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on May 18, 2011
Did a ton of research on TV's before making a purchase on this set. I settled on this one for a few key reasons.
1)Cnet really likes the quality of Samsung screens
2)I wanted an LED screen because they are thin and sleek, this one has a great look
3)I don't need internet apps because I have an Apple TV (seriously consider this and save some bucks(no hulu though))
4)Almost all the screens I've seen that friends own with 120Hz have that function turned off (soap opera effect)
5)Got a screamin deal off Amazon Warehouse Deals

For all of these reasons, this TV is a great fit for me. I was worried about a few things going into it though.
1)I read a lot about light bleeding in from the edges because of the edge-lit technology. After straight up plug and play for a few weeks now, I am totally pleased with the picture. In frames with all low level blacks, it does have a bit of a hard time blending smoothly though, and eventually I have seen a couple scenes of very low light where there are very very faint white light shadows creeping in from the corners towards the center of the screen. All in all though, it really has only bothered me once or twice, and I was trying to find them. Just watching the screen like a normal viewer, the picture is great.
2)People have complained about poor sound quality. I live in a small studio apartment, so I don't have a sound system, and I was worried about this, but I've found the sound to be totally adequate for my small space. If you are an audiophile in a large living room then you will definitely need a sound system, but you probably have that anyway. I usually have the speakers set to 20-40 out of 100 (increments of 1 are nice).

So for all that and just another couple minor things keep me from rating this a total 5 stars:
1)The remote looks like it was designed for and elderly person. Sure, it's easy to read the buttons and find them, but it looks and feels like one of those big button touch tone phones. Totally functional though, and I basically only use it for volume and source selection.
2)The HDMI inputs are just behind the beveled edge facing out to the right side, so if the cords going in are relaxed, they are visible from the side. I have a cord management piece going behind the center of the screen, so the cords have a little torque on them to turn 180 to get there. Minor inconvenience, but the screen is 1.2 inches thick, and I guess those things have to go somewhere.
3)The box arrived with a gaping hole in it and I could see the screen through it, yikes! I don't know if it left Warehouse Deals like that or if it was a shipping thing, but I thought someone put their foot through it. Turns out everything is fine, whew.
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on December 27, 2011
I own 3 Samsung TVs and DVD players, overall the products are excellent and very happy with the quality. Picture quality with this TV is very good. But the sockets for component, ac power and HDMI ports are positioned very awkward.

I had problems with my component video and picture was not rendering properly, called Samsung customer service for help. Right from the beginning, representative objective was more defensive rather helping, she kept blaming on cable connection which was perfectly fine and worked with my old TV but then she turned very rude primarily kept telling me there is nothing she can do. Again I was looking for technical help and She could not help and what troubled me is that tone she had set from the beginning and refuse to help troubleshooting. I figured the problem was with component cable that was using with my old TV, even though it is working fine with my old TV, for some reason it did not work with this Samsung, so I changed another cable and it worked.

Bottomline, my experience with this TV started bad, otherwise it is a great TV when it comes to picture quality. Samsung customer service has long way to go to even reach basic one star rating.
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on July 16, 2011
I used to own a 6-series 46" tv by Samsung with 120hz. However, when moving across country, I decided to part ways with it. I decided to use this 32" as a replacement for the time-being until I pick up a larger TV for the living room. For now, this set is in the bedroom and works great as a computer monitor and blu-ray watcher with a home theater setup.

The TV's styling is gorgeous and Samsung knows what it's doing with the Touch of Color looks. this LED is lightweight and would love to have the Samsung wall mount to "hang" it on sometime soon. It is incredibly thin compared to my old CCFL LCD TV.

As far as picture quality, I do not miss the 120hz as much as I thought I would. As many have stated, 120hz adds that weird effect of "too real," which can make lower budget graphics look really fake or acting look sub-par. I HAVE noticed a little clouding and bleeding from the top two corners. However, the only time I ever noticed it was at night with all lights off during credits of a movie and I could see the slight leakage in the top black bar. During the film, I have yet to notice it.

I can't comment on the audio, as I hooked it right up to a 5.1 setup.

