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on September 27, 2016
This fit pretty good over my ears. The headset can be flipped either way so mic starts left or right.
-cord is obnoxiously long. Almost too long. I can probably lay in my bed and use these to listen to whatever is streaming off my computer now.
-audio is pretty good. For the price im happy with them. I don't feel like i can pin point a characters movement, but I know someone's around for sure.
-don't get too hot while they cup the ears. Some headphones have me getting hot ears quick.
-bass boost is meh, it adds substance to the audio. Helps the user balance it i guess.
-friends haven't complained about voice and keying up on the mic, seems to come in clear and work well.
-plugs into usb, mic, and heapphone jack. Works well like this
-doesn't feel clunky like another slightly cheaper set was that I had.
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on August 10, 2016
I feel as though this review is pretty legit considering I've owned my X12's for almost 5 years. I have not had one problem with them during that time. The reason I'm writing this review is because recently I ordered 'No Man's Sky' and I wanted to upgrade my headphones. Felt I had used them long enough. I researched headphones for over a week and finally nailed it down to the Playstation Gold Wireless. They amped those things up to be killer surround and sound quality in general.

I got them last night and hooked them up and sure enough they sounded good. Although, I was really curious to compare the Gold Wireless Headphones to the X12's. SO, during a 2 hour play session I switched back and forth in different moments of the game. Least to say I was blown away. I was blown away at how GOOD the X12's sound. The Gold Wireless did not pump out any bass (Even after I tweaked the bass in the settings via the Playstation) and the virtual surround was okay. To my shock, the X12's pumped bass and actually rivaled the surround sound the Gold Wireless Headphones produced. NO frickin joke!

Seriously, I immediately took the GOLD wireless phones downstairs, packed them back in the box, put them back in the shipping box, taped it up and requested a refund on Amazon and UPS picked them up the next day.

SO i'm sitting here looking at my X12's and debating whether I purchase a new set of X12's or upgrade to a better Turtle Beach set only because after this I'm confident Turtle Beach is going to produce the same quality sound in their headphones as the X12's.

SO if your on the fence about these X12's, get them. It's worth the $40 bucks. These kicked a $100 headphone in the butt. ALSO, in case you didn't know, you can easily hook these up to a PS4 using Toslink and a mic wire specifically made for X12 to PS4.

If you want to know how shoot me a reply and I'll explain what I did. These headphones aren't only for just Xbox.
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on February 1, 2016
The Turtle Beach X12 is a great pair of headphones for the price. This is the second pair that were picked up for my partner, he would not buy another set since having the previous pair for years.

*Great sounding, and very clear. Bass s perfect and no crackling.
*Good price!
*Microphone picks up voices very well. Perfect for team speak or in games.
*Very comfortable for extended wear, say 8+ hour game sessions.

I can't say that I have any CONS. The first pair broke but after daily wear they took a ton of abuse. So breakage was bound to happen at some point.

Really great pair of headphones!
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on June 28, 2016
Bought this years ago to game on my Xbox. For the 360 it worked great. Pretty comfortable to wear and had the ability to control the voice volume and the game volume separately. Not a feature you see for a headset of this price. Although for the Xbox one that setting didn't work for me and I could only control mic AND game volume with one knob. Not sure if I just didn't install something correctly or if that's an issue with this thing. Also my friend would say he could hear my buttons/joystick clicking which he found annoying.

For PC I probably wouldn't recommend this. It picks up the sound everywhere around because of the mic design, so my keyboard clicks can be heard if I have my mic activated openly during a game. Also, since it's USB powered, it plugs into the computer and because of the design of the headset, it actually will pick up some sounds/feedback from the machine itself. It "thinks" that some sounds on the PC are actually supposed to be projected into the microphone. Even if you mute the mic, because of the USB plug, some sounds will actually be sent to the mic, so it will be like you are projecting those sounds through your mic to the other players. I alleviated this problem by plugging the USB portion of the headset into a separate outlet with a USB plug. It's for power only so you don't need it actually plugged into a computer USB, any USB is fine.

I think for a more casual gamer who just wants a cheaper headset but still get an immersive gaming experience, it would be great. For a more serious console player or PC gamer, especially one who likes to communicate and play well, you might be better off going for something else. But if you are fine with the issues I presented, or are willing to press a button to chat on PC every time you want to, sacrificing a hotkey, go for it. It's good quality sound, just a few issues with the design that I don't like.
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on May 2, 2017
This is the first time I've written a review in all of the years I've been using Amazon.

Right off the bat I almost returned these because of the buzzing noise they made when I turned up the volume on them, but I found if I turned up the volume on my computer instead of the headset itself the sound was pretty nice, and I had no other complaints, so I decided to keep them. This was no small buzzing noise though; I'm not an audiophile so for this to bother me really means something.

