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on January 24, 2016
Have had for a week & love it. My sister had turned me on to the alkaline water in October. After a week or two I noticed a difference in my skin & stomach bloat was gone. Just felt good in general as did my husband who was weary at first. Started traveling 20 mins away to a natural health store where the cost was $30 a month for unlimited water. They used the Kangen machine which I could not afford. I found this one on Amazon that had an affordable price & does all the functions I wanted such as cosmetic water & higher alkaline for cleaning veggies, which by the way had no idea how much pesticides were on grape tomatoes (see photo below.) It came with a fluid to test the levels & each time the ph levels were spot on. Even tested the Kangen water I had left over versus my new machine & they were the same. Since I hate clutter I elected to hook it up to one of the faucets in our master bathroom. This way I can use for my face too. I have a bpa free jug I fill & keep up in the kitchen to refill water bottles for drinking. When we received the box there was info to order a under sink part but for now I'll just leave on counter. Highly recommended if you are like me & don't have $3k to spend on a machine but still want the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Installation was easy. We had a question during installation but there is a YouTube video that demonstrated the installation process so that helped. A day after I placed my order online a rep from the company called to thank us for the purchase & left a number for us to call with any questions. We wanted to know if we could run hot water thru the machine & it was not recommend for the 7.0 machine.
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on September 4, 2013
If I am interested in a subject or product, I do a lot of research as I am a ghost writer by profession for numerous authors. My clients depend on me to do my homework.

To begin with, we have had this water ionizer working in our home now for about a week and we love it. There are a multitude of benefits listed for drinking alkaline ionized water and you can find articles all over the web. You can also find a lot of overpriced machines. Most units appear to be well made, and there are many reasons given by each company why they are the best, but value and price do not add up in this fairly "new" emerging industry. As a case in point, I remember when my neighbor bought his plasma TV after the technology had just been launched and he paid nearly $10K for his TV. Water ionizers appear to be very much the same.

After considerable study, the two things we determined that were common among all alkaline water ionizers were pH levels and ORP. We read all the specifications on all the web sites for all the brands. One thing we did not want in our water was additives. So the machine we wanted to purchase needed to be chemical free. We also wanted to be assured that the plastics were BPA free or FDA approved. We found both these features with the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0.

We decided to buy a tester for ORP. I'll warn you that there are many of these ORP testers and most are tricky to work with according to people I have spoken with. They need to be cleaned in a solution and brushed with ultrafine sand paper. When I explained to some of the makers what we were testing, they were honest and told me that their devise would not work at its best for ionized water.

After speaking with a rep, I chose the "Pinpoint" ORP meter, which cost was about $120. Our goal was to reach a standard drinking water at about 9 to 9.5pH and get a negative (-) ORP of about -250. From what we have read about the antioxidant factor ORP, this would then be a great level for our drinking water. I don't necessarily recommend you purchase an ORP meter to prove that the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 works, but I did and it does. Remember, I do research for books for a living.

ORP and pH Testing

I can tell you that we were more than happy when our tests revealed that our standard Los Angeles tap water (our water started at about a pH of 7 and the ORP was a positive +135) flowing through the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 shifted to a 9.5 on the "daily drinking" setting and gave us a negative -450 to -475, better than what we had hoped for. We then tested the highest setting, which is for "cooking," and got an 11pH and -815 ORP. Yes, we didn't get the advertised -850 ORP, but these meters are never 100 percent correct, so that was good enough for us.

When speaking with the manufacturer, they recommended that since we are on LA city water that the internal activated carbon filter would be adequate. We found the filter to be fine for our source water. However, they do have other filter options if we need them. We also found out that the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 can be set up under the sink with a low-cost kit. We may consider that for the future.


If you're like me, looking for a good value, good product support (from the manufacturer), Amazon Prime benefits and want to trust someone who does his research, then I highly recommend this very user-friendly Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 water ionizer. Enjoy!
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on June 28, 2014
After reading all of the books on how to keep your body healthy and resistant to disease / cancer, there was one unanimous theme. Keep your body in a Alkaline state and drink alkaline water!!! Ionized/ Alkaline water is smaller in the molecular state so it will flow better throughout your body. My husband was diagnosed with gout and that is what started our quest for a healthier body. He has been gout free ever since we discovered alkaline water. Before my husband & I bought this ionizer 1 year ago, we were purchasing alkaline water for .89 a gallon at a health food store that was 12 miles a way. Then we purchased this ionizer 1 year ago. We researched all the ionizers available & decided on this one. It is easy to install and easy to use. Greg at Customer Service was & is always there to answer any of our questions. Every time you use it, it cleans itself then after 5-6 gallons it goes through a deeper cleanse. Then about every year (depending on your facet/ municipal water -hard, soft, mineral content ect... ) you descale the unit & change the filter. We just descaled & changed the filter it was very easy. After descaling the unit the alkalinity of the unit went back up. The filters are just $40 a piece when you purchase 2. We just bought this 2nd ionizer & installed it at my mothers house. Very easy.

