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on January 26, 2013
I started out looking for a machine to replace my coffee maker that broke and stumbled across this one that can do both latte's as well as make regular coffee, even though Mr. Coffee apparently hasn't caught on to this fact yet! In my opinion, their marketing department needs to get with it. I'll explain this more further down but wanted to first mention where this machine excels.

With other latte machines you have to manually steam and froth the milk, which means a lot of work and headache cleaning up afterwards (I could never get all the milk out of the steam pipe, which gets clogged up over time). This machine pays for itself by allowing you to skip all of that hassle and letting the machine do all the work. Cleanup is literally a snap. Now the die hard espresso-heads will say it's not quite the same flavor because you don't technically make the espresso steamed, but if you did a blind taste test you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference. I use 2% fat, lactose free milk because I'm lactose intolerant and it makes a lot of creamy froth! I also use Starbucks ground coffee beans and it tastes great but if you wanted a stronger flavor you could use espresso ground beans.

Mr. Coffee does include some recipes to make mocha, peppermint, hot chocolate and many other latte flavors but surprisingly they omitted one of the best and most frequent recipes that this machine does very well and that is making regular coffee, or to call it by its European name "Caffe Americano"! The name has its origins in World War 2 when American GIs in Europe would pour hot water into an espresso to approximate the coffee to which they were used to. It was then adapted in the United States by large chains who sought to create a marketable fusion of drip coffee and espresso to sell to a mass market. Although this machine does not technically make espresso, it approximates it quite well and I honestly cannot tell the difference between the Caffe Americano I make with this machine and the regular coffee maker I had that recently passed away. After experimenting for a few days, here's how to do it.

My morning ritual is to have one large 16oz cup of coffee and I could only justify the expense of this machine if it would handle both latte's and my regular morning coffee. I really didn't want two separate machines if I could avoid it. So after playing around with different quantities, I found this recipe for Caffe Americano works best. Use 3 tablespoons of regular coffee grounds (more if you like it real strong or you can substitute espresso or other dark roast beans). Fill the upper drip chamber with water to the SECOND line, and fill the carafe with water up to the FIRST line. This combination allows you to have the most water possible passing through the drip chamber. Press the lever to start and in a few minutes you will have a wonderful 16oz cup of hot coffee! Since you are not using milk, you don't have to worry about the wisk frothing the coffee. It does not. It is exactly like a normal cup of regular coffee that we here in America are used to.

I hope that Mr. Coffee will start to include Caffe Americano in their marketing and recipes because to me, this is an obvious oversight on their part. The coffee quality is very good and I think most people like me would appreciate having a machine that can do everything all in one unit. I hope this helps the die-hard coffee drinkers out there.
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on January 7, 2016
This thing can FROTH. Holy crap, if you like some froth you'll be happy. I have only tried regular 2% milk so far.

It did take some time to figure out how to make stronger coffee, my first attempt was basically coffee flavored milk. My current setup is 4 spoons of espresso roast, slightly less milk than fill line, and slightly more water. It's not going to be like a coffee shop latte which usually consists of a shot or two of espresso but it's not bad. My brother-in-law who lives a few miles away helps himself to a latte whenever he visits.

Nothing about this is dishwasher safe, and the heat + milk combo can make some residue on the bottom, but as long as you rinse it out pretty quickly after poor you should be okay.

Overall, for the price, this is an awesome machine if you like lattes.
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on September 21, 2015
If you enjoy a good latte, this machine can and will deliver. I read all the reviews and purchased this machine not really knowing if it could deliver a true coffee house latte or a wannabe but I was willing to give it a try based on the price. This machine will pay for itself in 15 drinks for me. I'm a Starbucks fan but I prefer the coffee that a local coffee house can brew so I bought their beans, had them grind me a pound as I'm not going to get up every morning and grind beans, not that dedicated to it. I used 5 tablespoons of espresso ground coffee to make the first latte in this machine, instruction's call for 6 tbl. The latte this machine made was every bit as flavorful as what I pay $4.85 for every day...sometimes 2 or 3 times a day depending if I'm in the neighborhood of a Cabin Coffee or a Starbucks. That's an expensive coffee day but worth it to me.

I believe the key to this or any machine making a flavorful cup of coffee is the quality of the beans you use. I'm not a fan of Caribo Coffee, their coffee always has a burnt taste to me. I love the latte from Cabin Coffee and using their Lucky 7 beans, I can brew a latte at home with this Mr. Coffee machine that tastes every bit as delicious.

Some of the reviewer's also complained about this coffee machine not lasting beyond a year or so and to that I'd like to say that what appliance this day is not made to be thrown away? Unfortunately, it is just the nature of the electronics industry, appliances are simply not made to last a lifetime like they were in the early 20th century. Everything uses digital technology, computer parts, etc. and these things break down. You want that push button on/off switch and the delayed brew feature...that all comes at a price which means less longevity. The toaster of the 1950's had one option, turn the dial and the toast was cooked. Now we have toaster's with multiple function's and cooking levels which mean's a lot more parts that will break down.

