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on July 15, 2012
I upgraded from a TX-SR805 just so I could pass 3d signals over the hdmi inputs/outputs. I used my old receiver as my zone 2 amplifier connected via rca out on the TX-NR1009.

*BE ADVISED* if you want to power zone 2 speakers through this receiver you will end up sacrificing part of your 9.2 surround setup to power those zone 2 speakers. It is best to run a second receiver to power zone 2 speakers such as I did. Figured this was something worth mentioning since I did not realize it when I made the purchase.

This is a massive upgrade from the TX-SR805. The thing I notice most is the highly accurate reproduction of sound on every different available sound field. Much clearer and more concise than the TX-SR805. To top it off EVERYTHING on this receiver is highly configurable almost to the point it is overkill. The +GAMMA feature in video settings is a huge plus in my book. 3D video pass through via hdmi is no problem and the receiver handles the signals with ease if you are using a HIGH SPEED verified 1.4a hdmi quality cable. Do not bother with the older 1.3 version hdmi cables as I had issues with one from the PS3 through the receiver. I would get intermittent video and sound.

I am using this setup with a Mitsu 92840 3D HDTV, Sony PS3, Samsung BDP7000, Sony BDN460, and XPAND 3D glasses. Everything is working flawlessly.

I highly recommend this receiver to those of you wanting absolute perfection at a reasonable price.
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on July 27, 2012
Ok, so I've had this unit for about 2 weeks now. I'm not going to lie. AT first I HATED it. Well, not completely at least. Let me explain myself....
I've had the TX-SR608 for about 2 years now. Before that, I had numerous HTIB's for my surround sound. That was before my eyes were opened to the Audiophile realm. About 2 years ago, I decided to upgrade my receiver to a receiver with hi-def capabilities. Sound and video wise. The current Sony HTIB receiver I was using at the time had hdmi inputs, but was hdmi pass through. But not your now standard pass through. It would only pass the hd video. Not the audio. I had to use an optical audio cable to get the sound. Needless to say, I had many cables and wires and I wanted one cable for each device. So I started looking around. I went into a mad searching craze trying to find the best product within my price range. Not knowing anything about audiophile equipment. I only wanted to spend about 150 dollars for a new receiver. And after many frustrating hours, I realized that for even decent entry level equipment, I was going to be spending at least 500 to 600 dollars. NOT my price range. So I went to Amazon. J I started searching and read literally hundreds of reviews. I was looking for something with at least 5 hdmi inputs, 100 wpc. That was my main concern. I found the Onkyo TX-SR608. I had always heard of Onkyo and knew they were a well respected and trusted company. I didn't have the luxury of going to a big box store and auditioning any equipment so I relied HEAVILY on reviews. I read almost every review good and bad. The TX-SR608 seemed to be the most popular model for price and features so I took the plunge and got it. And I absolutely loved it. To make a long story short, the receiver is awesome and sounds great. I still have it. But 2 years later I got the upgrade bug again.

I wanted a more powerful receiver with internet capabilities for downloading firmware updates and streaming music. So again I began the search. I wanted to stick with Onkyo because I loved the TX-SR608 so much but by now I had read up on all the high end companies....Dennon, Pioneer, Yamaha, Rotel....etc. My my how my knowledge has grown in the past 2 years LOL I read anything about surround sound equipment that I can get my hands on. So I was not closed to the idea of going with a different brand but I was really happy with the quality of Onkyo so I had pretty much decided to stay with them. After searching for a few days, I found the TX-NR1009. This is actually a 2011 model. It's one of their Flagship receivers. 3rd from the top of the line. It had so many features that I wanted and more. 9.2 channels(wanted to try bi-amping while still employing 7.1 channels), 135 wpc, internet capabilities, Qdeo video processing, 4K upscaling(maybe one day I'll be able to use this feature), 0.08 THD, bi-amping capabilities, and the new DTS Neo:X.(wanted to see what all the hype was about) And so many more features. 2 years in I knew that I was going to be spending A LOT more than 300 dollars for a true high end receiver so I was willing to spend the money at this point. I was a little worried that I could only find 5 reviews for a flagship receiver that had been out for more than 6 months. I thought maybe something was wrong with this model. But it was still listed on Onkyo's website. SO I researched, and researched and researched some more and finally decided to purchase the unit. And now the frantic waiting began to get my receiver! LOL