I figured the reviews about the headband cracking were over-exaggerated. After all I had one of those dinky little xbox 360 headsets that has horrible reviews about how easy they break and mine lasted for over 5 years, and even then broke only because it was improperly stored away. Apparently they weren't though because just over a year later they are cracked on both sides, probably because it squeezes my head too tight, which can make them uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing them.

The worst though is that for the past 6 months everyone has been complaining about a horrible buzzing noise that my mic has been making. I can't hear it through my headset so it took some time before I realized how consistent this problem was, but everyone else can hear it. It is loud enough that people get very irritated and I feel bad for my friends who have to put up with it.

I have been very satisfied with Turtle Beach products in the past so this is very disappointing.
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on January 1, 2016
Oh my goodness, it has changed gaming for me. I have been using the default Microsoft headphones for two years. This was a gift for my brother in law and I got a pair for myself, just because. :)

After finally getting the wiring situation figured out (detailed explanations below), we were wired up and playing online together. The choice for the demo, Black Ops 2. The sound is beautiful! And if you've never played with true surround sound, you are playing at a severe disadvantage. The first time I heard the footsteps of an enemy trying to sneak up on me, a whole new world was opened. One where I was the hunter. One where I had the advantage over anyone who was relying on their TV speakers. It was absolutely amazing.

The mic is great, but on rare occasion, acts funny. it feeds back from the headphones into the microphone and everyone else can head the feedback. However, a simple unplug and replug fixes it right up.

The wires are nice and long and while I miss wireless/controller wired, this cord is freaking long. There's no problems in the living room in reaching from the console to the couch.

- beautiful sound. I'm a musician and these are just great.
- excellent price for fantastic quality.
- Turtle Beach has still got the value behind their name.
- separate game and chat volumes let you find the perfect mix (very helpful with the "loud" friend in chat).
- lots of plugging options for different TV's, model Xboxes, etc.
- earpieces are a comfortable fit and breath without sweating.
- sleek look
- converts to other consoles easily (maybe a converter is required).

- my big head is about an inch too big. the headphones hurt after a while and give me crazy bed head.
- wires suck. They made it really convenient, but wires still suck.
- no convenient mute button. would like to have something to mute without letting go of the controller.
- not built to fold up and transport

We had two different setups between my brother in law and myself. I set them both up. I'll describe the situation and the remedy. It can get confusing, but if you have a basic understanding of hooking up entertainment systems, you should be able to figure out which of the Turtle Beach supplied options will work for your setup.

His house:
The Xbox is plugged directly into an input channel on the audio (not HDMI). He could not figure out how to make it work, so he was only plugging in the controller. It still works, but only chat functions work. No game audio. I was crushing him in game because he couldn't hear me coming. But I heard him yelling about it just fine. :)

I hooked up the included VGA HD plugs into the appropriate ports and plugged the Xbox cables into the backs of those. (The included plugs are male on the front and female right behind, offering a piggy bag into the TV for the headphones). Then the other cord goes into any USB outlet for power. Since it's close, I went right into the TV and voila, audio through the TV and headphones without any interruptions.

My house:
We have a sound system hooked up to the headphone output of the TV, because the sound system is old and doesn't have anything other than a standard audio jack. So I put a headphone splitter into the TV and plugged the surround sound back in to one of the ports. I plugged the Turtle Beach headphones into the other port, USB into the back of the Xbox (there are 3 USB ports back there) and the chat plug into the controller. BOOM! And if I want to play without waking up my wife, I turn off the surround sound and only get audio through the headphones.

Great product. I'd buy it again tomorrow and would recommend it to anyone who last $40 to throw into their gaming habit. This is just great.
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on April 14, 2013
In the past year I have owned 4 high end gaming headphones. Turtle beach xp 500, px 500, xp sevens and Tritton Warheads. None of these can match the quaility, comfort and simplicity of these Turtle Beach X-12s. These are basic headphones; they hook up quite easily and are the most comfortable headphones I ever wore. Most times headphones are very tight around my temples and ears; the X-12s are extremely comfortable maybe to the point of not being there at all.
Sound quality is excellent, the easily accessable controls facilitate changing the chat volume, gaming volume, bass and mic mute. Along the lines of the chat aspect, these are the first headsets I bought that come with a high quality Talk back cable. The best thing about the X-12s is that you can get rid of all those AA batteries which depending on your gaming time, can be a very costly expense.


No batteries needed: powers off your XBOX via usb connection.
Comfort: Light and Loose.
Easy to use and hook up.
Sound quality is excellent.
Price: You get much more than your paying for.

