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on December 3, 2011
I have actually found a QUALITY product that has not crapped out on me within days of purchase. I cannot speak for everyone but, here is my review:
I have been searching for 2 years ( consumer reports, product updates,friends, businesses etc) to find a wireless color printer that can do what I need and canon came thru with flying colors! The best feature is the wireless faxing. Canon customer support if and took care of a simple issue ( which was operator error not the unit) in minutes...good bye more ink jet!
Super quiet and faster printing than what they stated. The quality of my printing is superior! NO skipped prints even on copies...this baby does not miss a beat.
I put 55 pages in to copy...all pages came out in order and perfect...scanner: I scan reciepts into this unit it has not turned or grabbed the thin flimsy receipt like other scanners do...then I tried 60 multiple sizes at one time...still did not skip a beat and all were straight and exactly what I put into the top loader. Fax: sends in color if recipient accepts and timeout errors like my HP and other units I have tried over the years.

I just do not know what else I can say about this unit...I love it and for those of you who are tired of the costly ink jet...welcome to the new world! The replacements are a bit pricey but Amazon took care of that, I found a seller who was competative and free shipping thru I bought extras and am ready to roll for my next ???? copies etc.
The laser cartridges last a heck of a lot longer than original factory installed starters gave me over 2500 b & w, and over 1800 color...I honestly think there is more ink left to go on printing.

My shipping was fantastic, Amazon shipped my unit within a week as opposed to the 3-6 week wait I was told...cudos to amazon! If you are looking for a totally wireless unit that will print from your 3rd floor laptop to ground level, which is where the unit is...this is your new best friend!
So, for all of you that are looking for the best home office (or business) wireless have just found it and it does not break the bank!
Thank you again Canon and Amazon!
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on November 24, 2011
does color and B/W, 2 sided works great, fits in small places, I have connected to my router thru wire but works great w wifi too. used both for XP and 64 bit windows 7. Works better w 64 bits windows 7 for me. Can copy 2 sides. Very easy setup. not too noisy, great energy saver mode, print speeds ok, the paper tray contained within unit and not sticking out. Sits under my PC table. Feel free to ask anything, bought for 499.
Please be careful how you connect to your router. You can use wire or wifi but DONT use both, otherwise the printer would stop working.
Also it doesnt have a email link to send to printer, so if you are looking for e print, canon is still behind.

Update after 7 months: The scanner works great, gives color PDF's or Jpegs that looks good. Legal is the max size you can scan. You can scan from PC or printer. I found scanning from PC faster. You can scan multiple pages at the same time through the top feeder. I think you can scan 2 sided copies as well. You can scan two sides on to the same PDF. Instead of having two PDF's now you will have one PDF with two pages. Again you dont need to be connected to the scanner, images just pop up on the connected or specified PC. I love this printer but is missing cloud printing. Since Canon recently introduced cloud printing, I am hoping this would get update.
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on January 18, 2012
I purchased this printer just before Christmas to replace an old Okidata color laser and a Cannon ink jet all-in-one. I wanted an all-in-one that had wireless capability as my router is not near where I wanted to put the printer. After researching several different printers, I chose the Cannon after reading the other reviews. And I am glad I made that choice.

Pros: Very good picture quality, ease of set up and the features.

Cons: No paper level indicator on the outside of the printer.

This was the easiest printer I have ever set up. After unpacking and un-tapeing it, I plugged it in and went through the set-up procedure in the Quick Set-up Guide and in about 10 minutes the printer was working. The wireless set-up was just as easy. I went through the wireless set-up and chose WPS Push Button Mode, confirmed my choice and then pushed the WPS button on my wireless router and within a few seconds the Cannon found and connected to the router. After that, I installed the Cannon software on my laptops and after each software install, the laptop found and installed the printer. It took about 30 minutes to install the printer on all three of my laptops.

The print quality is very good and pictures, while not as good as an inkjet, are good enough for everyday use by my family's work and school projects. The printer allows you to fax from a computer and the copy quality is also very good. As with other printers I researched, we have not had a problem with the paper rolling too much after a print. There is some minor rolling to the paper but it flattens out after a minute or two.

My one complaint, and it is a very minor complaint, is that there is no paper level indicator on the outside of the printer. My old Okidata had a lever on the paper tray to tell you how much paper is left but Cannon did not include one on this printer.

