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on May 17, 2012
In many ways I love this phone. It's got a gorgeous screen, ample storage space, great camera, and very responsive. However there are two glaring issues that I'm having a hard time getting past.

Signal strength - coming from an Evo I'm used to pretty good signal. The Epic Touch 4g has 1 bar or no signal in the exact same places. It's annoying but not a dealbreaker since I can still get enough signal to make and receive calls most places.

GPS - horrible horrible. You can use the GPS but if you turn it off and back on, you'll have to restart the phone to get a location lock. Even with apps to clear the GPS cache, I still have to power off and on if I want to use the GPS. Even then, you better be outside when doing it, and it will still be slow. With Beautiful Widgets I very often get "invalid location" whether I've got it set for wireless network or GPS. That's not due to an update in the app., it only started happening when I bought the Epic Touch 4g. For someone who travels often, the GPS is a complete nightmare.

If you don't have need for GPS, the phone is a good option if you are in a WiMax area since Sprint will likely make those the last places to get LTE, but if you value your GPS like I do - you will want to choose a different phone.
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on January 27, 2012
I got this phone to replace my aging Palm Pre. Being a frugal person, I wanted to stay with Sprint because I had a grandfathered SERO derivative plan called SERO Premium ($50 plus tax per month for 450 voice min, unlimited text and unlimited data).

The phone absolutely kicked butt when I used it at my home office via WIFI (I have FIOS 25/25 service). averaged around 5 mbps down and 6 mbps up.

Unfortunately, its a whole different story when using it on the road where averaged around 600 kbps down and 500 kbps up in Central NJ.

There are no existing 4G towers so I am defaulting to 3G which pretty much cripples the phone.

To boot, Sprint STOPPED rolling out 4G WiMax towers and will instead be rolling out 4G LTE towers during 2nd half of 2012 and into 2013.

Although they are both labeled 4G, these are two distinct technologies and my current Samsung Galaxy SII Epic Touch is ONLY ABLE to operate under 4G WiMax.

So what does that mean for me? Since there is no existing 4G WiMax service where I live now, and any new 4G LTE will not be compatible with my shiny new phone, I would be using it EXCLUSIVELY as a 3G phone for the life of the contract (2 years).

It would be nice if Sprint employee informed me of this when I purchased it, don't you think? Well, I decided to return this phone (within 14 days and eat the $36 activation fee) and will be porting out to Verizon Wireless where they have extensive 4G LTE coverage in my area.

So, if you currently can receive 4G WiMax signals where you live, by all means upgrade to this phone. The phone itself is awesome and you won't regret it.

But, if you are like me living in a 3G area only, forget the upgrade and wait until Sprint starts rolling out LTE compatible devices (projected to be 2nd half) but with Sprint/Lightsquared fiasco going on now, I would seriously consider porting out.
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on October 23, 2011
If you buy this phone and live anywhere considered a mid to low signal area on the Sprint network, you will regret it. Sprint and Samsung will lie to you about the problem and blame each other but the truth is that the antenna used in this phone is below par for CDMA networks and when the phone encounters anything below an average signal, YOU WILL suffer loss of service. I've had my phone tested at a Sprint store and they said it was good, but they test over a very strong signal (most stores has signal repeaters).

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on September 19, 2011
I was wanting to get an android device for a while and was looking at the HTC ThunderBolt, but realized I didn't need everything those devices offered. I heard about this device a few days ago and wanted one after I dropped my Blackberry Storm from a truck, therefore disabling the Berry's ringer.

This phone has a large screen that looks great. Its a very fast phone with a decent battery life. Its very thin and light which is nice too. The camera is nice. Call quality is decent and the speakerphone is pretty good. Sprints network is fast. This phone is definitely an amazing piece of technology, although I'm not a super-user, performance is great with quick response.

If you like cellphone with Android OS, this model is a smart choice. There is a dedicated sales page [...] to promote TOP 10 cellphone sold on, maybe you can find the more suitable model for you.
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on October 25, 2011
This phone is amazing! It has a beautiful bright screen, it's super light, and very fast. I compared it to my boyfriend's IPhone 4 and weights quite a bit less and has a bigger screen.
The only con I've found so far is that the plastic on the front is a bit weak. I dropped it a few days ago and I have a flat spot where it hit. I would recommend getting a cover right away with this one (still waiting for the cover I ordered to arrive).
But even with that small con I'm not disappointed with my purchase at all. It's a great phone and I recommend it to anyone.
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on May 8, 2012
The phone is great. I came from a Verizon droid x and I can really tell the difference. There are only two flaws.

1. The phone is kinda slippery. I find my self dropping it on tables or the floor. I fixed this easily when I bought a silicon cover directly from amazon.

