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on October 2, 2011
I really wanted to shift from Iphone to Android so purchased a Sensation. Worked great for about a month and a half and then several critical buttons stopped functioning. Amazon disavowed all ownership and I had to deal with HTC directly. Getting it repaired is proving a huge hassle. Have to pay to ship it to their returns center, pay for its return, and then wait 6 - 10 days with no replacement. I won't order a HTC phone again and as much as it pains me, I won't order from AmazonWireless. I love Amazon but their WireLess service offers zero value-add. Prices really aren't any different and for any type of support I get direct to the carriers or manufacturer.
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on January 7, 2013
I bought the HTC Sensation 4G for T-mobile used off another website just before Christmas and then activated it on Straight Talk's new bring your own phone program. I had a LG Optimus Q originally, both are Android phones and I liked both, but the HTC is definitely a upgrade! Feel free to ask questions about the carrier I use but this review will be on just the phone, which could be purchased or activated on any carrier.


CAMERA - It comes with a 8mp rear facing camera and a smaller front facing camera allowing for face-time with my iPhone friends. The Optimus had the standard 3mp camera, which took really crappy pictures in-doors, but the HTC has a flash and automatic settings, I have yet to take a bad picture or one that is hard to see the details in! That alone is worth every penny and I LOVE IT!

BROWSER - Though my Optimus worked well, it was slow and I often took longer to find things on the internet than just calling 411 would have taken. The HTC has a much faster browser, and I find myself using it quite often over 411. Facebook, CraigsList, and my mail are much easier to use also and I notice I spend more time checking them on my phone than I did before.

DURABILITY - The overall case seems more durable, the back doesn't just pull off and it connects to the power and camera button in a way that keeps them locked together. No worry the phone will drop and the back and battery will come flying off. (Dropping is not recommended)

APPS - There are far more apps, the phone holds more apps, and the screen provides for interactive apps, something we didn't have before. The weather shows up in real time as a moving picture under the phone's clock (clouds that move if it's windy outside, sun rays that shine brighter, rain that falls). Is it imperative - no - but it's fun and I can see what's happening without flipping through apps.

GPS - from the weather app to the driving app, the GPS always automatically updates where I am without me having to do so. I know when driving GPS follows a route - but I'm talking about knowing where you are right this second even if you aren't following driving directions. I drove from one town to the next and the weather updated to each town as I got there. So did the local's a nice feature.

4G - having gone from 2 or 3G service to 4G is amazing. Even though we use Straight Talk prepaid, which is not 4G, because we use T-Mobile's 4G phone we get to use their 4G service where available. This may not be true if you aren't using a company that has 4G, but both T-mobile and subsequently T-Mobile phones on Straight Talk amazing upgrade!

GSM/CDMA technology - The phone can use one or both. We use a service that utilizes GSM but it can also work on a CDMA service contractor...which means you can take the phone anywhere, even if you switch company's from T-Mobile or AT&T to Verizon (f the phone is unlocked, $14.99 to do so online).

MOBILE HOT SPOT: The phone can be used as a mobile hot spot. I haven't yet, as I haven't had any place to take my laptop that doesn't have open wi-fi, but it's nice to know I can. Something my previous phone could not do! I don't know about data usage or strength of connectivity if you do use it that way, but it's an option.

There is really only one con so far...

SOUND: The Optimus did have great sound, from the mp3 player to speaker phone...something the HTC seems to lack. My son has the exact same phone, purchased from a different seller, and he experiences the same issue. The sound quality isn't bad, but it's not great either. We both feel like it could be louder and of better quality. This is why the phone received four instead of five stars. He listens to music a lot and I spend a great deal of time on long distance calls, neither of which are as nice as our previous phones, but not bad enough that we are upset about it, just enough we are a bit disappointed. Investing in quality headphones helped only slightly, but more because of the volume and less because of improved quality.

COST isn't a con for me because I bought both of ours used for about $145, but the new price tag is outrageous. We don't want to be tethered to a contract so we prefer to buy our phones outright. If it had not been for months of searching and watching sites like Ebay or Craigslist we would not have been able to afford the phone. I do not think any of the features are worth a $400-$500 price tag, so if you are buying new without a contract I might suggest you just spend the money on an iPhone (my daughter has one and they are neat, also not worth spending so much money but she loves it and I decided we had to upgrade our phones after jealously watching her enjoy the features of the iPhone 4S)

Other info:

Buying accessories was easy. I got an awesome phone case/wallet off of Ebay for a few dollars and a phone case for my son. We also were easily able to find compatible microSD cards to upgrade from the 4GB it comes with to 32GB and car/home chargers. It's always a good sign when they still make accessories and they're under $10!

