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on December 14, 2016
This is a great 3d monitor. At the time a bought it, 3d TVs cost a great deal. This is partly because most of them were very big. This was a good size for me and it was more reasonably priced. The 3d feature is eye-popping. And the 2d picture is fine. It's the TV I use most of the time. While it does not have a tuner (it's really a computer monitor) I watch Netflix on it and live TV via Time Warner Cable digital service, an App for which seems to be available on Roku-like devices. It's about 5 years old now, it looks like it's still doing fine.
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on October 12, 2011
I was excited about the prospect of playing the Half-Life 2 series, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Dead Space 1 and 2 and, Crysis and Fallout 3 in 3D. I bought this monitor through Amazon because of their return policy considering the mixed reviews. I play older and newer titles on a ATI 5750 on a more mature system utilizing the Pentium 8500 dual core (3.16ghz) with 4gb of ddr2 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. For the last few months I have been playing around with the red/cyan anaglyph through the free IZ3D software. However, some titles where simply not playable and others had a modest 3d effect with frequent ghosting. Going from a very old 3D system to this type of 3d is a huge improvement and did not disappoint.

First, the 2d aspects of this LG monitor are pretty good and with some tweaking in the Catalyst Control Center by lowering the gamma (which made the biggest difference), temperature, and color saturation settings, it became a very good monitor. The black level is on the grey side but after reducing the brightness on the monitor and the aforementioned adjustments, it is considerably better.

Now for 3D..I went to the Tri-Def website and downloaded the latest software and it recognized most of my games including Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For Mass Effect 1 and Dead Space 1, I downloaded unofficial profiles from the website forums. The glasses are light and like the ones you get at the movies and you also get a pair of clip-ons for prespcription glasses. I started with Half-Life 2. The colors were bright and true, the sense of space and depth is amazing, and even the ambient particles are in 3D. The ashes from Half-Life 2, Episode 1 was almost floating off of the screen. Another strange thing is that because there is now a real sense of depth, my accuracy has improved! Dead Space 2 is so terrifying in a new way. Mass Effect 1, although looks dated now, was like visiting an old friend and Mass Effect 2 is so gorgeous. Fallout 3 is now a truly sprawling wasteland. The depth adjustment and front focal adjustments minimized ghosting through hot keys. The 3D color in the monitor OSD compensated for the tint in the 3D glasses and my own color adjustments compensated for any color fade. I kept my expectations low and I was not expecting anything too much better than the anaglyph and I was pleasantly blown away. I am perplexed by the anemic review on CNET. I also tried the 3d effects on movies with acceptable results, but this is not why I bought this monitor:-)

By placing the monitor at a good convergence distance at least 2 feet but not more then 35 inches, I saw very little loss of quality. Another thing to consider about the active 3D technology of Nvidia is the flickering issue for migraine sufferers, which was a major consideration for me. Although the NVidia probably produces a more pristine image and greater 3D effects, you may have problems with the 60 Hz flickering in each eye. With the passive technology, I played for 3 hours with some eyestrain, but not any more than playing in 2D.

If you have a medium to high end graphics card and don't mind the initial tinkering, this technology can give new life to your old games and you won't want to play in 2D with your new ones. I am very happy with this monitor and I am so glad I took the risk!

Pros: Less expensive than the NVidia option. Great 3D effects and color remains bright and vibrant in games. Energy efficient LED backlight. Good 2d monitor when adjustments are made. Lightweight glasses. No migraines!

Cons: Software is gpu intensive and cuts frame rates considerably in some games. Limited A suggestion to those who are having ghosting issues-make sure the vertical height is high enough. I noticed when the monitor was too low, you'll get a lot more ghosting. My ergonomic stand worked even though the monitor was too light. I found the perfect height and then wrapped electrical tape several times around the base so it wouldn't pop up. They should have designed it with a stand that has height adjustment because of this issue. You also don't have to be so immobile as some suggest to experience the 3D effects.

Update: 30 seems to be a good compromise of minimal ghosting and 3D immersion.