I will also say that the connections are ample, yet the placement of the majority of inputs being so close to the edge of the tv (and facing sideways) means that inflexible HDMI cables will have a tough time staying behind the set.

great set overall.
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on December 15, 2011
Cut to the chase - must use VGA cable if your doing it as a computer monitor. HDMI will give you huge headache due to ragged text display. I've tweaked it for hours and couldn't make it look good. You will be amazed at the VGA quality. It was way better than I expected. Everything is crisp and you don't need to color correct anything.

This monitor would be considered overkill if your only using it for a computer monitor but I bought it because I wanted to have that extra features incase I will do console gaming on it.

The features that sold me was the slim design , weight of 15 lbs(mounted) , the sharpness , power consumption of 77w compare to me 28" monitor that was sucking 100w and producing heat from the LCD . This LED has amazing contrast qualities , doesn't give off heat and has a millions inputs and outputs in the back.

I know there are other 32" or even 37,40" for the same price. You get what you pay for truly. Visio, Westinghouse and even LG are in the same price range that offer more inch for your buck. But if you take this TV and sit it next to all the others. This is far better quality down the each pixel plus with other brands you just won't get that sleak look from that awesome bezel. I've played LOL, BF3 , SC2 , MW3 on this already and have experienced no ghosting .
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on September 24, 2011
I waited a while to write this review to make sure this TV was operating as it should. What can I say... I love my new Samsung, this is my 3rd Samsung purchased and the quality is great! I bought this TV for my bedroom just in time for football season since that is all that is on my living room TV while my husband is home. HD picture quality is amazing and sometimes he watches the game in the room while I use the bigger TV in the living room for movies. Great picture, blacks are great, but you should know that I watch at frontal view, as I don't need to viewing from an angle. I currently do not have any other devices hooked up to this TV yet so I cannot say how easy the installation or compatibility is with other devices, however initial set up was simple. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.
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on December 29, 2011
This is our second Samsung flat screen - the first was an LCD - and we love it. Looked at comparable LEDs side by side, and this had the best picture quality - crisp, clear, vivid. It was a breeze to set up (took about 20 minutes to hook up - used an HDMI cable [you'll need to purchase one] - quick and easy; set preferences; and hook up the DVD player with the adapter provided with the TV). Sound is pretty decent without a system or sound bar. Will use it primarily for TV and DVD viewing, and occasional Xbox Kinect gaming. It's in a small room - 12 X 16 - and is a good 9 feet from the main viewing seating. Base swivels. Great value through Amazon!
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on November 20, 2011
This TV is simply great for the price. It's thin, lightweight, the picture is awesome, the controls are easy to use. I use this as a TV, a 2ndary monitor for a Mac and PC, Xbox and PS3. Paid about 600 bux shipped from Amazon- got here quickly and in good shape. All my buddies out here in Afghanistan want one too after they saw this one. If you are just a normal person who isn't interested in a technophile review, this a great TV.
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on April 9, 2012
I have had this tv for about 6 months now, and haven't had any problems with it. I have been using it as my all around monitor/TV for my cable, PS3/Blu-Ray, Xbox, and Computer monitor. Everything has worked flawlessly with it and looks excellent. Only things I don't like about it is there is some slight corner light leaking during black/darker scenes and the sound quality isn't great. But hooking it up to my speakers makes it that much better. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a smaller bedroom TV.
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on October 10, 2011
Ordered this LED without knowing much about Samsung TV's. Couldn't be happier. Great picture, sound is just fine (although many thought otherwise...can't imagine why!) and the set up was simple to do without any help. Working with Modia was a pleasure. I would definitely use them for any future home video/theater needs!
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on December 30, 2011
Is it possible to fall in love with your TV, because I think I might just be. I have been waiting, saving, and actively looking for the perfect flat screen for years now. This TV is it! It is the perfect combination of beauty and simplicity. The picture is gorgeous and the LED display is worth it compared to LCD Models. To top it off, this is a very easy to use TV. No bells and whistles, no bloated software trying to get you to join, it has a straight forward remote that is the size of a remote. The USB port is a nice addition that gives you all the function of hooking up your computer, without hogging your computer. You can even use a traditional, non HDMI computer monitor hookup if you don't have HDMI. I hate my cable company so opted for Roku and an antenna, and I can assure you the picture with an antenna is breathtaking. My only complaint is that it's almost impossible to take my eyes off it.
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