Battery life...This isn't a con but I can't say if it's a plus. I bought the phones used so they had plenty of abuse before me...I also spend a great deal of time on it. I have to charge the battery at least once a day, sometimes twice depending on phone usage and downloads. But if I don't use it, the battery can last 24-48 hours. It's definitely better than the Optimus battery... but again I'm not sure I feel like it's a great battery. My son's phone does seem to last him longer each stretch, but I still find myself frustrated that he doesn't answer because his battery died towards the end of the day...but don't take that as a definite because he uses his phone to play Pandora all day, which ia a battery sucking app. My previous phone also told me how much battery life I had while it was charging and when it finished charging, the HTC doesn't do that.

Overall my son and I are both very happy. He's a teenager and has yet to complain or talk about a "better" phone he wants after sucking me dry purchasing the last one. That is always a good sign! I still have the old phone and would never go back, I also have no desire to look at other phones, though I do wish the sound quality was better :(
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on July 1, 2014
This is the biggest piece of trash I've ever purchased. It constantly runs slow, even slower than at the end of the life of my old first run Galaxy S that lasted me 4 years. I constantly get "Please Wait..." messages and occasional freezes at a white HTC screen when just one or two apps are open. Apps constantly crash. In fact, I'm leaving this review on my Sensation for the second time because it crashed the first time. The input for the keyboard is awful, too. It always puts unintended letters and words that are nowhere near where I'm typing on the screen. Oh, and I haven't dropped this phone ONCE, yet there's a 3" crack on the screen that just happened today when i pulled it out of my pocket after owning it for 6 months. I dropped my Galaxy S multiple times... Concrete, water, you name it. Not one scratch, not one problem as a result. Long story short, do NOT buy this phone. Go Galaxy S or Apple.
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on March 12, 2012
Edit June 5, 2012: The last time I did this review the phone screen was going out every now and again, promoting irritation. After a while this issue stopped. HTC and T-Mobile updated this device to Ice Cream Sandwich and it's a decent O.S. The reason why I say it's not a fantastic update is because T-Mobile made the horrid idea of deactivating the free tethering on the phone. When you utilize the built in tethering you are now prompted to purchase the tethering service from T-Mobile which costs $14.99 a month. I am quite annoyed about this because I use this feature a lot and has been an awesome addition to the device. Other than that one issue with it, it's fine. If you don't tether then don't worry about it, purchase and update. If you use tethering a lot you may want to stay away from the OTA Push and keep the prior O.S or root your phone and download the ROM, which keeps the tethering intact. I am overall satisfied with this phone and for the first time in a month and a half I am not looking for a new phone! I highly recommend and I have moved my review from a 2.5 to a 5!

I purchased this phone from T-Mobile about a month ago. I was ecstatic about this device. I had been researching this phone for a while and really wanted it. My previous phone was the Samsung Sidekick 4G (don't get me started on that!). When I first got the phone I noticed that it was very nice. The internet was great, the call quality was clear on the ear piece and the speaker phone and the screen was decent. This was leagues over the Sidekick and the Samsung 4G, which preceeded the Sidekick. However, a month later all goes wrong.

For some reason when the phone heats up a bit the screen stops responding. You cannot unlock the phone. When you finally get the phone unlocked part or most of the screen, including the buttons on the bottom of the phone (home, menu, back and search) will not work when pressed. Typing out a message is impossible if the phone lets you get that far because most of the letters will not register. This happened a few weeks ago and I ended up having to take the phone apart and leave the battery out of the device for 10 hours overnight and charge at work the next day. That seemed to have fixed the issue.

So, this morning I wake up and send a few text messages and then get ready for work. By the time I got to the car my screen was not responding again. This was at 10 this morning. It is now 8 at night and the screen just came back on. This phone took my entire shift at work to fix itself. This is a major flaw on the device and it's more widespread than I thought. Just Google HTC Sensation phone screen issues and many pages should come up with customers complaining about this device. It's rather disappointing because outside of this seriously annoying flaw this phone is perfect, in my eyes. The O.S is about to be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich near the end of this month so we will see if that fixes the issue or jumps on the bandwagon of making things worse. I really would like to see an update released soon to fix this if it's a firmware issue and if it's a hardware issue I really think the selling of these devices should be stopped until they fix the issue and replace the devices they have already sold when they do.

At this point, for the most part the phone works but when the screen issue kicks in it's a pain in the arse. If you can live with not being able to use your phone for a day when this sporadically happens then I say still get it and hope for an update or hope that you are one of the few fortunates who will not get this issue but if you use your phone for business purposes I would go in a different direction because I have heard issues where the phone will not answer because the ring on the screen will not move as well as the phone call not ending when it should because you cannot press the end button. I give this phone a 2.5 because no matter how stupid cool this phone is, if the screen goes out when it feels like it and stays that way all day or night the thing is not usable. Good luck!
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on November 19, 2011
I've owned 4 HTC phones since becoming a T-Mobile customer in 2005 and they continue to raise the bar on their phones. The Sensation 4G is a top of the line smartphone that packs a lot of punch.
First off, it's a beautiful phone. The design is sleek ,and dare I say, sexy. It's thin, but feels great in the hands. It is a big phone, but don't think of it as being heavy or bulky. It definitely fits in your pocket or purse with no problems whatsoever.