Purchase your appliances based on what you can afford to throw away when it stops working. It's that simple. This coffee machine will pay for itself in two weeks at my house so if it lasts a year, I'll be a very happy consumer.
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on October 17, 2015
I will start off by saying I've had this machine for a little less than two years. I use it almost every morning to make a latte. The process is so simple and takes less than 5 minutes. I've seen reviews of the machine falling apart, or the carafe breaking, etc etc. However I haven't experienced any problems with the machine yet after having it for so long, just treat it properly and it will last a long time. Overall this machine has proven to well worth the money. If you're skeptical about the reviews, this machine is very durable.
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on December 23, 2016
Cons: First I have to get this out. Why does thing reek of plastic smell? I tell you it is worse than other coffee makers. I had to run like 6 rounds of brewing water AFTER I cleaned the unit. I also live abroad and forgot that this was 110v so had to buy a step down transformer, but that was my fault for not reading closely.

Pros: Versatile: I don't want the Jiras, Brevilles, and other true espresso machines or super automatic machines because I like using ground coffee and I want to use it for other drinks like tea latte. This is perfect for that. I also own a Dolce Gusto which I use daily as well. The thing is, sometimes I want Decaf and Soy Lattes, or Chai Lattes and you can't make that with any other machine.

Easy & Fast: In the morning, if I want a latte, I don't want extensive preparation. This thing is just as easy and fast as a drip machine.

Space Saver: I don't like bulky machines and have limited space. This doesn't occupy half the space of an espresso machine.

So I ended up paying more for shipping than the actual product. Plus I had to buy a step down transformer that was heavy and almost the same price as this machine. STILL WORTH IT.
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on August 11, 2013
I had written a bad review, because it quit working after 6 months, but I just called Mr. Coffee and they are sending me a new one with no hassle. So paying for shipping or anything. They just needed the number written on the plug prong to be sure it was in warranty and sent me a new one!

I really like the lattee maker and hope the next one lasts longer. Im trying to get more calcium in my diet and my morning latte is a great way to do it. Its not a "real" latte machine, it doesnt make espressso and then mix with steamed milk. But if you use dark blend coffees Its a very close substitute. It does heat and froth the milk.

My biggest complaint is that it doesn't hold very much. My husband and I each want a cup and it wont hold enough water to make decent sized cups. We each get our large mugs about half filled. If I have the time I wait till the water resevoir has about emptied and then put in more water. But its annoying to have to do this. Still, we enjoy these faux lattes and I have loved how great Mr Coffee was when it broke?
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on February 21, 2016
I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with this latte maker! My husband bought this for me for Christmas (I think it was as much for him as it was for me as now I do not buy coffee out anymore ;) ) I was a little hesitant. I have tried several methods of making lattes at home and nothing ever came out tasting right. I have a French press, I've tried cold brews, I've tried steaming my milk and making the espresso in an espresso maker and it never comes out like a coffee shops lattes do.
I am so impressed with this machine!! It is SO simple to use, and comes with a wonderful little recipe booklet. I've probably tried all the recipes in it! And more! You can make restaurant quality hot cocoa, coffee, and all kinds of lattes. I would recommend this over and over to anyone who loves coffee. Most of the ingredients (aside from the espresso grounds obviously and the water) you just add right in to the glass part on the bottom with the milk. You can also REHEAT & FROTH again which I LOVE! That's probably one of my favorite things about this! :)
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on May 12, 2016
This was thee BEST gift I have received! I love how versatile it is being able to make lattes, hot cocoa, apple cider, chai tea and just a regular cup of coffee. Comes with a recipe book for even more ideas! Truly just as good as Starbucks without spending big bucks. It has saved me so much time and $$. It is really easy to use and clean. The reheat lever is awesome and I like how it serves more than one cup and you can use ANY kind of coffee you choose. The frother sets this apart from other coffee makers giving you that perfect barista froth that we all want! I recommend buying the filter to save even more money on disposable filters. This is truly the BEST versatile coffee maker on the market that doesn't break the bank! I HIGHLY recommend this especially for families who have various coffee and other hot drink preferences. Great for everyone young and old!!
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I'm so thankful for the lady who posted that video review. I never would have bought this item without seeing how it worked first. Now, I get Starbucks quality lattes at home and it's really fun to watch too. My only complaint is how quickly I go through milk, something which has never happened to me before since I'm not a milk drinker. I used to have to toss out milk every month because it would spoil before I used it all. Now, I've had to upgrade to buying a gallon at a time instead of the half gallon I'd been getting before. It's that good. Also, the Torani people should give Mr Coffee a kickback because I'm buying tons of syrups from them now. It's fun to find new flavors. I especially like mixing the Torani dark chocolate and their almond syrup... sooo good.
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on August 15, 2013
This machine is so simple to use, uses regular (inexpensive) coffee (no K Cups or pods) and creates a delightful frothy foam. I've noticed several people complain that you cannot put the carafe in the dishwasher. While this is true, there is a very simple solution... After I am done making my coffee, and the pot is empty, I fill it with cool water and two drops of dish soap then I put it back into the machine and set it to "heat and froth" and the machine cleans itself. The little whisk in the machine beats the soap into a froth, getting the glass carafe and the whisk very clean. When it stops, just dump the contents in the sink and rinse and the pot looks brand new. I've made hundreds of cups of coffee with this machine and cleaned it this way every time, and my carafe and whisk are spotless.
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