Update 2/5/13!!: I went to see the Hobbit in 3D and I was not impressed. I thought about using the glasses on this monitor from the theater. There was ghosting, but it was not like the ghosting of the monitor glasses. It was more like a strange magenta fringe. Then I read somewhere that the the polarization angle was slightly different from the LG glasses. Then I put the clip-on provided by LG over the hobbit 3D glasses. Suddenly virtually all ghosting vanished. The color was muted so I went into the Catalyst Control Panel and adjusted the color saturation to 130 and increased the contrast to 110. I adjusted the brighness within the games. Voilà! I am able to get up to 60% scene depth with minimal ghosting and it looks amazing. No jump out at you effects but you can see the angle of gunfire and you now have a real sense of space far surpasssing what is achieveable at 30%. So it seems both polarization angles together block out most of the ghosting and you can jack it up to twice what you could with the provided glasses alone. If I thought 30% depth was neat, 60% is incredible. Games that were stellar-Dead Space II, all the Half-Life 2 series, the Mass Effect series, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed II, Alice: The Madness Returns, Resident Evil 5 and that's all I know so far. The ones you had to use power 3D which is a lesser version of the main 3D rendering-Crysis I and II and Dead Space. I'm back to the classics playing them in amazing 3D!
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on September 2, 2011
First of all I want you to know that I bought this 3-D monitor only for use with my BluRay 3-D player so I could watch 3-D movies and Side By Side 3-D made on my Panasonic 3-D camcorder.
It works but........
I had to watch the 3-D at an exact sitting position or there would be terrible ghosting and I mean an exact viewing position. If I moved 5 degrees The double images will be present. In fact, even when I struggled to find the perfect viewing position ghosting would still be present but not in all scenes.
The monitor only has a couple of controls for 3-D adjustments including 3 or 4 different 3-D formats including Side By Side, but there's no adjustments for eliminating ghosting at any focal point.
The Panasonic 3-D BluRay player does have adjustments but everytime I would make a change the monitor would not give me 3-D without Ghosting somewhere either close up shots or distant shots and sometimes in the entire scene.
I was hoping this monitor would give me the same excellent Passive 3-D as my Vizio 32 inch class theater 3-D LCD as sold here on Amazon for $468.00 which works great with Reel "D" glasses but this monitor is really inferior to the Vizio.
I realize this monitor has no speakers but I wanted a smaller size monitor with 3-D passive capability with use of Reel "D" glasses so I could easily take it with me on vacations, etc. but I ended up with super bad eye strain when trying to compensate for the lack of 3-D quality viewing.
Utilzing the 3-D glasses that came with this monitor looked the same as the Reel "D" glasses.
The monitor looks great in 2-D and regular DVD movies I watched automatically appeared in widescreen even though two of them were made in the 1940's. There's no adjustment on the monitor for 16 x 9 or 4 x 3 viewing just widescreen only which is okay. No Remote.
I hope Vizio makes a smaller 3-D Passive TV-Monitor soon as 32 inch is just a bit too big for carrying around in the car.
As I stated at the beginning of this review I cannot give my opinion how the monitor looks when in use with a computer but since the LG Web Sight states that this monitor is designed to play BluRay 3-D movies with the HDMI I thought I'd take a chance.
I also read that this type of 120HZ is not a true 120HZ as required for clear view 3-D and this might be a cause of the problem but seriously, I am not a technition.
I am not one of those people who always complain about getting headaches when watching 3-D. I never have a problem watching 3-D even for hours at a time (Not Recommended) but this monitor gave me a big headache in just a few minutes.
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on November 21, 2011
Thus far there have been no reviews that focus on Blu-ray 3D. That will be the focus of this review.

I purchased this monitor to complete my Blu-ray 3D system. These are my system configurations.

Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit)
AMD Phenom Quad Core CPU
320GB Hard Drive
4GB System RAM
ATI 4350 Graphics Card (512MB dedicated video RAM)
PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3DPowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D
LG Electronics 10X Blu-Ray SATA Writer Drive with Software WH10LS30K (Black)
LG D2342P-PN 23-Inch Widescreen Passive 3D LED LCD Monitor

In order to view Blu-ray 3D content at it's best, the monitor must be set to 3D mode: Line Interlaced.

I must say the 3D is impressive. The way that passive displays work, they display half of the lines of resolution to one eye and the the other lines to the other. There is a total number of 1080 vertical lines.

