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I bought this phone for my 15 yr old daughter and it arrived today. I messed around with it for about 2 hours, going through all the settings and features.

It seems durable and is a cute little phone, especially for a teen girl.. it is accented with lavender/pink afterall.

Call quality is great so far and all features work as expected.

When closed, it is a somewhat smaller phone than I am used to. It is a little shorter, but a tad wider. I didn't find this to be a downfall though - just pointing it out. (My current phone is a Nokia E71x). At first I thought it would be awkward when talking since it is smaller, but it isn't at all.

The screen is a nice size and is vibrant and clear. It seems like the screen is made of glass, although I didn't look it up to see for sure. The screen on the Pantech is bigger than the screen on my Nokia.

The touchscreen is very responsive and quick. I did find though that it doesn't acknowledge the touches with my fingernails.. I have really long nails. So I had to use my pointer finger knuckle. It is something I am used to doing though for my microwave and pretty much anything that has a touch screen.. so again not a downfall, just something to mention.

The touchscreen works sort of like an iPod touch in that it has the "slide" feature for going through the screens, images, etc. Also when you get a text, you "slide" to open the text .. just like the "unlock" screen on an iPod touch.. it will have the slider icon labeled "Open."

There are dedicated menu icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc. We know the kids can't go without Facebook!! lol

It has a few neat games pre installed as well as some apps. There is a decent selection of ringtones, alarm, etc and background themes.

The keys on the QWERTY pad are decent sized too. We were afraid they would be super tiny like on my Nokia. The Pantech is nice and easy to type on. The keys seem sort of cushioned and are easy to press.

Back to texting, one thing to mention as well is that when deleting texts, there seems to be an extra step involved. When you have a text open and touch on the screen to delete it, it will ask you to select the text (which is right there) and then click delete again. I am used to hitting delete, then confirming yes or no and it is gone (deleted). With the Pantech, you have the text open, hit delete, then have to hit the text and then hit delete again. This again may be something which won't matter to some people, but other people like to have things as simplified as possible. It just sort of irked me since it is an extra step than what I am used to. Of course once you are used to the phone, you won't even notice.. you'll just click out of habit and do what you need to.

The camera works as expected for a 2MP cellphone cam. It does have decent amount of settings and options to use with it. My only complaint with the camera is that there is a delay between pressing to take the picture and when it actually takes it. Whatever you are taking the picture of, has to remain still for a few seconds after clicking to take the picture or you will end up with whatever pose or movement was made AFTER clicking. The pictures do look pretty good though, as long as you are not trying to shoot from more than a few feet away, and that is to be expected. (My Nokia has no delay at all. Honestly, I think Nokia phones have the best cams out there as far as cell phone cams. I take pics with mine all the time and people can't believe they are cellphone pics)

Like I said, we have only had it for a day so far, but it seems to be a great little phone. It feels durable, but not extremely bulky. It is perfect sized. It has the right ratio of screen/touch area size as well as ample sized QWERTY pad. The call quality is great so far - everything sounds clear and crisp with no background noise interruption.

The only thing I can think of so far that *might* be a downfall to some is the fact that the memory card goes behind the back cover, with the battery. I like easy access to my memory card right on the body of the phone, but this would not be a deal breaker for me since the phone seems so nice and neat otherwise.

I will update as time goes on if we run into any problems with this phone or come across anything that seems like it's worth mentioning - good or bad.
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on July 27, 2011
I have had the Pursuit II for alittle over 24 hours now. I have to say that I am quite pleased with the phone. When I unpacked it I did notice however, that there is no user manual enclosed. Only the quick start guide and me being the electronic nerd that I am, I like to read the manual to make sure I'm not missing any cool little programs or quirks the phone might have. However, the Pantech website now has a downloadable user manual there and I printed it off to have :)

When I finally got it charged and activated, I was pleasantly surprised at the actual size of the screen! It is quite large for such a small phone. The color quality of it is also very vibrant.

I really like how responsive the touchscreen is. However, I thought I could use a stylus, but it won't read the touch of the stylus. But that's ok, just thought I would mention it.

I've made a couple calls with it so far and the sound quality is good. No static or dropped calls either.

