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on November 29, 2011
I recently bought a 4GB Xbox 360 and as you already know, it lacks a hard drive but the deal on this particular Xbox 360 was so good I couldn't pass it up. Well...I still had the need for more storage space. So the search began for a USB flash drive that was comptible with the system. This is my first USB flash drive that I buy for the 360 so pulling the trigger on this particular one was pretty much a shot in the dark on whether it would work.

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering if this will work. It does. I received the message after the Xbox 360 formatted it. I've read reviews on other that they receive a message saying their flash drive is too slow for 360 specs or that the flash drives stop working. For the price and functionality...this model is right on. Almost perfect.

The only con to this flash drive is, as other reviews mention is that the swivel cover doesn't give much resistence and can swivel around with ease. doesn't really have a cover. Debris can easily be caught it in. If and when you get it, you'll see this for yourself.

However, with other flash drives that do have true might run into the problem that it won't go into the USB slots on the 360 given that it's frame is a little too thick.

The check list will end up as follows:

Check------Xbox 360 compatibility
Check------Fit in Xbox 360 slot
NO---------Good cover
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 11, 2014
This can hold all of my papers and research for a semester of work, which is useful as I depend on using campus computers so I need to always have my information here, in a usb, instead of wasting work and study time panning through my emails to find all the different files I've sent to myself or trying to depend on Google docs.

The end flips around to cover your usb from some damage. It doesn't really stand up to daily use, though, because when stuff shifts around in your bag the end can easily be flipped around to leave the usb vulnerable to being ground up against by calculators and pencils and other random junk in your bag. I had to jury rig a cover for it that won't move, basically by taping on a cover from an old usb that got lost except for the cover. It works, but it kind of ruins the point of the thing coming with a protective cover. And the problem with it not being protected is that if it gets dented it won't insert into the computer and won't work any more and you'll lose the whole semester of work, which is a huge catastrophic life ending event after hours of blood sweat and tears and skipping fun events to do those freaking essays in the first place. So I'm being really cautious about keeping this protected and I don't appreciate that it doesn't do that job effectively enough by itself.

However it loads pretty quickly on the computers and there isn't much lag time so that's useful. And it does hold all the files I need. I just wish that the design of the case was more protective.
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on March 20, 2012
This is my seventh Kingston Digital USB Datatraveler Flash Drive. I have two 16GB, two 8GB two, one 4GB, and one 2GB. I started with the purchase of an 8 and a 4 in 2010. Now, I found myself in need of varying storage drives and, having tried almost all the rest, I went back to Kingston.

I use the smaller drives for use with music in my car, but those 8 and 16GB drives hold backup data of everything from 10 years of email to sensitive data, and one 16GB drive hold all my prize high resolution photos.

While the 2010 drives were fast, these are amazing. Fifty 6mb photos will load to the drive in less than 40 seconds. Downloading to a computer is faster ... not that I need anything that fast. But it's amazing what one gets used to. I don't need the speed, but as someone who started with a dialup computer connection (and further back a computer with 186kb of memory!) I certainly appreciate speed.

Second, I happen to like the cap that can't get lost.

Third, I have never had a Kingston drive fail or fail to be read by a computer. True plug and play and with none of those annoying "New hardware found" although I did try to disable the message. (It worked for these and my camera, but still loves its notifications with other USB stuff.)

Last, even my oldest computer (of the 5 we have) recognizes the drives immediately (as does my car and one stereo), and I'm off and running. Mind you, I like my little Western Digital 250GB drive, but I prefer to store data/files/music/video/photos on different drives so that I never lose the last 12 years all in one shot.

My wife is also very comfortable with these little drives, and also stores different information on different drives. Funny. When we were back in the days of 286 computers, we would store everything on floppies and thought that was the cat's meow (old expressions die hard), but having gone to hard drives of 60GB to 250GB, neither of us has filled a drive let alone needed to compress one. So, these are the drives for us.

I do wish that Kingston would come out with more colors so that we could get used to one color for each set of files.

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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on March 30, 2014
Says it's is supposed to be an 8G drive, but my machine says it's only 7.27G.

Not happy.

And when 'close' is not good enough, this drive does not cut it. I went with a 16G drive from ScanDisk. Hopefully, I'll get more than 8G!

Since my post, I was contacted by Kingston and given a very professional reason why the drive does not come to 8G. So, I've modified my rating and yes, I should have realized having worked in the industry for some time (20+ years), that I should have ordered a drive 1 size larger than what I need.

Thanks Kingston!

