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on August 22, 2011

-Excellent call quality and volume.
-The microphone is good.
-The phone is customizable, but it is easy to keep the advanced stuff out of the way when you don't need it.
-You can get information without even opening the phone via the little screen on the front, and the notification LEDs.
-The notification system is nice. (this is from a webOS and Android user)
-Battery life is good.


-There's a lot of AT&T logos on this thing. One above the outside screen, one below the inside screen, one on the 'OK' button, and when the phone is open, the outside screen has the AT&T logo on it.
-There is some AT&T bloatware on this, but it generally keeps out of your way.
-Shortcut buttons under the inside screen. These will be useful to some, but it can give the feeling that there are too many buttons on the thing.
-A control phone with voice button. Useful to some, but a dedicated button is overkill.


-The outside has a bit of cheapy plastic that creaks sometimes.
-The camera is placed precisely where your fingers are going to be.

Bottom line-

This is a very nice phone if you just want it for the basics (calling, and the occasional SMS). It's probably one of the best phones on AT&T if you just want to call people. I originally had a HTC Aria (Android). This beats it in call quality in and out. This is also quite good for technologically illiterate people. It's very easy to use.

This one deserves five stars.
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on September 28, 2011
This has been a great phone for me & my wife. We don't need a fancy phone. We just use a phone for "what it is intended to do". To make Phone Calls! Anyone remember making phone calls?? Ha.
It has enough features to keep us satisfied like the calendar for keeping track of appointments, the pill reminder alarms, the tip calculator, regular calculator and voice commands.
It has a lot of stuff we don't need like, internet, email, messaging, ect.
Signal strength is great all the time, but we have a great cell tower structure here. The battery lasts a good long time and the voices sound just fine, clear and sharp. I think too many people want to get a FREE phone and then expect it to wipe their butts for them. It is a really good basic phone and with the ability to have large keys and large fonts, it's a good phone for old folks.
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on October 31, 2011
My goal for a phone is a good quality basic phone, that gets good reception, makes clear calls at an affordable price. To be clear, I am looking for a phone that functions well as a phone and I am not reviewing other functions that are so popular to use phones for these days.

I can say, this phone fills these requirements fine! I do not have full bars at my home, but calls have been crisp clear, both using the ear piece and with the speaker phone. I have to respectfully disagree with the reviewer that says that her calls are garbled. Perhaps there is a flaw in that particular phone since I am not experiencing this at all. At worst, the calls are slightly tinny, but still clear, understandable, loud enough and I have used many phones much worse than this. I live in an area with poor cell coverage, and was worried that I would miss the strong reception that my Motorola Tundra was able to pull in. Well, it has done fine with reception. I have to say that I have had bars in some very difficult locations and am very pleased. I'm not having a problem with battery life, but again, I'm not doing a bunch of fancy stuff with my phone; just using it as a phone.

While this phone seems to be marketed to the "elderly", I am not yet a senior. I just want a simple phone that does one thing well; make phone calls. This does have some of the extras, and as usual, they feel very extra and not needed, such as the 3 buttons on top for shortcuts. After programing these to my frequently called numbers, I realized they require two steps (push the short cut key, then the send key). It is easier just to use the regular speed dial buttons. I do like having the Breeze Mode that gives you a simple menu. I used the advanced mode to adjust my settings the way I want them, then switch it to Breeze Mode for every day use. I can easily switch to advanced mode if I want to, but the short menu is handy for day to day use. As far as quality, this phone seems good. Now, understand, my last phone was a Tundra, big tough thing! This seemed thin, and light in comparison, but it does not feel cheap. It has a solid feel to it, buttons work well although I would prefer them raised more rather than flush. They are roomy enough and responsive, so I think I will get used to the different feel. I am adding a silicone case to help protect this phone. While it doesn't seem really delicate, I'm also not delicate, and like to not worry about drops, scratches and such! The only reason I am giving the phone a 4 star instead of a 5 star review, is although it works well, its just not that exciting either. I still will say its a good choice for a basic phone, and not sorry I got it.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good functioning phone as a PHONE (has anyone noticed most CNet reviews don't even address how a cell phone works as a PHONE anymore???!! your choices are getting slimmer every day. I say snatch this one up while you can. I believe this is the highest quality simple phone att offers now. Ok, its perhaps the ONLY simple phone they offer, but thank goodness the quality is there! We are a forgotten breed in the cell phone market. Hey, and big kudos to att for dropping the long list of att contacts that you can't delete. They are now compiled under one contact, and near the bottom. So, here's a toast to the last simple phone! If you still want simple, basic phones, best speak up or they will all be gone soon!
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on August 9, 2011
The Breeze mode is great. I have all the features that I use handy and do not have a lot of features that I do not use in the way. I have had Nokia's for many years. This phone feels a bit sturdier, definitely heavier. The menu navigation is easier.
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on October 7, 2011
In "Breeze Mode" (my preferred mode, as opposed to "Advanced "Mode", which has a more complex menu system) this phone is simple and fast to use. I use my phone only for short, infrequent local calls and some lengthier long-distance calls. Phone is slim, and fits comfortably in my hand -- not too small, not too large. Connectivity and voice quality is good-to-very-good, so no complaints with that. Display screen is large and, if used in combination with medium-sized fonts, makes for easy readings on my eyes (I wear reading glasses). Yes, the camera is in a poor location, but I rarely-to-never use my camera, so who cares? Battery is seems average-to-good. Overall, I'm very pleased with this phone. Good purchase. Recommended.
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on December 5, 2011
I use this phone mostly for phone calls. I did not get a data plan, so no texting, web surfing, etc. Compared to my last phone, I have very few dropped calls or inability to make calls (network not available). The interface is fairly easy to navigate and locate different settings. Occasionally I take photos with the phone and the quality is decent.

