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on February 9, 2013
I loved this phone, but I've just got my third one ordered through a protection plan because they keep breaking. The first one had a serious hardware failure and the second one has a host of problem from a loose usb charger connection to that unwanted driving mode that got forced down my throat. I can't even back up my stuff onto an SD Card. When this phone breaks, it breaks hardcore. It lasts for about 6 months before all the problems come rolling in, it's really hard not to smash it from anger. Samsung really put out a high-tech piece of china. It's not like I abuse the phone either. I just carry it around in my pocket all day. Why is that so much to ask that a phone be worth what I pay for it? Really hope they let me switch phones after the next one breaks because with a 100% failure rate, it will.

Ultimately I long for the day when an EMP strike wipes out technology as we know it. I'm so sick of having to carry around a cell phone. As soon as my contract is over I'm getting rid of it. Thats right, this phone pisses me off so much I never want a cell phone again. Screw you Samsung.
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on March 12, 2012
I bought this phone for my wife with the Sprint service. The phone worked great but Sprint's service sucks. The wireless service is advertised as 4G but never works as fast as Verizon here in San Francisco.

Customer service from Sprint is absolutely horrible. I bought an iPhone from the Apple store for the Sprint service and returned it as it is - sealed in the box - a day later. On the day of return, I called Sprint to let them know that I had returned the phone. I was assured by the rep that the return will be processed and appropriate credits shown in the next couple of weeks.

After couple of weeks, they start charging me for the returned phone. I call in again and issued credits for wrongly charged service (thereby Sprint acknowledged that phone line was non-existent). Again, assured that issue would be fixed.

Happens again the month after - I am charged for the phantom phone - I am calling it iPhantom now :) Call in again and now the rep transfers me to someone in Accounting who reluctantly removes the charges but resists when I ask him to remove a special app charge related to the phantom line. When I ask how can a non-existent phone download an app, the guy tells me he will remove the charge as a favour. Nice! And, he agrees to terminate the phantom line.

Next month, they charge me ETF for terminating the phantom line and returning iPhantom. Call in again. Rep says ETF charged because line was terminated two months after activation. When I tell her the whole story, she transfers back and forth a dozen times and I am finally in hands of some higher power in Sprint. The power that be, wants proof of return of the phone. I give her receipt and return receipt numbers. Then she wants to talk to the Apple Store where I bought and returned the phone. After a long wait, we are in conferences with the Apple store. The Apple store employee verifies all the receipts and confirms that the phone has been returned. The power that be at Sprint is satisfied and agrees to reverse the ETF charge and issues me a credit code. I think, finally, all my struggles have paid off.

What did I know? A month later, the charges stand as is. I call in again and am told that Corporate refused the credit code. So very nice of them to not call and tell me that. More escalations and I am told I need to go to the Apple store to resolve the issue. I ask why wasn't I told this on the previous 100 calls? No answer. Just an apology. Ok, I go to the Apple Store. The Apple store employee listens to the whole story and told me it will take a week to resolve the issue. And resolve it, they did. The ETF goes away.

Disgusted by the whole experience and Sprint's useless 3g/4G service in SF, I quit the service when they made changes to the family plan in January' 2012. I call customer service and they transfer me first to their manager and then Account services. I am told that since I am opting out of the plan changes, I will not be charged ETF. I jump with joy and say I want out.

You know how this ends. A month later, they charge me ETF for two phones. And on and on it goes. I feel like the Energizer bunny now.

If you go to a Sprint store to have account issues fixed - they walk you to a phone in the store, dial customer service number and hand you the phone. LOL!

In comparison, when we walked into the Verizon store for claiming Corporate discount, the rep and his manager helped us with all the account issues.

So great phone but stay away from the service.
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on February 1, 2012
Update after repair #2: GPS gradually failed after being repaired by Samsung. I sent it in for repairs a second time and it came back with only a software update. GPS now only marginally works - very long lock times and even a single tree causes it to lose lock.

Overall I've found that Sprint's service never works when I need it. I keep getting errors about my Sprint username and password while in the Sierra mountain range and I had no data services for the weekend. Sprint support later told me that this is normal and the fix is to manually update the PRL while on Sprint's network. In other words: drive for hours into a Sprint network, update the PRL, and drive for hours to get back. The PRL can not be updated by any other means. The phone has no data services at Disneyland. The phone had no data services when I tried to find a restaurant during SF's Fleet Week. The phone had no data services when I was last in downtown San Jose. The phone had no data services when I was in an urban residential area last night. Go to any outdoor event and this phone is the only one in the crowd that's dead. It shows a strong 3G or 4G signal but it becomes hot, runs the battery dead, and says you're not connected to the Internet.

Skip it.


Update after repair #1:
Samsung replaced an unspecified component under warranty and GPS now usually works (sometimes needs a reboot). Battery life is significantly worse! I have WiFi on, IMAP email checks every 15 minutes, and weather updates every 3 hours. Everything else is off and no other user processes are running. At best it may run for 22 hours without being used or moved. It still tends to randomly heat up and run the battery dead with no interaction. This isn't a phone to rely on.

The Sprint forums are still buzzing with complaints about GPS, poor reception, short battery life, and audio crashing.


I loved this phone when I first got it - Fast, light weight, slim, great camera, and a big screen. You can check off all the boxes on your list of cool hardware to have. Unfortunately, it doesn't work well enough to be practical. I've sent it back to Samsung under warranty even though I'll probably get back a phone equally defective.

