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on August 26, 2015
Product has changed, starting with a new company logo on the tag. Patterned material shown in photo has been replaced by one with a barely raised grid pattern. New dimensions with pouch closed are 5.5" x 7.75". The seams are not sewn straight and pucker. The neck strap has a couple of twists in it, but is thicker and more comfortable than the other neck pouches I have bought and returned.

In March of this year I bought the Lewis N Clark pouch with the front holder for my driver's license to take with me on a trip to the UK. It was the perfect security for my passport, cell phone, and keys. When I got home I gave it to a family member who was going on a cruise.

But I missed having it and hit the buy-it-again button. I got the redesigned pouch that covers up the top strip of my driver's license, is made of cheaper material, and was badly sewn. It was also larger and I wanted the original .

After sending back the replacement and another even worse made pouch from another company, I will keep this one because it is good enough.
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I immediately purchased this useful product after my passport slipped out of my wallet during a trip abroad.

If the product was more stealthy it would earn 5 stars. However, Irrespective of height adjustment, I found that it was visible bulging through my T-shirt whilst traveling. It helped to raise it higher towards the chest than to lower it toward my abdomen. I also tried extending the neck loop and stuffing it into my pants, but it would back out as I walked and then fall forward against my t-shirt. I don't want to look like a drug mule when I go through customs, nor do I wish to attract attention to myself among the locals. Perhaps something worth hiding may be worth having. If I find a better way to place it flush, I will update this review.

However, I cannot imagine another product that would function any better. The only real functional complaint I might have is that it's a very tight fit shoe-horning a passport into either of the side zipper pockets. Fits, but that extra time and fumbling can mean dropping something when trying to quickly access documents.

The wallet is slim, high quality, and offers enough storage space to satisfy me. I plan to use it often and give it two thumbs up. It gives me tremendous piece of mind.
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on July 8, 2013
I'm traveling to Europe this summer and wanted something to hold my cash, credit cards, etc. so I don't have to carry a purse.

I've started walking in a nearby park to get in shape and have been using this to hold my credit card, driver's license and Medicare and supplement cards. I originally put it around my neck and then positioned it under my t-shirt. But once I cut my hair short, I didn't like the idea that the cord was visible at the back of my neck. Seemed too easy for a thief to come close to me and cut the cord, so I started wearing it around my waist and tucked it inside my shorts. Even though I am a size 16-18, I have no problem adjusting the cord to go around my waist.


Just got back from my cruise around Italy and the stash worked very well. I put the cord around my waist and tightened it up, then I slipped the pouch down the front of my pants and tucked the cord inside my waistband. I don't think anyone could tell I had the pouch down my pants and I was careful to pull it out very discretely so as to not draw attention to it. For example, I'd take out money when I was in the bathroom or in my transportation vehicle.

My US Passport fit inside the pouch with room to spare, but the passport did make the pouch a little stiff, which wasn't as comfortable as without the passport in it. I put my credit cards and seapass card into the zippered compartment on the side and my Euros into the long compartment going up and down. It didn't occur to me at the time, but I could have put the Euro coins into the other zippered compartment.

For the trip from the airport to the hotel, and then the next day for trip from the hotel to the seaport, I wore two stashes - one on each side of my front. I had brought extra dollar bills for tipping on the ship and I couldn't get everything into the one pouch. The two pouches felt comfortable, but for the rest of the trip I only wore one pouch

Using this pouch allowed me to go out without my purse, which gave me a sense of security that I wouldn't lose everything if someone snatched my bag. In addition, the weather was very hot and it felt nice not having to carry a heavy purse.
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on October 5, 2014
This is a great item, one that every woman (or guy) should consider using, especially if you're somewhere where you might not want to carry a purse or wallet - street fair, sports competition, traveling abroad, or even if you're just out for a long walk. This is a very lightweight, well-made neck stash that is very comfortable to wear (you actually forget it's there!), but it's nice because you have your essentials right on your chest so there's very little fumbling for ID, cards, or funds. Plenty of room in there for everything you need - unless you need a full makeup bag, which I don't think would fit - but there's room for keys, ID, credit cards, tissues, lip balm, tickets, etc. etc. I'm very glad I got this for my trip to Florida this winter and again for my upcoming high school reunion in Hawaii. I can pack my purse and just wear this around my neck with all my necessities. No more worries about having your purse stolen!
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on December 11, 2012
This is exactly as described. Nothing surprising about it. I used it when I was traveling to Cancun Mexico. Very convenient pockets. The zippered pockets make it feel secure so I don't have to worry about money falling out.

