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on September 2, 2011
For most people, the Torch 9800 was the first decent touchscreen phone RIM brought to the market. None of that SurePress nonsense, and the screen was actually responsive enough to be of use when you didn't necessarily want to use the trackpad/keyboard.

For all intents and purposes - the Torch 9810 looks NO different than the 9800. If you put them side-by-side, I'm not sure if anyone would be able to tell which is which. That's alright though, since RIM focused on what's really important, and that's the hardware of the phone.


- The processor in the 9810 has been upgraded, same one that's in the Bold 9930 - Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz. There's no multi-core functionality or anything like that, but the processor upgrade definitely helps makes the Torch 2 a snappier phone.

- "Liquid Graphics Technology" - the Torch 9810 is touted as having this feature too, along with most of the OS 7 phones. Basically RIM put in a separate graphics processor to handle all the visual stuff, which again, does help make the phone seem more fluid and responsive - but don't think that means you won't see the all-too familiar hourglass. You will at times, just not as often.

- Screen resolution has been bumped up. It used to be 480 x 360, but they've increased it to 640 x 480. I was hoping RIM would jump on the qHD wagon and get some phones with that kind of screen resolution, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer.

- Updated camera software: the camera is still 5 MP, but the zoom was extended from 2X to 4X, and face detection was added to the Torch 2. There is no front-facing camera, so doesn't look like Video Chat will be working anytime soon on a BB phone....

- OS 7: nice OS, browser is once again improved. The amount of space it takes up in memory seems to have shrunk as well - about 15% less than OS 6. Two new business apps are included, called BlackBerry Protect and Balance. Protect allows your business to remotely monitor, configure and wipe, if necessary, a remote smartphone so when the phone disappears, your whole business life doesn't disappear along with it. And Balance separates business from personal stuff on a BlackBerry, which helps avoid the possibility of confidential data accidentally being sent to all those shady contacts.....

Alright - so is it worth it??
This one is honestly a judgement call - so I'll say it like this: if you have the original Torch, you might not like it, since it feels like this is what the Torch 9800 should've been all along. If you have an older Blackberry - you will like this.

1) The upgraded hardware really helps make the phone a pleasure to use. With the faster processor and the increased RAM size, the phone's no powerhouse - but it becomes somewhat competitive with what's out on the market today.
2) Battery life gets a nice improvement: I believe this was an OS issue as much as a hardware issue on the Torch 9800, but it seems that RIM corrected the OS part with the new OS 7 - battery usually lasts me a day, even with Pandora going. Nice job RIM. (Good note to make: the old Torch's battery is compatible with the new Torch)
3) Phone calls - hey, let's face it, the Torch is a PHONE. It can do a whole lot of other stuff - but at the end of the day, it's a PHONE, and I should be able to make PHONE CALLS. Never had a dropped call yet - especially in NYC. Something I hated about the iPhone was that - especially in the city - I would lose a bunch of calls. Never happened with this Torch. Not yet anyway....
4) 4G - RIM's first 4G phone right here. I only experienced the speed once - near NYC. I got around 4 MB/s down - it was beautiful. 4G service is very spotty though - at the moment, especially with AT&T. Should get better as time goes on.

1) Battery cover: GOD, I really hate the back that RIM put on this Torch. I don't know what they were thinking, but I trashed it as soon as I saw it. I'll use the old Torch's cover, thank you very much....
2) Same old, same old: RIM tends to get stuck in a rut when it comes to taking some chances with designs. I was hoping the Torch 2 might have some design improvements - or at least some visual improvements, but instead, it's just more of the same. I hope RIM gets willing to take some risk in this field soon....
3) Top buttons way too sensitive: this was a problem on the first Torch too. It was way too easy to lock your phone. RIM, in keeping with the same design elements, also migrated this problem to the Torch 2.

Bottom line: the Torch 2 is a good phone, really what the Torch 1 should've been. If you're okay with it looking like the original Torch, then by all means - jump on this. For the rest of you - you may want to try another Blackberry, such as the new Bold 9930 - or the Monaco, which should be coming out sometime this month.

I'll update this as I use the phone more, but feel free to leave a comment or question below. I'm here to educate, so if I got something wrong, let me know....
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on January 12, 2012
For those familiar with the BlackBerry Operating System (OS) for smartphones, I believe you will be very pleased with any of the new OS7 devices. They make doing the tasks you're used to doing on your phone easier and much, much faster. There is no more waiting for messages, menus, and in many cases, apps - to open. You touch it, it opens. This is a fast smartphone.

The browser is quick and loads sites quickly, and half the time they are the full site you'd see on your computer monitor. My only complaint is that the text doesn't re-wrap to fit the screen at each zoom level, but that's really picky.

The battery does very well. With light use I can go a day and a half between charging, and with heavy use it always makes it through an 18 hour (5am-11pm)workday with a bit of charge to spare. The Torch 9800 battery did not last as long.

The screen is gorgeous; pictures, wallpaper, messages, etc. are all crystal clear to the finest details.

The camera's focus is improved over the Torch 9800, and the HD video (720p) recording ability is also much appreciated.

