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on August 18, 2011
This phone is really good. The screen is capacitive, unlike the previous Samsung star, so it's really easy to use. The music player is great, and the phone supports multi-tasking (though it drags the performance down a bit). Perhaps my favorite feature about this phone is the WiFi. For those of you who don't have a data plan, and don't plan on getting one for the future, the WiFi is a really nice touch because it allows you to browse the internet without being forced in a 2-year contract. Most of the phone that have wifi are smartphone, which carriers are requiring a data plan with, but this phone is a feature phone. wifi is a great "feature" on a "dumbphone". The only problem I have with this phone is the annoying QWERTY keypad while texting. The keys are really small, and I frequently press the "back" key instead of the "backspace" key. I'm getting used to it though, and it's also helpful that this phone has a feature that is similar to android's "swype", where you slide your finger across the keyboard to type. the internet browser is good, and the phone supports youtube videos. the quality isn't the greatest for videos that have a lot of action, but for the occasional stand-up comedian video, this phone performs sufficiently. the phone sports a micro sd card slot, so I can load all my music on the card and play it on the phone. I have at&t in the us, and the phone started working immediately after i put the sim card in it. the batter life is above average, but it doesn't blow you away. overall, i'm very happy with this phone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 9, 2011
If you want to save money on the purchase of an expensive cell phone, this is a good buy. It comes with a battery, charger and USB cable and had I not known I was buying a used phone, I would have thought it was new. Free shipping is a plus, also. I will certainly consider this source again next time I am looking for a cell phone.

The phone is unlocked so can be used with the sim card of any service supplier, whether in the US or outside. I purchased this as a gift for someone in the Dominican Republic and there was no trouble getting service from a local supplier.

The phone requires a micro sd card if you want to save music and photos, etc. That does not come with the phone so should be purchased at same time, unless you already have a card you can move from another phone.
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on February 8, 2014
Want to start off by introducing myself. I am a 19 year old male who enjoys technology. I am NOT a heavy user (maybe 90 minutes a day using my phone except for 6-8 hours playing music), but I do spend very many hours with a new device learning every nook and cranny of it as quickly as possible.
This phone is a very interesting phone. The layout is VERY similar to a smartphone, however it is NOT a smartphone at all. It is what is called a feature phone; one of the smartest and most advanced ones made as of 2013. It feels a bit smallish. To give you an idea of the size of the screen, take a 3X5 index card (the kind with lines) and fold it in thirds (90° angle to the lines). Now … cut off one of the thirds and trim off the top of the card along the red line. This is the exact size of the screen. 2 stars for screen size. It's way too small. The battery life though, probably due in part to the screen size and basic-ness of the phone, is incredible!!!! If you use your phone heavily, as in all day long from 6AM until midnight, you can use it all day without a charge. If you don't use your phone much, it can go MANY days without a charge. I think I have had up to about 4 days on my phone, but I tend to have it running a good bit for music over headphones. 5 stars for the battery life!

Here is a list of the built-in features:
- texting (conversation layout. Relies on the memory capacity of the phone's built-in storage. If you intend to text on this phone but also have media stored on it too, PURCHASE A MEMORY CARD!!!!! It supports multimedia messages. I am running T-Mobile on it and I have NOT been able to successfully send any multimedia as of yet. I can however receive all of them. This is a carrier problem, not a phone problem. The touch screen keyboard however is very difficult to use. I love touchscreens (I have an iPod touch, an iPhone, and have handled MANY MANY different smartphones. This is the most difficult touchscreen keyboard I have ever used. It can be used but it is difficult and will slow you down. Use with patience. Calibration (at least with this phone) may be off slightly and differs with each key. Small size doesn't help any. It is NOT impossible to use and I have gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better with it over the past month. 3 stars for texting and keyboard.
- calling (supports 3+ way calling, however I have never needed to use this feature so I cannot review this feature. Calling is pretty good but not excellent. At times especially at the beginning of a call I can faintly hear my voice with varying lag times, from nearly at the same time, to up to a second behind. 4 stars for calling.
- connectivity. Yes it has wifi. It's good, however it will not be anything different than its 3G connection. And it's basic 3G, nothing fancy. Not too fast but works okay. 4 stars for connectivity, both for 3G and wifi
- Screenshots!!!!!! :) push the bottom middle button and the power button on the top right side at the same time.
- FM radio, a very good one at that. Must use headphones for radio to work. It records too! Excellent quality recordings. Very high quality. What you hear on the radio is exactly what the recording will be. In fact if you use the music player to play back your recordings, it has an audio plack mode called 5.1CH. I don't know what that stands for, but it makes the tones sound deep and rich. I cannot gett over the quality of the output. 5 stars for the radio!
- Music player. Exactly the same look and layout of a Samsung Galaxy. It plays much better and significantly louder than almost any other feature phone. I have owned 6 feature phones in my life. This one is the best one for music. 5 stars for the music player! Just be sure to purchase a memory card.
- Camera. Rear-facing only. 3.2mp (megapixels), no flash. It's actually pretty good for what it is. Max resolution is 2048X1536. Here is the resolution list in MP settings … 3.2, 2.4, 2, 1.5, 1.3, and 2 for 0.1 mp: 400X240 and 320X240. The camera is highly customizable both before and after the picture is taken. It is full of very very many different editing options (for one who has the time to fish around for the fun of it) but they are all basic in nature. You can change color schemes, sharpen and blur images, even add basic clip art, words, and change font and color of words! It is an absolute blast to play with the camera. 5 stars for the camera!!!!!!!
- Web browser. No exaggeration folks, but it stinks. Possibly the worst browser I've ever had. Most sites CANNOT load completely. It says it has run out of memory. The browser is sickeningly depressing. One star. However, it CAN DO YOUTUBE and it operates nicely on that site!!!!! (VERY WEIRD) The audio quality is somewhat poor and slightly garbled, and the videos aren't very clear and they are kind of grainy, but for how poor this browser is, it's shocking that it works!!!! It runs quickly and smoothly. 3 stars for YouTube.
- Calculator. Very very good for a feature phone!!!! Comes with many features!!!! You can even scroll through all your old calculations! It is however a European phone and the decimals … are, well, … commas. Kind of different, but not bad! 5 stars for calculator hands-down! Incredible!
Dictionary. Lots of words, a few unusual ones, but chances are that if you are a person with a very good education, and you need to reach for the dictionary, you will only find your word half the time. The definitions are broken down into extremely simple terms. EXAMPLE:
Complicated: If you say that something is complicated, you mean it has so many parts or aspects that it is difficult to understand or deal with.
And then there are examples of uses of the word. 4 stars for dictionary.
- Notes. Good for what it is for. Basic. No need to elaborate. 3 stars because of keyboard.
- clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, tasks … they all work very well. 5 stars.
- calendar. Very good! Lots of things you can do with it. Very much like an iPhone calendar! 5 stars.
- have not used twitter Facebook or all that other social media stuff. Cannot write a review on that
- email. Plugged in all the correct information and it refused to work on both 3G and on wifi. Phone problem, not carrier or my fault.
- Voice memos. Works as good as any other device. They are all almost the same. Records for 12 hours. 4 stars??? I don't know. Hard to say for sure.
- Samsung apps and widget store. Blah. Stinks. Very little stuff at all. Most of it can't even be downloaded. Sometimes the very basic site itself can't even load because it says not enough memory. 1 star.
- Games. Can download and run any 240X400 J2ME app for touchscreen phones. Expect only the most basic functionality of it though. The best place I have found for these apps is a place called Be sure to do your browsing on the COMPUTER!!!!! This phone can't load that site. There is a download page the phone can use and it is instead. Have fun. 4 stars, but keep in mind, it's 4 stars for what it is DESIGNED to do, not for how good it is compared to a smartphone!!!!!!

