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After my Kindle Fire was delivered, I realized that I really needed some kind of a case to protect it when I carried it anywhere. I wanted something that would provide reasonably good protection, easy to open and close, and was inexpensive. The Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Envelope Sleeve appeared to meet those requirements, so I ordered it (FYI, I ordered it in black).

I'm very pleased with the Timbuk2. It doesn't provide all the protection that a more rigid cover or case would, but it's a good value for the price, and I think that for occasionally carrying the Fire away from the house, it should be fine. The foam that the sleeve is made from appears to be durable and thick enough to give adequate protection against an accidental bump or a ding.

The velcro flap with two strips of velcro works well, and I actually prefer it to a zipper, which could be broken or stuck. The Fire fits snugly inside, but it slips in and out easily.

If I could change anything about the sleeve, I would have added a short carrying strap, but the outside of the sleeve is textured enough to make it easy to grip.

I noticed that the sleeve is approved by Amazon for use with the Kindle Fire.
Update 9-15-12: The new Kindle Fire HD, 7" model, is a slightly different size/shape, but it will fit in the sleeve.
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on November 19, 2011
Love the rugged feel of this sleeve. The nylon seems tough and the stitching is well done. The interior is soft and smooth, as is the lip of the opening; nothing to scratch the screen of my new Fire. The fit is snug and the padding seems sufficient to protect the device from a fall of a few feet. Anything over that and I would worry about the shock of the fall being too much, but this isn't an OtterBox or a LifeProof case so I wouldn't expect complete protection. Besides, I didn't want to spend $80+ to protect a $200 device. This is a well made sleeve that will protect my Fire from weather and normal bumps and shocks. It looks great and feels good in the hand. Exactly what I wanted at a price I was comfortable with.

Updated - After having this for several weeks I have to say that my impression has only gotten better. The texture of the sleeve is very nice in the hand and it looks great. It has done a great job of protecting my Fire since I've had it. The Fire fell off the top of my refrigerator, a fall of about 6 feet, in the case and came through without a scratch. I don't know if it's due to the case or the build quality of the Fire but I'm thrilled it wasn't damaged. My son has also knocked it out of my hand while in the case, a fall of about 3 feet, and it was fine. So I am very happy with this case.
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on December 17, 2011
This is a nice sturdy sleeve case that will protect your Fire well in most situations, but it is a very tight fit. I have a simple snap on firm plastic cover on my Fire. It only adds about 1 MM in each dimension and is smooth. I can't get it into the sleeve with that modest case on.
I was anxious to get some protection for my Fire, but should have waited a bit. If you use your Fire "naked" it is a nice snug fit.
The price just seems high to me for such a simple case.
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This sleeve is a nice fit for the Kindle Fire. It is a snug, secure fit so I think anyone with arthritis or something similar may find something looser would be easier for them to use as a case. But for others this sleeve works beautifully. I do wish the Velcro flap closure laid a bit more flat against the sleeve. I find it sticks out a bit and when I place my Kindle in a handbag or tote, sometimes the flap catches on the side and opens up. I am hoping with more use it will get a little bit more "worn in" and lay flatter with time. However these are very small issues. As a whole, it's a quality made case with nice coloring and quality made. The stitching is well done and the soft red lining keeps the screen from being scratched.

I purchased the Gunmetal/White/Robin colored sleeve and it is exactly as pictured online. It actually looks much nicer in person than in the pictures. A very nice sleeve if you're looking for something to protect your Kindle Fire.
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on July 25, 2012
Like another reviewer, I ordered this case for my Nexus 7. The N7 is a tiny bit longer than the Fire, so the fit is snug but that's probably a good thing. It is certainly easy enough to get in and out of the case, and this case offers excellent protection for the Nexus while bouncing around in my pack. It will only work if your Nexus 7 doesn't have any other sort of case on it - if you put a silicone skin or anything else on it, it would be too tight. I looked at all the cases available locally (Fry's, etc.) and couldn't find anything else that felt this protective, so I'm very happy with the case.
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on August 9, 2012
I ordered this with a bit of misgivings seeing that it was made for the Kindle Fire. I have a Kindle Fire and a Nexus 7. The Kindle Fire is thicker, so I was wondering how good the fit would be. Well, the Fire is thicker, but the Nexus is a hair longer. The net result is that the fit is perfect.

Could there be more padding? Maybe, but I wouldn't want it. More padding means thicker. I might be concerned if I needed to use my Nexus 7 as a frizbee, but for normal use, carrying the Nexus 7 around in a briefcase, suitcase, or backpack, it seems just right.

Anyone who wants plush and memory foam might consider Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Plush Sleeve with Memory Foam for impact absorption, Grey/Lime
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on November 20, 2011
I really like this envelope sleeve for my kindle fire. I am the worlds worse with dropping stuff. I am on my second kindle because i dropped the first one after 3 months of owning it and just dropped my laptop after 4 months. So when I got this Kindle Fire as an early Christmas gift, the first thing I did was purchase this sleeve. It is padded really well and I feel safe with my new Kindle Fire in it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality sleeve.
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on February 12, 2013
The construction is great, I like ballistic nylon, very sturdy and won't scratch like cheap leather or fake leather, plus it's vegan.

I think the slip sleeve design is what I need though for daily use though, easier in and out. I'm using this for a Nexus 7 so timbuk2's vertical-loading kindle sleeve won't fit. Prob going to get the Rickshaw bags Nexus sleeve. I hope the Nexus 7.2 is the same form factor can't keep buying new cases...
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on February 25, 2013
I use my tab as GPS navigator so I can't put it in the rotating case cover I used to have. I bought this sleeve by hoping the best and happy to report that it really fits well (snag fit). I have screen protector and tpu skin but I can easily take out and put back. I bought this from Warehouse Deal (amazon's used item) and is in great clean condition. I also bought Timbuk2 Kindle Fire Plush Sleeve with Memory Foam for impact absorption, Black/Grey (does not fit Kindle Fire HD) and it fits too but a lot more padded compared to this "360 degree protection" sleeve. This is great when I have smaller hand bag.

Just wish both are water resistant. I kept my sleeve in the tote and my water bag, similar to sleeve and is fold-able, broke. Luckily, I noticed right away and took out the tab before getting wet. I paid less than $6 for each of these sleeves.
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on January 27, 2012
I really like this sleeve! I have owned a few other Timbuk2 sleeves in the past, for ipods, etc. and really like their products! I received my Kindle Fire for Christmas with a cover that I like but found that sometimes I prefer holding the Fire without a cover. I wanted a sleeve for these times to protect it in transit/while not used and found this one and I love it!

My biggest concern wasn't with the quality, I knew they make good stuff, but more with how it would protect the device. I think this sleeve actually provides more protection than the cover I have. I didn't see that coming! The second concern I had was that the K Fire would accidentally be turned on while inserting in the sleeve or while handling the device in its sleeve, not an issue.. It takes a lot of work to hit the power button while its in the sleeve.

Here's the cover I refer to above, which I really like too, especially if you need to prop your K Fire up on its own: Kindle Fire Leather Case Cover by Marware, Brown
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