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on March 12, 2012
I bought this phone about three months ago, after upgrading from an HTC Evo 4G device. My Evo's GPS was awesome. It would pick up very quickly and I had no issues with it. This phone has a completely unusable GPS signal. I've tried looking for fixes, but they all involve flashing third party ROMs on it (not too easy to do for the regular joe who isn't on top of technology).

-Very slim. Pop this thing in your jeans and hardly anyone will know.
-Cheap accesories. As it uses standard cabling, you can buy cheap knock-off accessories and they work fine.
-Big, vibrant screen
-Feel in the hand (I know this is subjective, but it feels really good in the hand)

-Battery has gotten a bit "meh" after 3 months. I can get through about 8 hours without charging it. This involves no video watching, only streaming podcasts (~ 1 hour) and push email on.
-The worst GPS I have ever seen. I could be in the middle of the city without a cloud in the sky and it would take me anywhere from 10-20 minutes to get a GPS positioning. Even when it's on, it'll say I'm in the wrong part of town, sometimes even 8-10 miles away. After checking in the forums and with friends with the phone, they agree that it's horrible.
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on March 23, 2012
I've only had the phone for two days, but I must say I am seriously impressed.

Beautiful sleek design. Lightweight. The screen is gorgeous. The Operating System is zippy. I was creating my own tabs within minutes, customizing to my preferences.

I deleted the installed Sprint bloatware that I could and installed things from the then Android Market, now Google Play.

The picture is crisp, the touch response perfect, and zipping through screens and menus goes by without a hitch.

I did notice my battery dying QUICKLY - but that was before I downloaded "Open Advanced Task Killer," which allows me to kill programs that would otherwise drain power (think: facebook, google playwords, etc). Also, I shut down GPS and 4G when it is not needed, and vary my screen brightness as needed.

As for the phone itself, it is light and sleek. Since my purchase, I have ordered a screen protector and case. hey, I want to protect my investment. Since I am in EMS and constantly on the move, I though a little extra protection would be a good thing.

What comes in the box is the phone, battery, and power adapter.

Honestly, I am really digging my purchase.
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on January 6, 2012
For me, this phone has it all. A nice big screen (almost seemed like a mini-tablet at first compared to my previous phone which was a used Droid Incredible), very fast, great battery life, and (drum roll please)... very good call quality. Who would have thought it? A smart phone that actually does a great job at... uh... BEING A PHONE!

Regarding the battery life, I honestly can't believe how much of a charge I still have left at the end of the day on this phone compared to past smart phones I've had. Battery life was a big deal for me and I was worried I'd have to find an "extended life" battery like I usually do. But not with this one! Now, I'm not saying it lasts a week or anything like that. In fact it would only last a couple days on a single charge. But with any other smart phone I've had I often wouldn't even make it through a full day on one charge. I charge the phone every night so I don't really need it to last any longer than that, but with this phone it seems that no matter how much stuff I do on it all day long (with the exception of using the navigator excessively -- no phone handles that well for an extended period of time), it still has well over half its battery life left late at night when I go to charge it.

I replaced my phone's stock home screen with Go Launcher Ex (the best home screen/launcher IMHO) so I don't have much to say about Samsung's home screen, except that both my wife and son still use it and they seem very happy with it. One nice feature of Go Launcher Ex that is relevant to this phone because of its large screen is that you can turn your home screen into a 5x5 grid instead of the default 4x4. I mean you've got that huuuge screen now so you might as well make good use of it, right?

The default keyboard on the Epic 4G Touch is the Swype keyboard. I was concerned about that at first having never used Swype, but my concerns were completely unfounded. First of all, you don't even have to "swipe" if you don't want. You can type on it just like you would on any of the other keyboards, and I usually do since I type much faster (with two thumbs) than I swipe, although I've found that swiping is faster than typing when only using one hand. You will want to tap on Swype's settings key though (the one in the bottom-left corner of the keyboard), then tap on Word suggestion, and enable "auto-correction". Who in the world would not want this to be the default?!! At first I was like "Oh no, this thing doesn't auto-correct?" Then finally I found that setting and all was good with the world again. I mean it is a lot easier to type on this phone because of the larger on-screen keyboard, but it's still an on-screen keyboard so not having auto-correction enabled by default seems kind of dumb to me.

There is just one thing I would caution people about with this phone. That is, it's so large that it might not be for everyone. My daughter, for example, who is only 12, has kind of small hands. This would not be the best phone for her, so she got an iPhone 4S instead. But for anyone else, I HIGHLY recommend this phone. And at Amazon's price, it's a complete STEAL! I bought it for 99.99 (which was already a bargain at 50% of the price of buying it directly from Sprint), but I see it's only 79.99 right now. Wow!!