The phone itself is fast, very easy to use, and has a lot to offer in terms of content. The Sense 3.0 UI is clean, crisp, and just beautiful. The thing I love most about Sense 3.0 is how customizable it is. You can make this phone YOUR phone from ringtones, wallpaper, skin, layout, and more. You can watch movies, listen to music, surf the web, e-mail, etc with ease on this phone.

The phone ships with Android's Gingerbread OS, with the before mentioned Sense 3.0 UI overlay. Like any Android phone, you can add apps via the Android Market with things like Netflix (looks great on this phone), CNN, ESPN, and more.

The only flaw I found in this phone is the battery life. I remedied this issue by purchasing a 3rd party extended battery. If you plan on using this phone as it's designed to be used for, I'd highly recommend getting an extended battery and using the stock battery as a backup or for home use.

Overall, I love this phone and can't recommend it enough to anyone looking for a true smartphone. It's a phone that I can see myself using 2 years down the road with no problems.
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on April 10, 2013
Where shall I begin? NO BATTERY LIFE, my part time job is charging this phone. Constant ridiculous issues with it. NOT user friendly. It will just completely freeze up when I have an email or text message come in, or my favorite just completely dump and shut down the webpage you were just reading for no reason. You should be able to just plug your USB and get a prompt, but instead you have to go through all these extra steps just to get the most basic things done. My old Blackberry was far more impressive than this piece of garbage. I have been suffering for over a year now and so very glad they are coming back. Will never buy another HTC. Now I know why everybody complained about them.
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on April 10, 2013
Freezes up constantly, powers off randomly, 16 hour battery life if I don't use it at all, slow, and stopped receiving MMS. Just an awful awful phone.
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on March 23, 2013
I purchased the phone for $500 cash to receive a reduced plan rate through T-mobile. After one year, the wifi stopped working. I contacted T-mobile and HTC and they recommended a factory reset. The wifi worked for two months after the factory reset. Now, if you attempt to turn on the wifi, the phone starts rebooting and resetting itself. I sent it in to HTC to see if it could be repaired but they quoted me $170 to repair the phone. I asked them to return it unrepaired. Now, phone calls cannot be made on the phone. HTC damaged it when it was sent in to check the wifi. HTC refuses to resolve this issue. I urge anyone considering an HTC phone to look for another brand.
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on August 5, 2011
I am replacing my Samsung Vibrant (Galaxy S) with Sensation. The Vibrant itself was the 'best' Android phone on T-Mobile 12 months ago.

I immediately noticed a few improvements:
1. GPS is quick to lock (less than 5 seconds), whereas my Vibrant will take up to a minute, and doesn't stay locked for long.
2. Battery life is better, I estimated with my usage, it maybe 2 to 4 hours better than Vibrant.
3. Heavier due to the material being used, more 'metal' than the plasticky Vibrant.
4. Has an LED notification light, although it's hidden inside the speaker grille so it's not easily noticeable if the phone is at a certain angle facing you.
5. Apps do seem to launch faster, this is no surprise as Sensation has a 1.2ghz dual-core processor.
6. Screen is gorgeous, due to the qHD resolution, texts are super crisp.

Of course, there're no such thing as a perfect phone, Sensation also have a few short comings (#1, #2 can be fixed by software).
1. HTC Sense, this may be a pro to average consumers, but I would rather use the standard Android launcher (or Launcher Pro). Even with a dual-core processor, I still noticed minimal lag while swiping the home screens. Not to mention Sense itself took up a lot of valuable memory out of the paltry 768MB.
2. qHD resolution. While texts are crisp, they are also smaller compared to other normal resolution phones. Most apps are designed for 480x800 resolution, texts will appear smaller on those apps. Hopefully this will not be an issue with future updates.
3. The front camera sucks. It's a 0.3mp camera. HTC, this is 2011, at least use a 1.3mp camera!
4. Speakerphone is kinda weak. At both of their highest settings, my friend's iphone4 is about 25% louder than Sensation.

Most professional reviewers crowned the Samsung Galaxy S2 as the best Android phone as of June 2011. I don't have the opportunity to see it in real life, so I don't know whether Galaxy S2 is a better phone or not. What I do know is as of July 2011, Sensation is the best Android phone available on T-Mobile. In six months it doesn't matter anyway, as another 'super' phone will come out and both Sensation and Galaxy S2 will become obsolete. Heck, a new iPhone in September will probably make my new Sensation look like old-tech.
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on June 23, 2011
If you hold this phone side by side with a Samsung Galaxy, then you will probably notice that the Galaxy has better contrast ratio... I'm sure some people might think this is important. For me it was all about screen size, pixels, connectivity and responsiveness. This machine is smooth and works flawlessly. My favorite apps are: Google Voice, Google Docs, Jorte Calendar Widget, Mobile Hot Spot, HTC's FaceBook app, Reveal Reader, Slacker, Pandora, Opera, & Speed Test.
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