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on October 29, 2011
I was going to buy the 7022 but then I saw that this one had almost the same price but this model is newer. I was concerned when I purchased it because this model is not even in the coby official web site and there are little info about it in the internet. The only difference between this one and the 7022 it seems to be the buttons are placed different and the 7127 has three ligh buttons in one side for return, menu and home.

So far it has been a good product I have never had a tablet before so I can't compare this with the others but what I can say is that this tablet perform very well, its fast to run applications, the capacitive screen is very responsive and surfing the web is easy and fast.

The only problem is that it doesn't come with the android market, it has its own market called GetJar which is pretty useless because it doesnt have good apps. (I could install the android market without rooting, just google it)


-You can use sd card or usb to transfer files
-It has hdmi (I dont have the cable so I havent prove it yet)
-Comes with android 2.3


-It doesnt come with the android market (you can solve this in 5 minutes, just google it)
-The fingerprints all over the screen but that's normal on this kind of device.

If you don't have enough money to buy an I pad or a Galaxy tab and dont want to take the risk of buying any of those chinese tablets, you should consider in buying this one.

I think is the best, under $200, tablet you'll find.
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on December 5, 2011
This will be a first installment since I have not yet had the opportunity to use the tablet extensively. I have been testing battery life some, and I will post more as I have used the tablet more. This is my third Android tablet or phone so I have some experience with other devices and I know my way around the OS pretty well.

I have not yet added the real Google Android Market, but I know where to get it when I am ready. slatedroid and xda-developers are two safe and reliable forums for a wealth of information on Android. Luckily the Amazon Android Market is simple to load and has many of the apps one might want.

My impression is that the device is quite fast. I was pleasantly surprised at how responsive and quick it is. The capacitive screen is quite responsive. I have left the protective plastic in place until the screen protector or I ordered has arrived. Even so the screen responds very well and screen changes are very fast.

Connecting to WiFi at a hotspot was simple. The device saw my ATT Uverse router, but could not quite connect. I just need to reboot the router. This is not really the device's problem. For some reason ATT Uverse routers can be a challenge to Android devices. I had to reboot the router to connect my Android phone as well.

The main difference between the 70xx Kyros models and the 71xx seems to be battery size. It looks like the 70 series have a 2000 mah battery, and the 71s have 4000. Like a couple of other posters I was just about ready to go with the MID7022 when I noticed this newer model and saw that it had the larger battery. I charged the battery 3-4 hours until it said Charged though I have not yet let it charge overnight (it is doing so now). I then did a video test. One thing I like to have in a device like this is enough battery life to watch 2 1.5-2 hour movies on a 4-hour flight. This 7127 passed that test. I played videos continuously for 4.5 hours and had about 19% battery left. I tried to go to 5, but after about 10 more minutes got a low battery warning so I stopped. After an all-night charge I plan to try again. I was watching movies I had recorded from standard definition cable and converted to MP4. The image was originally letterboxed so it probably only occupied 1/3 of the screen area on the 7127. Full screen video might take more battery. I had screen brightness at 50%, which was quite bright, and volume at a comfortable listening level. WiFi off. I was not trying to do a stress test, just a typical use scenario.

I will try some more things and post more later.

Added 12/15/11
I really think this is one of the best little Android tablets for the price. It would be nice if it had bluetooth, but that is about the only thing missing, and it is not critical. Battery life watching videos seems to max at the 4.5 or so hours I mentioned above. That is enough for 2 full-length movies and all I really ask for.

Peripherals - I got a Belkin Ultra-Mini USB hub to go with this device. It worked well with USB keyboards and mice at the same time.
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on December 22, 2011
I don't know where people are saying there's no android market. Go to amazon, install amazon appstore. Now, you have exactly whats on the kindle fire. Except, the kindle has only 8g of memory. This has 4, plus expandable 32. Also, there are simple instructions on how to download the android (google) market, which i have done , and i'm no computer wizard by any means. Netflix, kindle reader, youtube, all present and accounted for. Screen is responsive. No lock ups. Good wi fi signal, good as my laptop. Theres absolutely nothing here that isn't on the ipad except for a few things. it doesn't have apple access, which doesnt matter to me because apple is too proprietary and it gets on my nerves. if theres one apple in the house, everyone has to be apple because it doesn't allow you to use anything else,....no programs, cords, apps, etc.. Second, it isn't as snappy as an ipad2, but unless you are just in a serious frenzy or a total computer freak, i doubt the .000489924 millisecond delay is going to change your life. Third, there arent a lot of accessories for this...no custom covers, special skins, etc....you're going to have to jimmy rig something, which i just went to monoprice and got a silicone galaxy tab cover and it works fine. I cannot imagine paying $600 in this economy for a tablet. When the novelty wears off the ipad, you're going to have a machine that does exactly what this does. Web browsing, book reading, movie watching, music and photo downloading....very solid tab. ive owned other coby elect. in the past, headphones, mp3 player....so i had an idea of their credibility. there's a lot of info on the web so you have support from not only coby site and store, but other users, as opposed to generic pads with the same specs. you're going to apprectiate that when you need to figure something out. the battery life is so=so. its not days, but i have a laptop with maybe 3-4 hours, and an evo 4g that has about the same, so 4-5 hours is forever to me. buy a usb charger for your car, it comes with all cables. i've had it 3 weeks, downloaded movies onto sd, installed android (google) market, amazon market, kindle, netflix, kids apps and music and photos.....what more do you want? especially at this price?

