Customer Reviews: HTC Sensation, Black 4GB (T-Mobile)
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on July 1, 2011
This is my seventh different android phone, and may I say the best I've had my hands on. The device is hands down the nicest looking handset out there. Feels solid and looks drop dead sexy. It doesn't necessarily blow away other devices such as the Thunderbolt or Galaxy S 1 when launching apps individually. I mean it is slightly faster (still 1.2Ghz vs 1.0Ghz), but where it really excels at is multitasking and that's where this dual core beast starts to flex it's large muscles. The device never really slows down or gets bogged down like the Thunderbolt, SGS1, or any other single core device. Instead it keeps chugging along with you every step of the way without skipping a beat.

Gaming on the device also gives you nice and smooth framerates, and this phone by far is HTC's best gaming handset (Now only comparable to the EVO 3D).

The screen is great, but nowhere near as nice as Samsungs SAMOLED(+) screens IMO.

Sense 3.0 looks great and adds a few nice additions over the previous version of sense. The UI does tend to shudder every once and a while but i'm certain that HTC/T-mobile can correct this with a software update as the hardware itself is plenty capable to run everything else smooth.

The camera is very nice, and in most cases is capable of replacing a pocket camera as long as you're shooting in good light. The built in flash does a great job at lighting up close ups at night, but like most cell phone cameras, don't expect the flash to fill a room.

T-Mobile's "4G" speeds aren't as fast as Verizon's LTE speeds but in my real world tests between the Sensation and the Thunderbolt it means that YouTube videos are launching 1 to 3 seconds faster. Mind you Verizon's LTE speeds will net you literally double the download speeds that you can get from T-Mobile, so seeing that videos only start playing a couple seconds sooner reminds you that LTE speeds are a little overkill for smartphones right now. The built in browser feels extremely smooth and renders everything without any hiccups including heavy websites like engadget.

Overall am I extremely happy with this device and would recommend it to anyone looking for new powerful smartphone. This is the first device that I'm happy with that isn't rooted and modded. Nice work HTC.
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on June 20, 2011
i love this phone. it has everything i need. i still have to get used to it because it does have A LOT of stuff. it takes awesome pictures, very clear. the ONLY thing i don't like is that you cant put a song as a text tone. thats my only complain.
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on June 24, 2011
I went to Tmobile and upgraded to this phone on 15th of June 2011(day it came out) I am very happy with it! I had a Blackberry Curve which was terrible, then I got the Tmobile G1 which was good until it started dropping calls and due to its flip out screen design breaking I again was in search of a good phone with Tmobile. The G2x was fast but kept rebooting and shutting off by itself. So I got the Sensation and very pleased! Fast phone, great display,(I dont understand people that want a more detailed display, its a phone) And above all I get reception everywhere I go!!! So far I haven't had any dropped calls or rebooting issues.
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on August 31, 2012
My advice is don't get it unless you get extra batteries (like Ankers Anker® 1900mAh Li-ion Battery For HTC Sensation, Sensation XE,Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, Mytouch 4G Slide, Amaze 4G - White ) and condition them properly (see bottom of review). I replaced my very old razor as I was waiting for the best phone of the moment to be out and get some feedback back from users on functionality and reliability. I had the HTC Sensation 4G for about 3 to 4 months and wrote rave reviews--I loved it. I watched YouTube videos, emailed, surfed the web, listened to Science Fridays and enjoyed lots of apps.

After a year of owning it I have a quite different story to tell (but now see update at bottom too). After you download all the apps that you want and fill the phone with texting, videos, etc., it started to wig out (but it was a simple battery problem in my case). Now that I use all the features the phone overheats, seriously lags, shuts off at random, restarts at random, drops WIFI calls when I am standing next to the wireless router. It even turned itself back on in a movie theater while I was watching a film and took a call (is it the poor on/off button location? Can it really be pressed to turn on in my pocket???) and it has done that more than once (OK, lots of times). I keep the phone in my front pocket and it has never been dropped or been near any water so I can't explain the behavior. When I pull it out of my pocket sometimes it is on when it should be off and other times it is off when I thought it was on. I've noticed that it does like to turn itself off during power changes. For example, I have 40%-50% battery left and I dial a number, as soon as it start to connect it shuts off or reboots. It did that with a text message as well. The WIFI was on once and off at other times (WIFI is a huge power sucker and the 2 new Anker 1900mAh batteries and extra charger cured all of these problems).

