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on October 24, 2012
Like everyone else, I did extensive research and comparisons before I committed to purchase this projector. I didn't buy HD20 because I want a 3D projector and get some new HT experience. This projector has been performed flawlessly for the past two months since I bought it.

The installation of the projector is not hard. I used a ceiling mount bought from here as well. I had to make +5 keystone adjustments after installed it on the top of the ceiling. We projected it to a 135" screen from about 15-16 feet away. This projector is quiet and we could barely notice the noise even I hang it on top of our seating area. We connected it to a Denon A/V receiver through a 25 feet HDMI cable bought here, everything else is connected to the receiver include A 3D Sony Blueray player. We have watched most recent popular 3D movies such as Avatar, Hugo, Avengers, Transformer - Dark of the Moon, How to Train your Dragon, Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth etc.. The picture quality of the 3D is excellent, the 3D scenes pop up nicely when it needs to. We used TrueDepth, SainSonic, and some other DLP link 3D glasses sold here, very few crosstalk or ghosting with the combination of TrueDepth and this projector. Even streaming Netflix or Amazon Video through the Sony Blueray is picture perfect and crystal clear. This is one of the best 3D projectors under $2K range, you won't get a decent 60 inches 3D TV at this price.

If you have problems to get the right contrast and grey levels, you should upgrade your screen or have your room light under control. Darker or gray screen makes the color pops and increase the contrast significantly. Mine get very decent contrast with a good gray silver high gain screen, my HT is at my basement cave with controlled light. Also, you should change the default settings and make adjustments on gamma levels. See my settings below.

Of course, if you have a much better A/V receiver can upscale to dark color, the whole home movie watching process is such a joy even for TV broadcasts or streaming videos. Combined it with our Polk Audio Monitor front and rear floor-standing speakers, CS2 center, Bic America F12 sub, and two Furnace bipolar surround speakers, the sight and sound of the home theater is unbelievable, it is a different experience from sound distorted commercial theaters. It makes us don't ever want to go to the movie theaters again.

I have logged about 500 hours in about two months since I bought it, I used it as a TV, I watched about 10 hours of movies and TV channels everyday after my leg was injured and couldn't go anywhere. I am really hooked to this projector and the new HT system.

Highly recommended if you are still on the sideline to evaluate which economic 3D HD projector to buy.

Here are the settings I use after read the discussions on avsforum and some other reviews on the projector - tweak the settings according to your screen type use and the light condition in your room:

2D Settings:

Image Menu
Display Mode: Reference
Contrast: -24 (surprise here, but give it a try)
Brightness: -9 (yours not too bright?)
Sharpness: 13 (try higher sharpness)
Gamma: Standard
Curve Type: +1
Offset: -1
PureDetail: Off
PureColor: 1 (fine here)
PureMotion: Off
Color Settings
Color Temperature: Warm
RGB Gain/Bias
Red Gain: 0
Green Gain: -1
Blue Gain: -1
Red Bias: +1
Green Bias: +1
Blue Bias: 0

3D Settings:

Display Mode: 3D
Contrast: +10
Brightness: -7
Sharpness: 13
Gamma: Standard
Curve Type: +1
Offset: 0
PureEngine (you should turn off Pure Eingine)
PureDetail: Off
PureColor: Off
PureMotion: Off
Color Settings
Color Temperature: Warm
RGB Gain/Bias
Red Gain: +7
Green Gain: -2
Blue Gain: +14
Red Bias: -1
Green Bias: -1
Blue Bias: -13
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on November 25, 2011
I had a benQ pb6200 for about 8 years. I had replaced the lamp 3 times but finally the fan broke and rather then fix it again I decided to upgrade. I figured since tvs had hit a peak with 3d and 1080p a while back it was a safe bet to wait for projectors to catch up. I unboxed it and I realized it was huge and my old mount wouldn't work (I over night delivered a universal mount from eBay). Other than that it was absolutely incredible. It works with all the lights on in the house, 3d is fantastic with the PS3, 1080p is just incredible at 100"s, the throw distance is very short so its easy to make the screen huge even in a small area. Everyone that sees it in person is just stunned by it. I didn't know what I was missing since I only had 1080i. Native 1080p is incredible and 3d in first person shooters like killzone 3 is so awesome. Some games like GT5 3d is more like a novelty and is still really cool but first person shooters will make you flinch when bullets whiz by your head. I got dlp link glasses from optima and they are great. The projected also supports the new ir format for 3d glasses but I'll wait until there is a little more maturity for that technology before I buy a set of those glasses. Also if you use DLP link you don't need to plug in this little wire and adapter that comes with the projector for IR support. It will be a long time before anything tops this projector when price is considered. In a few years this projector will probable be under a grand, but for me I couldn't wait and I totally feel like it was worth every penny.
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on December 31, 2012
I am fortunate enough to live very close to an IMAX movie theater. I've seen lots of 3D Movies on the IMAX screen including Avatar and Prometheus. I've also been lucky to own several Optoma DLP projectors. The HD33 is now my favorite new toy. I've got it projecting on a 120 inch screen with 1500 watts of Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. Just my opinion, but if you've got $1,300.00 to drop for a projector, then don't skimp on the sound or the screen size. My friends and I agree, with the addition of several pairs of DLP Link active shutter glasses, this projector delivers a stunningly bright and crisp picture. We honestly can't tell the difference between the HD33 and the IMAX theater accross the street except no one is kicking the back of our seats. Last night we watched Martin Scorsese's Hugo and it was spectacular. The 3D was beautiful. On a big screen it really is a much more impressive effect. I've got a 42" plasma tv that does 3D but, unless you sit 6 inches from the screen, it just seems...disappointing. With a projector like this it really feels like you are in the movie. Avatar on 3D blu-ray looks good on my 42" tv, but it looks like a miracle on my new Optoma HD33. I was going to buy a 60" LCD 3D tv for around $1,000.00. Glad I didn't make that mistake. No 60" or 80" tv will ever compare to the experience of sitting six feet back from a 120" screen. No eye strain. No fear of radiation. Because it's a projected image like at the theater and not some giant hot box you are sitting in front of there is no fear of sitting too close. Just get right in there and let the picture fill your entire field of vision. I have also watched The Dark Knight Rises on blu-ray as a 2D sort of test. I saw The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX theater. It looked great on the IMAX screen. The parts of the movie that were actually filmed in IMAX really showed the difference between a regular 65mm or 70mm film that's been blown up to fit an IMAX screen ( which can be great ) and the sharpness and depth of field possible on the much larger IMAX format. Watching the same movie again on my HD33 I got the same giddy feeling of flying during some of the helicopter shots of Gotham City. I honestly can't see much difference between what I saw at the IMAX Theater and what I now have at home. Couldn't be happier!

Six months later I am amending this review.

For technically the best picture make sure your room is dark. No outside light from windows. No brightly painted white walls. There is a reason theaters are all done up in black and dark red. So as not to throw too much reflected light back onto the screen.

After watching dozens of different 3D blu ray movies including The Hobbit, Life of Pi, Titanic and The Avengers just to name a few I can honestly say that this projector is amazing. The picture is sharp and vibrant. The colors are bright and true. The contrast and detail are excellent. I'm sure the only difference is which movie I'm watching. True, the remake of Clash of the Titans has terrible 3D. But the conversion of Jurassic Park I just watched was epic. Can't believe it wasn't shot in 3D. It also seems to matter which Blu Ray player I use. My new Sony with the latest network update seems to work better than my old Panasonic that was never updated. The old player had a tendency to freeze on some discs and the new player doesn't do that. It also seems to matter which glasses I wear. I use the DLP link ones. And yes, the more expensive ones seem to work better than some of the very cheap ones I've tried.

The only complaint I have is that the unit is always "searching" for a signal. Every time my player loads a menu or throws up a title card the projector goes black for a few seconds and "searching" appears in the lower right corner. This never happens during a movie. Just at the begging of the the disc loading process. I have switched off the auto search function and it has stopped rolling thru all the other input choices but still says searching on HDMI 1 every time I load a new disc. Sometimes it does this five or six times if there are lots of title cards and warnings at the beginning. Annoying, but it doesn't really ruin the movie watching experience.