Here is Kingston's response:

Hello, I'm Jewel with Kingston Technical Support. We apologize for the confusion about the drive. Please understand that some of the listed capacity is used in formatting and other functions, as such would not be available for data storage. I recommend getting a drive one size larger than required, one to make sure the drive has enough space for the intended purpose and two to leave some empty space for the drive to perform at it's best. A drive at full capacity does not typically perform as well as when it is not. For any further assistance with our products, please call us at 1-800-435-0640 (USA and Canada only) M - F 6am - 6pm PT and I or another available Technician will assist you. Please be sure to have the part in question on hand when you call.
Thank you for selecting Kingston...
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on June 3, 2014
Outperformed all my older USB flash drives purchased a few years back. My older ones were getting roughly 23 MB/s reads and 7 MB/s write sequential while this one went as high as 17.3 MB/s sequential writes.
The housing isn't very nice, over half of the housing is hollow; the majority of the weight is the rotating metal piece and the USB port itself. If you pop the flash drive out of it's plastic shell you would see that it's only 1.125" long (tip of USB plug to back of PCB).
The swivel design makes it so it's a bit too thick for them to stack next to each other on the back i/o. If your case has some spacing between the ports it should be fine.
Mine came with a maximum capacity of 7.25 GB, not too bad as this number decreases significantly as the advertised size goes up.
Back when USB flash drives were still new (and slower), 1 GB models were easily 15$. For this price point, I would say this is a steal.
review image review image
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on August 26, 2011
This unit is a fine performer when compared to others in the same price range (a bit over $1 per GB). It is incredibly handy for transfering data between two unconnected systems. It is not really intended to be used as primary "on-line" memory, but rather to be used to transfer bulk data and for occasional accesses.

As "on-line" memory you will find its performance to be dissappointing (as you would any other USB thumbdrive) If you want hot memory, invest in an SSD drive (which isn't intended to be portable by and large, but could be as they usually are SATA and many PC's now have e-SATA connections that are very fast and reliable.. plus their cost is also now in the $1-2 per GB range).

1. Quite fast for these type drives
2. Small and convenient
3. Relatively protected when out of the socket, plus the "cover" is permanently attached.
4. Has a lanyard attachment (no lanyard included.. try something like 6 Black Wrist Strap Lanyard for Camera Mp3 PSP Cell Phone Wii and other Electronic Devices)
5. Many devices besides PC's (such as audio and video players, active photo frames, car stereos, etc) now make use of these USB units for accessing "portable" files such as photos, MP3 music and video, etc and this is certainly quite a good unit for that purpose
6. "Convenience" of pre-loaded "urDrive" software* (see below)
7. Preformatted to FAT32 which is recognized by virtually all op systems
8. Has its own "access LED"
9. Handy for ISO (CD image files) for games, etc so you don't need the CD's (unless of course it uses a physical copy protection scheme)
10. Can be made bootable which gives you even more flexibility (especially for troubleshooting, etc) This will depend on your Op System/Bios being amenable to this.

1. Out-of-socket protector could be better, but that might impede convenience
2. Cannot put 2 of these in adjacent USB sockets
3. Preformatted to FAT 32 which only handles up to approx 4GB files, but if its a problem you can reformat it to suit your own needs (losing the urDrive software of course if you do)
5. Pre-loaded "urDrive" software* (see below)

I find this to be quite handy and convenient and would recommend it for those needing this type of storage.

*The urDrive: I'm not really much of a fan of preloaded software, but I admit it could be a convenience to some, especially kids. It is of necessity rather limited and operates somewhat differently from whatever your Op System does.

What it contains is actually a simple browser/file manager (not bootable however) that gives you the following functions: (only takes up about 0.2GB space)
1. Web browser including password protected logins
2. Software to handle backups to the DataTraveler
3. Anti-Virus capability (Norton)
4. A "kid protected" browsing environment
5. A small "cloud" memory allocation for "private", sharable stuff should you lose the device or want access without the DataTraveler which can be accessed from any pc with internet access
6. Games access (some free, some for sale, and of course your own)
7. Kingston Website access for "cloud storage", "News", product info and a "Web store"

You do have to register a Kingston account in order to use most of its features (which I did not do, so I can't give a detail report).

In addition it "manages" your files (storage, photos, music, videos, favorites, web history, etc) so that as you move to other systems you have all your own "stuff" still with you in the form you've been used to. It also "automatically" stacks pre-defined types (movie, photo, etc) so that they appear in a "quick find" bar..

Of course you can just ignore it or delete it as you wish.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 4, 2014

I've purchased many Kingston memory sticks over the years and they're all still going strong. I needed a couple of 8 GB for backing up some security camera footage after my neighbor's jeep got broken into and our cameras caught the perp. These are right up to spec; I was able to quickly format the USB via my security cameras' DVR & downloaded the footage we needed in about 20 minutes.