My big complaint is transferring files (photos) from the phone to a PC or other device. I never got Bluetooth to work (with or without PC Suite). It pairs with a laptop, iTouch, and iPad, but says "Connection failed" or "not supported" when you try to Send files. The At&t rep thought the Bluetooth might be only for a headset, but the manual clearly states that you can Send files.

Mixed results using the USB cable included with the phone. First of all you need to obtain PC Suite specifically for the Breeze III from the web site [...]. Apparently PC Suite doesn't work with Windows 7 (or maybe 64-bit Windows 7?). I can see my files in the File Manager, but when I try to transfer to my PC, I get an error and it won't copy the files. Seems to work fine on Windows XP, but that's our "old" machine in the house. If it stops working, I won't have any way to transfer files from the phone, unless I purchase a data plan.
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on August 24, 2011
For seniors that have a lot of hearing loss you can buy a duel earbud with a microphone on ebay for the Pantech Breeze 3 and stick one bud in each ear. They sterio head set is made to listen to music but they really work good for phone calls for the hearing impared.

Got one of these flip phones from AT&T a week ago. Good sound without the earbud and the basic functions are easy to understand and use. Good choice for seniors that want to push one of three big buttons that gets there son or sister on the phone.

Its good for about three hours of talk time. Not bad but a 2nd battery is always a good idea. Very easy to swap out the battery. Note that the Breeze 3 is so new (as of 8-24-11) that there are no inexpensive batteries for sale yet on Amazon or E-Bay. Some sellers are not aware yet that Pantech came out with a Breeze 3 and they are getting it mixed-up with the Breeze 2 version thinking they both use the same battery. Not so. The Breeze 3 uses a different battery then the Breeze 2 and... the Breeze 3 head set connector is also different the the Breeze 2. The 3 uses a mini USB connector that is also used for a laptop connector to down load Breeze 3 photo's.
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on July 15, 2012
Being an idiot and loving the phone so much I took it everywhere, 6 days of use and I left it on the roof of my car....forgot it was there, and drove away. At the turn from my driveway it must have scittered across the roof, and hit the pavement. Driving home 3 hours later I flashed on where my phone had been and carefully walked up my driveway looking for it. I eventually found it in the road. Battery and phone, with tread marks, separated by 6 feet across the yellow line and the back cover 20 ft down the road where I'm guessing a tire flipped it. Gloria halleluja - I pressed the ON button and it worked and told me I had received 3 calls!! Who needs military specs? This is a great phone!
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on January 20, 2014
Broke my previous Pantech Breeze, tried another model that just couldn't cut it, was horrified at the replacement cost quoted at the phone store, and ordered this phone to return to the familiar. Phone arrived 2 days earlier than promised (which was fine), was new, very well packaged, installed my SIM card and was up and running in ten minutes. This was an excellent purchase, would definitely buy from this seller again.
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on September 18, 2013
My mother in law got her phone wet and had just received it 5 months earlier. She loved the phone and didn't want to pay full price for a new one. The one we received came exactly as described, was in excellent condition, and came earlier than we expected! Soonersoft is a great company to do business with! Amazon once again fulfilled our need with excellence!
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