I mostly text and I was worried the keys would be too small. I upgraded from the LG Xenon and it had a wider keyboard. The only thing I miss about the old phone keyboard is that it had arrow keys. However, since the Pursuit II is a touchscreen, I can just touch where i need to be and correct any misspellings. The one thing that I don't care for...well, right now till I get more used to the phone, is the fact that when I type a text and get ready to send it. I have to hit reply, then tap the box to type, then click ok, then hit send. Thats too many steps, but I'm sure I will get used to it. Then when deleting messages, you touch delete, then you have to pick the ones you want to delete even though you are already there. It's gets a bit monotonous, but I'm sure I will get used to it.

I love the customizable favorite screens. The menu is very easy to get around in.

I used the memory card from my other phone and I had no problems transfering the pics, videos or music.

All in all I really like this phone. It's durable, makes great calls, easy to navigate around on and would make a great phone for a teen or adult!

If any little quirks pop up while I have it, I will make sure to update my review! Enjoy!
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on August 30, 2011
I really love this phone. I have had it for a few weeks and I couldn't be happier. I don't need a data plan and AT&T requires them with most phones. This limited my options greatly. I had a Samsung Strive before this and it was alright, but I use the calender all the time and it was terribly annoying.

This phone is small, cute, and the calender is wonderful. It comes with a few nice little apps. I wasn't sure about the touchscreen but it has worked well too. There have been a few times that the touchscreen response has hesitated a little, but it picks right back up. There are a lot of ways to organize things and access them. Haven't had any issues with it. Just sad I scratched it already.
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on December 21, 2011
I picked out a Pursuit II when my family upgraded their phones, and it worked like a charm for a few months. Soon afterward though, the touchscreen would start occasionally locking up and I wouldn't be able to do anything with it at all. I would slide the phone open and closed a few times, and the touch screen would come back to life and I could continue what I was doing. It didn't bother me at first, since it only happened once or twice every two weeks or so, but it quickly became more and more frequent and harder and harder to fix. Now every day at least once it has to freeze up on me, and it can take up to five minutes to come back on. The whole phone itself has even started to turn off in the middle of texts and calls, immediately turning itself back on. It is very frustrating.

This may be due to some defective hardware in the phone, I honestly don't know why it does this. I would keep these things in mind when making your purchase however.
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on January 28, 2012
In my experience this is definitely not a good messaging phone. At first the product was fine, but after a while the phone would reset itself randomly after I sent a text message. The message would not be sent, and the phone wouldn't save the message either making writing long text messages a risk at times. Having your phone reset once in a while may seem alright once or twice but on some nights it happened as often as 7 times. I also had the screen locking problem mentioned in the other review and it can be a troublesome problem in certain situations. Say you were calling a prospective employer and leaving a voicemail, not being able to hang up can be a serious problem.

I have sent for a replacement phone and the replacement also had the above mentioned problems. I went to the AT&T store so they could factory reset it and the problem still persists.

To summarize
-Responsive keyboard when other problems don't restrict user input

-Phone resets sometimes when sending text messages
-Screen locks and you are unable to do anything with the phone sometimes
-Low space for text messaging requires frequent deleting of messages
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on October 9, 2011
I find my self charging it everyday if not every other day and I don't make calls that often.
Also the screen lock is not very secure. I put my phone in my pocket and sometimes it automatically unlocks by the motion and dialed phone numbers randomly. Other than these 2 issues, I think its a great phone. All other functions work really well. I can really get used to the touch screen features.
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on March 31, 2012
I got this phone for christmas and since then have had 2 incident with water.1- we were on vacation and dropped it in the water for 1-2 minutes and waited an hour or so before putting it in a bag of rice( we were hiking ).it had some screen damage but it must have been water because it is not there anymore.2- we were in our rabbit pen and left it out there on accident for a day or two and it had rained once or twice before we found it and the screen was a little foggy. so we took it in side and took the sim and the battery out and put it in a bag of rice. it now works fine and is like it never happened. great first phone or phone for someone who drops theirs a lot. - Ryan's Daughter age 11
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on May 28, 2012
I have to say, I thought it was great. It had everything I needed and it was just the right size. However, it's been a little over a year now, and it's starting to freeze when I'm sending text messages and either doesn't ring or turns off when a call comes in.. Now, I've had a total of three phones in my life (this being the third) and I will admit I went from a Motorola Razr, to an Iphone to the Pantech.. I had my problems with each of them, but neither the Razr nor the Iphone would have crashing issues.
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on February 13, 2013
This is a super cute phone, and exactly what I needed. I wanted a good phone for texting that I could use without a data plan. It doesn't take more than a week for it's flaws to really start working on your nerves.