Well that's about it! If you are going to PURCHASE this phone, here are some helpful tips. The phone kind of has TWO DIFFERENT screen formats, each with their own style, format, layout, whatever you call it. When you "slide to unlock" the first thing you will see is a background with these app-lookin thingies called widgets. These make your phone run heavy, however they can be helpful little tools. These are downloaded from the samsung App Store. These can be added and removed by tapping the widget button on the top left of the screen. A row of app icons will appear at the bottom of the screen. Those are all your widgets. You can scroll through those. To open them, slide them vertically out of the row and onto the screen. To close them, slide them off the screen down into the little scrolling row. To edit the number of screens, STILL IN WIDGET MODE, turn the screen horizontally (landscape mode) the + signs add screens, the delete symbols delete screens. Press the done button when you are finished with your editing.

The other apps screen is when you push the middle home button. These are all your real apps I wrote a review on. These CANNOT be moved to your widget screen. To leave the apps screen press the end call button on the right side of the middle button. When you open an app if you press the home button it takes you to the apps screen and the power button takes you to the widgets screen. Many apps can all run at the same time. To force close programs, hold down the home button. Tap the delete button to force close.
On any screen if you run your finger from the very top of the screen downward, it opens your notification and quick settings tab. You can turn on and off wifi, Bluetooth, and silent mode from here. Also if you have your music or radio running, all that can be changed from here as well … change track, play and pause, and change frequency or pause radio in the radio.
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on April 24, 2012
the menu button didn't work after three months later, but the seller refused to fix it even they said it's US warranty in the title. i tried to contact the Samsung custom service to fix it, but they said my cellphone is not sold in US and it do not have the warranty. therefore, i don't recommend to buy this cell phone, there are at least one year warranty for any electronics if you buy it locally.
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on May 9, 2012
This is a great phone. I have had a lot of cell phones but this is my second trully unlocked phone. It is a bit smaller than expected but still a great buy. Capacitive touch screen is as good as any and maybe better than some. The phone memory is not great at all but I use external storage so it matters very little. The touch screen keyboard has a learning curve for those with large fingers. The free hand write mode is fantastic. Only down fall with this phone for me is it is not voice activated and it does not seem to have speed dial. I think that the memory , it being non voice activated and possibly non speed dial should be stated in the description of the phone. I would purchase for a family member or friend
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on July 18, 2014
Not a very simple phone to use, very old basic kind of phone, is not as simple and basic as it should be. I bought it for my mom so she can use to only make phone calls and occasionally text but it is a hassle. Within 2 weeks the touch screen became non-responsive. This phone should no longer be made and sold!! Unless you like the old classic phone and stuck in those times and ways then this phone will not surprise you.
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on July 13, 2012
I love this phone, my first smartphone, and I am very pleased with the features it has. It is a basic yet elegant phone, great design, size and shape. Perfect for someone who is not looking to have a lot of features or is on a budget. Awesome product at a great price.
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on February 9, 2013
Good Phone for Kids that you don't want to pay for a data plan. Takes a little work and google hunting to get the configuration for the internet to work with all apps and mms at the same time but once set it works great.
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on January 13, 2012
Cover basic functions of a smart phone but I didn't like so much de interface. I notice some trouble with de touch screen as well. I did like the design (size, color and weigh) of this phone. I think I would spend a little more money and try to buy a better smart phone next time.
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on February 7, 2013
No problems whatsoever with this phone. In fact, after I got the first one (black) I ordered a second one (white) Wi-fi + B'tooth 100% good on both.
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