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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2014
I got these in December 2012 and have been using them on and off since. I often put these in a backpack or bag when I am out and about. They are compact, don't take a lot of space (the earcups fold flat), they are lightweight (4.1oz without the cable on the scale, close to 5oz with the cable on the scale) and if they get lost or break, it's not a big financial loss. They are very unassuming when you wear them, so you don't stand out at a coffee shop as "that guy" with the "giant headphones".

BIG HEAD FRIENDLY: as a big head owner, this is one of the first things I check with headphones. Despite their compact on-ear size, these are very big head friendly. The slider on each side of the headband gives you up to an extra 4.3cm, independently adjusted. If I wear them at full extension, they are too loose. On the other hand, I can just barely fit into the Monoprice 8323 at full extension, even though they are much larger headphones.

COMFORT: There is no padding at the top of the headband, but even with extended wear, I don't have any comfort issues (1.5 years after purchase; I don't recall the original out of the box experience). The earpads are still intact with no flaying. I don't use them in extreme situations but I don't baby them either. When in a bag, I just put them in a soft headphone pouch which can't protect them from impact (they fit inside this Shure HPACP1 Headphone Carrying Pouch for SRH240A, SRH240, SRH440, SRH550DJ, SRH750DJ and SRH840 Headphones). They survived a couple of falls from table height down to a non-carpeted surface.

BANG for THE BUCK MUSIC: for modern music (rock, alternative, R&B, etc), these are great bang for the buck headphones. While they are not perfect and audiophiles and critical listeners can point out various issues with them, considering the price, they do a pretty good job of playing different genres of modern music without distracting you from the actual music listening experience. And that's all you can ask at this price range. I haven't used them with classical music.

ISOLATION and LEAKAGE: they are better at limiting leakage (other people hearing your music) than isolation (other sounds getting to your ears). They do reduce outside sounds but they are about average at this compared to other headphones. If this is a big concern, you may want to try them first or check the return policy.

CABLE: The cable is not removable and it is attached to both earcups. You can use it with smartphones and tablets to listen to music but there is no mic and no remote for phone calls or music control. The jack is 90 degrees, with two rings. I did not have a problem plugging it into any cased device, but I don't use big and thick cases. Random general purpose non-threaded 1/4" adapters work fine with this.

LEFT and RIGHT: You can easily tell the left from the right earcup, the right side has a red mark. There's also a L and R on the inside above the earcup that's not easy to see. But you can also tell L/R by touch, on the outside, just above the earcup, the Left side has a dot, while the Right side has no dots. If you close your eyes and touch that area, you can easily tell them apart, so that's a plus for people with eyesight limitations.
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on March 7, 2017
If you buy from amazon you won't receive a knock off that's cheap like a lot of these negative reviews describe.
I've been wanting these for a while now and I'm so happy I got them! I have headphones on a lot and these don't bother me after long time of use. They sound AMAZING compared to most headphones. And they're made of such quality material!
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on May 26, 2017
I know very little about differences in headphones - I simply wanted an inexpensive selection suitable for listening to meditation recordings. I chose these after viewing the video review posted by a young man (thank you, so much!) who also purchased this Sony brand. These headphones function perfectly for my unsophisticated needs and most importantly, my meditation downloads can be heard very clearly, in stereo. The fit is relatively comfortable and adjustments can easily be made. I was happy to find a tactile display designating the left side, as well as a color marking in red for the right. Very satisfied with my purchase.
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on August 9, 2014
Decent sound, economical choice. Appear a bit cheaply made, I think the all-black selection may look better than this red/black color, but it isn't horrible - not garish. Sound quality is pedestrian; I would rate 3 stars based solely on sound. Four stars includes value/affordability factors.

Y-cord means wires go to each cup; single, one-sided wire models usually have the wire enter the Left cup, which gives a handy way to make certain you don't reverse the channels. Y-cord models depend on marking, but I could find no such indicators, so I did a "left/right channel test" search with my browser - lots of these available free and instantaneous online - determined which side was which and used a Sharpie to mark a neat "L" on the appropriate cup centered below the "Sony" logo/name. It's harder to make a neat "R" so I just do the left side - triple-check that you get this right if you do this, since a Sharpie's ink is indelible. Come to think of it, had I chosen the all-black model, this would not work so neatly. Hmmm...glad I did get the red now that I think about it.

Those who are considering these should also consider spending a bit more for the outstanding value of the Monoprice Model 108323, available via Amazon, which are clearly superior to these in every way. That said, if this is the most you want to spend, then these Sony headphones are hard to beat at the price.

UPDATE: After using these a couple days, I just have to say that the sound is better than I initially appreciated. Bass is not overblown (as seems to often be the case these days)and while perhaps not entirely accurate, bass is quite pleasant. Mids seem to be the strong point, at least to my ears, and as I am getting older I find that most days I can't hear beyond 10khz, though on a really good day I sometimes hear 12khz, so I'll let others review the highs above 10k.

