Customer Reviews: CW-X Men's Stabilyx Running Tights
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on November 20, 2012
I had the pleasure of picking up a pair of the CW-X Stabilyx compression tights at the start of the fall season (2012). So far they have functioned brilliantly. I love, love, love the feeling of extra support around the knees with their unique design. The longer waist is really nice. The only thing that would make this product better is if they had better support for 'the boys' similar to Skins cup design in the front of their compression.

A little background, I am an ultrarunner who does 50-80 miles of running per week. I have used 2XU, Skins, Under Armor, and Sugoi compression products and these tights are superior by a long shot. I will be back to update how many miles I get out of this gear, but based on performance of other compression tights, I would expect 400-500 miles.

UPDATE: I have now put just over 100 miles on these tights - my review still stands with the exception of long runs. I am going to dock a star because the seams on these tights are not flat and have a pretty ragged edge which will nearly cut your nuts in half on any run beyond 9-10 miles (and this is even with body glide applied liberally). So for short or medium length runs, these are great. If going further, look elsewhere for maximum comfort.
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on January 2, 2013
As a middle-aged runner, the CW-X Men's Stabilyx tights has been instrumental not only in helping me recover from my shin splints but also in preventing future ones. As you will read in other reviews, it is essential that you understand that the sizes do not match conventional ones that we normally wear. In other words, don't lie to yourself about your weight;otherwise, you'll find yourself fighting to put them on and to take them off!

Once you have the right fit, you may find that when you first run with them that your legs may feel slightly restricted. There could be a couple of reasons. First, you lied to yourself about your weight; second, you did not place the middle of each leg over each knee; third, you washed them first and then put them in the dryer--a big no no; or four, you have a long stride when you run. Starting your run, the tights are always slightly tighter, but after five to ten minutes, they naturally stretch so that your legs can kick up higher but not longer. Not being able to stride as long is actually a positive, as doctors will tell you that a longer stride typically leads to injuries, something I only appreciated after I became injured after overstriding.

The main benefit, of course, is the protection a runner gains from wearing these tights. If you are not prone to injury, then something lighter may be more beneficial. I wear the tights, however, because they protect my shins, my knees, the outer part of my quads, and my hips. While I wear them for protection, my pace has not dwindled; if anything, it has improved since I feel more secure when I run.

Also, if you're self-conscious about running around the park or the neighborhood, you can always wear shorts over them, which is what I do. And how do they fair in warmer weather? While I wouldn't wear them during Houston's summers, I find them comfortable enough to wear uring the other seasons. If you're prone to injury and looking for that extra support, then by all means check out these tights. You won't regret it!
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on February 9, 2014
I have tried many running tights and compression pants over the past several years. One of the first I ever bought were from CW-X... And then I went off looking for a cheaper alternative, because I'm not made of money. Some of my other purchases were ok, some didn't maintain their compression, some sagged and wouldn't stay in place. While all of my other purchases were cheaper, many quickly found their way into the donation pile which meant I spent more money looking for the next option. Remember how I'm not made of money? So this purchase makes my third pair of CW-X tights, because investing in good equipment that takes care of you makes sense.

So, let's talk about the good and the bad for a second.
Good: lots of research has clearly gone into these tights. I'm used to kinesio tape as a means to support body function, and these tights work that same concept right into the fabric. You can feel the difference the moment you put them on. I can't speak to the exact percentage of increased performance, but the difference is something you can feel and that isn't something most pants can claim.

Bad: well, let's be honest, these are pricey. Good, but on the high dollar amount is still an obstacle. While a good performance enhancing running tight is awesome it simply isn't necessary for 90% of the runners out there where "fine" would work just as well. Unless you compete, or you have some disposable income to toss around you can get away with good options at half the cost. My other, somewhat trivial, complaint is the lack of pockets. There is a rather small pocket much like you find inside a swimsuit, but it isn't real secure and forget carrying much more than a small key. My car keys are too big for the pocket and I don't have large electronic keys like my wife's car has. Many other running shorts and tights have a zippered pocket centered on the back at about the waistline. This option is secure, can be made big enough to carry an ID with you, and really doesn't screw with construction like side pockets since compression is still a goal here. If they added this feature they would be head and shoulders above the closest competition.

All that being said, these are my favorite go-to tights for races and days when I need a little extra for a hard run. For that they overcome the couple minor setbacks and get a 5-star rating from me.
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on November 13, 2012
I agree with the other positive reviews out there--these work as advertised. I am 41 years old and pretty fit, but my muscles don't recover quite as quickly as in my youth. These tights really do provide excellent support. I experience noticeably less soreness and fatigue after a run, and recovery time is shorter. It also seems like I am a little bit faster than when in shorts. The waist is quite high and does provide good lower-back support. I have run in them in the high 30's and find them to be adequately warm, but I will be purchasing the insulated version for wintertime.

