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on August 1, 2011
I have been waiting for so long for an android phone with physical blackberry style keys. And this one is the only and the best choice available.
I like it although the screen is small in size.
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on August 3, 2011
I wanted a phone with the Qwerty keyboard. My husband wanted a touchscreen more so we found the new HTC status. I love it. Love the Facebook button. Love that the keys aren't too close together. Love the front and back camera that takes great pics with flash. Only thing i dont like is the battery life which can get sucked out quickly depending on what apps you have going and use. also if your Wi-Fi is turned on and always checking for signal. Other than this I think it is an awesome phone!
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on October 15, 2011
I'm a long-time Blackberry user who used this phone for 5 full weeks. I returned to Blackberry.

Short Review:

- Android operating system (superior to Blackberry for web browsing and multimedia)
- QWERTY keyboard, finally!
- Touch screen (not many keyboard phones have this)
- Smooth and minimalist form factor, very comfortable to hold.

- Android operating system (inferior to Blackberry for handling various messaging mediums).
- Keys are harder to press than Blackberries. Typing feels a little like a chore.
- Short battery life; I had to charge twice a day. Other reviewers have the same issue, so I'm not the only one.
- Tiny blinking LED notification that's difficult to see at angles. I missed a lot of messages.
- Lack of decent phone stand/pod. Blackberry pods allow you to simply drop the phone in and pull out. One HTC Status pod that's currently on the market (Fosmon USB Cradle Desktop Charger Pod) is not really "drop-in" - you have to plug the USB port on the side of the phone.

Longer Review:

I spent at least a full month using each one of these Android phones
- HTC Desire Z (iPhone style with retractable keyboard)
- HTC Status

I also have the following Blackberry phones
- Curve 83xx (keyboard)
- Bold 9900 (the newest one with both keyboard and touch screen)

Keyboard phones are fantastic for text-based communications because the physical keys and tactile feedback makes for much more efficient and reduced-hassle typing. I spent a lot of time with sans-keyboard phones like iPhone 3GS and HTC Desire Z, and they don't even come close to typing quality. Their bigger screens are not worth it to me (it's better for watching videos, that's about it). Keyboard slider phones (Blackberry Storm, HTC Desire Z) still feel inefficient for typing.

I was excited to see HTC Status because it appears to be the first dedicated keyboard Android phone, so I bought it and spent a full month with it. The keys are sized just right, except they're hard to press. Also, if I receive e-mail notification in Android, I have to drag down the notification bar and click on the e-mail icon. Sometimes it will also ask me which e-mail account to open. It feels like a tedious process to view just one damn e-mail, 80 times a day.

Blackberry has a "Messages" window that lists messages from ALL mediums (email, text, MSN, GTalk, BB Messenger, you name it) in ONE window, all with the same formatting. This allows me to reply to anyone instantly, regardless of medium. Blackberry just feels more efficient for day-to-day communications than Android and iPhone. It's a HUGE convenience booster in my daily activity. If I want to check my Gmail in Android, I can't just open a "Messages" window, I have to open the dedicated Gmail app, then choose a Gmail account.

I bought a Blackberry Bold 9900 and OH MY GOD, typing on it feels so much easier and effortless compared to the HTC Status. Blackberry really nailed it on keyboard design. The cheaper Blackberry Curves (with prices that are comparable to HTC Status) still have better keyboards.
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on November 17, 2011
This was the first smartphone that either my wife or I ever owned. We each got the Status (the AT&T version of the HTC ChaCha) along with a 2GB data plan. I love the keyboard and the Facebook button, which is context-sensitive (for example, press it when you're at the home screen to post a status update, press it when looking at a photograph to upload a picture), and the screen, while small, is bright and clear.

I knew going into things that the Status had limited internal storage (150MB). But I also knew that it came with a 2GB microSD card, so I figured the internal storage limitation wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong.

The vast majority of that 150MB storage space is occupied by dozens and dozens of pre-loaded AT&T and HTC apps, not a single one of which can be removed or offloaded to your SD card without considerable effort (more on that at the end). Only three weeks after acquiring the phone, I was getting daily warning messages to free up storage space to keep the phone working properly. I had only downloaded 5 apps and I had moved all of them to the SD card (most Marketplace apps can be moved), but still the phone constantly told me to free up space. In fact, the problem got so dire that after just a month of using the phone it was no longer able to update my Facebook, Google, or Calendar, or to download/install updates to any existing apps. The fact that there were literally dozens of useless pre-installed apps that I couldn't uninstall or move was just infuriating.

Another significant complaint I have is the pitiful battery life. I expected it would use more battery than my old Samsung flip phone due to the bigger screen and WiFi/GPS radios, but I was not prepared to have to recharge the phone literally every single day (my old phone went for two full weeks on a single charge!). This thing will stay charged for 36 hours TOPS if you use it for anything on a regular basis. I turned off the GPS radio and did what I could to limit app polling, but still had to resign to plugging the thing in as soon as I got home from work every day.

The Netflix app (available free from Marketplace) is very disappointing on this phone. You get an okay picture, but even when using a fast WiFi connection the audio is ridiculously out of sync. Like by seven seconds or more. This renders movies pretty much unwatchable, which is unfortunate, because I haven't found any alternative mobile streaming services that are offered on this phone. Another annoyance is the fact that the screen is more wide than tall (like a TV set) means that some apps don't look right on this phone, or require you to turn the phone sideways to use them.

