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on May 16, 2012
Polk Audio UltraFit 3000 Headphones - White/Orange (ULTRAFIT 3000ORG)

First let me start saying that I'm a audiophile that works out, so it is not easy to impress me with headphones unless they are Shure quality.

We all know Shure E535/425/315 Sound amazing, but for those that work out, those will be put away quickly into the trash unless your workout is a "couch potato"
If you sweat a lot you will be looking for something water proof or at least resistant to some point.

First I tried Synnheisers, couple models that are very popular on this site, they were ok, not the greatest but the lack of moisture resistance "even though they were suppose to be" they started sounding very muffled.

Then was time to give the "in ear Beats by dre." a try. Those were just as standard as a Seven Eleven type headphones you can buy for $5.99, Don't waste your money there.

Then I read Polk was going to introduce something for those crazy runners, that enjoy quality audio and want to have a headphones that are durable, moist resistant, sound great, and stay on your ear.
For a second I thought, yeah right another ad gimmick, but considering Amazon has great return policy, I gave them a try.

"First Day impression"
As most people say on their reviews, Please read the manual/installation/use instructions. Make sure you fit the earphones correctly to achieve best sound. Having said that right off the bat these things sounded amazing.
Early in the morning I went out for a 50 min run and then went working out. With the Polk's attached to my head like "Nail in the coffin'" I could not believe no one before these guys was able to make such a comfortable, light weight in ear phones that sounded this great.
Bass reproduction is just excellent, far exceeded my expectations. High's and midrange is just where it needs to be. Overall i was astounded that these things for this price have so much to offer.

"Next few days"
As I work out daily, I always have to have some good energetic tunes to accompany my workout, Polk's stay on my head at all times.
It seems that now with little over 10 hours of use, they are broken in it seems and sound even more refined.

I'm very pleased with this set of earphones, and I'm sure this one will be staying with me for much longer than the other two sets I had used.
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on June 7, 2012
I got these headphones for a Christmas present and I used them 4 times a week while training for a half marathon. The variety of ear pieces makes it easy to find a perfect fit for any ear. The sound quality is excellent. My big complaint is that the longer wire died after about 2 months of regular use (I only got sound in the right ear). I switched to the shorter wire (which I didn't really like because it's a bit too short) and that worked well for another couple of months but now I'm back to only having sound in my right ear. For the price I paid for these headphones, they should have lasted longer than 6 months of regular use.
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on January 23, 2014
I purchased this product in July last year. It was actually a replacement for the exact same model in black which I lost on vacation.

Comfort: 4.5 stars
Sound: 4.5 stars
craftsmanship: 3 stars
Customer Service: 5 stars

I really liked this model because this is one of the most comfortable and best sounding sport earphones at this price point. I liked it so much I bought 2. Sadly, the flimsy iphone controls, which I doubted would last when I originally bought them, failed as expected. I am unsure what happened, all I know is that I was at the gym today and when I tried to skip to the next song I noticed that the plastic button strip for the controls was gone. All I saw was a small circuit board. They still sound and fit great but I am sure that any small amount of sweat on that exposed control board will quickly short them.
I will be contacting the company to see if their is anything they can do.

**update 1/23/2013**
I just got off the phone with customer service. It took less then 5 minutes for them to send me a replacement control cable. No registration, no hassle, no problem. All they asked was what model i had, what the problem was and my name and address.
I was pleasantly surprised at the customer service.
By the way, I mean a total of less then 5 minutes was spent on the call. very little wait time.
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on October 10, 2014
These may be okay if you have an iDevice but they're completely worthless on anything else. First getting them to fit and stay put while working out takes more effort than it should. Trying find the right earbud size and earpience contortion that fits you can take some time.

Second, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 so I know some of the remote control function wont work on my phone but I figured I could at least use them as a decent set headphones. I was wrong I was horribly wrong. The sound that came out of these had no volume or bass. Even with the volume on my phone turned all the way up. The only reason I don't give these a 1-star review is because they might be better on iPhone. But I'm not sure.

I ended up getting another pair of the much cheaper Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones. The sound quality is better. the fitment is easier and a LOT more stable.
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on September 1, 2013
I was a big fan of this headphones when they arrived - comfortable, great sound, loved the clip to keep cable close to my body and out of the way.

Unfortunately, after about 3 months of use while working out, the buttons/mic stopped working. I contacted Polk and was informed I did not purchase my headphones through an authorized seller (use caution when purchasing through Amazon and ebay to ensure you are purchasing with an authorized seller), so my warranty was void. Decided to just live without the mic/volume control buttons.

By month 6, the right speaker stopped working and by month 8, the left one. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with both the quality of the product and Polk's handling of the situation. Certainly, buyer beware and do your research before purchasing. In the end, I would not recommend these headphones or other Polk products.
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on April 26, 2014
Pretty good fit and good, not great sound. I seem to go through at least a couple pair of headphones a year running and exercising. Even though most I try offer multiple tips and fittings I always seem to be adjusting them as I run and never get a good seal. These are among the best I've tried although the sound quality is probably a little lower than others. My main complaint is you only get two cables - one too short to so anything other than clip to your sleeve and the other so long it hangs past my knees. All other models have more of a middle ground that would allow for clipping your shuffle or whatever to your wasteband or putting it in your pocket without a foot of cable dangling.
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on May 24, 2012
Got this headphone after extensive search and testing other kinds that I have tried and returned back. I like this one, UltraFit 3000, better than the ones I had tried, Yurbuds Ironman Inspire and Adidas Sennheiser MX680. UltraFit 3000 fit better and have a better bass and higher max volume (dB). It fits fine around my ears which I hardly felt it's on my ears. There are different molds with different sizes to accommodate the size of my ears. I tried on several, some stay in OK, some did not. I use it for my daily jogging for more than a month and it's still working the same way from the first day I got this. It stays in my ear fine but when I had sweat pouring into my ear, it became a little loose, it must be the size of the ear piece that I haven't change yet. The reason I decided to get UltraFit 3000, because of the some positive reviews, outstanding brand and quality from Polk Audio, and Amazon offered discount at the time. It was worth the purchase for me and I'm happy with it.
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on January 26, 2012
The flat cables are thick and not properly isolated from the internal sound system so when i run with the headphones on and the cables inevitably hit or tap my body i can hear that, especially on the left side, so i have to turn up the volume, .....when i tried to solve this by using the provided clip i found that it is not just small but also lacks "teeth" so it does not clip on tightly and comes lose pretty often...., sound quality is good but not great, but i'd guess its all abt pricing, as i also have a pair of bang and olufsen (ear buds too big for my ears) and a pair of monster copper (great sound but not suitable for running), and they sound much better but they are also more expensive, so probably not comparable.
By the way the 3-Button remote control, no doubt a cool feature, worked for a couple of days and then never again, which added to my disappointment, ........i have read the other reviews so maybe i was not lucky and got a flawed unit, pity i did not return them immediately. Hope this helps, cheers, MM
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on September 3, 2012
Plain and simple, after 5 months of regular sport use (i.e. running and biking) they failed on me. The line holding together the right earphone split open after about 3 months, and then the stiff wire inside started to rust. Over time they have become uncomfortable and lost sound quality in that ear.

Overall aside from this flaw they were nice headphones. I've bought the bose in ears as well as a $100 pair of shure's, and the sound quality was comparable, but the bose and shure both lasted me a year and a half.

Would not recommend to a friend.
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on December 29, 2015
Not a bad set of headphones. I've since retired this set of buds for a set of Audio Technica m70's (amazing). At the price point though, these were a bargain with better then average bass and overall quality.
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