The only negative is that this are completely wired. But on the positive side, it has about 20 feet of cord which allows you to walk around and stretch without removing the set;
unlike the high end sets which the lines are bulky and cumbersome.

I have had these for a short time but I really am happy with them.
Happy Gaming!
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on December 24, 2013
Despite the misleading packaging, Turtle Beach has produced a wonderful PC compatible headset in the form of the X12. I was a bit hesitant to purchase anything that says "XBOX" on it when that was not my intent at all - I purchased this for use while gaming, surfing the web, and listening to music. The first thing you'll notice is how clean the stitching quality is, the little cosmetic details that Turtle Beach totally didn't have to do, but did anyway.

The second thing you'll notice is how comfortable they feel going on. I've got a pretty massive noggin and could probably give the Queen of Hearts a run for her money. As an academic, I spend hours on my PC writing papers and reviewing articles online usually accompanied by hours of Pandora Radio. The only difference now is that I find myself instinctively reaching for my X12s even if I'm just surfing the web. Even without music playing, they cancel a lot of ambient sound out and due to their comfortable feel are easy to wear at all times - dare I say soothing? They don't compress your head at all, instead simply "fit" over your ears and allow for different shapes and sizes.

The third thing you'll discover is the X12's outstanding compatibility with Windows operating systems and voice chat related programs such as Skype, TS3, and even the elusive Steam "Voice Chat". I've had no problems configuring the microphone and 99% of the time the headset is simply a plug-n-play device. You'll also notice a heavier feeling in your pockets as the X12 headset clocks in significantly less than some of the "fancy" competitor's products.

Another excellent feature, and possibly my favorite, is the ability to control the bass level or "amplified sound", volume level, and microphone mute using a slider style control (pictured) that sits at about the one-foot mark from the headset along the cord. This has proven INVALUABLE to my experience. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this little feature is and how much all headset manufacturers should take note - the ability to control the volume level separately from the Window's system level, with a flick of the thumb, is incredible.

The only real downside to the X12 headset is the subtle loss of sound quality when listening to music at high levels (especially acoustics), compared to listening with a pair of studio-recording quality headphones. However these are benefits which simply are not achievable for a piece of equipment in this price range, nor intended (don't get me wrong, these work great for music, but better, more expensive options do exist).

Having used competing models, we can honestly say that the X12 headset will leave you with fewer problems and more money in the end. Well done Turtle Beach!

Final verdict: 4/5
+ Excellent look and feel
+ Amazing sound
+ Adjustable bass level
- Not quite studio quality
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on December 5, 2016

i have tried numerous other headsets, including very expansive ones, and these have won over them by far.

- very comfortable and i am extremely sensitive towards headsets. Better than leather, which i hate in the first place. Warm even in cold weather, unlike leather. Does not irritate like some other material pads. Don't settle for expansive leather, this is way better.
- Sound is spectacular! I play rainbow six siege, which relies on sound more than any other game out there, and i was able to pick up smallest enemy movements and know exactly which direction they are coming from. Ignore the fact that these are not 7.1 surround, i'ts just as good. I also would add, that i have tried some 7.1 surround and quickly got a headache from overweight of a sound. These headset has clear sound that gives you all necessary information about the enemy position without over doing it.
- My voice is very low, but this mic is second to none, picks up everything.
- Separate controls for chat and bass are so important. You only appreciate it after buying very expensive headsets just to destroy your ears with overwhelming bass that you can't even adjust. This is essential for any headset.
- Mic does not disconnect, not a problem for me, but could be for some.
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on October 31, 2015
Considering today, after two years and nearly four months of use, these headphones finally broke, I'd like to offer my feelings on them.

They aren't the best nor the worse headphones. For the price, especially discounted, they're of acceptable quality, but I'm sure there are better alternatives out there. The sound quality was admirable, but hardly a cut above your average headset. Upon raising the volume (on the headset controls) over half, you can hear audible static. If you have your USB cable connected to your computer, you'll also hear an annoying chime. After sending in and receiving another headset, the extra sound still remained. You'll get used to it eventually, but if you have them on with nothing playing it gets irritating. The best part about the sound is the bass boost, where a 50% increase is minimum for good sound.

I didn't have much issue with comfort, so that's a positive. They're also very stable, having dropped them on a hard wooden floor countless times. It took two years for the right ear to finally break off, so I'm proud of their durability.

The microphone is alright, pretty standard for this price range. There wasn't a real noticeable difference over the cheap Logitech ones you can get at the store.

My honest suggestion is to look into other headphones for this price and see what you think will fit you the best. Discounted, these headphones are probably worth it. Full price, you're better off spending extra for a higher quality set.
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