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The King of Fighters XIII - Playstation 3
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:$95.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on April 22, 2013
I've been into fighting games for a few years now, and I've sampled a lot of the market by this point. KOF XIII I find to have a very high learning curve, but with some of the most fun gameplay available in a fighter.

First of all, I would recommend AGAINST getting into this game unless you're already playing on an Arcade Stick or something similar like the Hitbox controller. The games' inputs are similar in nature to those of Street Fighter IV and UMvC3, but a lot more complex (think along the lines of Guile's 'Flash Explosion' input). The inputs in this game are simple enough to pick up on if you're new to the KOF series, but they will destroy your thumbs if you're using a regular controller.

I do recommend this game for anyone who has been playing fighting games for a while, but NOT if you have never played a fighting game before or if you are new to the genre. KOF XIII has a very high learning curve and the inputs and combos can be incredibly complex.

There are two things working against new players in this title. First of all, the game is in a 3v3 format, meaning you will have to learning 3 individual characters in order to even play the game. However, it's not like Marvel 3 where you will be doing complex tag combos; All the matches are 1v1.

The next thing working against newbies in this game is the trial mode. While trial modes are very helpful for picking up fighting games, KOF XIII's trials start out on a medium-level and get exponentially more challenging. They don't seem to be built on the same philosophy as Perona 4: Arena or SSFIV's trials are at starting simple (1 or 2 hit combos) and then gradually increasing in difficulty; KOF's trials are set up to be more like an actual challenge mode for more seasoned fighting game players.

Between needing to learn 3 characters and the difficulty in learning the basics of the characters, this game can be a very frustrating uphill battle for newbies. However, for more experienced players, I highly recommend it.

Veteran fighting game players, or even just players looking for something more challenging than what they're already playing, will have a good time learning the ins and outs of KOF XIII. The game offers very deep gameplay, with intricacies all over the place. There is even 3 kinds of jumps in the game! You won't learn the game in a week like you might another, but you will come out of it feeling accomplished and knowing that you can play one of the most fun fighting games on the market!
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VINE VOICEon November 23, 2011
I admit that I have not played KOF since the old KOF '95 arcade days. That's 15 years since! But I have become disappointed with many other fighting game franchises that I once loved (Street Fighter comes to mind). Also all the crazy Marvel vs Capcom games don't interest me. What got my interest here was the slick arcade style control that I saw on the youtube videos. So I pre-ordered this instead of Elder Scrolls V (pretty crazy huh!), mainly because I wanted the included soundtrack (pre-release bonus).

I haven spent a few hours playing and I will update this review as I play more.

There are several modes to play through: Arcade, Story, VS, Trials, etc... as well as online. There is quite a bit of depth here. I played through Arcade a couple of times. The storyline is nice, pretty fast paced, and interesting in the arcade version. The last boss(es) are pretty tough and bring to mind some of Soul Calibur's crushing last battles. If you do get beat up on, then you get to continue with the option of selecting a handicap for your CPU opponent. I admit the first time I beat the game I had to use the 75% life bar handicap... But I plan on improving quickly!

Story mode is a lot slower and pans out like a partially animated manga. There are no voice overs, in the arcade mode, characters' mouths move (without voice), but in story, their mouths usually don't. I enjoy story mode because it gives you much more insight into the characters and the plot. Essential for someone like me who is new to the series.

Control is slick. Some of the moves require expert timing and control, but you can get a pretty good grasp of the characters normal and special attacks fairly quickly. They are often standard fighting game combos. The EX moves are a little tougher to execute, and chaining them into massive combos requires skill. Luckily you can go to practice or trial mode to work on them. In one of the trial modes you select a character and then must hit combos to advance. It's harder than you think! Blocking is easy (hold away on the stick), jumping is nice, and running/hopping forward easy to execute. You also have rolls with the R1 button (standard button configure).

The music is a real treat. Much is typical J Rock or J Pop, but there are some nice jazzy and bluesy tunes as well. It's a nice mix, and the tunes are pretty catchy. They tend to be fast paced during the action and slower during cut scenes. And I love the voice for "You Lose"! It's like he's kind of mocking you, but not in an overly obvious way. I actually laugh when I lose and hear that voice!

