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on September 13, 2011
I bought this Toshiba to replace the 32" TCL LCD in my bedroom - gave the TCL to my son. Just got this TV yesterday and I wanted to give my first impressions and address some of the concerns listed in other reviews, both here and on other sites. The three main criticisms of this TV were:

1. Only two HDMI ports - I only needed one or two ports anyway, so this did not bother me. If you are purchasing this as your main unit, you need to weigh this considerably. There are ways around it, such as a receiver with HDMI-in ports or an HDMI switch, but unless you own these already, it's money you could spend on a bigger TV.

2. Sound - OK, the sound on this is not great, but it is not as bad as some people are making it out to be. I would say it is about average for TV's of this size and level (I install TV's in clients' conference rooms from time to time). I was really expecting it to be bad after some of the reviews, so when it pretty much sounded on par with my 32" TCL, it kind of made me laugh. I was also able to change the Dolby settings (Compressed or Normal - you have to decide what you like better) to improve the sound. What critics probably dislike is the lack of bass. There is pretty much no bass, but I feel the same way about every other TV of this size I have heard. It does not have RCA or analog out, so you cannot install computer speakers, like some reviewers have complained about. It does have an optical out, which is better because it is feature-forward. I have a Panasonic soundbar already, so I plugged the TV optical out into my soundbar and everything sounded great. I would never spend the money on a TV of this size and use the built-in speakers. At the very least, go with a sound bar. Panasonic makes a very good one and Vizio has one for under $100 on Amazon. My Panasonic is perfect for the bedroom - shows and movies are immersive and the voices are crystal clear. If you want a nice sound system with full bass and don't want to run wires or buy a receiver, get the Panasonic soundbar with the subwoofer. If you just want to significantly improve the sound of the TV, you can buy the soundbar with no subwoofer. It will do nicely (I do not have the subwoofer).

3. Weak HD tuner - I have no idea what the critical reviewers are talking about. This TV picked up every QAM channel, including unencrypted digital, that my cable company provides. What this means is that I hooked the TV straight to my cable line and it picked up all of the local digital HD stations, the music stations, and cable analog stations. It performed as well as my other TV's with no problem. I then hooked up my indoor HD antenna and it picked up 38 stations, including every Milwaukee HD channel and some from Chicago. I live almost 50 miles from Milwaukee and 70 miles from Chicago. It worked as well or better than my other TV's. To put this in context, if I look up on the web what channels I am supposed to receive for my location, it lists 25 stations. I get 38. The TV also has a nice feature that shows how strong the signal is when you pull up a channel.

All in all, the Toshiba is a great TV for the money, especially at $399.98. The picture quality is excellent and the screen has a nice matte finish, so there are no reflections. It is a 60Hz TV, so there will probably be some artifacting during Bluray movie action sequences, but that is to be expected.

It was easy to set up and does everything I ask from a TV of this class.
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on April 17, 2014
This Toshiba model has a great rating on all the consumer sites, which is always a plus when looking for electronics. I was in the market for a TV / Monitor to fit into a very specific location with very specific dimensions, I could not do any fabrication to the location. This Toshiba model actually fit with enough room to not scratch the case. The look in every mode is fantastic, we have been asked if it is a 3D TV many times. There were obviously NO dead pixels.
We are using the Toshiba TV as an: HDTV, Blue-RAY Video, PS2 & 3 gamer, XBOX gamer, VCR Video, Computer Monitor, TV-On-line Browser, etc.
The sound that comes out of the speakers for everyday use is great. I use the TV speakers in conjunction with a surround sound speakers for higher end listening.
The setup of the Toshiba TV is a matter of plugging it in and following the on-screen prompts. If you are unsure of what something is you can click on a button to explain what they are asking for. If you still do not understand, you can push the button that allows the TV to find the best setting, or you can do this every time. It is made for the advanced to the totally afraid of electronics, what more can we ask for.
The cons that I found that might just me being picky were that the setup on-screen language from time to time had spelling, grammatical and just plain bad English type errors.
Even if I was not looking for the perfect fit, I found the perfect fit in a TV that is extremely versatile.

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on February 29, 2012
2/29/12- Just received the Toshiba 40" LCD TV yesterday and it does have a nice bright picture and is relatively easy to set up(I have it on the base standing up simply screw in 4 screws). Looks nice with the glossy black finish. I moved up from an Emmerson 32inch 1080p LCD TV to this.