Naturally, the vertical lines become more visible as the viewer gets closer to the screen. However, this display being smaller, the lines are not as visible when the viewer sits closer. Therefore, the 3D looks good close up and at a distance. Multiple viewers can still enjoy 3D even though the monitor is a smaller display.

The only con I can think of is that the monitor's advertisement says '2D to 3D conversion'. This however is only by software (Tridef). It will play DVDs in 3D but not without difficulty. This included software WILL NOT PLAY BLU-RAY DISCS. THEREFORE, THIS MONITOR WILL NOT DISPLAY BLU-RAY 2D IN A 3D DISPLAY FORMAT.

As a further point, the included software does not play Blu-ray 3D either; separate software would be required.

I am sure this monitor would be a nice pair to a stand alone 3D Blu-ray player. VIZIO VBR133 3D Blu-ray player with Internet Applications

Overall, it is a good value for watching Blu-ray 3D and DVDs in 3D.
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on April 24, 2012
Where to start? Maybe the shipping. Electronics expo charged $20 in shipping and it was supposed to take 3-5 days. It said shipped for 3 days but did not have a location. The arrival scan for UPS was a full 3 days later, so it took 3 days to get from the warehouse to the UPS office in New Jersey? No updates for a week, then it was finally delivered.

The tri-def software was a pain and seems a bit buggy. The CD doesn't autorun for ether that or the drivers, had to find the .exe. Windows 7 ultimate and it failed to reboot after restart, had to restore my system. Finally got it all installed and the first thing I notice, anything high def loses a lot of quality, in 2d. There are always visible horizontal lines on the screen. When watching videos in full screen, vertical lines appear and everything is poorly defined.

The 3d, well when launching Skyrim it is just too buggy to play, shadows are independent of objects and block the screen. Left for Dead 2 is in 3d, but at a much slow frame rate. There is a lot of ghosting, if you adjust it so the ghosting disappears in the foreground, the background ghosts and visa-versa.

Videos are the same, even the ones they provide. Always ghosting somewhere, anything that is supposed to pop through the screen like in IMAX just separates as well.Web content is worse, you have to use the side by side monitor setting and you cannot adjust the 3d. Making all streaming 3d worthless.

Over all, this was a waste of money. I have the operating system and graphics card. I may try and return this and get a NVidia set up. Whats the point of having a GTX 460 if all the content is horrible?

I don't find the head level a real problem, but ghosting ruins the 3d.
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on August 1, 2011
I bought two of these monitors and might buy a third. I have a number of PC's based on Radeon 6970's and 5870's and this seemed to be a safe way into 3D. Its a good LED monitor with a little clouding toward the centre. I did have some issues initially but that was because iZ3D did not seem to like it very much, kept telling me to update my HD3D drivers. After uninstalling it though and installing TriDef which came bundled with the monitor that sorted that issue. The only issue I have is that I cant get PowerDVD 11 or Arcsoft TMT 5 to display full screen video.
I can do this with SBS media and it looks stunning. I must comment though that its useless for text in 3D mode. Also the DVI Cable that is bundled with it has gone straight into my pile of unused cables. When using it the screen sparkles in 3D and shimmers at the desktop. Definitely not good. I am using a BlueRigger HDMI 1.4 cable for with my 6970. I Still need to try some as soon as I am done downloading them from Steam.

Just like to add that I solved my Bluray 3D issues with Arcsoft TMT5 by changing Monitor type from AMD HD3D to Line interleave type. Works much better now.
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on July 4, 2011
I was almost ready to buy a GTX 460, a Nvidia 3D vision kit, and the Asus 23.6" 120HZ 3d monitor. This would have totaled to $640, ($490 if you have the proper card already). The Asus wasn't even back-lit LED.

Instead at the last minute I saw this, strangely without any reviews. I looked more into it, and apparently it was a new release, and some review on Newegg said the 3d looks impressive, so I took the risk and went ahead. Total cost $300 (the price seems to fluctuating up and down). The biggest con is there just isn't so much information about it online. The funny thing is, I still don't know some important details, which I will go into.