Graphics are a mixed bag. It's a little grainy, even on my Toshiba 46" 1080p LCD (with HDMI). It's more noticeable with certain characters, but it doesn't really bother me. The animation and frame rate are good. It just looks like a PS2 game ported and enhanced for PS3. The backgrounds are fun but with the same issue, some grainy qualities, (pixellating?), but again, not complaining. The characters are all well drawn and pretty interesting to watch on screen. Special moves are pretty flashy, and finishing an opponent with a special move gives a fun little screen 'blast'.

So overall my first impression is that this is a fun, fast fighting game with a lot of depth, plenty of characters to try out, and lots of combos and moves to work on. I think that it slightly edges out SSF4 just with the fluid controls and the focus on attack and combos over defense and counters. People will prefer one style of fighting game over another, but this is one hell of a fighting game that deserves to be played! It's just FUN!

If I were to give it a rating on a hundred point scale, I would say 93/100.
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HALL OF FAMEon November 25, 2011
The last time we had a King of Fighters game, it was 2009's underwhelming King of Fighters XII. While it wasn't a bad edition of the long running fighting game franchise, it was still mammothly disappointing in terms of included content, gameplay modes, fighter selection, and online functionality. With King of Fighters XIII, all the rights have been wronged. More fighters, more gameplay modes, and vastly improved online gameplay options really make this installment a winner. Graphically not a whole lot has changed since KOF XII, with many backgrounds and sprites recycled from that game, but they seem to be animated a lot better this time around. Gameplay modes include the standard arcade mode, as well as a new story mode (with a presentation that's reminiscent of Blaz Blue) and the thankfully improved online modes. The only real flaws about KOF XIII is that I still wish there were some more fighters to pick from (although it is great to see Mai back) and that the online play wasn't as laggy as it is. All that aside though, The King of Fighters XIII is 2-D fighting at its near best, and deserves your attention right now.
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on June 6, 2014
This game is very well done. If there is one thing I have to warn anybody about, is that getting the hang of this one is a bit difficult. I'm a huge fighting game fan and I play competitively. The timing of everything in King of Fighters is different than most fighting games. I do not reccomend this to a casual gamer for that reason. With that aside, the controls are solid, the drawn animations are some of the best I have seen, and once you get used to the game it's tons of fun! The characters are all really cool and are all very different from each other which makes for great fights! One last thing before you pick this up, the arcade mode has honestly the cheapest final boss ever! I'm really savvy with fighting games and it honestly doesn't matter because the final boss takes a miracle to defeat. No matter of you have no idea the orgins of these characters the game is a blast, there is a story but will not explain all the characters in the game, and you can't expect the best story for a fighting game honestly. Of you are a fight game fan and are willing to put in some good practice then King of fighters is an great game for you!
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on November 26, 2014
Best KOF since '99. Best since the bankruptcy. Best EVER?? Uh... Noooo, but... I would NOT argue with someone who said it was their fav. Backgrounds not full sprite/hand drawn , but are amazing again , backed with the detail TOTALLY missing from the last metal slug release... This is a GREAT game. I love it. It firmly belongs in the canon and is certainly the best since the Dreamcast ports of 2001 etc. it's better then 01 I think. Just get it. And DO NOT get the last one or the Ps2 one, 11(?) that one has a ridiculous end game boss that wrecks what's otherwise good. The release right before this one is HORRIBLE; battle coliseum is EVEN WORSE. But they've fixed it. It's NOT over for snk after all, this proves it. Get this future rare classic now while you can.
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on December 24, 2012
This game is great where it matters most, hardcore gameplay. The presentation, however, is lacking. The music is bland and the stages are pretty uninteresting. The online was pretty laggy when I tried it. They may have patched it since then, though. Anyway, this is a great alternative to Street Fighter. The fighting is more in depth and you can pull off some CRAZY combos. The inputs are a lot harder, though. Practice makes perfect! I recommend it if you have friends to play with offine. Online is about 50/50.
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on April 20, 2012
I've always been a KOF fan and 13 is not a dissapointment. The following is the list of pros and cons:

+Deep and engaging gameplay: You have many different types of mechanics and gameplay strategies. You can play casually and have fun or dig deeper and find an incredible amount of depth.
+Balanced gameplay: All characters are very strong. I doubt there is any character who can be considered "weak" or "low tier". Although all have different fighting styles and should be played accordingly.
+Awesome characters: I consider KOF fighters varied in styles, looks, and personalities. There is a character for every taste.
+Decent modes: Online, practice, versus, trials, story, etc. All basic modes needed in any fighting game.