Overall I feel this projector offers great value for the money. You could probably spend thousands of dollars for better, but I'm not sure most people would notice the difference. If you've got a dark room and enough distance to throw a nice large picture, then turn up the surround sound, put in a good movie and get ready to be nicely suprised.
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on January 27, 2013
After a long search for a first projector, this project fits the budget and great quality.

Brightness: there are 2 modes standard and bright. Different is noticeable, but not huge. I use standard for my room 20x30, it's very bright.
Image Quality: it's native 1080p, it's beautiful. I played Ice Age 4 on apple tv, the animal details displayed crisp and beautiful.
Gaming: No noticeable lags, or anything. However, it takes me a bit to get used to control Modern Warfare 3 on the big screen, and have to turn down the controller sensitive down a notch since it moves so fast and I get dizzy.

I don't see any rainbow effect like other people mentioned in other projectors. I haven't tried any 3D movies yet, and still searching for couple good pairs of 3d glasses at an affordable price.
2/27/13 - I turned it on today. Power light was blinking with no light. A few minutes, the unit turned itself, and I can no longer turn it on. No light, nothing period. I think I smelled smoke coming from the projector.
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on November 8, 2011
I bought the projector after being a loyal Optoma customer. I owned the Optoma H31, HD72, and now just upgraded to the H33 after much research and I am not disappointed. The image quality is amazing, and the 3D image is just as spectacular. I do a lot of gaming as well with the PS3, and the 3D gaming is out of this world. I recommend the Optoma BG-3DRFGLASSES 3D RF Rechargeable Glasses as they use the same red flash sync frequency as the projector. I first bought the True Depth 3D DLP-LINK rechargeable 3D glasses and they use a white flash that does not sync with the projector consistently.

Overall, this is the best projector I've ever owned, the picture quality is spot on, and it is plenty bright, even with ambient lighting. I was worried after reading the reviews that it was going to be dimmer than I expected, but it is definitely bright enough. I highly recommend this projector to anyone on the fence about buying it!

If there are any negatives about the projector, it is that there is a delay when changing between 480, 720, and 1080 channels, but this is a minor inconvenience when looking at all the positives of this projector.
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on September 7, 2016
It has been a while since I bought this amazing projector and I simply love, love, love, love it. I use this projector to play my video games and Blu Rays on and it works really well with my Xbox One and Playstation 4.

The picture quality coming from this projector is simply amazing and besides being able to project video in 1080p, it has no problem with 3D movies either. My wife, who is a 3D movie critic, mentioned that the quality from this projector is equal to the quality you'll have in the movie theatres. And I can tell you this, when she says this, it really means something.

Installation and operation of this projector is real easy and I truly can not imagine my gaming life to be with this projector ever again.
review image review image
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on January 18, 2012
I owned an Epson 8350 for over a year now.So I do know about that projector.
I didnt try the epson 3010, but if the new Epson 3010 is not that different from the epson 8350 in terms of image quality, then Optoma HD33 is WAY BETTER THAN THE EPSON 3010, in all aspects.(blacks, purity and colors uniformity.)

Nice picture, you can't see the pixels, even when too close.
no rainbow effects, no ghost effect, very, very pure and clear 3D
I love it....Love it...Love it
For purists.

NOTE: I read a lot of complaints about this projector.
DLP projectors have a different type of technology that requires more handling/care/attention than LCD. DLP are more life-like for a reason.

You cannot RUN a projector All DAY LONG, or plug and unplug game consoles anyway you want it,turn off and on continuously..Do so and you will see the results soon.