Note that while the 150MB storage space is a physical limitation of the phone, the fact that you can't remove or offload the bundled applications is an AT&T restriction. It took me an entire week to learn how to do it, but I eventually was able to disable the phone's security and "root" the phone, which then enabled me to install an app called Titanium Backup, which lets you back up, restore, or delete ANYTHING on your phone, including bundled apps. I now have over 60MB free, and finally my Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all up-to-date, and the phone's not interrupting my apps to complain about low storage anymore. This was a non-trivial effort, and is unsupported by AT&T.
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on October 8, 2011
I say it's a good phone because it is... I like the physical keyboard. The call quality is stellar as well. The camera takes beautiful pictures (and the built in flash is a definite plus). I have used the Facebook button probably far more than I should... However at least once a day a lovely little display pops up screaming at me that I'm running out of space on my phone... no matter what I move or how often I clear cache it will still pop up... so I'm forced to deal with minimal apps because of this. Which basically turned a really nifty smart phone into just a phone with access to facebook.

I love the premise of this phone, but the on-board memory is going to have to come up in order for it to be a better phone. The warning that my storage is low almost every single day is ridiculous. I have the 2gb micro SD card in it, but unfortunately it will only allow certain things to be stored on it. And what is even more ridiculous is that what is taking up ALL of my on-board storage is stupid AT&T apps that I do not now, nor will I ever use.

Even with the huge pitfalls I still enjoy the phone. It is a good starter phone or even a teenager-esque phone, but for what I'm wanting to do this was a severe step down for me.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything!

Happy Shopping :) <3
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on April 20, 2012
I read all the reviews before I decided to get the Status and despite all the warnings that the internal memory was extremely limited in size, I decided I wanted a 'real' full keyboard, the android operating system, and a flash with my phone. . . . the HTC Status was the only phone on the market that offered all three. So I got it.

When the reviews said that the Status's internal memory was small, let's put it this way. . . you can have nothing more than the basics like Facebook, email and a contacts list loaded in the phone and it is full! I spend more time trying to squeeze another kilobyte of memory out of a cache or unintstalling apps after I use them, just to keep the phone with enough memory to operate correctly. There are also a dozen or more apps that came with the phone, that I cannot get rid of that I never use, that eat up space in my phones memory too. Literally, I went from an Iphone with dozens of apps standard on my phone at all times, to hopping back and forth between apps, downloading them when I need them and uninstalling them when I'm done just to keep my phone working correctly. I never have more than 6 discretionary apps installed on my HTC at any time.

I recently went back to an iphone because the port on my HTC crapped out! I never realized the freedom I had given up to have a real keyboard and flash!!!! I've been like a kid in the candy store, remembering all the apps I used to love and could no longer have on the Status! Guess I'll have to go back to a touchscreen on a regular phone since the Status is USELESS besides having a great keyboard and a flash!!
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on July 1, 2012
I bought this phone about a year ago. I originally loved it. I wanted a physical keyboard and it reminded me of my old Palm Centro; however, my feelings have drastically changed. I would not recommend this phone to anyone. The internal storage on the phone is horrendous. Although this is the "facebook phone," I am unable to stay connected to facebook because of the amount of internal memory it uses. I most often tweet; however, even that is taking up too much internal memory. My pictures are all saved to the outside memory source, but when my memory is too full I cannot access my picture gallery until I clear room. Additionally, I cannot properly update anything on my phone with the amount of space available. I have 17MB available and need 25MB minimum to successfully update anything on my phone.

I am at the point where I am seriously considering the out of contract price to purchase an iPhone.
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on February 3, 2012
I got this phone because it offered both the touchscreen and keyboard. That is its only redeeming quality.

My two biggest pet peeves:

* It has very little memory. After only 6 months of use, the memory was full, and I couldn't even access my contact list until I erased an app or two. (I didn't download that many apps to begin with and only use 2-3 on a regular basis.)

* If you plan to actually use this devise as a phone to make phone calls, it is awful. The "mute" and "hold" buttons are positioned such that at *least* once per phone call my cheek hits one of those two buttons *during* a phone conversation if the phone is against my ear. It is incredibly frustrating. I have had to resort to having as many conversations as possible using speaker phone or a bluetooth device.

It also has a short battery life. I could live with that if I had an amazing phone in return, but that just isn't the case with this one.

Don't buy this phone. You will regret it.
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on September 11, 2012
I've had this phone for a year and have continuously had problems - going back to AT&T twice for them to help me. They have so much CRAP on this phone that the memory fills up quickly and you can't do anything. Even with 8GB of eternal memory, which I had to purchase in order to even run this phone, nothing ever works. I went back 2x to tell them nothing was saving on the external memory but the store didn't believe me - clearly there's a problem with this phone. It's a piece of junk and I wish i never bought it.

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on January 18, 2012
This phone has serious internal memory issues. You spend your time clearing apps & cache to free internal memory. You call HTC to solve the problem. HTC points there finger at AT&T. You call AT&T, they point at HTC. No one has a fix. At least the HTC customer support rep confirmed this is a problem with the Status and they have calls like mine continually.

If someone calls or texts you while you are texting or sometimes for no reason at all, it will boot you out of your current message or send you to the very top of texts that you sent this person many months ago. I've also clicked on a message, replied only to find out the reply went to the person I texted previously. Not good when you just texted your spouse, "love ya bunches!!" and the company president brings it to your attention that he got your text. Awkward!!!

This phone does not do as advertised. Social media sites are all about photos, status, etc (memory hog items). However, you can't do much of anything with low internal memory.

I'm clicking zero stars on this review. If I can. Might not have an option but 1 star. If so, I'll give in and give the undeserved 1 star.
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