update: 4 weeks in and all good. just for the record wanted to point out i did A LOT of research before making this decision, because i bought three of these, one for me and two for my girls. i was against kindle b/c of the memory. downloading movies and music is not an option with only 8gs, b/c you're going to use most of that in pics and apps. cloud service is fine if you have internet, but on trips, on vacation, etc....all the places you want to be able to watch a movie, or your kids to access their data, you wont have it unless you have internt access. if i have internet access, i can just watch utube or netflix, so whats the point. the nook tablet was my second choice but they have the same problem. they have expandable memory for music and video, great. but, the internal memory is only 1g basically because the entire internal memory is reserved for B&N purchases, products. so you will have to buy ALL your apps from them, and they aren't as cheap as other places. so, if you want memory, capacitive screen, 2.3 and above processor this is your best bet. some of the chinese tablets have similiar specs, but no reputation, online support, etc.

update #2...tablet has not frozen once...2 months in. for your convenience i will tell you my movie dl exp. i bought pocket dvd wizard (google and purchase online, you also download it online, so no mail/waiting, etc). you can use this to put all your cd movies onto an sd card, easy as pie. once i did this, i installed mx movie player app, which organizes the movies and shows a picture with them so the kids know which movie is which. i was having trouble before that b/c all the movies were there, but they just had to go thru each one to find what they wanted since there was no organization. the app is free. the music i dl goes to the appropriate music file. the movie confusion i think is b/c it does into the tflash file, and even in the movie file theres no way to access it except the gallery. anyway, the app made it easy peasy so there ya go.

also for parents, my 4,5 yr. olds love the puzzles (dinosaurs lite, snakes, etc), and monkey preschool lunchbox, and theres a barbie cooking app thats cute..she makes cakes, etc.
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on December 19, 2011
I have done quite a lot of research in to purchasing my first tablet. The minimum requirements I sought after have all been fulfilled by this version of the Coby line including:
- 7" Capacitive Touchscreen
- Android 2.3 or greater
- 4GB of internal memory or greater
- Available MicroSD card upgrade to at least 16GB (32GB available)
- Fast processor (Cortex A8 1GHz single core)
- Good battery life (4.5 hours video)
- Less than or equal to $175 (Paid $170).

At this point I have no problems in stating that this is likely the best starter tablet out there considering price per quality ratio.
The device is responsive and stable. It feels solid and looks attractive, must say I prefer the black to the older grey around the front edges.

The downfalls or should I say cost cutting areas so as to provide such an affordable yet good quality device are:
- Resolution of the screen is only 800x480. This is probably the biggest downfall for me but not vital. The screen still looks good but not as crisp as other tablets with higher resolutions.
- Single 0.3MP Camera in the front. While it would be nice to take pictures with a tablet I personally think it would be unorthodox and mostly unused. The front camera should be a little better because portable video calls are a benefit to tablets over laptops, but again good enough considering the price.
- Speakers aren't exactly surround sound quality. The volume level is a little on the low side but from what I've read it is an upgrade to the predecessor the Kyros 7022...it is acceptable but I'm nitpicking.
- No resident Android Market. As others have said this is of little importance because you can install it manually. Also I have tried out GetJar which is limited but not the worst out there.
//UPDATE...I successfully installed Android Market, however some applications will not be able to download (ex Juice Defender & Olive Office)due to an incompatibility error while most will. The only way to get around the error that I have seen is to root the device and use an app to reduce the screen's aspect ratio. There is a new video on YouTube explaining the process for those who are interested.//
- No Bluetooth. It would be nice in the event I wanted to attach a bluetooth mouse and keyboard to avoid having to use the one MiniUSB port. The upside though is one less component consuming battery life.

As you can see the "cons", with the exception to the resolution which may be more important to others than to me, are quite minor and definitely under weigh what you are getting for $170.