There's something addictive about the sound which keeps drawing me to use these, even sometimes when I could be listening to my excellent speakers. In many ways these remind me of the Sony MDR-S101's I had years ago, which were the budget darling of the time. No, they aren't the best, but you are unlikely to do as well at the $15 asking price with something else. At this price, the fact that they sound pleasant, rather than unpleasant, makes them a winner for me.

Much Later Edit - I do like the sound of these headphones and just bought my second pair, this time in white to match a pocket radio. The red pair I bought fell prey to a young girl's birthday. We had no gift! So she got the red pair, which she uses all the time and really loves. I use mine when I'm riding 'round the 'hood in my golf cart.
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on August 23, 2017
My kiddo loves these! We've had a few pairs of movie or character themed "kids" headphones, which have all been terrible pieces of junk, and I wanted to graduate him to a proper set of headphones with clear sound. I found these as an alternative, so he would actually use them, and they worked wonders. They fit acceptably well on my head, but with the band at it's shortest, fits his head perfectly (he's 5). Since these fold flat, they fit very nicely in a bag or backpack.
I tested the sound, which was clear and full-bodied, and the headphones were reasonably comfortable during my test.
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on October 10, 2014
I have two pair of Sony 7506s for field audio monitoring, but I bought this pair for a hoot and an extra pair in case a client wants to hear the audio track on remote shoots. I was very surprised when I tested them on my field mixer to learn that they sounded great, they were comfortable and light to wear, and looked professional. They don't fold up into a compact size. The cable is a quite a bit shorter than the 7506s. The connector is 90 degrees, so if you're looking for a straight connector, this won't do. The size of the ear pads fit on the ear, not over the ear, like the 7506s, so there is less isolation from ambient sound on these pair, but the sound is very good for what I would consider a throw-away set of cans. Good choice for a spare set of cheap cans if you're a video shooter. I'm tempted to get another pair. I bought a black pair to go along with the black stage dress protocol. They also come in colors other than black, which is kind of cool if you want your cans to stand out from the rest, or as a theft deterrence measure.
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Up until now, I have only used "earbuds", "phone headsets" or lightweight "open air" style of headphones. So as I own 2 Galaxy Tab 2 tablets, and also Galaxy Note, I wanted to invest in a better quality SONY white headset (that will match all my devices) without spending tons of money!!! This worked so well for me.

1) Lightweight and comfortable on my ears for playing music or videos for an extended period of time.

2) The sound is excellent for this price: It exceeds so well the high and low notes! In fact, I have heard notes that I never noticed before on my "earbuds" or standard Sony open air headset! At this moment, I am listening to music on my GNote with this headset and I am hearing both excellent treble and bass.

3) The VALUE is superb for just about $16, I am very pleased, in fact, the sound coming from this headset sounds like it is coming from a more expensive headset.

Hope that you enjoyed this review and I hope that it has been helpful for you.
Thank you.
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on November 25, 2013
I use these at work most days for listening to podcasts while software testing. They are nothing special, but they do the job. On the rare occasions I do listen to music, they are passable. Highs and Lows aren't extraordinary, but then again I'm not listening too loud, as I have to be considerate of people near me. I like that the earphones fold flat, making it easy to store in my desk drawer. Additionally, I have a rather large, balding head, so while it fits my head, the hard plastic band digs a bit - I tend to tilt it back quite a ways. I wish I could move the wires, as they end up on my cheeks. Annoying. If I could lock my desk, I'd invest in something more expensive, but for what I paid and my needs, these do alright. I've used these 4-6 hours, 4-5 days a week for about 5 months now and they hardly show any wear (earpads aren't even beginning to get "crunchy"). That at least is pleasing. For how little I had to pay for them, that speaks well for their quality...

EDIT 3/20/14 - almost a year with these now - using them everyday for hours at work. Still has good sound, holding together great. Increasing a star due to durability. No complaints...
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on May 5, 2014
I shoot video and I needed a couple of headphone sets - one for location shooting and one to leave plugged into my computer. I bought two of these Sony models. They are durable, fold up small, and they don't have a curly cord; three big pluses for me. The drawback is that they have a very short cord and the ear pads are a bit small, allowing outside sound to leak in. The audio quality is OK, but not nearly as good as the Sony MDR V-600 models that I replaced. The V-600s are a production standard, but they suffered from decomposing ear pads. Maybe they've fixed that issue. In summary: This model is okay for the price, but if you want big sound, get big headphones.
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on July 29, 2013
We have a 10 year old that loves to play games on his iPod or the kindle but when we are trying to watch tv or read a book the noise can be a bit monotonous. We decided he needed to have some headphones to allow him to enjoy his things while not having to be asked to constantly turn it down or leave the room. They also work well for those long trips in the car when he would like to listen to his own music or watch a show on the DVD player.

They have good clear sound reproduction as well they adjust all the way down to fit a smaller child's head with no problem. If you're looking for headphones that will give you the best sounds you might want to look elsewhere but if you want good sound and a sturdy set of headphones these are worth the money.
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