Once I got my new TX-NR1009 I moved the 608 into the living for my parents to use. Once I got everything hooked up to the 1009 I ran the Audyssey setup and started testing out the sound. Cable(ATT U-verse), Blu Ray etc. Upon first listens, I was greatly disappointed. I had gotten used to not using any dynamic volume on my 608. The only thing I had employed was the dynamic equalizer. With the 608, I couldn't turn up the volume to even halfway before my dad was banging on my door telling me that it was "too loud in there"(yes I still live at home). I tried the same settings as my 608 and the loudness volume just wasn't there. Specifically the center channel. I had to turn up the volume to 60% before there was some "umph" the sound. I thought maybe there was a setting I forgot to enable that I had enabled on my 608. But nope. After hours of fiddling around in the settings, I realized, I had not forgotten to turn on a setting. This was the receiver's "natural sound" I became increasingly frustrated the more I tried to get the same sound from my 608. For a few days til the point of almost returning it. I even switched back to my 608 and put the 1009 in the living. But aggravated that I had spent almost 1000 dollars on the receiver alone, I forced myself to get my money's worth. I went back and read reviews and found that someone had posted a new review. The reviewer had the same problem I had. LOW VOLUME. After reading the comments on that review, someone mentioned that they also had the same problem and called Onkyo. Their solution was to turn on Dynamic Equalizer and Dynamic volume on HIGH. I tried it for cable tv viewing and voila! Sound was drastically better. Still wasn't satisfied with the sound from my Blu Ray Player(Sony PS3 Slim). For blu ray I put the Dynamic Volume on light. Sounds better than before but just doesn't seem to get as loud as my 608 at lower and higher volumes. Onkyo has something called Intellivolume that allows you to set the volume levels for all components so that they are equal across the board. Gonna try that and see how it works.

As far as music, with Dynamic Volume on light....Music sounds AMAZING. I am hearing things in songs I have never heard before. Everything is so clear. Background sound effects come to life. You can hear every detail that was recorded. Inception soundtrack and The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack sound simply amazing.

Games: I've only tried one game so far but oh man........Grand Slam Tennis, sounds like I'm actually there!!! Going to audition some other games later and update this review....Stay tuned......

Video: WOW. I didn't think my tv could get anymore clearer. Blacks look deep and good. The colors are so much more vibrant. Clarity and detail is top notch. Huge upgrade from the 608. The 608 uses Faroudja video processing. This receiver made the att u-verse picture really pop. Everything is more detailed and brimming with color. The Qdeo upconversion is 2nd to none here. Blu Ray looks even more awesome.

Sound: Still have some tweaking to do, but after a few weeks of tweaking and playing around with this receiver, I am very satisfied with the possibility this receiver has. Besides the volume issue, when tweaked properly, this receiver is AMAZING. I'm really starting to like and appreciate it now. I had my reserves at first listen, and still have some, but overall, features, price, capabilities, etc. This receiver holds its own without a doubt.

Streaming: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feature. If you have an ipad, streaming on the 1009 is a breeze. Onkyo has 2 free apps but I bought the Oremote app. Blows Onkyo's apps out of the water. As long as your ipad and receiver are connected to your home network, I can completely control every single feature of the 1009 with the Oremote app on my ipad. I can turn on the receiver from the app without ever turning on the tv. I can stream music from my laptop and the Oremote app even shows the album art. The song title, and album name appears on the 1009's lcd screen. AWESOME feature.

Overall. I am very happy now. Once you know what you're getting with the 1009. I think you will be very happy.

Update: As of July 31, 2012, I am LOVING this receiver now. As I had previously stated, I was going to try employing Onkyo's Intellivolume to see if that helped my low volume problem. Indeed it did. Intellivolume lets you customize the loudness/volume on the receiver for each individual input/media source. I bumped mine up to 4. (options are 0-10) With Dynamic EQ on and Dynamic Volume on "light", my TXNR1009 has never sounded better. My system sounds amazing. My subwoofer and front speakers are only about 3 weeks old so I am still in the break in period. The sound can and WILL only get better. This receiver has so many functions, so many customization options that you can tweak to your exact liking. Once you find all of the options I'm sure you will find a setting that's best for you. I just had to find mine. I demo's a few scenes from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol on Blu Ray...............MAN. If you have a decent surround sound system GET this movie and hear the power and clarity of this movie. Unreal. I like movies/soundtracks that you can feel as well as hear. Kung Fu Panda, MI: Ghost Protocol, Terminator: Salvation, The Incredible Hulk, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.....All incredible movies to hear on your home theatre system. I'm impressed every time I watch them. Just plain sick. LOL

