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on August 28, 2011
I'm really pleased with this phone. I bought it because I'm going to Paris in the Fall and wanted to be able to use it there. I especially like the combination of the qwerty keyboard and touchscreen. It seems to be better built than my BlackBerry. I had to have my Curve replaced and then worked on again. So far, no problems with the XPRT.
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on October 18, 2011
I got this phone for my wife for the simple fact that my wife & I was tired of the radio and antenna issues with HTC phones and Samsung phones. The Nexus S 4g(which me and the wife had) was the last straw and I knew I needed to go to a tried and true manufacturer and one that is a master of a trade and not just a jack of a bunch of ones. Motorola may not have the so called flashy and smooth UI (even though I can't tell the difference who focuses so much on a UI)of HTC and Samsung. Motorola knows how to make a fucntional phone that gets good reception whether it be wi-fi,1G,2G,3G, or 4G. Forget the additional features a phone has to be able to make a call and keep a signal, without that it is a shiny useless paper weight. My wife is going to stay with Motorola since she needs a functional phone and not some shiny UI with features that don't work because her phone can't keep a signal.

Reception with radios and antenna's is King
UI Plain and just does what is needed
speaker phone and mic makes crystal clear calls
Notification light
Battery life for is good

Camera's very average

To her the UI is not a con as if you want a touch wiz and sense UI feel stick to samsung and HTC. If you want a phone that just works with good features and keeps a good signal this is a great one for you the MOTOROLA XPRT.
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on February 2, 2012
I have had this phone for about 2 weeks. I ordered it from Amazon Wireless. Let me say something about Amazon wireless first. This is an awesome service but note...they buy these phones from the manufacturer and if you have an issue with the phone you may have to deal with them and not the carrier directly.
Now as for the phone. It is very well built. The screen quality is quite acceptable. The qwerty keyboard works great, that is the main reason I got it. I had a Motorola Triumph phone through Virgin Mobile, which was an outstanding phone but I really missed the physical keyboard.
I have no issues whatsoever with this phone. It has not overheated or done any funky things. Now...guess what, I am returning it! Why?
Because I find it is too much of a Blackberry type phone for me. Now I have used Blackberry devices in the past, and they are great work phones, but as far as being multimedia devices which is what we want our phones to be nowadays they are not keeping up with the times. I was hoping this phone would bridge the gap between my Motorola Triumph and a Blackberry. Well not quite. My main issue is screen size and no 4G.
Here I digress a moment. On Sprint, and all other carriers as far as I know, the data plan for a 3G and 4G smartphone are the same cost. If so, why? This is not fair!. I argued this out with Sprint once I realized that I really wanted 4G. I just bought a phone which is 3G. Why is the data plan the same price if I can't use the extra speed? Well I got nowhere with them. Now my old Triumph was only 3G but all Virgin Mobile has is 3G, which is ironic since it is on Sprint's network and in fact is now owned by them. Anyway. I decided if I am going to pay $90.00 a month for a cell phone it had damned better be 4G especially since the price of the phone through Amazon Wireless is the same as, say, a Samsung Epic 4G (0.01!). Which has a bigger screen, a nicer screen, and still has a slide out (not my favorite but I can live with it)keyboard.
So...this is why the phone is going back. I found out that I could not just go to the Sprint store and swap the phone because I did not get it directly from Sprint. However Amazon Wireless was very nice about it.
So in summary. If you are looking for a road warrior business phone which is an Android phone and allows some multimedia functions, this phone is great. If you want a phone to read books, play games, watch YouTube and all that a 4G and a small less bright screen. Might want to reconsider.
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on September 6, 2011
I am now on my 3rd XPRT phone. 1 had a bad speaker and 2 are overheating for no reason. Battery app has shown 115 that's hot! No combination of app kills, battery pulls, restarts, or trying different batteries helps. Once the XPRT starts to run hot, it doesn't stop. The overheat is a known issue for the "sister" Droid Pro from Verizon. Check the internet...lots out there regarding the Droid Pro but very little regarding the XPRT since it is so new. I really like the phone but there is clearly an issue here that needs to be addressed. Motorola, please get this fixed!
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on August 5, 2011
I recently upgraded from a BB curve. This phone is great and way more functional than the curve. The downside is that the screen is smaller compared to other android devices. The screen gets washed out in bright sunlight, however I heard that is normal for android.
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on April 16, 2013
i researched phones for over a month and sadly i thought this was the perfect phone for my needs. i'm not a techie, i just like functionality and i Needed a physical keyboard and Wanted a good camera in my phone..

*physical keyboard
*has a solid & sturdy feel.
*good battery life

*Phone needs to be turned off then back on to continue having service a couple of times a day or you will not have service even if the person next to you has 'full service bars' and the same provider.
*TERRIBLE camera to the point of not even bothering to use it.
*Keyboard stutters. keyboard has a very strange 'angle' to the keys and with a normal touch you will have triple and then some of repeat letters so you will have to go back and edit Every Single thing you type.. some times Every Word. you will no longer be a quick texter.
*Phone gets very hot.
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on February 24, 2013
This is a decent phone, i like the weight of it, verses some other candybar phones. I dont like the keyboard tho, its alot like a black berry, and the lack of "soft" keys was a deterant for me. I did alot of research on phone, trying to decide between the xprt and samsung replinish, i went with the replinish, tho, every review i found xprt was better. For me its more of a comfort thing, and i feel better with the replinish, tho it seems a bit long, and cheaper made, the xprt has more memory, faster processer, glass screen not plastic, better battery, the battery on replinish sucks, as most smart phones do i guess. All in all its what your looking for, the xprt is a bit smaller screen, but other then that and and some cosmedic diffrences, the xprt is a faster, more durrable, and higher preformance, just depends on what you want out of a phone i guess.
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on October 7, 2012
Motorola XPRT for Sprint carrier. Arrived in new condition. Works great. For Sprint. Works with Sim Card (GSM) overseas. No unlocking needed even though useless associate at Sprint store said it was needed and to call customer service.
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on May 17, 2012
the product was brand new as promised. all particulars were in place. delivery ws very prompt. response to my product/delivery related queries came is less than 6 hrs. kudos to d seller!!

regarding the phone, it definitely scored abv my expectations. very gud touch, amazing querty, pretty fast n responsive, excellent battery as well. :))
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on September 10, 2012
This phone has Froyo 2.2 and their is no update to 2.3 as of this time. There is a rumor that Sprint will push it out in a couple of months, but who knows?

The phone is rock solid and feels good in the hand. The screen is a good improvement from my previous phone (Samsung Replenish) and the battery lasts multiple days. The video is great for catching quick movies. Motorola Blur widgets are nice, and the phone works fine with Office 365.

It took forever, but this is the best of the successors to the Treo 755. It doesn't have a fine tip stylus, and the calendar alerts don't pop in your face like Palm, but I have tried Palm, Blackberry, Later Palms, Samsung, and this is the best one.

I thought about buying it on ebay where it was slightly cheaper, but I have gotten burned on cell phones there before, so I paid about $40 more to get it on Amazon, but it was well worth it, and the box was actually new like the listing said.

4 stars instead of 5, because to this day, Palm is the only company that really wanted people to remember everything and so they put the calendar alerts right in your face. These calendar alerts are still near invisible in the status bar.
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