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on April 24, 2013
I have to say, I was initially slightly skeptical about this gun. A metal gearbox AEG with an upgraded spring AND tightbore barrel for $150 after shipping just didn't seem right. So let me give you the pros, and then I'll tell you where they cut corners.

-Metal gearbox
-Tightbore barrel definitely increases accuracy with hopup adjustment
-Upgraded spring means higher fps and can sling heavy bbs long distances
-Crane stock
-Metal upper rail
-Metal barrel
-Metal flip up sights (I really like these!)
-While the receiver may be plastic, it is much more durable than I initially expected
-Solid weight (if realism is your thing)
-Excellent fps/accuracy

Where did they cut corners, you ask?
-The battery. Oh boy, did they really just not care about that. Initially, when you pull the gun out of the box and fire on full auto, your rate of fire will be TERRIBLE. HORRIFIC. But that's what you get with a stock 8.4v 900mah battery. Want to double/triple it? BUY A NEW BATTERY! I must say, I was very disappointed at first, but then I popped in my 9.6v 2000mah butterfly battery... oh boy, did it just become a formidable weapon! (Fair warning, any butterfly battery with more than 3 batteries linked will NOT fit in the tiny battery compartment. Get an external battery box. That's what I did).

-The battery COMPARTMENT (boy, they really don't care about powering this gun, do they?). Now, I have owned a few AEGs, so I am used to the battery being a tight fit (there is NEVER any extra room), but boy, did they REALLY cut it close. Even with the stock battery, it is near impossible to get the compartment (under the barrel) to close. When (and if) you do get it to close, however, it is pretty solid and definitely won't come open on you or anything.

-The instruction manual. You think putting together that DIY cabinet, or hooking up your DVR to your new 60" HDTV is bad because the instructions don't make any sense? Well just you wait. These instructions are written mainly in... some foreign language (I don't claim to be a language scholar)... and seem like they were translated by a first year ESL student. It takes a little creativity to try to make any sense of them. But hey, it's just the instruction manual, how important can it be, right?

-Fake bolt catch/forward assist. I have to say, as much as I didn't expect it, I was REALLY hoping for a legitimate bolt catch (locks the bolt when there is not a round chambered), but, alas, just a metal switch with no purpose in its place. Which is fine. Forward assist is plastic though, so I wouldn't go jamming it like it was an actual forward assist (although, it won't do anything anyways, so why bother?).

I guess the disadvantages just seem worse because I wrote so much on them. But honestly, unless you have another $100+ to spend on a better gun, buy this one! Very solid weapon, and can definitely hold its own out on the field. And as always, for a gun this powerful, please do NOT, under any circumstances, load cheap .12g bbs into your gun. They will shatter in the barrel and void your warranty. Be smart about the idiotic things you do when you shoot at your friends!

Hope this helped you guys!
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on November 3, 2016
Great airsoft gun for many reasons. Almost all metal gun makes it ideal for tossing around. It can take a beating. The sites are very nice and will not break upon an accidental drop. I have had it for many years now and it has never failed me.

1. All metal Rail system; perfect for various types of mounts: lights, handles, lasers, grenade launchers. cameras.
2. adjustable stock makes this ideal for any age person. I am able to change the stock very easily for close quarters or for when I need to sight in a long range target.
3. The sights are metal and not flimsy.
4. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The paint job is very nice and has no scratches, well when I bought it.
5. Very nice high capacity magazine. Holds 350 bbs.
6. The battery lasts a long time. I have never had a battery problem and the charger still works fine.
7. Comes with a place to attach a strap. (NO STRAP INCLUDED JUST TO POINT OUT!)
1. This is heavy! about 8 pounds! You better know how to handle it because this is not a light flimsy gun. It can get tiring holding it upright for extended amounts of time. Nice to have a strap.
2. It took me a while to get the hang of putting the battery in. You do not want to have to switch batteries any time during a fight as it take a while.
3. Not the highest rounds per minute. It spits out ammo at a very nice speed, but not as high as I would have liked. Don't worry, this is still definitely in the machine gun category, just not in the gatlling gun arena.