I am currently in the process of trading in my second Pursuit II for a new one, because this has happened to me twice and AT&T will only give you a different model if you have to replace yours three times. As time goes by every issue I have with this phone gets worse and worse, and the lifespan for me is averaging out at about four months.

The biggest issue is the reception. The antenna is in the bottom of the phone. Straight from the beginning of my expierence with this model I had issues with this. As time goes by my service gets worse and worse. I'm constantly missing calls, dropping calls, or failing to send text messages (an issue which has no home screen icon or announcement sound, so if it happens and you don't stare at your phone until it tells you that sending fails you are left unaware until your intended recepient asks where you've gone).
My neck of the woods does not have the best cell phone reception to begin with, but there are three places in here that will always give my husband's phone service. By month 3 in this handset's lifespan I have to step outside to send or receive 80% of my calls. When month 4 rolls around I cannot stand in my yard to make calls, I have to stand next to the road to get a signal most times.

The touchscreen sensitivity on this devise is ridiculous. It's noticably buggy to begin with, but as time goes on it deteroiates rapidly with little notacable wear to the screen. I don't have too much of an issue with it using menus, but when I'm making a call that isn't on speaker and I touch my face with the phone at all I wind up either dialing someone else or erasing all of my contacts (this has happened twice). This isn't too bad an issue at first, because I start off without needing to hold this phone close to my face, but the speaker gets so bad over time that I practically have to squish my face to hear anyone.
At the same time the speaker is getting worse, the receiver ability while using the phone on speaker starts to fail. From about month 3 on I can no longer use the speaker function on my phone if I want to be heard.
I attempted to adjust the touch screen sensitivity in order to offset this problem, but that's a whole other issue! After a few months of use I find it harder and harder to slide the ACCEPT icon when trying to answer a phone call. In order to dampen the sensitivity enough to stop selecting unknown options with my face during a call, I have to lower it so far I cannot answer a call at all. There is no option, or at least none I have found, to answer a incoming call with the physical call button. So this makes the phone utterly useless.
I also have gotten to the point where my screen won't stay active during a call. I assume this is the function that is supposed to prevent me from face dialing when on a call, because at first it works nicely, always turning back on whenever I remove the phone from the vicinity of my face. After a while this feature either just doesn't work while I've got the phone up to my face, or when I take the phone from my face (in order to put a call on speaker or make a selection in an automated menu) the screen does not reactivate. I end up having to hang up on my call, re-dial, and work my way through whatever automated system I was attempting to reach again.

The battery life isn't the greatest in the world, the menu is pretty buggy and ugly, and the limit on video length are all pretty upsetting features as well. Those are all issues I can live with, but coupled with the fact that the reception and touch screen bugs make this phone nothing better than a paperweight, it's not worth the money.

I really enjoyed this phone for about two weeks, and after that I could put up with it for a while. Until month 4 when I am constantly missing important communications. I had just assumed I had a poorly made unit my first time around, but this is my second time having this phone and all the same issues arose along pretty much the same timeline. There are just better phones out there for the price.
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on February 21, 2013
This phone was great for the first month until it started deteriorating.

I'm pretty hard on phones but this phone is just...well, just poor quality. I got it solely because it was one of the few qwerty pad phones available during the time (and I didn't want a phone with a required internet package).

During the first 8 months this phone's alarm would just go off during class. It was quite embarrassing. I finally figured out that you can't have too many alarm settings on this phone or else it will just go crazy on you. If it's turned off the alarm will still go off (at the times you didn't even set an alarm) even if you switch it from off from Power Alarm. I ended up having to take the battery out during classes just so it wouldn't go off.

Now having this phone just past a year, I have to love it until I get another one. The audio for your ear doesn't work anymore so I have to resort to talking on the phone through speaker. Good-bye privacy. Also the phone will just randomly freeze or just power off. There have been many dropped calls and missed calls that never rang. There also isn't a way to change the touch sensitivity on the phone. If there is then maybe my phone is missing that feature...I wouldn't be surprised. The reception also isn't very good. I have a tough time getting signal just to send a text message even when other people around me have great signal.

There are a few cool features of being able to move around the icons but personalizing this phone is very limited. The notepad tool is pretty useless since there's like a 50 character limit. You can copy and paste on text messages by holding your finger on the screen for a bit but it doesn't really work well. Touch accuracy is pretty bad especially when you need to fix a typo in your text message.

Overall, I would not recommend this phone.
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