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on September 6, 2012
This is my first smartphone and I've had it almost a year. We have been Sprint customers for 15+ years. We have stayed with Sprint due to exceptionally competitive calling plans. As long as you recognize that Sprint's market is primarily urban and along Interstate highways and that meets your needs, then Sprint is great. Now with their unlimited roaming plans it's great no matter where you are. Now, on to the phone...this is my first smartphone. Over the past year as I have used more and more features I've found it to be very well designed and easy to operate. I will say the software change pushed right before the patent case decision was not useful and degraded the efficiency of many of the system functions of the phone. For example, a speed dial call now takes 3 keystrokes vs. two before the update. Battery life is great. Dropped calls are not any more of an issue than they are for my friends on competing networks. The only deficiency I have found with this phone is the antenna...often I will have one or more fewer bars of Sprint service than my other family members who also have Sprint but have different phones...that tells me it is a phone issue, not a Sprint network issue. As for app crashing and GPS getting lost that others have complained about, I discovered that just like most computers, this phone has to be turned off and turned back on every few days to keep it running at optimum efficiency. As long as I turn it off periodically, I have no problems. I have liked this phone so much, I wish I was eligible for an upgrade so I could get an S3 but I'll just have to wait.
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on February 23, 2012
I looked at some of the reviews here just now - AFTER I got the Galaxy as a Christmas gift. Some people have worried about the thinness and fragile feel of the phone. Unfortunately one of the first things I did was drop it - on a hardwood floor! (I was trying to carry too much junk.) The battery cover came off, and the battery dropped out. I put the battery back in, and the cover back on (something I have had trouble doing with some of my previous phones), and it went quickly and easily, and the phone worked just fine and seemed none the worse for wear. The AT&T site has some occasionally helpful "tutorials," as does You Tube. Also, there are books on Amazon, two of which I purchased, but have only had time to use as reference works for looking up problems as they occurred. My husband and I have been using pay-as-you-go phones for several years now because they fit our lifestyle (at home it's a few calls a week, when traveling it can be really heavy). Also, our favorite restaurants and bars have free wi-fi, as do most airports now. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that the IPhone is not available on pay-as-you-go through any carrier that *I know of, whereas the Samsung Galaxy phones ARE. I would have chosen an Android phone anyhow - simply from watching my friends and relatives using the two types of phones. I did need to buy a couple of styli from Amazon because I kept hitting two keys at once; they do help ME a lot - and also I downloaded the free Thick Buttons app which makes the keys look bigger, and as it learns the words you usually type, it anticipates your next letter and makes that REALLY BIG. Overall, I am very satisfied with the phone - but still have a lot of learning to do!
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on March 31, 2012
I got this phone a few days ago from amazon wireless, and i liked it so much i realized i had to make a review! First, let me tell you about amazon wireless. Amazon Wireless is by FAR the easiest to use website for buying a phone with a two year contract. They even activate the phone for you, so when you turn it on its already activated! And they give you a free gift(Car charger!!!). Also, amazon wireless has some of the best prices around! And they even offer FREE two day shipping on all phones so they arrive super quick! It dosent get much better than that! So now let me tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S2 epic touch 4g android phone(i will be calling it 'galaxy' in this review because the name is too long), and why it is currently the best sprint phone on the market.