Having 8GB on board memory PLUS the ability to expand with a microSD card is much appreciated. It's more space than I need for my media, but I have lots of room for quick videos of the kittens.

The shape and form is identical to the Torch 9800, just a better screen, double the processor speed, more memory, etc. The same BlackBerry keyboard is there, and that makes typing long messages precisely an easy task. For those who like touch keyboards, the touch keyboard is *much* improved over the 9800. I don't know what happened, but I went from being a very poor touchscreen typist to competing for Mr. Mavis Beacon overnight when I got this phone. I'm not sure what changed, and I don't really enjoy typing on a touchscreen most of the time, but BlackBerry really improved this functionality on this phone (and presumably on the other OS7 devices).

For those unfamiliar with the BlackBerry OS, I like the software that BlackBerry has available for it; I'm not much of a gamer on the phone, and the video, music, and picture software included works great for my needs. The lower number of apps is a non-factor for me. The apps you do find in the App World are generally very useful and productivity driven. App availability won't make someone become a BlackBerry user, but the lack of apps is meaningless when the smartphone already does more than I could ever want it to do, and as fast as I can move my fingers to get it to happen. One month in on this 9810, I remain a very happy BlackBerry user.
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on September 21, 2011
The phone is amazing. I love the texting, the keyboard, apps and the e-mail configuration - a simple mobile phone. It works straight out of the box. The battery last for days on end. The design is amazing and the phone does everything i do and it always works, no problems and doesn't lose signal whatsoever! Love it. I Would reccommend it to anyone who wants a simple mobile phone, not iphone, not android!

If you like BlackBerry , this model is a smart choice. This phone is ranked 6th in, is a very popular BlackBerry model. There is a dedicated sales page to promote TOP 10 mobile phone sold on amazon, maybe you can find the more suitable model for you, the page is [...]
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on December 11, 2011
This phone is a nice quality, attractive, many featured, decent upgrade from the Blackberry Curve that I had before this phone. Still someone decided to get fancy with the design and make the phone so you cannot turn off the touch screen. Yes you can lower the sensitivity but that doesnt do much good either. Using a protective case helps because the screen is a few centimeters below the case but I answer the phone and it touches my ear and I end up muting or putting the person who calls on hold. I am constantly closing the menu because it is a touch screen. And since I have to lock it after every use, or I start calling anyone and everyone by crossing the street. I chose this phone over the other phones because it had a keyboard and I wanted direct contact. Now Im searching for a screen protector that will desensitize the touch feature. So its a nice phone but after having this for a few months. I still see this as a problem
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on March 30, 2012
Boy have I missed a keyboard. I was a long time Blackberry customer, but was pulled away with the iPhone 3. Upgraded to the iPhone 4 and loved it until it went caput. When I found this for a PENNY on here, I jumped at it. I was going to get the 9900 until I asked around. All I heard was about the bugs with the phone. These comments came from colleagues and our IT person.
So far, this phone is a great iPhone replacement and I'm very happy. What I didn't realize is all the stuff you buy on iTunes syncs up here with no issues. So I keep using iTunes at home, then just sync to my phone. The only things I miss from Apple are the tons of apps (some great and some crappy) from iTunes and the ability to buy a song right iTunes itself. Overall, this is a fun phone. The fact I paid a PENNY and had it to my door in two days was fantastic. Amazon even sent a free car charger. Homerun!
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on July 29, 2012
I have the AT&T BlackBerry Torch 9810 and can say that it is a great phone. Battery life, call quality, speed, size, keyboard, and screen are all fantastic. I tried a few Android phones and much prefer this Torch! It also has the Blackberry BIS email, a unified inbox that handles my 7 email accounts, and everything I need to be productive. I highly recommend it!
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on February 26, 2016
I really went for this phone when it came out, just the right size, has a hidden qwerty pad for eyes free operation. And sturdy, other than the worn paper label from rubbing inside the case, it's immaculate.
I ordered two more as she needed a new one as her mouse failed, the button still worked, though the touch mouse doesn't and touch screen use is necessary, still great, will probable have it refurbished, the other, a friend couldn't find one. This one is the 4G version.
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on December 24, 2012
I recently returned to Blackberry from the IPhone 4S. I picked the Torch 4G 9810, because of the larger screen and the slide out keyboard. My business is growing and the no nonsense apps are more for business, direct and to the point. The construction is way better than the older version of the 3G Torch, the feel is solid and not plastic, with that cheap feeling. The camera is great, if you are making prints no larger than 8x10 your fine. The 720p video looks great on a large flat screen TV. The amount of Emails I receive everyday, about 200, and mostly business, I can address them quick and more efficient than the IPhones. Now I'm purchasing the 64 gig blackberry play book which will work seamlessly with the Torch. Also the security that blackberry offers is the best in the world, you see the government using IPhones!
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on January 10, 2012
Only complaint is in APP world which is for all RIM devices. We need more apps for blackberry. Love this phone though. No problems and would highly recommend.
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on August 13, 2014
Love the phone using it as a back up always wanted a torch and heard good things about the phone
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