Right now the worst problem is the shutdown/reboot issue (cured by new batteries). After a couple hours of use, my Sensation has a nasty habit of turning itself off every 10-20 minutes. Sometimes it gets stuck in a loop and the only way I can keep it running is to plug it in and charge it (and it has plenty of juice left in the defective battery according to the battery saver application). I've tried pulling the battery (I'm really good at getting it out of the case in seconds now), restarts, turn off everything (make sure WIFI, GPS and Bluetooth is off), shut down all apps, letting it cool down and the only fix is to plug it into a charger. I've read on the forums that having extra Anker batteries around are a good work around (boy was he right, thanks again gramps!) so I'll look into those as everyone that sends their phones back get the same thing back or worse (I stuck with the devil I knew and the new batteries fixed it).

Brand new, out of the box it has a poor speaker-phone, lousy battery life and is very picky about signal strength (poor call quality when not using headset as I can't hear people without jamming it into my ear, and it drops lots of calls). The keyboard is almost impossible to use in vertical mode and it has a new bug in the new Ice Cream update that does not allow the screen to rotate to horizontal without a restart. I don't have any experience with Samsung but I'd like to try anything else at this point(see update below)...



On the T-Mobile forums I found many that had the exact same problems as I did. They have a bunch of troubleshooting steps and one guy recommended getting the Anker battery set (2 batteries plus a charger for about $30) and I did. All my problems went away with the new Ankers! when i received the new batteries it stated that they had to be broken in with 4-5 charges to 100% and then use the HTC until dead (as close to 0% as possible) and then charge up to 100% again without interruption. I am still doing this right now by taking one battery charged to 100% and then putting depleted spare in the charger (after about 4 hours it is fully charged) until it is back to 100% then I stick it is a plastic (non-conductive) bag and keep it in my pocket until I need it.

I must have ruined the original battery and it took about 3 or 4 months to start acting goofy and making the phone unusable. I now have 100% of the function back without any real problems. All the freezing, reboots and shutdowns (at full charge), rapid power consumption, etc have stopped and the phone is totally great again. I wish that HTC would put a warning about battery problems on the box. I have to believe that this is a random thing with "bad" batches of batteries because many on the forums never had any of my problems.

In my case the batteries made all the difference! Beware of breaking them in properly...also the Ankers at 1900mAh (Anker® 1900mAh Li-ion Battery For HTC Sensation, Sensation XE,Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, Mytouch 4G Slide, Amaze 4G - White)last alot longer and make the phone even better than new! So it begs the question: Why don't they ship it with the 1900mAh batteries?
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on September 26, 2011
Recently I jumped off the Blackberry bandwagon and joined the Android clans. I was a diehard fan of BB for 10 YEARS my friends so believe me when i tell you that it was a VERY DIFFICULT decision to make. I did so because i can see that the touch-screen was the way of the future and I better join the program before it's too late and also I was getting annoyed at all the fabulous apps that was avail to the iphone and android phone as compared to the laughable craps avail to BB. Additionally, I was not happy that BB continue to lag way way behind when it comes ot web browsing & etc. So I switched...My 2 choices of phone are the Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S or the HTC Sensation. While I liked both, I found that the HTC Sensation touchpad keyboard was slightly easier to become accustomed to than the Galaxy. The Galaxy touchpad was very very sensitive. I've had my htc for about a week now and i am still trying to get use to typing on it but i have gotten alot better...especially after I recalibrated the touchpad. I am confident that i will be able to get upto the typing speed that i had with the BB qwerty board. The other GREAT FEATURE about this phone is the speech to is SUPRISING ACCURATE! and this feature is available for everyihign. Web search, text message, email, and etc. I have used it to send text msg and email and it works GREAT..very accurate. If you are a BB user and you are considering this phone, you will be very happy with EVERYTHING about this phone subject to you can get use to the touchpad). The 2 FLAWS that i mentioned that may send you on your way are:

a. THE BATTERY SUCKS BIG TIME. I do not watch youtube movies or any kind of movies nor do i use it to listen to music. I only use it to check facebook, web browser, email, and phone. I was playing on it between facebook and web browsing and the battery lasted maybe 5-6 hours. Now, I'm afraid to play on it too much coz it will drain the battery. Also, i have 6 emaill account programed and when i spoke with htc support tech, they told me that all those email accts is draining my battery because everytime it syncs with the server to check for new message which i had it programed for every 15 min), it would drain my battery. So the tech sugg that I auto syc only the most important email acct and leave the other non importnat on "manual sync". Also, the tech sugg (in order to conserve battery) that i always turnOFF the WIFI and the GPS and only turn on manually when i need to use it. So, all the APPS and web fucton of this phone is great but you will give up lots of battery time for it.

b. THE SPEAKERPHONE SUCKS BIG TIME. I hate to wear earpieces so when I'm in the car, I use the speakerphone. Well, the speakerphone on this phone SUCKS. It is so low that even if you are by yourself, with the radio turned off inside the car, you may still have trouble hearing the other person. A quick google on this issue will produce you many unhappy campers. I tested 100% on my hearing at last physical and i have trouble hearing the speakero phone. So if you are even the slightest, minutest hard of hearng, then you better save yourself the frustration and find another phone! I also called the HTC tech about this. apparenly the "ENGINEERS ARE AWARE OF THE PROBLEMS AND WORKING ON A FIX"....

So aside from point a and b, the phone is magnificent!
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on April 18, 2012
I got my wife this phone and months later she has demanded another phone after dealing with the constant problems. The Phone will reboot after being idle, has the worst battery life, and every time you turn around something is force closing or stopping. The issues just almost mad her throw it out the window of our car into the river.

She has said she wants no more android phones since this isn't the first one with problems like that. So we now have migrated to windows phone 7 as it was like night and day to her. We don't try to stuff a phone with apps and after a while you don't use have the apps on a phone hardly any. So for us we don't listen to this one has this many apps as most or useless anyway.

So be warned everyone the latest apps and how much it can be customized means nothing is a phone can do the simple task of being a phone first.


You know what bugs us the most is that phones that could be updated get left behind very quickly each time a new Android OS comes out.
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on November 17, 2011
I am on my third Sensation. The first had two issues: The charger stopped connecting (it was the charger)within 30 days then the earpiece just stopped working mid call about two weeks later... so a total of maybe 46 days of phone ownership and kaput. I though the call was dropped. It was simply that I couldn't hear the person I was speaking with. I figured out that I could use speakerphone but if you have this phone you know that he speaker is useless. You simply can't use it for a serious call. The phone has potential but I have had a number of issues and so have others.

FYI T-mobile will charge you 20$ to replace it under warranty and HTC won't replace it, but they'll fix it at your expense to ship it. AND, if replaced, you'll get a refurbished (phone (hopefully not a broken one like they sent me), and that's a shame because I paid for a new phone. All cell companies do this, I think. It's a such a scam.

As far as unlocking my phone, well Tmobile has said that is a possibility but not associated with contract which means you're stuck with it if you buy it. As a long time customer of T-mobile I'd think about something else. Avoid a contract and I'd probably avoid this phone.

The pros are the screen and picture quality and ease of use to post photos and video. I've enjoyed using this phone and if it had better support I'd consider using it longer.
The cons are the sound, slow camera, quality, and keyboard (read some other reviews for a better technical explanation.

