Customer Reviews: The River Murders
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In this crime drama set in the rainy Northwest, homicide detective Liotta is the FBI's prime suspect is a series of mutilation killings. All are women he's been intimate with in the past. With plot holes large enough to drive a Humvee through and an out-of-left-field twist solution, it's saved only by the efforts of a solid cast.

Liotta's looking well-preserved, if chunky. Slater does his patented smarmy Nicholson imitation. Rhames underplays it to good effect.

For fans of these three, well worth seeing.

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(5.2) The River Murders (2011) - Ray Liotta/Ving Rhames/Christian Slater/Gisele Fraga/Sarah Ann Schultz/Michael Rodrick
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on September 13, 2011
"Twelve years ago I dated Sarah for four months, the last time we had sex was right down there. That makes me a suspect." After finding an old girlfriend murdered Detective Jack Verdon (Liotta) is suspended from the force. After more and more women from his past end up dead he starts his own investigation. This is a movie that really surprised me. I do like Liotta and Slater but lately their movies have not been that impressive to watch. This is a huge exception. While it had all the makings of a bad TV movie this became something more. I'm not saying this is amazing or anything new, it has the same plot of many of the CSI-type shows but seemed better then those to me. While this movie was not as tense as it wanted to be it still kept me watching and I enjoyed this very much. It may have been because of no expectations but I would recommend this. Overall, a very entertaining murder mystery movie that is better then expected. I give it a B.

Would I watch again? - I don't know if I will or not

*Also try - In Her Skin & Untraceable
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on October 23, 2011
If anyone other than Liotta had been in the movie it wouldnt have been worth watching. As usual the man comes through. A VERY underrated actor, partially because of a short term problem with drugs and alcohol, the man has "cleaned up" and even when he was having his "problems" I cannot recall seeing a movie that he appeared in that I didnt like.
I do recommend this movie.
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on October 25, 2011
I really enjoy when Liotta does human. Obviously, I'm referring to its adjective usage. He's so often cast as the psychotic nutter or conniving monster, it's fascinating seeing him display humble and vulnerable; a person grounded with clay feet.

There's a real kindness and touching quality to him when he's not being himself, or perhaps this is an aspect of his real self that we don't get to see very often. Whatever the case, and much like his incredible work in the fantastic 2004 film 'Control', I really appreciate these performances.

In this production Liotta plays Jack Verdon, a veteran police detective who finds himself at the crux of a series of murders that span the entire country. A brutal serial killer is on the loose and, one way or another, every death tracks back to him. Both his own department and the FBI have taken note - and they're looking for answers that he can't or won't supply. It's the latter option that has irked fellow law enforcement officers and placed suspicion onto Jack's actions, who seems unwilling to fully reveal his relationships to several of the victims.

It's clear he's being framed, but who can he trust? And what's really behind all the deaths?

The story itself is a cobbled patchwork of other similar films and themes, so don't expect any blindside plot shockers. Instead, if you're interested in seeing an actor going against type, then this fits into an unusual group of films that quietly blends and merges between strict definitions. In many ways this flick deviates from the action/thriller genre, under which it's categorized, and fits more into the character study of productions.

Every player on set executed solid performances with no obvious flaws or missteps; the script is reasonable, though uninspired. A passable flick that'll eat up a decent chunk of a rainy/snowy afternoon.

Personal Notes:

- The casting of Ving Rhames and Christian Slater is depressing evidence that both actors have fallen off the A-List. More surprising for Rhames, much less so for Slater who has long since jumped the shark of his own career.

Slater has been a interesting puzzle for me. Every time I've written him off - he stages a brief and memorable comeback. Recently, it was his insanely hilarious neo-hippie character in "My Name Is Earl". Undoubtedly impressing more than just myself, because soon thereafter he was given two more shots as lead actor in two different tv series. He's like the battery bunny of Hollywood, the guy keeps going and going; even though the beat is monotonously repetitive.
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on November 5, 2011
Ray Liotta was excellent in this performance. It had suspense mystery and a who done it at the end. All the things a good mystery should have. A movie about such a grim subject always allows the charater actor to delve into the dark side of danger and that element of suprise.
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Wow! Ray Liotta's cop character has had almost as many female conquests as "Two and a Half Men's" Charlie Harper! Unfortunately, some of his exes are being gruesomely murdered. Is Liotta the killer? That's the dilemma in this slow-moving but intriguing B-movie.
Even though the killer's identity is revealed early on, his motivation is concealed but obvious at the same time.
Liotta, so good in GOODFELLAS and NARC, gives an oddly uneven performance, bouncing all over the place, underacting key scenes and overacting in lower-key moments. He has little chemistry with his wife, an underwhelming Gisele Fragas, but has some good scenes with Ving Rhames, who is wasted as his partner. Christian Slater drops by between his cancelled TV series to caricaturize an FBI profiler. Michael Rodrick as the disturbed John is the most effective performer, his pretty boy looks masking a dark secret. The religious overtone of the film is accentuated by a haunting musical score and there is some lovely Washington state scenery, even though it's always raining.
THE RIVER MURDERS often plays like an episode of 48 HOURS MYSTERY, but I got involved in its script, despite the movie's obvious flaws. Crime enthusiasts should be entertained but it's not the most memorable of the genre's lot.
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on May 20, 2012
Starts off Good then just goes downhill,A Priest of course has to be involved and not in the best light sadly.Not Ray Liotta or his Funny Accented Wife can save the movie,Pretty much vulgar and sick.But I am sure that was the goal to shock in order to create "Art" which I have always found to be faux-art. The movie had potential but once it uses Religion in a negative Light to advance The Film makers agenda hidden or not then the movie is no longer a movie but a statement and therefore becomes just another form of bigotry.
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on March 2, 2016
For what I was able to stomach,this movie was terrible!!!! When Ray Liotta jogged to the 1st crime scene looking like an overweight has been, gasping for air I knew this movie was not for me,and it didn't disappoint.poor acting by all involved,it was just plain old dull and boringzzzzzzzz.
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on October 28, 2011
I picked this movie up a couple of weeks ago and decided to watch it instead of watching the ravens get beat in Jacksonville this past Monday Night. I really enjoyed this movie even though you could tell it was a straight to DVD type deal. It had a really interesting story although at times it became a bit predictable . Christan Slater plays a real unlikeable cop I could definitely see him as my towns local cop. If you don't mind the fact that its not a huge Hollywood Blockbuster and just take a chance on it I think you'll really enjoy it
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on April 2, 2012
Normally I would review the quality of the transfer media or product, but not the movie itself.

However, since this is only a DVD format, and a relatively new release, I am actually violating one of my own rules this time to warn those who might be considering buying it.

After having anticipated its arrival greatly, and typically enjoying good murder mysteries, I found this one to be severe let down. It had potential but never seemed to ignite for me.

A sick premise doesn't offend me if it is well designed and amply terminated after its exposure. This plot did neither.

I wanted to like it. I liked Ray in most of his other films and one would think that having Mr. Slater on board would give more horsepower to any flick. Nope. Sorry. Just MHO.
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