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on December 21, 2011
For me the laptop came and is working flawless. No power button issues or any problems for that matter. I can play Skyrim on high settings, and I'm blown away by the screen. 1080p on a 15inch looks very very nice. I don't normally write reviews but I had to on this item since it seems to be getting bashed pretty badly. I noticed the negative reviews before my purchase but took my chances based on the fact that all Asus motherboards I've bought were always top notch products. Needless to say at $900 you really can't get a better or a more powerful laptop. You have the assurance of buying from Amazon so if you got a faulty one, you can always return or exchange. Asus also comes with a one year accidental warranty which I thought was a nice touch since my last laptop from hp was ruined when my wife's friend spilled wine all over the keyboard..

For anyone who's on the fence about this laptop, I would say go for it. Chances are there are many who's bought this laptop and has a had no problems like me. The laptop is cool to the touch and the construction is very sturdy. The back cooling system looks great and works even better. I'm at lvl35 with my bow/thief in skyrim, and it's always so amazing to me that such a small little machine can run it so smoothly.
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on June 20, 2011
Purchased 5/27, I've had adequate time to use the laptop.

Be prepared for the usual gimmicks: Useless OS and bloatware.

Out of the box, the laptop is blazing fast... for a while.
Give it a couple hours, maybe run a DX11 benchmark or some 1080p video, it'll lock up (I know this to be true of the 17" and one other 15" model) and you'll fight the urge to break it in half with every muscle in your body. Remember however, it's NEW and like all NEW electronics, the brilliant vendor has loaded the machine with their best of show gadgets, promotions, etc...

Once you wipe the HDD of the factory screw-ups and load your own OS, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Currently dual booting Ubuntu 11.4 x64 and Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
Boot time in either OS is always <15 seconds.

-Very Clear Display (I've yet to see a screen this nice).
-Reasonable battery life, 3-4 hours is common.
-Runs very cool (seldom above room temp) and VERY VERY quiet (Also have a Dell XPS 17 w/ i7 and HP Envy 15 w/ i5 - both of which run VERY warm).
-Keyboard is nice, REAL NICE.
-Very rugged design.

-HEAVY, but that is to be expected of any hardware this caliber
-Giant power supply, again to be expected, but somehow DELL is manufacturing tiny power supplies for i7's, so it IS possible.
-Attracts finger prints without even touching it.
-ASUS Bloatware/ATK app is a bit laggy.

The prospect of solid state HDD and additional RAM, keep me excited.
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on January 15, 2012
I'm a college student who likes to game. So basically I have a limited budget, require a computer I can take from my house to class, and it needs to be powerful so I can game. After doing my research, I arrived at this computer. On paper...just wow. The processor, RAM, video card and display combo that this laptop features is simply fantastic, and I couldn't find it with any other computer for anything less then about $1300. At the time, this laptop was going for $900. Then I saw all the problems this laptop has had. Took a chance, figured I could return it if it was dead on arrival. After using this computer for two weeks I'd say this is by far the most pleased with a computer purchase I have ever been. This computer is lightning quick, and I can play games like Shogun 2 and Civ 5. On a $900 laptop. I challenge anyone to find a computer with more under the hood for the same price.

On feature notes, having a wireless N-band card is great, I'm no longer as tethered to my router as I used to be. The backlit keyboard is great, as well as having a numpad. The trackpad is also good, though the click is maybe a little too firm for my tastes. Whatever, use an external anyway. Battery life has been about 1-2 hours, which is fine with me. The internal camera is also pretty sweet, good resolution. I was looking for a computer I can pick up and move to somewhere else, not a laptop I can use while traveling, so weight/size is fine with me.

Too long, didn't read summary:

Buy this computer. You won't find better value anywhere else.
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on January 5, 2012
I got this earlier today in unscathed packaging. Un-boxed it, inserted the battery, plugged it in and pressed the power button.....did not turn on. I was ready with a refrigerator magnet in hand; I swiped it back and forth along the lower edge of the laptop, right under the trackpad. Pressed the power button again and I was on my way.