***EDIT*** I forgot to mention this earlier. The back of the phone is very slick. However, all you need to do is also order the "TPU-Cases High Gloss Black Flexible TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch ***ONLY FOR SPRINT MODEL*** [TPU-Cases Retail Packaging]" from right here at Amazon. It works great! It gives the phone an excellent grip, and it adds a little weight to it as well. That's the other thing is this phone is incredibly light (felt a little too light to me), but this case makes it perfect.
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on September 29, 2012
I've had my S2 for over a year now, and despite the allure of the S3, am still amazingly satisfied with the return on every dollar spent on it.

Forget spec comparison games, real-world use is what matters. And this phone never disappoints, even when multi-tasking 5-7 apps.

If you're used to iPhone or smaller phones, it takes a couple of months to get used to the giant form-factor, but you'll never want to go back. The Samsung customization's of Android add some needed structure to the oft-random world of the Android OS. (I prefer this to Motorola and HTC models I've used.)

Herein lies the rub. It used to be respectable; a full day of use and pulling data for WiFi/4G apps. But, after Sprint pushed down the ICS update, I'm luck to get 4-5 hours of the same without plugging it in. Still tweaking the setting to see what might be causing this, but I've heard ICS users of the S3 don't have this problem.
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on October 2, 2011
Awesome screen. Vibrant colors and 4.5".
Fast. Responsive.
Light. With great build quality.
Excellent camera.
I can't imagine a better phone.
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on October 21, 2011
The phone is good looking, light, fast, and all of those wonderful things. However, as Andrew has detailed above, it doesn't always work! I upgraded a total of 3 lines on my account to this Epic Touch 4g. Within a couple days all of the phones had experienced the "Loss of Service" issue described here: [...]

Basically, you pull your phone out of your pocket to see that its turned the cellular service off inexplicably, and you have to turn the phone all the way off and then back on again to make or receive calls, browse the web, or send a text message. I lost several sales opportunities due to this exact issue and ultimately had to return my phones. Sprint played dumb when I approached them about the issue and wanted to charge me a 35$ restocking fee PER PHONE, unless I spent hours in the sprint store so they could replicate the random problem.

Just save yourself the misery and do NOT buy this phone until these issues are resolved.
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on December 16, 2011
I upgraded to this phone from my EVO 4g after I noticed that the battery life in my EVO was dying much faster than usual. Did I go into the store knowing I wanted an Epic Touch? No, I went into the store wanting the best phone Sprint had to offer at the time and it just so happened to be the Epic Touch. I am not going to go through the specs sheet with you guys/gals because you can just read that in the product description. This review will be based on my day to day usage.

The first thing you will notice is the massive Gorilla glass covered screen that is gorgeous, Samsung is calling this screen tech Super AMOLED Plus. Coming from an Epic 4g and a Nexus S 4g (which both have Super AMOLED screens), you can tell that the resolution in this screen is much better. The Sprint version opted for the 4.5 inch screen as appose to the GSM versions which sport slightly smaller screens. Even though the screen restate is bigger, Samsung did a good job of not increasing the width of the phone. When compared side to side, the Epic Touch's width is equal to my EVO 4g. With that said, the Epic Touch is noticeably taller. This makes the experience of holding the phone comfortable; however, usage will vary because there will be icons at the top of the screen that are hard to reach during one handed use.

The phone is made primarily of plastic, although the built quality is very good, it is plastic non-the-less. The rim around the phone is a black piano finished plastic that gives the phone a very sophisticated look but it does add to the slipperiness factor of the phone. I often experienced the phone slipping out of my hands when I grab the phone on its sides (like picking it up from a table top) but if I grab the phone from the textured battery cover (like pulling it out of a jacket pocket) then I noticed a much better grip. Because the phone is so thin and wide, holding it in your hands feels awkward at times, as if its not really resting in your hands which gives you the feeling that it can slip out of your grip at anytime

Despite some of the draw backs, I must say that Samsung did an exceptional job with the design and built quality of this phone. I have no problems with the hardware buttons being too flushed or too pronounced. The screen is superb with no dead pixels, my only gripe (if you can call it that) is that the colors are tooooo saturated. Light skinned people appear to have bright pink skin, light brown appears like dark brown, and whites tend to have a pinkish hue to it (UPDATE: I exchanged my first Epic Touch for another one because of some screen responsiveness issues and noticed that the colors on this second phone is much better, still very bright and vivid but not over saturated like the first one). To truly appreciate the Super AMOLED Plus screen, you need to watch a Pixar movie on this phone and witness how gorgeous the screen is.

The Epic Touch is running on Android version 2.3.6 with TouchWiz 4.0 overlay (Only the European versions have been confirmed to get ICS as of this writing). I have read reviews where people are praising the dual-core processor and saying that their is absolutely no lag in this phone at all. However, I must disagree with that claim. Although the phone is blazing fast, there are moments of slight lag when you over load the phone with running apps or a heavy app. I have noticed on many occasions where the transition animations will lag when you go from app to app. I am not complaining about the lag because it is very minor, but I thought its only fair to tell it like it is.