As a nice end to my review, here's an exerpt of my cnet review of tmobile:
Overall, the services that T-mobile used to support are no longer there ...
Just got of the phone regarding the continued account issues and the executive office representative refused to let me out of my contract despite my offering to return the equipment because, says this rep, the ability to unlock my phone (an offered service and one that inspires a global traveler like me to remain with the company)is not part of my contract. She then tells me that I am using the services and must pay a penalty. during this same conversation, just five minutes later, when I point out that this call is taking place 4 days after the date promised via e-mail from this same 'executive', she claims to have called me but was unable to leave a voicemail on my phone for 'some reason'. Interesting services I pay for at T-mobile. I am offered the opportunity to call tech support and spend hours on the phone talking about my issues I didn't know I had, and we'll be talking about the wrong phone because that's what shows up on my account. If price is essential for you, consider all of your options before considering a contracted plan. I'm looking for a new provider.
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So far, several months into using the HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone (T-Mobile), I'm pleased. As this is my first smartphone, I was concerned about how fast 4G really is as it relates to different apps. Faster is always better, but this is a fantastic start.

It is difficult to separate the device from the apps. I have been careful only to download name brand apps, avoiding the nastiness that happens when downloading some unknown company's tool.

I have a couple Gmail accounts coming through with ease. Internet use has been trouble free, and especially good when sites are mobile-ready. Netflix works well, though their updates can be dodgy, but that's a Netflix problem. LinkedIn, Peep, YouTube, Google Doc, Google Translate, TuneIn Radio, Spotify are all good here. Kindle is slow to load, but it gets the job done. How good is Angry Birds? I don't want to talk about it. I'm addicted.

The camera shots and video have all been impressive, though the sound pick-up with the video is sometimes slightly off. I use the camera daily.

Things are fast, clean, and only occasional freezes. I'm a happy customer, looking forward to the next generation. I fully recommend the HTC Sensation 4G Android Phone.

Anthony Trendl
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on January 25, 2013
To start: Battery life is maybe 10 hours. Maybe. It's ridiculously slow, and I'm not talking about the speed of service. If I try and open an app, the phone sits and thinks for probably 20 seconds before the app will open. If I've ever toggled between apps and then hit the Home Screen button, the phone restarts itself. If I make a phone call and then hit the Home Screen button, the phone restarts. If I try and touch the phone, it restarts. The keyboard is so small that it takes me five minutes erasing all of the periods I've entered when i meant to hit the space bar. And the thing is HEAVY. After about two weeks of usage I learned exactly how much I hated this phone, but I waited for the Samsung Galaxy III to come out, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, I dropped my Galaxy while at the gym and the screen shattered. I therefore had to resort back to this phone until my screen gets fixed, and I'm reminded of how god-awful and waste of money this POS is.
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on September 17, 2011
I moved from using the iPhone 3g to the HTC Sensation 4G about 3 months ago.

In summary, this phone is great - it's fast, the colors are awesome, camera quality is great for a phone. It's an awesome smartphone for sure! But there are some issues that are making me give it 3 and half stars.

After playing around with it, I would definitely like to describe some of the issues that have annoyed me:
1. The mute/speaker button gets clicked when I'm speaking (so the high sensitivity of the screen triggers the click from my cheek)! It drives me nuts and as I'm speaking, I have to do a lot of phone gymnastics to get the phone locked so that these buttons don't clicked. If there is a way around this - I'm not aware of it yet.
2. The speaker volume is pretty low. Though in the normal mode, voice quality seems great.
3. Sometimes, clicking the Home button actually clicks a screenshot! It's wacky; maybe I'm not aware if I'm clicking it along with something else that's making it a shortcut, but it's a little annoying.
4. Lack of folders.
5. I don't use Google as my personal email/calender. So there is no way to sync up my Yahoo calender. Exchange and Gmail calenders can only be synced. This is a very serious flaw in my opinion.

That's it in brief. Yes, I would definitely recommend buying this phone, but I would also wish that some of the above issues are addressed.
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