Overall a great gun. It has been my primary for two years. I have thrown it, dropped it, stepped on it, and it has stayed in great condition. The FPS is exactly at 420, I have had no drop for two years which means it is a high quality spring inside. This gun is for a beginning airsoft player all the way up to a professional. It will carry you through any fight you may have.
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on May 15, 2013
I just bought this gun, and just had my first airsoft match with it. Let me start by saying if your reading this to see if you should buy this gun...BUY THIS GUN! That should be the end of it but if your not ADD keep reading. This gun feels amazing, its super solid nothing wobbles at all on this gun. Now, if you are doing research I am sure you have read about the battery being so hard to put in. This WAS true for the first 30 seconds I had the gun, then i saw that all you have to do is keep the gun upright and put all the wires and connectors ahead of the battery and done, its easy. DO NOT LET THE BATTERY keep you from buying this gun, trust me it is the BEST GUN you will get FOR THIS MONEY PERIOD. I was out of the field keeping up with $300-$500 guns. I met a guy with a KWA who said he felt he paid way to much for what was essentially just a name because our guns performed equally. The only thing you will need to get eventually is a smart charger as this gun does not come with one, and it is a must for it to keep your battery working properly. So in summery.......BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!
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on December 30, 2013
this is probably the best if not one of the best m4s i have found for it's price. however i've seen its prices change. my friend said he saw this gun several months ago and it was $120. i bought it at 140$ a few weeks after i bought it was $165. now it is about $142 so ya. however $140 is a fair price. it has 4 rails with the top being the longest for easy customization like most m4s. since i bought it, it has had no major problems besides the battery compartment which i will talk about later. the tan stock and the tan handle for the trigger is durable plastic and the rest seems to be metal including the body, barrel, rail system, internals, magazine, etc. it's iron sights are really good; i got a scope for mine only i probably wont use it in every game because of it's length and zoom and stuff. it has a good velocity of around 400-430 fps about. it shoots very far and doesn't have the rate of fire quite like the ak but is still fast and shoots further than an ak. it is also a very accurate aeg and comes with a charger, instructional manual, 8.4v battery, sample bbs, a bag of bbs, rails to attach to the side with the screws and a side tool that goes on the mag to wind the ammo instead of the bottom. now the real only major 2 cons on this gun was the battery compartment and life. so the battery compartment: i fit the battery that it came with inside within about 5-10mins. kinda slow but not killer. i got another 8.4v however and that is when it got tricky. i got really frustrated with it because it took me over an hour trying to get it in before i realized the problem. it comes with the plug-in wire on one side that makes it hard or impossible with some batteries. (not with the one that comes with it though) so you have to take off some parts to fish it down below this one bar and there are youtube videos that explain how to do it though. so eventually i figured it out. and the battery life on the one it comes with lasts for about an hour and a half before shooting odd or dying so i suggest getting a second battery for backup. overall though i would recommend this gun to the intermediate airsofter looking for an m4 under 200$. good gun. :)
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on February 27, 2015
This is a heavy airsoft rifle, which is great if you are doing tactical training. It feels like the real deal. The battery pack could use an upgrade, recommend tenergy 9.6v battery pack. The only down side I see is the hand guard requires a tool to open to switch battery packs, and the hand guard is very wide. Installed sites are great quality, and seem to hold aim point well. I doubt you can find a better airsoft rifle for the sub $200 price point, including the battery and charger.
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on May 11, 2013
I ordered this gun from amazon and it was shipped from hot import toys and it shipped very VERY fast just with standard shipping. Right out of the box the gun was heavy but not too heavy and verrrrry sturdy. I had to charge the battery it came with around 4 hours before I could play with my new M4. When it got done charging I just put the battery in and started shooting! (the battery was hard to fit in but its not as bad as the other reviews make it seem) This gun shot WAY fast. It tore up a soda can in seconds from twenty five feet away! I use .2 gram MetalTac bbs (which come with two 5000 round bags, I would recommend getting these) and this gun shoots very accurate and hard. I also got a 9.6v battery instead of the one it came with which was 8.4. And with the 9.6v battery, it shoots even faster and has a ton better fps. This gun is totally worth the money. I would recommend this gun to any person that loves high fps, accuracy, high firing rate, and not spending a lot. You wont regret getting this gun at all. AMAZING.
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on November 19, 2014
I bought this with high hopes on sale for $150 and it came with a great clip, good battery (even though I upgraded), came with all rails, they gave me the wrong Manuel though, it was for a different brand m4 but I didn't need anyways, shoots accurately and dominates for 100
ft, and amazingly fast delivery, had it within 3 days when I was expecting a week at least,100% worth it

been a while since I bought this gun. it has not let me down once yet. I have 2 300 round mags, a 5000 round mag, a 9v 2000 mha battery, and a red dot scope on it and it is deadly accurate up to 50 ft. my friends hate playing with me anymore because of this gun and how overpowered it is
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on May 9, 2013
This gun is great!! I love it. This gun has amazing FPS on a full battery. I had a broken iPad 2 so i took it in the backyard and shot it
and it went right through the iPad!

- Metal Internals
- Good fps
- Metal 300 Round Mag
- Good Sights (I Replaced Them With a Holographic Sight)

- Hard To Fit Battery (After A While It Gets Easier To Put In)
- Hop-Up Can Be Annoying
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on August 16, 2013
amazing gun!!!! i really got this cause i needed a back up and it was rather cheap but let me say this gun packs a punch. its lipo ready and it shots about 422 fps with a 1.8 lipo. i have been very happy with this gun and when ever people ask what it is i just tell them its a JG i got off of amazon and they all look in shock also asking what all have you had done to it and i relpy smiling saying NOTHING AT ALL ITS ALL STOCK!!!
so for the money i would say to anyone who is starting and looking for a good gun this is what i tell them to buy. the only thing its a bit heavy so for some of the younger kids playing this isnt the gun for them due to the weight. but all in all this gun will rock the field any day. and i would hate to be on the receiving end of this gun on the field it not only shots hard but hits hard too!!!
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on July 13, 2013
This is a really nice gun. I love it. I would recomend it to anyone. If you buying this gun I would also recomend to get .25g BB's and more batterys.

long lasting
adjustable stock
fits almost all m4 mags
tight bore barrel
flip up rear and front sights
full metal rail system
two side rails and bottum rail
full length top rail
nice gearbox (standard)
nice feel
6 adjustmet stock

heavy (bad for CQB)
tight battery fit (just duct tape the battery to the side of the gun)
fuse is bad (recomend getting a new 25amp 250v fuse)
OK battery
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