It is also very light weight, the neck strap was smooth and comfortable. The strap is also very long, you can wear it like a purse if you want. The fabric was also very smooth and it was breathable. Sometimes i had it under my shirt directly against the skin and it did not cause any discomfort or chaffing.

This thing hangs directly in front of you around your neck. I don't think you need to pay for the more expensive version that features slash resistant fabric. If someone is close enough with a knife to slash a pouch hanging from your neck, you got other problems.
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on February 9, 2015
I used this neck stash on a 3 week visit to Europe in summer of 2014. It worked great! Sometimes I put my wallet, passport, visa, extra cash and credit cards in it. I didn't really need all the little pockets in this stash, but no big deal. Often at hotels I pulled out my wallet and put the stash in the room safe. It was comfortable wearing it around my neck under my shirt, although clearly I had a mysterious bulge. In some ways the best part of having it was that when on the move I had the peace of mind keeping track of my essentials all in one place. I find if I have things spread across 2, 3 or 4 pockets I'm more likely to lose something...or at least panic momentarily when I discover it's not in the usual pocket, but instead another one of my 10 pockets (yea, count em when you're wearing cargo shorts and a windbreaker). If you have less stuff, like just a passport and a spare credit card, you could easily do with a smaller stash.
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on November 22, 2012
This Neck Stash was purchased for a trip to Universal Studios, DisneyWorld and other theme parks full of thrill rides and adventure. It was perfect for the job. I wore it on my neck inside my blouse and outside too depending on how rough the ride was. Safe and secure and comfortable, it is soft enough to be kind to my neck but sturdy enough to hold my important things.

It has a zipper on the left I used for my ID and car key and big money I wouldn't be using most of the time. The separate zipper pocket on the right, I used for loose bills used for drinks and snacks when I was in a hurry and fumbling for bucks. The top velcro pocket is split in to two separate pockets the full depth of the bag. I used one for a map and the other for odds and ends like post cards I bought and didn't want to bend.

So there was no need to carry a purse and my hands were free all week.

The neck cord is soft and long. It has a slide on it to easily change it short or long. And when I got home with ketchup on the bag, it laundered and got even softer.
This was a purchase I am very happy I made.
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on May 16, 2013
The neck straps are adjustable but long. When I wear it on my neck, the cord is sorta thin (but hella durable) and it cut into my skin and also rubbed my neck. So I wore it around my waist underneath my shorts and it worked! But the cord was so long they'd show underneath. This isn't made to hold to much. The bare minimum so the pouch stays flat. Can wear it cross body if you'd like underneath your clothes. The material is breathable. Next time I'll see if with a short elastic strap I can wear it around my ankle. All in all...worth the price. Everything I kept in there wasn't gonna fall out stolen. The only way this pouch was leaving my body was if someone either cut the cord, stole the pouch when I was sleeping , or took me along with the pouch.
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on January 29, 2013
Had this product not come with an unstitched seam, I would have given it a higher rating, however having to resew the back onto the binding has resulted in an "it's okay" rating from me.

I bought this in anticipation of my daughter traveling overseas to participate in a study abroad program through her university. She thought she know where a previously bought (and different brand) neck stash wallet was, but could not find it.

The device is comfortable, she says, not stiff with enough pockets to secure her passport, money and other documents.

Had it not been ordered at the last minute, I would have returned it for a replacement, but due to time constraints, I stitched it up and sent her on her way.

I would recommend you order early, and QA this or similar items for defects, since loosing one's identification or cash would make for a very bad trip.
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on August 4, 2013
I bought two of these pouches for a recent vacation to Europe. It was comfortable to wear as long as I didn't put too much in it. It was fine with credit cards, driver's license and some cash but when I added my passport it became a bit heavy and bulky, but not prohibitively so. I think if you are planning on carrying your passport with credit cards it will work well for you, but if you are not planning on carrying your passport around, a pouch that is smaller might work better.

This pouch is likely a good size if you are carrying quite a bit of stuff, but it will stick out under your clothes if your passport is in it. A lot more comfortable with only a bit of cash and credit cards.

It is also a l longer in length than I realized. Its so long that I could wear it around my neck and tuck it into my pants. My daughter refused to wear it since it is quite bulky under your clothes.
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