If anything changes over the coming months of usage I will update this review but as at now 4 out of 5.
A quick note about the Kindle Fire

The Fire was probably the next in line when comparing price/quality. However two very important factors made me shy away from it.
1. It does not support expandable memory. This is self explanatory and is in direct relation to...
2. You are forced to use the Amazon Cloud. I have contacted Amazon about this during my research when comparing devices. As an International I cannot access Movies/TV, Music with the Amazon Cloud and even the Ebook selection is much more limited. Not certain about the Applications but is likely also affected. This is very important for people in my position to understand and I think Amazon should take steps in making this information more visible for lack of a better way in putting it. I'm certain people have purchased the Fire without realizing this.
The Fire is based around users accessing the Amazon Cloud for virtually everything, so to not have that access is a serious constraint.
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on April 5, 2012
This table by far has been the best entry level tablet around and also allows room to grow with. I purchased this tablet for my wife as a birthday present and she loves it of course. But I was mainly concerned about the specs on the unit.

Processor: 1 GHz 8803 CORTEX A8
RAM: 0.512 GB
Hard Drive: 4 GB
LCD Native Resolution: 800 x 480
USB 2.0 Ports: 1
Size (LWH): 0.59 inches, 7.72 inches, 4.76 inches
Weight: 14.4 ounces
Rated Charge (normal use): 4.5 hours

I picked up these items when i purchased the tablet:
* 16G micro sd CardSandisk 16GB MicroSDHC Memory Card, Class 4
* Universal Keyboard/case for 7 inch tabletsHDE 7" Tablet Stand with USB Keyboard - Black Faux Leather Carrying Case
* HDMI to Mini HDMI cable Gold Plated HDMI to HDMI Mini cable, 2 M / 6.56 FT

But here's where the tablet can grow with you. I know it does not come with the ANDROID MARKET that everyone is addicted to but that is a simple add. Just Google/Youtube adding ANDROID MARKET to the COBY KYROS 7127 and you will be able to do a lot more with this tablet than you think.

Ok, so what are the CONS.
* Well the tablet is not to be compared to the APPLE IPAD or the SAMSUNG Galaxy (due to no 3-4G coverage)
* The touch screen can laggy at times, depending on where you touch.
* The camera does not work properly for video chat: SKYPE, G+ and Tango. The tablet displays switch to rear camera but there is not a rear camera on this device. BUT there are developers working on that issue.
* Battery life. Although the unit does say 4-5 hours of batter time, just keep in mind that those specs are for light usage. You will probably be playing games, listening to music and browsing the internet so that 4-5 hrs diminishes quickly. Just adjust the screen brightness display, when the battery depletes; power it off, connect the charger and let it charge. Try not to charge the unit while its on for long periods of time... Even though they say that this unit will not over charge and damage the battery, its just a good habit to get into.

Overall, this is a great tablet for the money spent and you will enjoy it for years to come.
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on January 14, 2012
I bought this tablet a while back and have been very happy with it since. I don't pretend to know enough about modern technology to really comment on the quality of it's parts or how it compares to other similar items. I know it isn't an iPad, but, really, if you want an iPad (or a Galaxy Tab or any of the other high-end tablets) then you might as well just save up your money and get one. This little thing will never measure up to high-end standards.

This is, however, probably the best tablet I've owned at this price point. It has the coveted capacitive screen, which works quite well. It has Android 2.3 and will support flash and I have managed to get the Android Market running on it as well. It even has a tilt sensor :D It seems to work well with most major-name apps (Angry Birds, et al). It has no GPS, no 3G, no Bluetooth, and battery life is somewhat limited. The internal memory is ok, but it makes up for it by having the Micro SD card slot and the HDMI output works like a charm, so you can easily plug it into an HD TV or monitor and watch movies or whatever.

Again, it's not high-end, but for the price, it's probably the best you're going to get.

Like any computer, it all comes down to what you want to do and what you want out of it.

I use it mostly at work, on break, where I read or play games (I love playing Worms on this thing, that and Bejeweled :D), I also have used it as a portable photo display, so I can showoff my photography to friends and coworkers. I also get good use out of it with Splashtop, as that app allows me to stream from my PC via our local WIFI network, so I can watch all my favorite videos and whatnot while I do dishes or clean up the house. I also find it useful for writing (using Documents to Go) and for web browsing when I'm at coffee shops or restaurants.

If you look at that list and go "Hey, I could probably do with one of those!" Then you'll probably like this little tablet.

One last thing I will say: If you want everything this tablet has to offer, you need to be ready to know what you're doing. Non-high-end Android Tablets (like this one) are not always 100% perfect and almost always require some small fiddling or adjusting to get peak performance out of. I have mine rooted (which was required for the Android Market to be installed) and I have disabled some unneeded default apps in order to free up memory and save battery life. These kinds of things are not something you should do unless you know what you're doing. If you feel like you would want to know more, I can highly recommend visiting the forums at [...] Find the Coby forum and the kind folks there will certainly be willing to point you in the right direction to get the best out of your tablet.