Overall I am very happy with the printer so far.
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on February 29, 2012
I rate this printer a Five-Star because:

(1) It has duplex printing,
(2) Networking both wired as well as wireless
(4) Fax
(5) Scan to JPEG/PDF (Tried OCR could not get through)
(6) Printing
(7) Easy Network Installation (Just run the CD that came with the printer, done!)
(8) Price is less than $400
(9) Compact size with the robust features of other machines
(10) First print starts in less than 20 seconds
(11) No curly output
(12) Color Printing is flawless original printing

I don't know if anyone can expect more than this for the price of $399.99.
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on January 31, 2013
There are a number of things that I really like about this printer:
- The print quality (both of B&W and color) is top notch. Really looks very professional!
- Duplex printing.
- Duplex scanning, including duplex scanning via a 50 page automated document feed. There was a little ambiguity as to whether this did duplex scanning, so I would like to make clear that it does.
- The first page comes out really fast, even if the printer has just been turned on. No waiting for it to warm up. Saw some reviews to the contrary--don't know what they are talking about.
- Color scanning, copying, etc. are all very solid.

Minor grievances:
- It is slow on larger print jobs. I'm not sure how many pages it pauses after, but after it prints a modest chunk of pages it will pause for a bit, leading to larger jobs (maybe >30-50 pages??) taking quite a bit of time.
- On scanning jobs, it has a hard limit of only being able to scan 50 pages at a time. Larger jobs require that you merge the files after scanning them.
- The scan to email function is not reliable. I think this is an issue with SSL certificates. The problem is that it will tell you that it worked even when it has not. Really makes the feature unsuitable for anything other than scanning within the office.
- This is a heavy freaking printer (about 65 pounds). There is a reason the box says to have two people lift it.

Biggest complaint (and the reasons for 3 stars):
- This computer does not play friendly with Macs. I cannot use AirPrint on my iPad with this, and doing just about any print or scan job with a Mac is a solidly frustrating experience. Somehow this has actually become more of an issue over time. I have a Mac and PC and will literally switch over to the PC these days if need to print something.

One more thing to add as an update:
- The printer/toner cartridges claim they are low long before they begin to show any sign of decline in print quality. As long as you acknowledge this on the printer at startup, you can print through it. Alternatively, you can replace the chips that indicate toner level with replacement chips: SOL Corp (Non-OEM) RESET CHIP for use in Canon 118 Black Toner Cartridge for MF8330 MF8350cdn LBP7200cdn Series
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on September 27, 2012
I will make this short and sweet. First off, I had this thing online in about 10 minutes on two computers. I read a post in regards to needing to cycle power after you make changes and this is true. And yes, it is a pretty stupid feature and I can see this being a problem in an office environment. I bought it for home use, and if you are doing the same you make a couple of changes and you will problem never need too again so no bid deal.

Ok, wireless was a breeze. I didn't even open the directions. If you have any tech in you, you can easily navigate the menu and set up your device. Especially if you use DHCP. If you want to set it static (which I recommend) then you need to know your network settings like default gateway, subnet mask and of course, what IP you're setting it to. I did not set up wired or USB but I can't imagine they are more difficult to set up.

It allows for network scanning which I find awesome. The only problem is, you have to hit the scan button and then tell it remote before you tell your computer to scan. So, you have to get up and go to the scanner, do that and then go back to your computer and tell it to scan. If not, it will tell you that you need to set the scanner to remote. What I do like is the shortcut keys they have on the scanner that help with the process. They have a PC1 and PC2 that you can set your scanner up for. So, if I hit Scan -> PC1 it will scan the document and send it to my wife's computer. This eliminates the need to go back and forth.

I have not used the fax feature yet so I cannot say how well that works.

All in all, great quality prints and very easy to set up. Many great features in an inexpensive package for a color laser printer (All-in-One).
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on February 16, 2013
I bought this to replace a Brother MFC8860dn black & white MF laser printer, as I needed color capability. The print quality and speed are fine for the price, but the thing has its share of cons. Set-up is relatively complicated and isn't helped by the poorly organized and written manual, the quirky software, or the dense, nonintuitive menu system on the machine's small built-in LCD display. A few examples:

- With the Brother (and just about every other multi-function machine I've owned), you can easily specify the number of rings you want to lapse before the fax machine picks up the call. With this machine, you don't specify rings, but rather time (in seconds). This is poorly explained in the manual, which refers to the number of rings, while the built-in menus only provide for seconds. Specifying seconds, it took some experimentation to get it set the way I wanted.

- The machine is set to duplex (two-sided) printing by default. While that in itself seemed odd to me, turning it off requires navigating into the bowels of the software and saving the changes as a new default profile. You could spend a lot of time wading through menus in that software, and like the menus on the unit itself, they're not very intuitive or user-friendly.