2. Sprints prices and data plans are great, but the Sprint network can't compare to At&t or Verizon.

Obviously the second problem can't be fixed, but I'm satisfied with the phone.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon August 18, 2012
I have technically owned a cell phone for years now, but due to the fact that we also have had a string of three teenagers in the house over the past, well, several years, I have seldom actually carried or used a cell phone extensively. This past spring, however, our third teen, the one who habitually made off with my cell phone most regularly, graduated from HS and is off to college in less than a month. So I decided that it was time to get a cell phone of my own, one that's hands-off to the kids, et al.

This means that for the most part, I've effectively leapfrogged at least a few generations of cell phones and jumped into the world of smart phones with both feet.

A learning curve definitely exists, but I'm climbing it nicely, and am completely enjoying this unit.

I do have to admit that the phone is actually a bit larger than I would prefer, but at the same time the screen size and quality is amazing.

The buttons at the bottom of the phone are largely intuitive, and within a few minutes I'd figured out how to call, text, email, etc. OK, the guy at the Spring store actually set up my email (because it's linked to my work email) for me, but my wife linked into her gmail account with no problem.

There are some things that are NOT intuitive, though, like how to forward text messages, but I figured that out. There is a nice use manual that comes with the unit, as well as on-line support, but just playing with the thing is probably the best way to get it figured out.

I LOVE being able to access my phone, text, and email all in one device. Plus having access to the internet and a huge array of apps makes this a VERY useful tool AND entertainment device.

The area where I live has only 3G, but I like that the phone has capability for 4G as well.

It's not that I don't know how I got along without this phone before - I know how I did - but now that I have it, I am REALLY enjoying it!

Let's see...what else. With heavy usage I have been getting about 4-6 hours per battery charge.

All in all this is a fantastic bit of technology, and I'm glad I have it. Cheers!

So far - 5 stars!
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on December 2, 2011
After receiving the Galaxy SII, on Oct 5, 2011 the phone immediately began opening and closing its own programs when attached to the cell phone charger. On Nov 15, 2011 the phone started malfunctioning. It began to go into and out of drive mode, would dial random numbers, announce that it was plugged in when it was not plugged in, and finally aside from the random freezing it will turn itself back on when it is shut off. After speaking with WIREFLY they said it was outside their window and recommended I call SAMSUNG because its under their warranty. I trouble shot the phone until 18 Nov with SAMSUNG over a different phone. After the troubleshooting failed SAMSUNG said it was necessary to send in for a repair and said they would put a rush on it because it's a new phone. They claimed they would send me a two day shipping label under ticket. After I printed the UPS label they sent me a five day label not a two day. Then after 1.5 hours of phone calls SAMSUNG resent the label under ticket and after I sent the phone in on 19 Nov 2011 I didn't receive it back until 2 Dec. I sent the phone in with a letter which had bulleted the issues the phone had. On 2 Dec, as soon as I received the package, I turned it on it began malfunctioning exactly the same way it was prior to 19 Nov. In the end SAMSUNG said they did a software update and ran a test that said that it was functioning. If they actually turned on the phone they would have seen all the issues I previously mentioned of which all issues remain.
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on July 27, 2013
I bought this phone in February 2012. This phone worked pretty well until the first software update. Battery life was rapidly shortened after each software update. The mini usb port that you use to charge the phone became slightly loose - the result is I get several "high voltage" messages and phone stops charging. To get around this I had to buy a wall charger and spare battery to swap out when battery gets low. Sprint would not help since I had cancelled protection plan 1 month before problems started. Also after much research I found out part of the massive battery drain is due to the 3G connection being on all the time when you don't really need it. I had to search menus to find a way to turn it off. (under Settings, select "more" under "Wireless and network", select "Mobile Networks", then uncheck "3G Data") Your battery will have much more life now. Just turn 3G or 4G on when you need internet access. I used to think Samsung made great products but I have lost my faith in them. My Samsung HD Plasma TV developed a problem after about 1 year where it will switch channels or turn off on its own. It is a know problem but there has been no recall issued for this product. There needs to be a recall for the mini usb port issue which is a known defect of this smartphone.
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on June 13, 2012

After having this POS for over a year now I have to down grade it to 1 star. This keyboard is the worst in the world... It sucks terribly!!! Very fustrating...I should switch to another KB I know... No more samsungs for me!!!

S***!!! LOL!!!

This is my updated review of the Samsung Epic (LOL!) 4G Touch smartphone. After having it for 3 months now, I can give a much better review of it and it's flaws.

I've had to downgrade this phone to 3 stars and it's lucky it's getting that. I have 3 gripes with this so-called "Super Phone!"