We tested the ph of the water on every setting after we installed this at my mothers. The readings were exactly what they said they would be.
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on July 3, 2016
I wanted to take my time and try the product for a while before I gave my review. The product packaging was well put together. The unit itself was extremely simple to put together. Our kitchen faucet doesn't have any of the typical sized threads for the hose attachment so I used the universal one with the 3 screws. So far we are over 400 liters of water filtered and the unit is running just like It did out of the box. we've unplugged it several times to clean our kitchen counter, but the unit doesn't really get in the way. every so many liters the system goes through a cleaning cycle which is pretty quick. The unit definitely meets my expectations and I am VERY happy with it. my original thought was that if this unit didn't give me strong enough alkaline water, then I'd return it and purchase a Kangen unit. Now, my opinion is that this unit is equal to the kangen in quality and water produced for a fraction of the cost. I'm absolutely 100% impressed with this company's customer service, build quality and ease of use of this product. I received a phone call before and after receiving the unit, introducing themselves and asking if I had any questions about the unit or the company. I may purchase more for family members in the future.
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on September 8, 2016
I've been using this ionizer for about 3 weeks now, and so far it has been alright. I haven't yet experienced any of the remarkable health changes that other reviewers reported after using this machine, but I do feel all around cleaner, and slightly more focused than usual. perhaps in the near future i will have more profound health benefits to speak of as a result of drinking ionized water. If so, I will be sure to come back and update this review. the folks over at AirWaterLife are incredibly helpful and are more than happy to provide you with guidance during setup if you need it. there is also an instructional video in YouTube to help with setup which i used.

Lastly, I would HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to purchase this ionizer, make sure you buy the Fluoride filter as well (currently it is only available through their website). Fluoride is a TOXIN that should not be ingested for any reason. it is downright criminal that they continue to deliberately put that crap in our water supply. Anyway, if you want to know more about the dangers of fluoridation, head over to YouTube and search for the short film "Our Daily Dose". there are also some books about the topic of fluoridation that you can purchase through Amazon.
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on January 26, 2016
I've had this for 18 months, and I love the taste. My health was fine before I bought it, but a friend who bought the same Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe before I did swears it helped her sleep and immune system.

And the customer service is top-notch: I somehow over-tightened the faucet adapter to the diverter, then damaged the threads when trying to separate them (to remove calcium buildup due to the local water supply). AirWaterLife's customer support line was happy to send me new parts, even after a year and a half, and even after I offered to pay for them.
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on July 19, 2016
I have only had the machine for a week now, but have discovered the technique for maximizing -ORP by keeping the water flow to a minimum. Good stuff and the machine seems to be good quality. Greg was very helpful with my questions about uses for pH. Amazing customer service.
And will update in the future as I can see that after a daily commitment for sometime the benefits will be greater.
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on October 21, 2016
Please read the excellent ending to my inaccurate complaint. After owning the Air, Water, Life Ionizer for over a year I wrote a negative review based on the inaccurate, libelous research that is presented on the internet and YouTube. After posting the initial review I called 888-601-5886 the number given to me by Amazon to contact the seller. A man answered, identified himself as "David". I introduced myself and began to explain my problem. Immediately he interrupted me stating "I know who you are I read your review." At first I naively believed that he would help me resolve my problem. Instead he angrily stated "You bought your machine from Amazon. You have to deal with them." I responded softly "thank you so very much you have been most helpful." My mother taught me as a young child that "The pen is mightier than the Sword." So in response to his curt actions and rude words, I responded by intensifying my negative review on amazon and vowing to report my concerns to amazon sales. I feared that my complaints and concerns would fall on deaf ears and that my actions would accomplish nothing.

Imagine my utter surprise and shock when several short hours later I received a phone call on my cell from a phone number I didn't recognize. A friendly, warm voice softly stated "Alex, please forgive me for calling you so late on a Friday night, I'm Richard Williams, President of Air, Water, Life Real Spirit U.S.A. I would like to apologize to you for the way our representative spoke to you earlier." I couldn't believe my ears. The president of a company that I had complained about was calling me on the start of the week-end, late at night, to apologize.

We spent over an hour on the phone discussing my ionizer and the problems I was experiencing. Richard informed me that the water in Florida has a very high Calcium content and over time can negatively affect an ionizer. I knew this to be true because of the published City Water reports and the heavy calcium scaling produced on the sink and kitchen faucets. He further informed me that the videos on YouTube were incorrect and that his company was litigating a federal lawsuit against the makers of these libelous videos. He then offered me several options to resolve my concerns.
In the 74 years that God has been kind enough for me to live I have never had a president of a company personally call me to resolve my complaint. His kind remarks reminded me of the final scene of one of my favorite movies "Casablanca" where Humphrey Bogart turns to Claude Rains and states "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." I very highly recommend this company and have placed Richard's number on speed dial. I can honestly state that his conversation alleviated my fears and anxieties better than calling Dial A Prayer.

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on November 8, 2016
Worth every penny and more. Initially I had it plugged into a surge protector and sometimes it produced acidic instead of alkaline water. The directions clearly said to plug it into a GFI plug. Once I did that, it's worked perfectly and effects are noticeable. More energy, calmer digestion, better sleep. I take my water everywhere. Easily installed. No mess. If i can do it, anyone can.
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on July 24, 2016
I have Lupus and heard that the water system may help my overall health. So my family decided to try it! Let's just say starting outh, the health water life staff gave me a personal call and offered any help possible with our new system. They have a 10 minute video for installation, my fiancé has no trouble connecting the unit. We have been using the system and the water is refreshing to drink, no chemical smells or bad tastes! We absolutely LOVE our new system and are very pleased to have made the investment! The company gets kiddos for their outstanding customer service, one of a kind!!!
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