- It's not the sturdiest printer I've owned, not by a long shot. Overall, it has a rather flimsy feel to it. I'm hoping I don't break a door or a paper tray accidentally.

If I were starting over, I'd look for a different machine. I can't comment on the consumables because I've only had it a few weeks. In summary, it works, but it's a pain to set up.
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on December 14, 2011
I originally bought the Brother MFC-9970CDW but was unhappy with the print quality and numerous other issues (see my review of the Brother). Before returning the Brother I purchased a Canon MF8380CDW. I did side by side comparisons of the print quality and there is no doubt the Canon produces much better output. I did have to tweak one setting in the printer driver to get the best result (under the Quality section, set Halftones to Resolution), but this was only to improve light gray scale reproduction. The clarity of text and images is much better than the Brother regardless of the driver settings. The Canon is also a bit smaller, quieter, and doesn't flicker the lights in my office like the Brother did. I have not had any jams with the Canon, but I haven't printed envelopes with it yet. The only weakness of the Canon compared to the brother is the user interface. The Brother's user interface is definitely better, but I was able to get the Canon up and running without difficulty. I'm happy with the Canon.

One reviewer complained about the black text being a little light. I agree. However, you can fix this in the printer driver (on a Mac, anyway) by going into the quality settings, select advanced, and move the Black slider to darken it up (I went to +3). Combined with the halftone setting I mentioned above, I am now getting very excellent quality output from this unit. Prior to these tweaks, it was still much better than the Brother. I knocked off one star for the obtuse user interface.
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on December 9, 2012
Alright, I'm going 5 stars, only cause there isn't a 4 1/2. I couldn't even tell you exactly why it's not a wholehearted 5, beyond that some of the nitpicky Mac connectivity stuff is just a little annoying to me. Just a little, though. I'm a Mac geek, and have been for a long time, and the drivers just feel a little iffy. Scanner interface losing its way here and there, the printer taking its time waking up from sleep. Not bad, but minor annoyances. My comparison is to a Brother MFC that dutifully served me for maybe 5 or 6 years of hard use.

Now, the good: first off, if Brother was so great, why did I switch to Canon? I like Canon. My observation in other products is that they sweat the details on the hardware, and I think their legacy in film and digital cameras and imaging serves them well where it comes to printers. The print quality is very good, probably better than it needed to be. It feels solid (I don't mean heavy, though it is); hinges and parts are well engineered, and aesthetically, from a mechanical sense, it's almost beautiful. Given its price, anyway. The offices I work in have some bigger guns, into several thousand dollars, and of course it can't compare to these. But at this price point, really, really good.

The transport thus far has been excellent. I unfortunately still have to use fax (or fax to an efax service), and scan pretty big multipage docs, contracts and the like, and have had zero jamming problems, which is saying something. A couple of quick keys are helpful...being able to put something in the feeder, push one button, and it's sent to my Mac, done. I've got one set to scan B/W, and the other color, for example. Flexible. The Brothers I've seen and owned just didn't have the build quality feel that this does, and the transport was known to suck up 2 or 3 pages at a time while scanning...generally with enough power to move it through but occasionally jamming. I learned to really babysit it when putting several pages into the feeder...literally 'grabbing' the next one on deck to make sure it didn't pull in more than just the top pages.

On the scanning - and I'll confess I haven't yet even had the time to see if there's anything to be done about this - it does apparently have a dang bright illumination light, as with even ordinary weight stock, I'll have the reverse side of text on a page become part of the image, ghosting. Probably are adjustments and I'll dig in and see.

And as it's still early, I have no idea what kind of toner usage I'll have, and the reliability is totally unknown. Fingers crossed, and I haven't seen anything better at this price point.
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on February 13, 2013
We were so frustrated dealing with ink jets that kept drying out or clogging the heads so we decided to go with a laser. I researched quite a bit and this printer had everything I was looking for (except airprint!). We have had it for a week and are very happy with it.

Duplexing works for printing, copying and scanning which is what I really wanted. There are a couple of ways to save the scan (right to a thumb drive, or directly to a computer on the network). The colors are bright. Prints quick. Feels very sturdy/durable. All around a great printer.

The scanning is a bit slow. The instructions for the set up are great; they walk you through every step of the way. The only problem we had was getting our computers to recognize it on the network. The router assigned it an IP address fine, however, when I tried to find the printer from my computer, it could not be located. After about an hour or trying everything I could think of, it finally worked. Also, the ability to email a scan does not work. Evidently there are some workarounds, but I don't think I should have to use third party hacks/scripts to make email functional.

Other reviews talked about the smell of the toner. We definitely notice the smell, but it is not very strong and is already going away.
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