These babies are snug, but they're supposed to fit that way. It takes a few minutes to put them on and to get all the "support webbing" adjusted, especially the knees. I am 5'10" and in the low 190's., and I went with a medium, as the company's website showed I was right on the edge between M and L. Their sizing chart seems accurate; I don't think I'll be able to eat too many donuts and still expect these to fit without cutting off my circulation. I'd say 190-195 is the realistic limit.

My only nitpicks are that the waist tends to fold over unless my compression shirt is tucked into it (though I suspect my, ahem, lack of a six-pack doesn't do me any favors there) and that the reflective strips are already cracking from being stretched out (maybe due, in part, to me bumping against the upper weight limit for my size). They also bunch up just a little bit behind the knees when running, but not enough to concern me, and in any case I don't know how that can be avoided.

These tights are excellent--it's not a gimmick. I intend to wear them on all but the hottest days now, and I can't recommend them highly enough.
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on October 3, 2015
I will not wear anything in running tights except for the CW-X Stability tights, either capri, or long tights. They hold up wash after wash. I hang them to dry, but I wear this brand everyday for my job as a personal trainer or for my own workouts. I have a long list of issues related to my knees and these tights hold them securely in place. I love the abdominal panel which helps during ab work. Since wearing these tights, I no longer have the same issues with pulling my hamstrings either. They are professional looking and do not pill with the fabic. I have bought countless number of them because they have some different threading or colors woven within to make them unique. I am pumped I found the red, green , yellow, and blue threading with one of the pairs. They are a little pricey, but worth every penny. I am up and down all day and they preserve the strength in my legs so I can on my legs and not be fatigued. Once I owned my first pair, I have been a faithful customer time and time again. Not that they don't hold up, I want a new style to add to many I own!
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on October 6, 2012
I wore these the night hey arrived in the mail and immediately noticed an improvement in how my legs felt. I also have had issues with my knees and these provided great support on the first test run today. After five miles I felt much better than without the added support. Will definitely buy another pair of cwx.
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on August 23, 2016
I am very pleasant with this product. I can run effectively with this and can reduce the possibility of injury. It provides me with strong support for my legs in a long running and protects my knees well.
The materials of this product are thicker and stronger than other tights I’ve purchased. I felt very comfortable and my legs are contoured well. But you should pay more attention to the size and find a best one that suits you perfectly. Because it will help improve your strength in a normal exercise.
It also has a competitive price on the market. Anyway, the high-quality tight is an ideal option for those who love sports and running. This tight is absolutely my favorite! Definitely recommend.
I got this last year and the elastic is still good after times of washing.
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on May 11, 2014
These tights did have a positive impact on my tight calves and knee problems, but beyond that, they were an expensive experiment. I'm 6'2 and about 170lbs and found two problems after wearing these on several 10 mile runs:

1. Inseam is just too short for a tall skinny person. Pull them up and they are not placed correctly around the knee. Place them correctly around the knee, and they ride low in the crotch.
2. The crotch rides fairly low and has a couple seams. First run I didn't wear anything under the tights and had to turn back after a half mile. Too much movement and too many seams, it was going to be disastrous. Since that first run, I've tried compression shorts, which caused the tights to slide down faster, and an under armour athletic supporter which worked ok underneath.

Overall, I'm not sure these tights are going to work for me.
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on May 13, 2014
i bought these because i have bad knees (2 acl replacements and meniscus repairs in my right knee, and 1 meniscus repair in my left knee). because of this i have problems with swelling in my knee. ive worn these several times now after exercising (after a shower and stretch) for several hours and to bed. i noticed an improvement in the way my knees felt the next day right away, but i remained on the fence, weary of the placebo effect. after this past weekend of playing my first game of basketball in a long time as well as extensive cycling, i put the pants on for the evening and wore them to bed. i was amazed at how well my knees felt the next day. the usual excessive swelling wasnt there and my knees were able to bend with much more comfort than usual. its no miracle, i still have some discomfort and swelling, however, it has been greatly reduced. i would highly recommend anyone try out compression pants. i purchased these ones after researching the products and deciding they, the cw-x stabilyx had the best reputation for what i wanted.
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on June 28, 2013
Compression wise, this is a fantastic pair of tights. I could feel the support bands supporting my movement. Material is thicker than both Skins and 2XU tights...depending on the individual it might or might not be a good thing. Just a couple of small issues with it. I find that its waist rides a little high for my liking (supposed to support the core and lower back, so its to be expected I guess). Second thing is that after aligning the knee portion, I find that the bottom part ends a little high above the ankles, while I have just a little bit of loose fabric from the knee up to the groin area....seems like it was built for someone with longer thighs and shorter knee-to-ankle lengths than me....but I don't think I'm alone on this one. Otherwise, its a fantastic pair of thights for recovery or moderate climate activity...could get too warm in hot weather as its thick.
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