Update on Music: I've gotten use to listening to music in stereo mode (2.1 with sub) and I simply have never heard a better sound from another receiver. I turned up the volume this weekend halfway on TDKR soundtrack and was in complete awe how clear and defined all the instruments were. Then I put on "Nutshell" by Alice In Chains. Now mind you the Jar of Flies album came out in the 90's. And yet the processing on my receiver made this song sound like it was in HD. I haven't gotten around to listening to the rest of my audio collection but I can't wait. Classical music on this receiver is jaw dropping. Clarity and detail is top notch. Again, if you love to listen to music and you have one of Onkyo's flagship receiver's make sure you buy the Oremote app. It's only a dollar but its soooooo much better than Onkyo's free remote apps. I can't say enough good things about Oremote's app. I love it. I never even have to touch my remote or the receiver. Even turning it on and off.

Gear I'm using:
TV: 40" Samsung LCD 120hz
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR1009
Fronts: Polk Monitor 60's
Surrounds: Polk Monitor 40's
CC: Polk CS10
Heights: Polk T15
Subwoofer: HSU VTF-2 MK4
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on August 22, 2012
I have never owned one of the newer style receivers with multi HDMI connections and 9.2 channel capability. This Onkyo TX-NR1009 is very impressive and works very well with my Samsung 3D television. Installation was pretty easy, the instructions provided were great and I had it working in approximately an hour. I have it coupled with 5 Definitive Technology speakers and it cranks out some fantastic sound. The receiver is plenty powerful and going to full volume is not possible since it would blow my eardrums out. The 5.1 audio with the TV and DVD is simply incredible. I love this receiver and highly recommend it. You get alot for the money compared to other manufacturers. thanks, Larry W.
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on September 2, 2013
The Onkyo TX-NR1009 entertainment hub is used to merge the systems in my man cave. It's a great product. It's used daily, and I just love watching an action with all the fullness of a top performance A/V receiver.
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on May 10, 2015
i love this Onkyo....
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on September 17, 2013
So I dislike giving bad reviews. I guess I am a nice guy, kinda, but anyway I have to leave one for this model. First off, from the mouth of multiple Onkyo Level 3 techs, this unit only does 7.1. Period. You can run speakers in parallel and do some other things to get it to play 9.1, but that burns the unit out, according to Onkyo.

So, after that, I got a M-5010 to support the other two speakers, ya! Right? Bah. So after talking with them and getting my 9.2 awesome, right?!?

TV, yeah, watching TV, nightmare. I am not sure how Dish does their signals. But watching Fox news, I have 7.1 but as soon as a commercial comes on, BOOM, 11.2! Front speakers kick in, subwoofers pound and holy *&!* they all kick in! Commercial goes out, boom, back to no sound.

Settings in the unit, so far nothing has changed this, maybe someone can tell me what it is.

Updating firmware, joke. Takes forever, wipes settings, stuff that worked before the last update now doesn't. Yeah, not so good QC or something. Also had difficulty doing the update over the internet. Ended up having to download it and then fight trying to get USB fobs to work.

Good side, great sound. Works great when playing moving. Support, friendly, supportive, even for those of use that are more computer network orientated than Audiophiles.

If you know what you are doing and can figure out the he said / she said out true 9.2 then it is probably a 4 or a five. If you are like me and do not want to mess with that or would like setup a little easier, take one away. Me, even after this whole time, still stuck on a three.
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on December 10, 2012
Completely changed the quality of sound of my speakers, straight out of the box. Plenty of power. Easy to operate.
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on April 8, 2012
I am seriously thinking about this receiver not just because it has the DTS-NEO but the Dac's are far better than the 809's which has "only" the TI Burr-Brown 1690's on each channel.. The 1009 contains the TI Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-Bit DACs (PCM1690 and PCM1789)for ALL channels..

The Integra DTR-80.3 have the best on the market which is the TI Burr-Browns 192khz/32-bits on all channels , but i can live with above ...

The best review on this unit that i read was in ...Look above "FOR TOP PICKS" scroll down to AV receivers....
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