-Simple story: As with all KOF titles, KOF 13 has a simplistic and uninteresting story. Although I don't see this as such a big problem (fighting games are not rpgs).
-Online problems: Very hard to find a decent connection with other players.

This game is incredibly fun, the only real problem is its rough online mode. Playing this game locally with friends is probably the best idea. I give the game an 7.5 out of 10.
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on November 29, 2011
I've been playing fighting games competitively since October of 2006. I had played SF2:WW casually since it came out on SNES, but in 2006 I got hooked on Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Capcom vs. SNK 2, and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. As far as I am concerned, this game is as good as, if not better than each of these games.

The game play is fast and unforgiving. The way jumps and hops work in KoF, you'll need to constantly be on your toes in order to defend, and you'll need to create openings for yourself if you ever hope to go on the offense. This game is fun because it has such solid fundamentals. The combo system is both strict enough to be considered complex, but lenient enough to allow for some really cool moves, even if you've only just learned the commands.

The cast is large and exciting. The game has been out for a little bit in arcades now, but the console version has had a few tweaks in an attempt to balance out the cast. Overall, the changes are pretty smart, but as with any fighting game, certain characters still have to work hard for their wins in some matchups. Luckily, the 3 vs. 3 system acts as a counter for this, allowing you to strategically order your characters to use against your opponent.

The learning curve is steep. If you've ever played a fighting game, you know how difficult it can be to master a new game. New characters, new moves, new game engine, you're going to have to want to learn a lot if you hope to move beyond a casual level. Luckily for you, the game is designed to help you learn. The trials mode teaches you useful combos that you can use in a fight, as opposed to some of the monotony of Super Street Fighter 4's trials. Even better, if you don't know how the combo is performed you can have the game demo the combo a few times so you can learn exactly when to press each button.

Even if you don't want to play this game at a tournament level, it really is enjoyable to the casual gamer. The game itself is beautiful, the game mechanics are deep yet accessible, and there's a story mode for those who have play fighting games for that sort of experience.

This game is highly recommended for anyone who likes fighting games, and even if it's only a mild interest, I would recommend looking into just how refreshing this game is for the genre.
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on March 18, 2012
Whenever i heard about this game I was skeptical about it since I had played King of fighters 12 and it was such a bare game, lack of game modes and overall not much to it gameplay. But in the end the joy i get out of the King of fighters series lured me in for the buy, I'm glad i did. In my opinion its one of the best if not the best in the series. Its the complete package has other game modes, a good story mode, and overall gameplay is superb. But as much as I would like to keep saying how great it is there is one flaw, laggy online play. Even after the patch which I'm not positive it was suppose to improve netcode which it did, but you will still get laggy games and slight button delay in this game is not fun. Due to some of the strict timing in doing long chain combos and HD combos alike (HD combos are combos that uses a separate meter from your super meter. you build it up either to cancel a special into another when it reaches the half-way point or wait till its full to do HD combos where you can cancel many special moves in more or less of a time limit.)Also this game is more difficult then most fighting games especially the trials, which was the only hard part for the platinum trophy i got. But in the end it's a great game that should not be overlooked and is well worth your time if your a fighting game fan. I would also like to recommend this game to people who can play friends or whoever locally I find playing that way the best and offline modes in the game are fun as well. I hope this review helped you on your decision on if you buy this game or not. P.S. If you wanna try the online add my PSN id SuperbJustice I have a good connection lol.
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on March 5, 2012
Around august of 2011 I was surfing youtube and found some clips of this game and immediately decided I had to play it. I have been a fan of 2D fighting games since the boom of their popularity back in the early 90's. If you are like me and have been disappointed by the "fighting games" that have come out lately then you will be most pleased with KOF XIII. The learning curve for casual play is pretty low which makes it a fun game to play for newcomers. The tutorial mode breaks down the basics of the game and even the mechanics of some advanced combos. The real fun is when you start to figure out all the nuances of the gameplay as you practice more and increase your skill level. This iteration brings back a lot of old favorites and a couple of new ones. Replay value comes from unlocking the art gallery and customizable colors for your characters GALORE!. The controls are tight, the graphics crisp and the sound is top notch. Online play is available but I have not had the opportunity to try it yet. This is a very solid entry especially after some less than stellar iterations in the series in recent years. KOF XIII is a must buy for any fan of 2D fighting games, old and new!
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