-It is EXTREMELY light!!! It almost feels like your holding a toy!
-1.2 GHZ Dual-Core processor and 1GB RAM. For those of you who dont know what that means, it means it is VERY VERY VERY FAST! Currently the FASTEST sprint phone on the market!!!
-Good Size. Before i bought it, when i was looking at the pictures and reviews, i was afraid it would be so big that i wouldnt be able to handle it in one hand and it wouldn't even fit in my pocket. This is Definitely NOT the case. The screen is big yes, but i can still easily handle it in one hand and fits in all my pants, and shorts pockets.
-Beautiful super AMOLED screen, the brightness changes according to the environment!!! I think that's pretty cool!
-Screen is strong and scratch resistant
-8 megapixel camera, and HD 1080p video recording!! Galaxy's camera is even better than my point and shoot camera! I dont even use my camera anymore now that i have this phone!
-Very easy to use
-SUPER EASY to transfer files from computer to phone. After you connect using usb cable, the only thing you need to do is copy and paste stuff into your phone's folder!
-The cable is pretty short
-does not come with headphones
Other stuff:
-Take a picture of screen by holding power button and home button at the same time!
-You can make your own folders and organize them
-Music and calls still are on when the screen is off
Whats in the box:
-Phone, battery, usb cable, ac power adapter.
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on November 6, 2012
I have had this phone since 3/2012, and it is simply amazing. I have had the iPhone 1, 3g, and 3gs, and there is no comparison. Those in the know buy Android phones. At the time I had the other phones, the only comparable Android phone was the Droid series, but you could pretty much only get them from Verizon (which is great but costs more for comparable plan). With ATT which I'd had for years, it was Apple or Blackberry. When I left my family's ATT plan to buy my own, first of all, I immediately chose Sprint, no contest. Lower price, one of the Big 3 carriers, and as of March when I was shopping, ONLY one of them offering truly unlimited 4g. Bingo. My biggest problems with iPhones was 1)they are not customizable, you may not add capacity with sd cards or new battery. Annoying for something you bought and paid for. And 2)doesnt support Flash. Thats a TON of the internet thaf you can't access or see. If I'm paying for data, I want to use it. I was blown away by the size of the crisp HD screen, the speed, and the convenience of having settings, home, back, and search buttons built in at the side, saves a lot of clicking around. Just use one of these for a day then try to go back to an'll be pulling your hair out! I am constantly being stopped and.complimented on how cool this phone is. A neat bonus: the photo quality is awesome! And sharing is a breeze. All I can say is, Apple had better watch out!
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on June 12, 2012
I love this phone! The screen is gorgeous with deep and rich colors and puts any other phone I consider buying to shame. The screen is the main reason I keep passing up on very good phones that has screens that just do not POP like these AMOLED screens. I enjoy watching videos and just using my phone in general. Hell, even looking at my Live Wallpapers makes me happy on this phone. The camera is very solid, except for low light situations. I took this on a trip to Tokyo along with my Canon point and shoot and I honestly took hundreds of photos with this while my Canon collected dust. Not because it was waaay better as a camera on vacation but because the shots were very nice and clear while this was easier to lug around than even a small point and shoot (due to thinness.) I literally took 0 pictures with my Canon and over a thousand shots on my Epic Touch. That fact spokes volumes since I didn't even realize that fact until the end of my trip. It is plenty fast with its dual-core processor and RAM so using any program and game has been pretty snappy. The only issue I might have is battery life not lasting me until the end of my day (your results may vary) but that is an issue with damn near all of the smartphones released in the past couple of years. I hope these companies are working on newer battery technology just like they dedicate to new screen and processor tech. This phone is great and if you use a program from the Google Play Store called Juice Defender (no I dont know anyone there) I think you will thoroughly enjoy this phone. Its basically like having a Galaxy S3 with a slightly smaller screen. I loaded Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and it has been an excellent experience. I cant wait until they come out with an official Samsung release for this phone and Im sure you will love it as much as I have.
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on April 24, 2012
I had the Galaxy S Epic 4g upgraded to Galaxy S2 Epic touch 4g. Things that didnt change.

1. Battery does not last compared to my new HTC EVO 3D since day one. (Not fixed from Epic 4g)
2. Slowest phone in it's class could be because the processor cant handle it or they cant customize Android OS for their hardware.(Not fixed from Epic 4g)
3. GPS never works when it does it will lose it's connection 2 blocks or a mile before an exit you had to take.(Not fixed from Epic 4g)
4. Phone gets really hot in my pocket from background running apps(New problem)
5. Skips sending text msgs to people until phone is reset (New problem)
6. Contacted Samsung they said send us the phone with no replacement in the mean while. Went out and bought a HTC without a contract.
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on September 7, 2014
This phone was good when it worked, but only after a couple months, then the charging port breaks easy. There is no way to fix it, there are no parts for purchase anywhere on samsung's website. Waste of money. They should pay more attention to the strength and durability of the charge port. I will not buy this phone and possibly not this brand again.
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on April 13, 2012
Ok I've owned this now for 6 months. The Galaxy S2 has turned out to be a very good phone. I got 2 of them. I have had no problems yet and the phone works just as good today as it did when I got it new. I could never go back to a small screen now from this 4.55" screen.

I use my phone about 2 hours a day playing games and depending on the app will be very hard on the battery. I've found the app designers are programming to help reduce battery drain but they can only due so much. I always have a charger handy for those days where I play more but I dont feel the battery is inadequate. If I surf the net for a couple hours a day, take a few pictures and text 50 texts along the way the phone stays charged all day with about 25-30% left when I'm getting in bed. Pretty descent. Now watching netflix movies will kill it in 1.5 hours so leaving it on charge is necessary. The battery will get super HOT when it's charging while your watching movies. My battery app measures the temperature of the battery and it shows the battery exceeding 110* at times when I'm using it as it's charging. I don't know if this will shorten the batt life or not.

The only weird thing that happend with this phone is the orange "contacts" icon got pushed out of my bottom permanent row within 2 minutes of messing around with it the day I got it. Now it's on the home page up top with my other downloaded apps. I don't mind but I've never been able to fix it back to factory placement. Now I just have Phone, Messaging and Applications icons on the home page.