Construction: Very hefty-I would hate to drop this on my foot--and very solid..I liken the build to a tank. The keyboard is pretty nice--the keys are cushy, but not so sensitive that accidental presses happen. The trackpad is lacking a bit, due to a noticeable friction and the buttons require a bit too much force for my taste--but really, who uses a trackpad for gaming? I plugged in a mouse immediately. The three buttons on the top left are a nice touch (left toggles the backlit keyboard's brightness levels, middle adjusts laptop performance, for those who do not want to use OCing software and the right switches screen presets) and still keep with the aesthetic of simplicity. The arrow buttons are about two-thirds the size of normal keys--it may be a gripe for some, but not a huge deal to me. On the sides of the laptop are plenty of connections which I'm not going into detail here--check out Amazon's spec page for that. The AC cable is an issue, though. It is RIGHT where a right-handed mouse would be--big oversight on Asus's part. Also, the AC connector is not L-shaped--do NOT bump that or you'll muff up the inside connection. I thought I'd mention how HUGE the AC brick is--roughly around the size of two PSPs stacked on top of each other.

Software: Okay, seriously, this thing comes pre-loaded with A LOT of bloatware--my favorite was the Blu-ray software for a laptop without it. Clean out that junk and you'll notice a nice speed increase. Let me say that it doesn't approach Alienware's level of bloat, but for Asus, it's a bit out of the ordinary. I don't see a reason to dock a star because of this--it's something to expect and is unrelated to the product.

Hardware: To start this out, this is NOT a top of the line gaming laptop--for a lot of you, this is a deal-breaker. But, with that out of the way, I am very satisfied with the performance. The combination of 8 gigs RAM, I7 and 7200RPM hard drive keeps things snappy. If you're looking for something faster, throw in an SSD. The 460M is great--doesn't max out BF3, but it'll still deliver smooth gameplay with graphics that top current consoles. If you want an EXTRA boost, install ThrottleStop (google it), click on options, tick the "Unlock Bi-Directional PROCHOT" checkbox, click ok, then click "Turn on." You'll notice a nice frame-rate boost and also less dips in the frame-rate. It'll raise the GPU's temperature slightly, but the fans on this laptop are quite the showstoppers. Always around room temperature under any load--very quiet, too. I have nothing to say about the DVD drive--it's basic and does what it's supposed to.

Battery: About 2 hours for me with everything on high performance. Short, but nice, for a quick session without the AC cable in the way.

Overall: Fantastic product by Asus--the fourth one I've used--their quality just keeps getting better. I'll stick with them for a while.

P.S. Shortly after I bought this, the price increased by $400. I'm recommending this product at its sale price ($900) not at its current price. Get the G74SX for just a little more.
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on December 30, 2011
After dealing with a series of defective Alienware M14x laptops I decided to give Asus a try. Their motherboards are pretty much the best you can buy and I have never had a single problem with any Asus motherboard I've owned. The G53SW comes with the GTX 460 which is actually more powerful than the GTX 560 in the G53SX. This particular model came with 6GB of 1333 Mhz DD3 memory, a 7200 RPM Seagate hard drive, the GTX 460 GPU, I7-2630 CPU, and the full HD screen. What really sold me on this was the option to install dual hard drives. I would have been happier if it came with a hardware RAID controller but it can be done with software as well. The main benefit to having dual hard drives is performance: you can install a SSD or set it up in Raid 0 and get a pretty decent performance boost. Another huge selling point for me is the 4 RAM slots which gives the option to upgrade to 16GB of total memory. The memory installed is only 1333Mhz instead of the 1600 but that's not a huge deal as memory is very cheap.


When I got it (quickly I might add) the first thing I noticed was how nice the screen looked. It has a good contrast ratio, good viewing angle, and is the perfect size. I can run all of the newer games at high to ultra at 1080 with a minimum of 35 - 40 FPS including Battlefield 3, Dues ex, Star Trek Online, Bioshock 2, Everquest 2, and Starcraft 2. It has plenty of USB ports including a USB 3.0 which I'm sure will be neat when there are more USB 3.0 devices. The keyboard is back lit which is neat even though the only color option is white (there are mods for other colors). The accidental warranty coverage is nice for peace of mind but keep in mind it only covers one incident of accidental damage.


The keyboard is one of my least favorite things about this computer. It is not very responsive and is annoying to type on because it misses keystrokes quite often. I am also not happy with the position of the power cord. It is towards the center on the right hand side which is right where I keep my mouse. I frequently bump into the cord when playing games which is annoying. If it was further back it would be much more convenient. The speakers are not very loud and are mediocre at best.