Live voice quality is usually serviceable but there are still cases where I need a landline. Sprint's voicemail is completely unintelligible; a babbling robot. I wish I could disable voicemail so people wouldn't waste their time leaving me a message that I can't understand. Downloading the voicemail to a desktop computer doesn't help.

GPS does not work on many phones. You may have seen demonstrations where the phone instantly gets a GPS lock, or even works inside a building. Those demonstrations use cell tower assistance. GPS can be inaccurate by miles in rural areas and completely incapable of maintaining a lock in weak service areas. If you do use cell tower assistance, you must consent to Google continuously collecting information.

The phone randomly gets hot from stuck processes and runs the battery dead. I'm seeing this problem mostly when I'm in an area with marginal cell service. Speculation is that this happens when WiFi tries to go to sleep, but I don't always have it on. Going hiking or driving in remote areas pretty much guarantees a dead battery by evening. The only workaround is to keep the phone off or reboot it regularly.

Multi-channel sound crashes due to a firmware or hardware defect. Check any game website about compatibility with this phone - you must turn off the sound or the game will crash.

The "LOS" (Loss Of Signal) issue. Certain conditions will cause the cell radio to stop working. The reception bars will be replaced with ø and the phone will need to be rebooted. There's no alert for this happening so you're missing calls.

SPRINT DOES NOT PROVIDE WARRANTY SERVICE. You have a 30 day trial period. After that, all warranty repairs require sending the phone to Samsung. Samsung's web site is dysfunctional so hopefully you have a landline to call them. Total turnaround time is estimated at two weeks.

In conclusion, you'll get hit by firmware bugs, Sprint will keep resetting your phone until 30 days pass, you'll send your phone to Samsung for two weeks, get back a phone with the same bugs, and repeat until you figure out how to get a refund.
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on January 19, 2012
Initially I went out and got the Droid Bionic and after looking side by side between the Bionic and Galaxy S2, the Galaxy just stood out with a better user interface and performance that I took the Bionic back and got the Galaxy. The only thing I can say that the Galaxy lacks is data speed. The Bionic (4G LTE) absolutely flew with download speeds, the Galaxy fell behind. A droid is a droid was my opinion when I upgraded from the Motorola Droid (original) to the Bionic, but the Galaxy's interface due to its better screen provide a rich, vibrant user interface that I couldn't get enough of. System performance is good, swapping between apps/screens is snappy, lots of bells and whistles make this a solid choice.
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on November 8, 2012
This phone is awesome! It's not perfect though.


1. Amazing graphics. Makes gaming and everything else incredible.

2. Perfect camera quality.

3. Battery life is good.

4. I like the size.

5. Calls come in perfect!

6. Hardly ever lags.


1. Sometimes it can freeze. But I can always fix that by pressing the power button.

2. The menu comes up out of nowhere. Even when I don't press the menu button.

It's a great phone and these problems are very minor.
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on December 1, 2011
Absolutely love my new phone. However, got it from Amazon and plan stated that Amazon waves the activation fee (which they did) and that my plan with premium data would be 79.99. Now that was comparable to my T-Mobile and so I figured that my taxes and surcharges would be about the same and my monthly bill would be about $85.00... then I get the bill and am shocked at 97.00 and that's not even including the device protection plan which I was suppose to be signed up for but they didn't.

I called them thinking it must be a mistake or error on their part and much to my dismay find out that besides having less service area (I knew that when I joined with Sprint) I am now paying as much as if I would have joined Verizon or At&t.

So, since I got the phone for a penny on Black Friday, I am debating on whether to pay the $300 cancellation fee (still less than the cost of the phone) and switch back to T-mobile. Since I already own the phone I can get on their discounted plan of 59.99/mo.
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on January 24, 2012
Pros: Blazing speed, stunning images, limitless entertainment... The Samsung Galaxy S II unleashes ground-breaking smartphone technology to deliver a mobile experience like nothing that's come before. The 4.3" SUPER AMOLED Plus display goes a step beyond the already remarkable SUPER AMOLED to provide enhanced readability, a slimmer design, and better battery consumption for the best viewing value of any smartphone.Samsung did it again - I love my Samsung Galaxy S but man, Galaxy S2 is the best phone I have ever pick up. iPhone 4 has nothing on this amazing phone.

Cons: Just 1 - This phone should of came out sooner to the states.

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on October 29, 2011
This is an excellent device. I bought the first Galaxy when Samsung was just getting started with their awesomeness. I kept it all this time and upgraded to the Epic 4G Touch... best decision!! It is big, bright, light, beautiful, fast, user-friendly (I'm not techy) and the battery life is great. I love this phone. The only con is that I have small hands so it can be difficult to do one hand functions (swipe screen, click icons, etc). But everything else about it is amazing. Complete cosign of the positive reviews below.
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on February 8, 2016
The phone itself is in great condition and works well. The only complaints are the added apps by manufacturer which take up too much memory, and the battery life is entirely too short. If you only use the phone with your brightness set to 40% , you might get 5hours use
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on February 3, 2012
I have had no issues with this phone at all after having carried it since the beginning of November. My phone has never froze, restarted or anything. I have about 20 apps downloaded on the phone and I have never even got the annoying force close messages that I always got on my HTC phones from my apps. I can't understand everyones complaints about calling. I live in an area where service with anyone is not that good and I still have never dropped a call or had any problems with calls. This is arguably one of the best phones on the market right now.
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