1) The Google Navigator GPS. This thing is a joke! I have to use it at work because I drive for a living. To be

honest I would say it works 75% of the time. That other 25% it has a hard time locking on to a Satellite. This is a known issue with this phone that they have not corrected. Even with ICS 4.04 or whatever number it is. Or it gives me a wrong location for the address I punched in. That is Google's fault. Not too sure who should get the major blame for this Google Navigator, Google or Samsung. I have a friend who has a Motorola Razr and she has the same problem. Just not as reliable as my 5 year-old Garmin GPS. Very fustrating to say the least.

2) This doesn't happen very often at all, but last week I was trying to surf the Internet with it and I was trying to scroll down the webpage and it kept going back to the top. Extremely fustrating.

3) The virtual pain in the a** keyboard. I've never liked these to begin with. But I thought with this phone having a 4.5" screen, that it wouldn't be a problem, but it is. You pretty much have to have Mickey Mouse fingers to type accurately with these keyboards.

My first smartphone was the HTC Incredible. Nice phone but it would go buggy while surfing the Net as well. In fact it was much worse. It would start typing letters by itself while I was composing emails and texts. Really weird.

All I have to say is, is that they certainly have not perfected the smartphone yet. Most people are paying over $100 a month for these phones. Especially if they are with that ripoff carrier that carries the Incredibles. Fortunately I'm under my sister's family plan and I pay about one third the normal cost for unlimited everything.

P.S. There is one significant plus. The phone tethers onto my laptop without kicking me off the Internet, unlike my Droid Incredible 3G used to do constantly. is the way to go on that one. Just a one time $29.95 fee and your good. I can PC game online with it, watch Netflix movies with it, Youtubes, etc.

I hope this review was helpful.

UPDATE 07/01/12:

I just wanted to add an update to the Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII.

I've had it for one month now and I am very happy with it. The operating system with all the screen menues are so fluid and smooth. You can really feel the power behind the 1.2GHZ Dual-Core processor. On top of that it has an independent GPU (Graphics Processor) as well.

Some folks have complained about the location of the power button when they are accessing the volume buttons, inadvertently shutting the phone off. I've experienced this only a few times at the beginning. But now that I'm used to the phone, that doesn't happen anymore.

Also, at the beginning the Galaxy SII seemed kind of big for my tastes, but like other reviewers have mentioned, it grows on you. It now feels perfect to me. I kind of like it without the phone case on it, but I would hate to drop it and scuff it up. So the case stays on, which is low profile anyway.

I've upgraded my four star rating to a five star rating because after one month of owning it, it has proved to be an excellent smartphone from Korea giant Samsung. I like their other products as well. LCD/LED PC monitors and flat panel TV's.

The only downfall is Sprint's 4G Wimax coverage which could be better. I've noticed that their 4G coverage is excellent in commercial areas, but lacks considerably in residential areas. The perfect scenario would be the Samsung Galaxy SII with the Verizon network with Sprint's unbeatable Everything Plan. But unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. :-(

06/13/12 Review:

I won't go into a lengthly review of all the features that this phone has, because there are plenty of good ones to read.

I've had the phone for two weeks and it works flawlessly. Some folks nit-pick about it only having 800X480 resolution, but believe me, I see no difference between it and phones that have 1280X720. With that Super Amoled Plus screen, everything is crystal clear and sharp with the fonts and the videos look like 1080P. Very impressive to look at. I also think I just found my new E-reader.

When I was shopping around for a new smartphone, I told myself that I wasn't going to get a big slab one. I was looking at the Blackberry 9930 and even came pretty close to getting the iphone 4. But those phones with their tiny screens and non-adjustable fonts were just too small to deal with. I mean I could read them, buy I said to myself, why? (And oh by the way... Apple is coming out with a larger screen. 3.95" worth... lol. Wow... that's going to make a real big difference). On top of that, they are both 3G.

Was even looking at the HTC Evo 4G. The only problem with that is that there is no Sprint 4G LTE right now. So your stuck with 3G again. Besides, 4.5" is my limit. It's been posted that it does take a while to get used to the size of this phone... but it is very thin and light. Small profile.

WARNING: I know that T-Mobile is a good carrier... but stay away from their version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. It has a stronger processor at 1.5Ghz, but when I was in their store checking out the display model, it kept freezing on me. I also met a co-worker with the T-Mobile version and he said his does the same thing. So far, no problems with my Sprint version doing that. I also heard that smartphones do this because we don't turn off our phones at night. This is actually what the T-Mobile rep told my co-worker.

So I went with the $49.99 Amazon Wireless special on my sister's family plan. I only pay $30 a month for unlimited everything. Used to pay $82 a month with my Droid Incredible with only 450 minutes with that rip-off carrier. Sprint's 4G Wimax coverage could be better. They say they are improving it, but with them coming out with their 4G LTE... who knows.
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