With all that said, I can say that I don't regret getting my Coby Kryos MID7127, it has been very useful and has provided a lot of function for a remarkably low price. It's really a hard deal to beat :)
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on December 16, 2011
After looking at reviews for a lot of the more inexpensive tablets, I purchased the Coby Kyros (in 7012, 7024 and 7127). It doesn't come with Android Market, but that can easily be installed on this without much work. These are very nice tablets, built well, nothing cheap feeling about it. All three powered up perfect, loaded the Market perfect and downloaded all the app I wanted in seconds. The WiFi works fast, found all the wireless networks in my area and connects without work.
Angry Birds, and other games like it, play fast without skipping. I even loaded Skype on the 7024 and 7127 and both run it great. Netflix works fine (older version 1.2.1) so that rocks. USB and SD ports (up to 32gb) hold all the music, book and movies you could want. In short, this tablet is very well built, has everything you would want, can have Android Market installed (Youtube) and even watch Netflix. Can't go wrong for the money!
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on December 25, 2011
If you are expecting the performance of an iPad for $160, you will be disappointed. That said, I am pleasantly surprised by this tablet. I have found a decent selection of apps on the pre-installed GetJar market and the Amazon Appstore app, which I downloaded. As Amazon develops its Kindle Fire market, their Appstore selections will develop also. I have installed Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Angry Birds, productivity apps and more without a hitch. The MID7127 is running Gingerbread 2.3, but if you are tech proficient, you can upgrade the OS and load Android Market at your own risk (see YouTube). The WiFi set up was super easy, as was the set up of the pre-installed email app. Additionally, I have already connected this device to my HDMI monitor. YouTube also comes pre-installed, and I was surprised by the quality of the video. The capacitive touchscreen is better than good, but the pinch to zoom is fair, however I was impressed with its speed considering the price tag. The dual speakers are not bad and headphones are included in the box. The music player is very easy to use and the keyboard is really responsive. Coby introduce new Kyros offerings next year, running Ice Cream Sandwich, but the price point has not yet been revealed. As for the $160 MID7127, I think that it is the cheap tablet surprise of the year.
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on March 29, 2012
I live in Venezuela. I bought this tablet in an economy that limits the use of American Dollars, so i only have $400 available to use in electronic transactions in a year. I didnt want to expend all my dollars in only one product but i'm a tech fan, so, based on that, and considering that there is an emerging availability of free wi-fi hotspot in my country, i considered to buy this Coby Tablet.
My rate? i think the tablet is excelent, considering the price. It lacks Bluetooth so i cannot use my Bluetooth headset or transfer files from my phone to the tablet, but there is always the possibility to use the wi-fi and Dropbox/sugarsync or another cloud sharing service to transfer files. The tablet has a low screen resolution but, again, considering the price, i think its a good deal.
In the other hand, the tablet is fast, responsive, use Android Gingerbread, after a little set up i manage to install Google Market and, whenever i cannot install an app from market i download de APK and install it. The posibility of USB to go let me connect pendrives, even my cellphone to the tablet and transfer files, i'm now playing Angry Bird Space and writing documents, taking notes, watching movies, listening to music and tweeting about that.
- Responsive
- Fast
- Gingerbread
- USB to go
- manages all kind of video and audio files

- Doesnt bring Bluetooth
- Low resolution
- Doesnt bring android Market (now google play) [which can be installed very easy]
- It comes with a very simple interface and making it more soft and cute requires a little bit of "power use".

It is a tablet for medium to advanced users,that features all the things you need and can be tweaked to do it in a beautiful way
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on February 4, 2013
First issue - You cannot put games on the external SD card without 'rooting' it, which I was totally not doing (good choice since it died on me anyway). From what I can tell, the external SD card is good for books, music and possibly videos... I got this for my 8 year old for straight A's and she wants GAMES! And lots of them! Unfortunately, she has to pick and choose which ones are worthy of the memory space.

Secondly, the unit lasted for about 8 months. It was working when I went to bed; next morning it wouldn't get past the Coby screen. Tried resetting several times to no avail. Could not power down without depleting the battery. Called Coby and they'd never heard of one freezing at that point of start-up and told me I'd need to send it in for either warranty work or replacement. What they DIDN'T tell me is that it can take 3-4 weeks after receiving the unit to log it into their system (they open them, take out the money order and throw the units in a box - Mike TOLD me that!) and then it's another 6-8 weeks before I can expect to possibly receive a unit back. I didn't think to take out the 32GB SD card - that was MY bad. Called to let them know so they could be on the lookout for it, and they told me straight out that I probably won't get it back. NICE!

Mike was quite informative for sure. Unfortunately, not in a way where I'm going to order a Coby for myself. :/
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