I like the new pivoting cover design; it allows the flash drive to be a little smaller than others I have, which means its easier to store and there's no fear of losing its cap--it's built in and easy to pivot into place or out of the way. And the price is right; I like being able to give this to someone who needs the data & then not have to worry if they forget to give it back. Highly recommended!
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on January 11, 2013
UPDATE, 3/12/14. I now have several of the 64 GB, and just today received the so-called 128 GB stick. The sizes are misleading. The 128 GB, is really 115 GB. But it's plug and play. I plugged it in my XP machine, and it reads just fine. At 115 GB. So bear that in mind. I prefer Kingston and Patriot to all other brands, especially because they are NOT retractable. My retractables get periodically 'stuck' somehow, internally, and then for about 24 hours, none of my Windows machines can read them. Then all of a sudden, whatever got stuck, is unstuck, and the stick is useful again. So I won't buy any more retractable sticks.

Next issue: the worry with the larger sticks USED TO BE, that they wouldn't be stable. My 64 GB sticks have been very stable, so I took a chance on this (really 115 GB) big white one from Kingston. Why get such a large stick? To have a computer in your pocket! You can clone a whole hard drive to a stick, then boot from it. You can put Linux on a stick -- but getting persistence (meaning, all your changes in a session actually store ON the stick) -- getting persistence, is tricky. So that's the question before me now: can I get a full 115 GB Linux (Mint 13 or Fedora 17) stick? If yes, then it doesn't matter that snarky Microsoft sticks to Windows 8 and won't return to sanity; I'll just surf from my XP machine, using my Linux stick. No installation on the hard drive. Or, will store other stuff on it, or clone my hard drive with it, etc.

Will report back here when I have tested it more, but if it's like the other Kingstons I have, I expect to be happy.

Original review, follows below.

I'm a new addict to flash drives and SSDs, so during the last six months or so, I bought a bunch of them. I use them to make boot USBs, to put my Macrium backup program on a stick in case the hard drive dies, to separate file types collected, and for videos. Among that pen drive collection of brands, I have Verbatim Store N Go, Patriot mini red and black, SanDisk Cruzer, and now this Kingston.

The Kingston is adorable. It's much smaller than the picture seems to show, although the picture is accurate. I'm grateful that each size comes in jewel-like colors, easy to distinguish. The pictures do show the colors correctly (I got the 64 GB).

So much for aesthetics, let's get down to business: fast, baby. I won't comment on the software, that will be a later edit.

SanDisk Cruzer and Verbatim both are retractable, and with repeated use the retraction makes the dongle fit oddly in the USB port; sometimes, the connection goes awry for that reason. I'm still trying to troubleshoot the issue. It's not the fault of the drive, but a problem in the retraction mechanism. The mechanism gets stuck (and can be easily unstuck), at which point the signal between drive and port, becomes glitchy. You'll know when that happens, for the drive goes offline or blinks quickly. So be gentle when you use the retraction mechanism, make sure you don't force it to lock.

Meanwhile, pen drives which are not retractable are basically limited to those with caps -- meaning you'll lose them; and those with the swivel hinge, like Patriot and this Kingston. Each has its advantage: the Patriot is about half the size of the Kingston. Which means it will fit better, and will also sooner get lost.

I love all the above-mentioned pen drives; but the Kingston is adorable, okay?
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on November 13, 2015
It works great as far as the functionality of a data drive. It stores information at a good rate and I have not had problems with it.

My issue is the the design. I don't like purchasing these drives with a cap or something to provide at least a minimal amount of shielding to the connector. I bought this thinking that the swivel action into the silver piece would be adequate enough but right away I saw that it was worthless. There is no resistance in the turning action and every time I went to grab the drive it was twisted around and either half or all the way out of the cover. Not too happy with that.

Not worth the effort to return and can still be used to save your information, I just don't use it as my travel one anymore.
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on July 28, 2014
This is a decent little USB drive. It works effectively and it works with my Mac, and it's fast. However, the case doesn't seem very durable. I like the fact that there isn't a cap to lose, and the metal sheath rotates smoothly for access. The metal isn't very thin and it should stand up to use, as long as you don't step on it. The plastic feels like ti would crunch pretty easily, too. Naturally I try not to drop or step on anything, but somethings just seem more durable than others. As long as I'm careful, I expect to get plenty of use out of this little USB drive. I like the red color, it's easy to locate. There is a hole in the top to insert something to so you can attach it to a key ring or something else, but the hole isn't very big. It needs a jump ring, which I'm surprised wasn't included. Overall, this is a decent little drive and I like it. I don't love it, but I like it.
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