I got what you call the "Fishbone" case for it off ebay for like $12. It keeps the phone thin but does cause it to be quite grippy when you try to put it in your pocket. I thought after a few months it would not be so grippy but it still is. It has saved my phone from 3 waist high drops onto ceramic tile. It's rubber and flexible but has a fishbone shaped hard plastic piece that goes around the case. Very cool looking and protecting case.
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on October 2, 2011
I did a lot of research on the phone that I wanted to get next because I bought the HTC hero when it first came out and was stuck with it until this one. It was an ok phone, however technology advanced too quickly for it to shine.

I have read review after review on the SGS2 E4GT and I have also watched video comparisons. None of it prepared me for what I got the day that UPS knocked on my door.

This was a major concern for me coming from the 4 hour life HERO. This phone gives me 12 hours EASY!!! I do keep my 4G and GPS off all day, however that is it. I pretty much roam all day because I work in the radiology dept of a hospital. In and out of OR keeps the phone roaming. When I remember I put it in airplane mode. But if I dont NO PROBLEM battery to spare. Oh also, I changed my backgrounds to black (wall paper and lockscreen)

The phone is VERY VERY responsive with no lag factor at all. To make sure this stays that way, I reboot my phone daily just in case. Sprint has coverage issues now and then but that has nothing to do with the phone. I have heard ppl mention the lag in the lockscreen. Initially I complained too however then I learned how to actually unlock it. It is actually a side to side or corner to corner swype. Not a middle of the screen to side swype. Once you figure that out... no problem.

I have downloaded a TON of apps (just counted 55) and I have not even dented the device memory 2GB. This is big for me bcause with the HERO I only could download like 20 apps. On the flip side, it still kinda sucks that the whole 16GB cannot be used for this whole purpose

Let me address the plastic feel everyone is complaining about.
First thing GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!! This phone has the largest battery in a cell phone to date and is one of the lightest in weight. How can you complain about that??????? The back cover is not metal its plastic SO WHAT. The phone still has a nice weight to it!!! Put a case on it and WHALA!!! GEEZ these ppl!

Oh I love the screen BTW. It is not finger print prone, very smooth!

It takes roughly two hours for a fully charged battery with no usage.

Very loud.

Very good...sound quality not so great. acceptable tho.

The major con that I am having right now it the shutter sound on the camera. Apparently it is illegal in S Korea to take a pic w/o someone knowing or something to that nature.... WELL ITS NOT IN USA so update PLEASE!!! lol UPDATE: Still not fixed with the new update:(

One thing that does kinda bother me is that in the applications you can scroll thru them like a carousel and you cannot on the home screen... its like they forgot about that one. Seriously not a big deal tho. UPDATE: No longer a con. I downloaded something to fix this.

Update: NEW CON. I cannot take a screen print of a video. The pics come out black... I have tried several times. PLEEASE fix. Major downfall.

All in all I love my new phone and I am VERY happy with my purchase although it took over two weeks to get here due to high demand... But it was worth it, Amazon has great pricing and great customer service. I would do it all over again.

Happy customer
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on February 15, 2012
As of this review date, I've had the phone for about 4 weeks. I've been an avid Blackberry user for 3 years (first with AT&T and then with T-mobile). I didn't imagine that I would ever go to a touchscreen device. However, I felt increasingly handicapped by my inability to use web-based applications effectively on the Blackberry. The choice came down to iPhone or Android. After doing careful research (including reading Amazon reviews), I became convinced that Android was the way to go (flexibility, increased memory, independence from iTunes, etc.). The various bloggers and Android forums seem to agree that as of 2011-2012, Samsung Galaxy SII (and its myriad variants) is the a top choice for Android users.

The Great Stuff:
Light and thin, yet super capable! 4G (where available) is blazing-fast.

Screen size: I am amazed at the size of this display! The 4.52" Super AMOLED Plus is incredibly vivid and there is plenty of screen real estate to do what you need to do. I do a lot of remote login, and this device enables me to get things done nearly as quickly as they can be done on my PC.

Processor: 1.2GHz dual core. This is a faster processor than most of the PC's I've owned! Apps launch super fast, and operation is smooth.

Memory: 16GB on board, and with my added 32GB microSD card, I have plenty of space to add apps and store data (beats the iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!).

Camera: At 8MP, this camera is one of the best you'll ever find in a phone. My wife's iPhone is also equipped with an 8MP camera, but the quality of pics is worse than the ones I was getting with my Blackberry's 5MP camera.

The So-So Stuff:
Battery life: this phone will work for about half a day with heavy media use before needing to be recharged. I played with the settings and was able to optimize the phone so that it lasts almost the whole day before I need to recharge it. Some power-saving tips-- reduce the screen brightness; choose a static dark wallpaper; reduce the key vibration response intensity; turn off GPS, bluetooth, and WiFi when not in use; close apps when not using them.

Typing: imprecise and takes some getting used to (especially if you're coming from a physical keyboard phone). I downloaded the Go Keyboard (free) and it seems to be working better than the pre-installed one.
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