Other notes:

I haven't used the touchpad much at all so I have no opinion. The computer is also quite heavy (close to 8lbs) but is still very portable.


Excellent computer, definitely worth the price. I purchased an upgraded wireless card (to connect to 802.11a) and the 3 year square trade warranty with accidental damage and still paid less than I did for the Alienware.
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on December 9, 2014
At first, I thought this was an excellent buy. I thought, a great computer, a reputable company, great graphics, and I was thrilled. Now, I regret the purchase! Within the three years I've owned this computer, it has had the same repair issue three times! The pin inside the charging port on the laptop breaks off! This is a well cared for computer, used by me. Asus fixed the issue when they were required to, while it was under warranty, and they fixed it the second time as it was a repeat of the first repair, now third time, same issue, ASUS refuses to pay for the repair. The representative on the phone line insisted that this was not a common issue for this model, but as I research the issue online, it is the MOST COMMON issue this model has! What I have now is a very expensive paperweight, as I can't charge the POS. Thanks ASUS for standing behind this piece of crap! NOT!
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on January 29, 2012
Performance.- This laptop is super fast, the second generation intel core i7 is very powerful for every kind of pressure you put on it. The turbo boost helps in processing intensive tasks and the hyper threading allows you to operate virtually in 8 threads! I run every task almost in real time. I think very very rarely a person would need more speed than this. As for the new model of processor which comes with the G53sx, there is a marginal improvement which likely you wont notice ever.
8 GB of RAM are actually more than anyone would need, again, unless you want to keep running 4 or 5 games at a time. I minimize and maximize full screen star craft 2 like it were messenger.
Lets talk about the main component of this laptop, the GPU. This GPU is EXCELLENT, you can run almost every game in high to max detail with no fps impairment whatsoever. Star Craft 2 will run in MAX quality settings with over 50 fps (depending on the unit intense scene it can drop but never to an unplayable number). This GPU comes with a 192 bits bus in memory so texture intensive games will be very fluent in this card. This card is actually faster than the one in the ASUS G53sx model because of bus in memory which is 128 bits in that one. You will notice the difference in high textures games.

Design.- This Laptop is gorgeous. It feels nice to touch, color is great and back lit logos and keyboard are stunning. It is a little big compared with mobile laptops but compared with gaming computers this thing is tiny. Keyboard is very good in size, feel and the numeric pad in the right side make it seem a perfect fit one. Keyboard bends a microscopic level. The exhaust in the back make this lap seem very unique, they keep warm and noise away from you; also they a little bit over the base, therefore if you put it over the bed is unlikely the sheets will block the vents. The 1080 res screen is amazing, very few computers offer this resolution and most of them are 17'', therefore the density of pixels in this computer is superior. You barely can see the pixels. Sound is the only thing that can be improved. It is good but not excellent.
I love the way it looks.

No Asus update software issues. No Cover sensor defect (which is believed to be a defect in the power on button). No Screen problems. No Charger Pin break. No blue screens. NO DEFECTS yet.

I must remind potential consumers that this laptop has 1 year of accidents warranty FREE. You just register the model in Asus' web page. As easy as 1 minute of typing info.
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on January 2, 2012
I was on the market for powerfull laptop for my DJ needs - Serato and/or VirtualDJ video mixing.
I was going to buy MSI 780, but the I decided I want 15" screen, and MSI's simillar model had no backlit keyboard for their similar desktop replacement mobile brick. I choose this ASUS, because it was on mega sale - $899, and the GTX 460M 1.5GB does the same job as GTX 560m 2 GB, since ASUS chosed the cripled 128 bit memory bandwidth on the 560(do some research 1.5,3 GB are the good cards)

Review about the laptop it self:
The bad: I researched everything component before I purchased it and there were only 2 questions: Does it have LightScribe - no it does not; does it come with Intel Wi-FI - no it does not (it's atheros 150 mbps);
The only other disappointment is that the screen bezel is huge, and probably the 17 inch model has the same overall dimensions or an inch wider (I should have checked that). In addition, the DVD bay fits uneven, - loose fit.
The keyboard is bad - its to soft and the button travel is short. Glossy screen. No secondary HDD bay bracket.