Hands down, the cheapest way to get into 3d gaming, 3dwise the value doesn't get any better than this

The 3D Looks GOOD, no flickering

LED Backlit saves energy

1080p resolution, cinema aspect ratio (i.e. no bars on Hulu)

Comes with TRI-Def (3d conversion software for games and viewing photos/videos)

Cheap Polarized Lenses, and NOT tied to Nvidia Graphics Card to keep 3d


2d wise, it is a typical run of the mill screen, blacks are disappointing, there is minor backlight bleeding, definitely doesn't have that WOW feel some displays have, did I mention the blacks were disappointing?

I can't find too much information about it. The 3d solution is TriDEF, (The same software AMD 3D uses) BUT, AMD does not list this as a compatible display. If you go to the downloads section on
Tri-Def, the LG is a separate download. I installed the "generic" TriDEF software and it did not work with the display. How much modification does TriDef do for the LG display? Is this a "standardized" 3d display that will continue to have updates? It's a mystery to me.

I do know that the Tri-Def software included is modified to the point that upon start-up it checks every time to make sure that the specific LG monitor is connected. If the monitor is not connected it will prompt you to enter a license key Not the biggest deal, though know that the included software ONLY works with the specific monitor.

The Tri-Def software does say that it does not support 3d Blu-Ray movies. If you hook up a 3d blu-ray player to this monitor, will it work in 3d? Third party sources say yes, though it can't be confirmed from LG's website. (Update- other people are confirming that it does work with 3d blue ray players)

Text is difficult to read in 3d mode (and in 2d mode with glasses on)

The Display is VERY bright (for 3d), though it's annoying to push it down every time you take off the glasses. (UPDATE- It is easier with Forte Manager, see bellow)

It's not REALLY 120hz, from my light understanding "tru-motion 120hz" is a technology that helps control motion blur you see on quick moving pictures.

Just like my old Samsung 226BW, it has a bright blinking blue light, fine for an office, but this is supposed to be a "cinema monitor". Why the distracting blue light? And when it's sleeping it starts blinking, so you have to turn it off if it's in your bedroom. (UPDATE- Install "Forte-Manager" [...] , you can actually turn off the power light in the settings (Note forte manager does not work via a VGA cable) Well played LG, (though if you turn it off, it will still blink when the monitor is off)


I didn't really elebaroate in the Pros, but the 3d effect is pretty cool, and it does work well. This has the advantage over active technology of giving you two simultaneous images, (so no flicker effect), though it has the Con that in 3d mode you really aren't seeing 100% 1080p. I've only really tried it in WoW, and I have to say it's pretty cool. It does take some getting used to, and probably makes the game a bit harder, though as most describe it, the added depth you see into the screen is impressive.

Overall I'd say I'm quite happy of my purchase, though am admittedly a little concerned over future support. I really hope that AMD eventually lists this as a "compatible display". Just like the series of "Lost" I'm sure this review gave you more questions than it answered, though I'm sure in the next 30 days we will figure out the answers to these. You don't hear this very often, but shame on LG for lousy marketing. (Update- I've been told that it is a compatible display on AMD's website now)
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on February 24, 2012
I hope I am not repeating what others have said in reviews. I did not read the others before writing this one.

The advertisement of a 1080P monitor with passive 3D is misleading. The 3D picture is achieved by using interlaced lines of alternating polarization. So, when wearing the passive polarized glasses, you actually see a 540P image. When watching a 3D Blu-ray movie, you lose that crisp 1080P quality.

The rest of the quality appears good. I really like the way they did the monitor controls. Any button pops up the menu, and the menu selections are over the actual buttons. Nice detail, since seeing the black buttons on a black monitor in a dark room is not always easy.

The 3D glasses and clip-on lenses were both solid enough to last with care. I wear glasses and using the clip-on lenses was much better than wearing any active shutter glasses.

Adjusting left-right 3D separation is done by tilting the monitor forward or back. It was a little annoying since the stand was a bit stiff and did not tilt smoothly. Angle (tilt) and distance from the monitor became rather critical, though. I discovered if I leaned back, some depths began to separate (the closer objects doubled) and I would have to lean forward again to regain a solid 3D image. I do not know how well it might work with a second viewer since I used the monitor alone, but it could be an issue. I did not notice any problems shifting left or right; it just caused the 3D image to rotate a little.