**FIRST Impression**
After setting up I turned the unit on to a high def. channel and the picture is good, nice and crisp; however, when I turn it up I immediately notice the sound being super tinny with no bass. I expected the sound to not be great after reading several reviews, most of the flat panels I have owned have had OK sound, nothing great. This TV is by far the worse sound out of the 3 different brands I have owned, but it does go up to 100 volume level and I have no problems hearing it, its just very tinny like I said. I have read this in the reviews so no big surprise and I am currently shopping a sound bar, which I recommend to make this tv complete. I was surprised my little 32 inch Emmerson had better sound but oh well.
Overall I like the TV and for the money you can not get a name brand TV this size, unless its black friday or some kind of clearance sale and I would rather have a Toshiba brand TV than a Sceptre, Hisense, Coby, or any other off brands that are in this price range.
---I will check in and update after I have gotten some more use out of it. Thanks and I hope this helps!


After having a little while I am noticing a little blur and mismatched sound, frame rate is only 60, but my 32 inch had a crisp picture so I am not used to the common LCD blurring problems. For 399 I am not complaining.
******Newer Update*******
Been watching a lot of tv and bluray movies and some gaming. The blu-ray looks like crap compared to my old 32 inch emmerson from walmart and the high def channels on my direct tv look blurry and not crisp. Kind of regretting going cheap, and wish I had a nice clear picture like my old 32 inch. Do not buy if you are used to high end tvs, however if its your first I am sure you will enjoy. Just wished it had a better picture
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on December 8, 2012
My husband and I bought this for our bedroom to be used for watching tv and to be used at our computer monitor.
It was time to replace the old humpback.

I searched online for a while and read reviews. This one has some mixed reviews mostly pertaining to sound quality.
This unit had a great price and featured all the inputs/outputs that I thought necessary.
Once it arrived it was simple to set up. It's light weight and was easily attached to a universal wall mount arm. The picture is EXCELLENT. (We have a 50" hdtv in our family room and I prefer this one) There is no glare from the screen, the frame is simple and not distracting, sound is perfectly fine to me.
When I use it on computer mode I have fantastic clarity for working on photoshop projects. A 40" is a bit big for a computer, so sometimes when I am facebooking or web surfing I just move further away. I scoot back in my chair and have my wireless key board and mouse in my lap.
I haven't encountered any flat screen tvs that had movie theater sound so I don't understand the complaints. If you want a flat screen and you want surround sound with booming base you need to fork out the extra money and get a sound system.
So yes, I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
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on December 20, 2011
If a specialist installs this TV at your home and connects it appropriately to a received or a H-T system, you'll be very pleased with its excellent performance. Otherwise, you'll be pleased with the picture but not very pleased with the sound - you need someone who knows what they' re doing in order to connect it properly. If the picture was "just one tick" better, it could compete with much more expensive sets.
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on August 20, 2011
This is my first HD television although I've had experience working with them due to my job as a computer tech. The picture quality on this TV is on par with the better screens I've seen. When a BR disk is playing (connected with HDMI) it's astounding. The sound on the unit goes very high without the vibration I've heard other TVs produce at higher volumes. The high notes are a bit sharp on the unit at higher volumes and the only reason I gave it a 4 star on sound quality.

Setup was simple...snap together some plastic for the base and plug it in.

I've not used the unit with any other devices outside of my BR player. I've used Vudu, Netflix, normal DVDs and Blueray and all look great. Even the standard definition DVD and Netflix feeds look sharp.

If you're wanting a TV that's simple to use without any fuss or tweaking with settings or configurations this one is perfect as that's what I was looking for in a TV.
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on September 12, 2011
I bought this in the dip when it was $400 and my review reflects this price. At $450 there may be more attractive options out there.

Unboxing: The stand is somewhat flimsy and cannot be angled. Assembly is straightforward.

Powering Up: after the language selection there is a choice for Cable or Antenna. The TV took about 1 minute to find my local stations.

Video: screen quality is great on HD sources. this seems to be a personal judgment, but it looks great to my eyes.

Audio: I was prepared to hate it in light of the reviews, but for medium volume sound with mostly dialogue it is just fine in a medium sized living room.

Remote: nothing of note. it works.

Ports: you know what you're buying, so either it is sufficient for your needs or not. Both HDMI ports worked out of the box.


Conclusion: at $400 I feel like this was a great deal.
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on December 28, 2012
We bought two of them for our family room...we had the problem about two same remote when we want to turn on or off
also changes in menu as both tv will change at the same time so we had to use one remote to stand very close to one of the tv then be able to turn on/off for that tv not both tv
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on April 7, 2014
I have stuck with the Toshiba brand for all of my tvs and this is just another great one delivery made me nervous but no need it came all safe and sound...thanks Amazon...thanks Toshiba.
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on April 13, 2012
The panel looked good when it was working but in under 3 months the unit will not turn on. the Amazon return period ended 35 days ago so now I have to deal with Toshiba and their warranty program. I've always been happy with Amazon but my first experience with Toshiba has been disappointing.
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