The good: the price - absolutely worth it. The cooling solution - very impressed. The rubberized palm rest. The screen is super super bright and in lowest position is even too bright under some conditions. The build quality looks good (besides the DVD tray) but I can not decide yet if I like the finish (color) of the plastic.

Thoughts about the product and the purpose I choose it for:
All DJ software requires ultra low DPC (audio) latency, which this unit lacks due to BAD nVidia drivers (google nvlddmkm.sys dpc latency).
I thought nVidia pulls from AMD only because of it's better drivers, but it turns out that they have had problems for years (since 2008) and they still have not fixed it. When the system is in idol, the GPU actually, it will have very poor audio latency due to the nVidia not CPU timing friendly driver. Ones you load something that takes even 1% load on the GPU, the latency jumps down very nice. So lets say you open Serato - no issues since it loads the GPU a little, but if you need to minimize it for a sec, the sound will drop or be distorted and embrace you. A solution to that is to leave something open on the background, for example a animated desktop background or even easier - open the nVidia control panel, go to 3D settings and find the spinning green logo. Then you can pause it and minimized and this will keep your latency always (tested with hours DPC Latency Checker and LatencyMon) low enough.

Other thoughts: Coming from an older laptop, I miss the separate hardware buttons for volume and wifi.
In order to reach the hard drives bay, you need to open it up from the top, remove the keyboard, 3 ribbon cables, the touch pad and a dozen screws. I may miss a eSata port or one more USB 3.0, but I knew that before I bought it.
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on January 1, 2012
I just got this laptop two days ago. So far I've had no problems of the kind other reviews have mentioned. The only issue that used to pop up occasionally was the fn key not working. This however was due to some driver issues and went away once I updated them. The mousepad is very responsive and the multi-touch recognition works wonders for scrolling and the like.

As for games this computer is wonderful. Skyrim on ultra settings clocked in at a steady 35-40 fps for all but the most intense scenes. Crysis 2 came up at around 20-30 fps at gamer settings. Games like shogun 2, sims and cities XL run awesome at Max settings.
Design programs like AutoCad and Solidworks run very smooth and definitely benefit from the combination of 8gb ram, i7 processor, and the computer's native resolution.

Battery life is as could be expected. Running nothing but internet and word processing on battery saver mode the computer lasted around 2 hours.

I decided to get this computer over the g54sx because the 460m is more or less equal to the 560m as far as in-game performance goes. 12gb of ram is also overkill, and for a 400 dollar difference getting the g53sw was a no-brainer.

<Update after initial 5-star review>
Well, had this computer for about 3 months, read about the power connector so I was extremely careful when handling the cord... to no avail, it still broke around 3 weeks ago. So I contacted ASUS and sent my computer in. Fortunately it was still under warranty, and the repair process went smoothly...or so I thought. Upon powering up my laptop, everything seemed fine for the first couple of minutes. I did notice that the left fan was constantly turned on, which hadn't happened before. Upon closer inspection I noticed the laptop was running hotter than usual.
The real problem I'm having is that anytime I try to do any cpu-heavy activity, like playing a movie, doing design work, or checking email sometimes the computer just randomly shuts off without warning. These were problems I hadn't been having prior to sending it to ASUS, which leads me to believe they failed at repairing the laptop.

Save yourself a head-ache and just go buy another computer unless you have the time and energy to deal with ASUS.
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on January 16, 2012
I was really excited to get this laptop, I am in the Technology field and work with it all day every day. It is heavy but I knew that going into it. It is a processing beast. Great Screen , many power options. The one thing that has been bugging me is the sensor in the lid that lets the laptop know the ids closed I should go to sleep. Going to sleep isn't a problem, Opening the lid and hitting the power button is. the laptop will not return from sleep mode when you hit the power button. I did some research and found that the magnetic sensor in the chasis is to blame. It is a strong magnet that keeps its charge even after you have opened the lid it thinks its still closed. I have to use a fridge magnet slid across the mouse pad to reduce the magnetic charge so when I hit the power button it will bring the laptop out of sleep mode. Other than this very annoying caveat I like this laptop. I keep thinking that eventually the magnet will get broken in but I'm not sure that will ever happen.
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