issues (like the time would keep resetting) and with the songbird software that crashes sometimes, but it's not like there are no problems with the iPod touch and iTune...
That said, I wanted an mp3 with an external card.
Did not try the movie, but for the music and the radio, not problem. Recorder is not bad either.
It's nice to have pictures because the screen is quite nice.
Touchscreen is nice as well.
Sound is great with the headset from the box.
Batteries last a long time compared to an iPod.
I can play all day long and still have more for a few days of listening. That's great because I can move around without being plugged in and get the earphones pulled out of my ears when I get up and forget it's plugged in...
I put it in my front pocket and enjoy it without problems.
It's got all that I need for a great price.
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on February 7, 2013
I am amazed on all of the capabilities that this unit offers. If you ever decide to use it for movies, pictures, audio-books, text reader, FM Radio, recording sounds, it can do it all. Oh yeah, and it plays music too, lol.

There is a demo of a video in the M3 Player. It is of an Indy car race. OMG it sounds amazing and plays in crisp Hi-Def on the LCD screen. Pretty Impressive!!! So after watching the Indy-car demo, I imported a full length movie and was impressed yet again of the quality. I was able to fit 2,000 songs “and” a full length movie and had a little bit of space left over.

Importing music and videos is mindless. No special software needed. Just drag & drop and your done!

Navigating the menu is easy and simply just makes sense the way it’s laid out.

The best feature is without a doubt the Hi Def LCD Screen. Very large, Clear, Crisp. This is SO impressive. Has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

The price is very decent compared to other products with the same features.
I’d recommend this product in a big way.
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on November 3, 2012
The touch screen is easy and responsive, movies play well, with great resolution, and are easy to load. However, I purchased the device for music, and in that regard, one cannot find a better device for the price.
The four star rating is for having to use Songbird: the program takes a long time to load on the PC, and there have been a few glitches once loaded; a common problem. I would have been happy to just copy music to my Muse through Windows Media Player, but some of my music will not play by this method.
As for the ear buds that are included, I did not much like the sound, though a purchase of better ear buds gave me the sound I prefer. The equalizer is good and fun to use (moving a circle around to fill out the sound).
Touch scrolling through the album art is also a nice feature. One downside to the touch screen is the lack of control: one moment the screen scrolls slowly, the next it flies by, no in between.
Still, It's a worthy player that I recommend to any one wanting a solid media device for a reasonable price.
A final caveat before buying: the manual is only on the Philips site, as well other helpful information.
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on November 27, 2013
The Philips MP3 Player sounds great. I love the touch screen. The functions and display are fairly intuitive and logical. The earphones provided sound very good. The built in speaker is very small however works good at close distance. 8GB is plenty of space for my music and photos. If you need more storage space the micro SD slot can be utilized to increase storage capacity. Settings include a sleep timer and the player can be also used as a sound recorder. The FM radio works well and has station preset capability. The only thing I can't stand is that the Philips Muse 8 GB comes with a very short USB cord to connect the player to the computer. I actually purchased a short USB extension cord because of this. I find it all in all the Philips 8GB Muse to be a good player with great sound.
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on June 1, 2014
Bought this for my mother not even 2 years ago and it died. This was not a cheap mp3 player and I expected more from Phillips. I called customer service and of course it is past the warranty. The woman did not seem to know what she was doing or have any understanding of the product. I have a much cheaper refurbished mp3 player that I have had for years and it works fine. I am very disappointed with Phillips and will avoid their products in future. Their website is not user friendly and there is no information as to where and how one can submit a complaint. I expected more from a wdll known, respected brand.
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on July 31, 2013
Loved the first one I bought for myself. Hubby had an iPod (he hated it!) I gave him my an older Philips mp3 player I had years ago. He wore that dang thang out! Let him listen to my GoGear Muse 8 for a couple of days, and had a hard time getting it back from him. The sound is wonderful. Great range. Easy to load, operate. Saw this one in Amazon, and bought it quick before someone else got it! He loves that I gave him a brand new one, and not a hand-me-down. Don't tell him I said so, but he is well worth it!
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on September 8, 2012
I really liked the design and features but this mp3 player didn't work even 5 minutes
before it froze after unboxing! can you imagine? I have reset the device, work for another
3 minutes and froze unresponsive again...So far Philips products were on top on my list
in regards of relibility, functionality and design but this is really big disappointment.
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on August 19, 2011
I think I have purchased every brand of MP3 player that Amazon sells, from $60 to $300. I don't do many reviews but had to review this product. I almost didn't buy this MP3 player because there were some pretty harsh negative reviews and I've been burned before by ignoring them. I just returned a Latte Espresso last week that died after a month of use and just didn't know what else to get. I have my $300 Cowon sitting on my desk that I use every day but I just needed something basic with a touchscreen for the gym, that's it. Nothing fancy. This MP3 player is simply amazing. If it died tomorrow I'd buy it again. The Songbird software is querky but I don't know any software that isn't. The touchscreen is pretty darn good, comparable to my Cowon. This MP3 player is so user friendly, I didn't even need to consult the manual. The sound is great and the screen is beautiful. This is a solid piece of equipment, not what I expected at $100.00. If I had to find something to complain about, it would be the earphones. And only because I have trouble finding any earphones that actually stay in my ears! I'm guessing that Philips did some major updates for all of the "bugs" that other users had issues with, or maybe I just got lucky. I'm one of those people that actually buys an MP3 player to listen to music, period! All of the other features are nice I guess but of no interest to me. I did put my pictures and videos on the MP3 player "just because" and am also impressed with those features as well. Bottom line is I can't say enough good things about this player.
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on October 21, 2012
I have always held the name Philips in high regard when it came to audio products, but this MP3 player was a major miss and such a disappointment.

I run Windows 7 and the Songbird software that comes with this device has yet to work successfully. I've given up on using it as it has crashed within seconds of every attempt.

I've owned this device for just over 2 weeks and have had to use the hard reset button 5-6 times (that's once every 2-3 days).

On several occasions, I have turned it on while walking to my car (you have to give it a little while to turn on if you have a lot of music on it); by the time I get to my car the screen is off, so I push the power/lock button to get the screen to come on and... nothing. I push it again and... nothing. I push it a few more times, 30 seconds to a minute apart and NOTHING. Then suddenly, when I'm searching for a pin to hit the reset button the screen turns on then shuts off for a few seconds; on then off, on then off, on then off. THE STUPID THING IS PROCESSING ALL THE BUTTON PRESSES I HAD MADE 4 MINUTES PRIOR!

My final issue with the device is when plugging it into my computer to charge/transfer files; I've yet to plug it in with the power off and have it respond correctly. If I do not turn it on before I plug it in, it turns on upon plug in then freezes & my computer eventually states that "The USB device has not been installed correctly." I then have to unplug it, hit the reset button, turn it on and plug it in anew.

For $85 I expected something much better than this and would not recommend this MP3 player to anyone.

The only positive is the headphones that come with it; they produce amazing sound and have the most comfortable design I've ever experienced with an in-ear headphone set.
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