My recommendation, do not run a projector for over 6 hours straight with a DLP, or even with any other projector.Period.
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on January 21, 2012
I have owned Projectors by Optoma, Epson and Panasonic.
I own a Epson 6500UB, believe an 1100 and a 8350, very old Panasonic when in Korea. I have owned 2 Optoma H30s left for crews in Iraq, own an HD77, HD80, HD808,think that is the number, HD72, HD65 and 3 HD66 and Pico 301 and a HD33 I am buying two more HD33's soon to upgrade projectors in my home this product is so good. Blacks are excellent I find them so similar to the Epson 8350 that is know for blacks and the pictures and functions so much better then the Epson's that at this price this is a steal. Bulb life has always been good on the Optomas. My experience showing movies to my team and soldiers in the field in Iraq for 5 1/2 years and 2 years in Afghanistan. If you are not RGB sensitive this is the best projector by far better than the projectors I paid up to $4000 for.

3D is so great my nephews boss that has a video store request my nephew review the 3D on this project so he can provide valued comments on 3D blu ray and dvds to his customers.

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on January 7, 2013
I'm not going to review the image or the projector itself. There's countless other reviews that will do a better job. I will only say that the image is great, and the 3D is simply AMAZING, and works way better than those spiffy LED TVs.

It comes with an RF Emitter, but they won't tell you that the glasses for it are 90$ EACH!

So here's a little secret, and you'll love this. get this Emitter for $25: Dimensional Optics 3ACTIVE IR Emitter
Plug it to the back of the projector on the Vesa 3D port. Go in the menu and make sure the 3D is set to Vesa 3D

Then get yourself a few of these 3D Glasses: SainSonic Zodiac L921 Series 3D Rechargeable Infrared Active Shutter Glassesfor just 20 bucks eack.

So, Emitter + 3 sets of glasses = ~1 Optoma branded 3D Glasses

I also tried the Playstation 3 Glasses and work perfectly with this emitter, here's a link: PlayStation 3 3D Glasses

You can buy ANY kind of "universal" 3D glasses set, as long it is IR (the emitter is Samsung-Toshiba, so any pair of glasses branded for Sangung-Toshuba IR should work too)
Sainsonic glasses do the work, no problem, and they are CHEAP.
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on January 19, 2014
I bought the refurb version since it was cheaper and the dealer was trustworthy. The lamp started at zero, which I hope means that I have a new bulb installed rather than one that was re-set prior to sale. I bought this as an upgrade to my Optoma HD20, which was very good to begin with. This projector is better than the first in terms of lumens (brightness) and functionality (3D). A lot of people are reviewing this product as favorable since it's a budget projector. But I don't see the reason I should be mild. As with all Optomas, this thing has a confusing remote. I'm usually stumbling to find the right button on the remote and my bemusement continues when I try to navigate the onscreen controls. It sucks having to modify anything during a movie since it can take you a while to find your bearings. I have an 80" 16:9 setup which looks great for my small living room. If you buy a 4:3 ratio screen like I did, get ready for a lot of unused screen estate. Also, if you have an excellent library of original blurays, get ready to have a blast. On the other hand, if you have mostly bluray movies with high compression, you will come up disappointed. Youtube videos downloaded at 1080p still have a lot of compression and won't impress for the most part. The only movie to take my breath away in 3D was good ol' Avatar. You'll be surprised at the limited number of original 3D movies coming out of Hollywood, since most of them are post-converted and can never achieve the same effect as Avatar.

The wife and I have an ongoing feud about whether 'puremotion' improves the movie experience or not. Puremotion is Optoma's frame-interpolation technology, basically smoothing frames and making them appear to be 50fps rather than 24fps. I am a big fan of HFR (high frame rate) in 3D. If you're watching a movie with a lot of purposeful, artsy camera shaking, don't turn on puremotion unless you want to barf. You can find extensive guides on tweaking the color production of the projector to suit your needs. I used the settings available on avsforum.com and they were quite helpful.

If you are a chromecast user, you can get power for your chromecast by using one of the available sockets in the back of the projector, but I haven't been able to find the right cable to do that (you'll know what I'm talking about once you try it).

All in all, this is a great projector. With a good library of blurays, some cheap 3D glasses, decent 5.1 surround, you'll have a great home cinema experience.
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