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I agree with the reviewer above that the fingers on these gloves are blunt at the end--however, I found it easy to send a text message in 20 degree weather this morning. Any gloves that can keep your hands warm when it is below freezing cannot have dainty tips. The trick is to use the corner of the blunt edge to tap the keys, rather than using your full fingertip. I am logged on now to buy two more pairs as gifts. I have worn nothing but OR gloves the last three winters. I hike with my dog more than an hour every day regardless of the temps, so I am very picky about having warm and flexible gloves. Unlike most winter gloves, these also have a very pretty logo design. I was thrilled when I found these at Amazon and would not hesitate to recommend them. But plan to use the corner of the finger, not your whole fingertip when writing on your cell phone.
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on February 4, 2014
Spent some time looking for gloves like these for me and wife. Also have the men's version. Fit is great, material feels high quality and the leather works beautifully. Other reviewers complain about reduced accuracy from the bulk but you get used to using them. And with touch screens getting bigger, I don't see a problem. Besides, who wants to sit and text in the cold for long periods? That's what a call's for. Or voice-to-text.

Anyway, they are warm and protect well from wind, but for extreme cold, it's hard to recommend. In Erie, PA, it's been bitter cold from December through February and these gloves have done well. However days where it was 20s (F) and under, your hands could start to get cold after prolonged exposure. As a driving glove, they are fantastic, and even though they are a bit thinner, these are some of the thickest and warmest e-touch gloves I've come across.

Just a note, female versions are slightly more expensive than male's. Weird.
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on February 9, 2015
Almost perfect - I just wish they were a little more insulated. They're fine with a pair of liners or thinner gloves layered underneath, but I find my hands freeze while walking the dogs on 30f and below days - The cold just seeps right through the leather and the thin built-in insulation. I wear a pair of silk liners with Nitrile disposables over them and it fixes that problem nicely.

Otherwise I love them - the leather just keeps getting more and more buttery soft, and the touch screen sensitivity is incredible. Like having bare hands, with excellent precision. I could see owning these for years, they appear to be very durable.
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on November 25, 2014
I was so looking forward to these gloves :( The pinky on the right glove is too short. The left is fine. It checked - it's not my hands. Unfortunately I am right handed, so the bad fit makes it impossible to have full use of my hand - which is why I purchased these gloves rather than a bulkier alternative. Also, if you hands run cold, throw the gloves on a heater before you put them on. They are engineered to trap & maintain heat, so if you are cold to begin with, you're not going to get any warmer. I was cursing them on my walk this morning till I gave up and put my hands in my pockets - then had to take them out a few minutes later because my hands were too hot.
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on March 13, 2014
I started the season with some perfectly good gloves, but the snow and cold meant that I wore them all the time. After they were splitting their seams, I looked for replacement gloves and found these. I can use them with my smart phone so my hands don't get cold as I check my email and text messages. They seem very durable, but it will take another winter to really test them out. Not that I'm asking for more snow - we've had enough! Even when spring seems to have arrived, the next day brings plunging temperatures and another opportunity to wear these superlative gloves. If you are as attached to your smart phone as I am, and use it to navigate the city streets with your google maps, you will appreciate having your hands warm, so you can efficiently reach your destination.
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on December 5, 2013
These gloves keep your hands warm, at least in temperate climates, and you can answer your iphone using them. It is more difficult, although probably possible, to type a text message wearing these gloves. They are small and pack neatly into a pocket. I bought them for my entire family for Xmas gifts. Sizing is a bit difficult online but the seller was excellent about taking returns and switching sizes.
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on January 29, 2016
Usually Outdoor Research products fits me well, but this ones had shorter fingers, and I didn't like much the leathery look on the inside of the fingers either.
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on February 24, 2013
These are pretty great for answering my phone when it is too cold outside to not wear gloves, though the fingers are a bit too cumbersome for typing, even on the small gloves. Also, the space between the pinky and ring fingers is a bit short, so the gloves restrict the movement of those two fingers somewhat.
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on December 31, 2016
Gloves were thick, stiff and too short finger-tips to wrist.
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on January 3, 2014
I just moved from CA to NH, so gearing up for winter was of prime importance to me. I did quite a bit of research to try to find heavier gloves that worked with a cell phone. These came up a few times with high marks. However, I'm not very pleased with them- at all. I think I ordered them too large (despite using the measuring guide) because they are loose on me. But had I ordered a side down, the fingers would have surely been too short (they are boarderline as is). They also are NOT feminine at all. Not that I was expecting anything fashion forward, but I feel like a truck driver wearing these. I think I've worn them once so far but they left my hands cold and feeling ugly.

The one upside is that they do work with cell phone touch screens. However, the fingers are so boxy and stiff, you aren't going to be able to pin-point that app you are trying to open or touch the correct number when you go to call someone. Certainly not worth the price even if they did fit. My search continues for a heavier pair of gloves that are cell phone friendly.
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