Samsung's TouchWiz interface has improved a lot over the years. I remember hating it on the Epic 4g but am loving it on the Epic Touch. I might even go as far as to say HTC's Sense interface has some serious competition here. Samsung did a good job of giving you useful widgets such as the calendar, weather, etc. They also added some small effects that really give the interface a premium feels. For example, when you press and hold the home screen to add widgets, the home screen will shrink while a menu pops up from the bottom. This is a big departure from the ugly "what do you want to do" menu that pops up in the middle of the screen on other android devices.

Samsung also included a lot of useful apps such as Kies air (which allows you to sync your phone with your PC and interact with it from your pc, you can receive and reply to txt messages all from your pc), AllShare (which allows you to project your phone screen to a TV screen to view movies or photos), Video App (yes, there is actually a video app here to help organize your videos, no more going into the gallery and randomly picking movies with no titles). The video app goes a long way in helping you enjoy the built in 16gb of memory (with a micro SD slot that takes up to 32gb).

What do I love most about this phone? The battery life! For a phone with such a large and bright screen, the Epic Touch's battery life is extremely good. I usually work about 12-14 hrs a day and my EVO 4g is usually dead long before I get off of work. This is not the case with the Epic Touch, after a full work day with heavy txt usage and some data usage (4 PUSH email accounts and blogging), I usually go home with approximately 50% battery life still remaining. AMAZING!

One software downside I have noticed is that some of the apps in the market was not programmed to run at the Epic Touch's resolution, so they appear a little blurry. I've only noticed this in less than a hand full of games so not much of a drawback. One of the biggest gripes I have with the phone is the cellular reception, its just terrible. This is something I've noticed in all of my Samsung phones (Epic 4g and Nexus S). The signal on my phone usually hovers around 1-2 bars most of the time. Even in places where I usually get full bars on my EVO 4g, the Epic Touch can only manage 1-2 bars. (UPDATE: Sprint released a software update a few days ago to address this very problem but sadly it didn't do much for me. I still have very poor signal strength)

UPDATE: I have been using this phone for months now and one extremely annoying bug I have noticed is the inability to send picture messages. Whenever I try to send a picture message the status is stuck on "sending" and the picture is never sent. There is also a problem with receiving picture messages if you have the auto download feature turned on, a simple fix for that is to turn that setting off. However, after wasting many hours on the phone with Sprint to resolve the sending problem I was finally able to find a solution by downloading "GO SMS Pro". Whenever I want to send a picture message I have to use GO SMS Pro, I know its not the perfect fix but its better than wasting more time with Sprint's incompetent tech support.

When I reviewed the EVO 4g, I gave it 5 stars despite all of it's draw backs because it still managed to do everything I needed it to do. If it wasn't for the bad battery life (which declines over time with every phone), I would probably still use my EVO 4g. As for the Epic Touch, I feel that it improves on every aspect of a super phone that the EVO 4g first set out to achieve. I would give this phone 6 stars if I could but sadly I am restricted to a 5 star rating system...=)

The "super" of super phones: 5/5 stars!
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on February 9, 2012
I just got this phone a few days ago. I have been downloading apps and updating things through my wireless connection at home. The phone works great through the wireless. My phone has the EL29 kernel and base version, so it should be good, however, when I go out and get away from the wireless I can hardly use any of the apps because the phone will not connect to the network. It sometimes connects for a few seconds, then it disconnects. I had a hard time even looking up restaurants near me while I was out.

I bought this phone because I do alot of traveling by car for work. I travel all over the country. From what I've seen from Sprint so far I think I may have made a mistake going with them. I will give it a couple of months but if the service elsewhere is anything like it is near my home then I will be forced to switch carriers.

I will update if I find that there is something I can do to fix the signal strength or something like that.
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on December 16, 2015
it could be my lack of information, but this phone doesn't support sim cards, i thought it did. well its a bit of a pain to send it back due to my location and also since i had bought a case and screen protectors as well.On the brighter side of things, the owner of the phone (not me) enjoys it since it can run games
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on July 11, 2012
This is by far the greatest phone I have ever purchased. The pros: Super quick, plays games perfectly with little to no glitching (never has glitched on me), camera is wonderful, speakers are great for it's size, has plenty of storage space in phone for music and movies. The cons: a bit bulky especially with a case (I purchased an Otterbox Defender Series Case), and I recently had to take it in to sprint for a hardware/software problem not caused by myself. They were able to replace the phone for free with the exception of shipping/handling and I got it the next day due to the 1 year warranty Samsung provides for the phone. I did not have insurance on the phone either. The problem was that it was saying it was charging but was not plugged in, when I turned the phone completely off it restarted automatically and then the computer wouldn't recognize it when I plugged it in via USB which I never previously had a problem with. Problem was resolved when I received my new phone.
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