The monitor is worth the low price if you are not looking for actual 1080P in 3D. I did not have it for a long period, but I liked most of what I got. I returned my monitor, however. I just did not enjoy the loss of resolution. Plus, when switching from 3D to 2D, I would have to flip up the polarized lenses. Not a huge inconvenience, but a little tiresome. Wearing the polarized lenses while in 2D made text and some graphics choppy. You still cut out half of your display lines when wearing the 3D lenses. The polarization does not go away when you switch back to a 2D view.

I liked the passive 3D over active 3D. I am going to wait for a reasonably priced 2160-lined passive-3D monitor. I hope when they develop the drivers, it will support a 2D/3D mode where the 2D is doubled, so when I switch between 3D and 2D, I do not get that choppy text. And if it will support 2160 lines in a 2D-only mode, that would be sweet.
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on February 9, 2012
Amidst all the stuff about deciding between active and passive 3D, I did a little research and decided to go with this monitor and its passive 3D. I mean, let's face it--it comes with (technically 2 pairs of) 3D glasses, and there's no need to go out and buy an expensive 3D vision kit that only works with nVidia cards (for the record, I have nothing against nVidia GPUs). This is a plus for me at least, because it looks like this computer will be getting an ATi GPU put into it soon, anyway.

The 3D surpasses anything else I've seen lately by miles. It's so much better that anaglyph or even head-mounted solutions you might see around the site that may be much more expensive. The Tri-Def software it comes with manages how Windows renders certain objects in Direct 3D (DirectX) and contains a database of program-specific settings for most games. It is configurable for games that otherwise don't have predefined settings.

Drawback--Some standard 2D drawbacks exist due to how the Passive 3D display is designed. Basically, coming from a non-Passive 3D display, you'll notice that there are obvious boundaries between the pixels on the screen... the best way to describe this is to relate it to the effect that you get from a modern computer projector image on a wall, and how the individual pixels seem to stand out more. It is really just a minor nuisance that you'll get over pretty quickly... and it isn't at all visible in 3D-rendered programs.

One annoyance--In order to display color properly in 3D, the monitor is set to change to 3D color effect mode to compensate for the darkness of the polarized 3D glasses. This is fine, except that some programmer somewhere forgot to write the code so that it switches back to normal color mode after you're done with 3D! You'll have to use the monitor's OSD (on-screen-display) to set it back to normal after every use of a 3D program.

Overall, no regrets in buying this thing. Nice monitor, and it does what it's advertized to do quite well.
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on November 9, 2011
I bought this based on the price and that it uses passive glasses, for 3d it does what it is supposed to although it was a bit weird getting the stand to support the screen at a suitable angle (it uses some kind of flexible metal or something that requires some pressure that i was nervous to apply) it is sort of lack luster for standard 2d operations, and has a hard time with up-scaling content that isn't 1080p. I have primarily been using it to play some ps3 games such as gran turismo 5 which looks great. I have tested comcast 3d content, 3d bluray it all seems to be pretty good assuming you can sort of sit at the right angle and not move around too much, the parallax gets a little weird if you're just a little off and you start to see things like if you went cross eyed. The 3d software that came with the monitor is cool for video clips you have saved on your device or for photos, it will turn them into pseudo 3d and most of the time it looks reasonably good considering the source isn't 3d, however it is supposed to do this effect on dvd's also which so far I have not been able to make work, it just hangs. my big gripe is that since this display isn't too awesome for 2d I find myself only using it for the few games I have that are in 3d, which I haven't been playing too often and on the movie and game front the options are pretty bland or non-existent at the moment. I am hoping that with the rise of sony's playstation display product this will expand and evolve but in the meantime I am limited to mostly GT5 or 3d animated movies, there are a few more mature films available but they aren't really films that have appealed to me because they're either horror or are big hollywood films focusing more on flash and bang than on story. the 3d effect is neat but I don't want to watch films that really aim to milk the effect with things flying towards the viewer.
If you are like me and intend to use this for gaming be sure you have an easy way to switch to a different device for your non-3d gaming since it isn't flattering on games in 2d. I use an hdmi splitter to my normal tv because I couldn't stand to look at deus ex on this screen - this way I don't have to switch the ps3 cable all over the place when i decide I am in the mood for a different screen.
I hope this review is helpful, and please pardon the lax grammar and structure.
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